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Westinghouse Vegas 105 cm/ 42-inches Ceiling Fans : Arrived super quick, bit fiddly to put together and the

Its not bearings or anything like that, it’s a constant electrical hum that you. I got this for my bedroom so was looking for something really quiet. A couple of reviews said it was so i went for it. While the fan blades themselves don’t make too much noise even on full speed, there is a lot of motor noise. Its not bearings or anything like that, it’s a constant electrical hum that you cant get rid of. Fortunately being a constant sort of noise you can sleep through it but it was a little disappointing for what otherwise is a nice enough product. One other thing that i was already aware of is the lack of bulb in the box. It wouldn’t cost much extra to include and would save having to go out and get one.

Keeping me cool while it lights up my life. . I now have four of these installed, and may still grab another for the kitchen. Relatively straightforward to install if you’re comfortable and competent working safely with household wiring. Do ensure when you’re putting it together that all the screws are firmly seated, otherwise it’ll rattleit moves a reasonable volume of air around, even on the lower settings, without making too much noise (see note above). Even at full speed, it doesn’t prevent tv-watching. Note that the light fitting requires a standard es screw bulb – don’t get one of the mega-long super-bright folded-tube ones, as the lampshade is a little shallow. Anything about the same length as a standard old-style bulb, or even a little longer, will be fine.

It is very quiet even on the highest setting. We have the fan in the bedroom and as it is so quiet, it doesn’t disturb your sleep. It looks far better than the fan we have replaced, at half the cost. It’s great that you can choose to have the teak side or the white side showing.

Very nice looking and functional fan that does the job. Very nice looking and functional fan that does the job. The light fitting looks good and omits a good level of light. I like that it comes with two colour options for the panels, we chose to display the darker paddles, as it’s a nice contrast against our white ceiling. The fan is a bit noisy – it’s actually louder in the bedroom next door. You can run the fan in either the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. We have found that it is quieter running in one direction over the other. Perhaps there’s a neat trick for dampening the vibrations that we haven’t yet found. If we do find a way i’ll update you in the comments. All in all, i’d say this is a good value purchase: looks good, provides a good flow of cool air, and as i could fall asleep with a marching band playing in my bedroom the noise isn’t a deal breaker for me and seems a reasonable tradeoff for the price.

  • Quiet, all purpose fan
  • Perfect in every way, silent, well made, great value
  • Easy to fit as long as you can wire a
  • This ceiling fan is absolutely brilliant. Excellent value for money
  • Arrived super quick, bit fiddly to put together and the
  • A Great Value For Money Fan.

Westinghouse Vegas 105 cm/ 42-inches Ceiling Fans, White-White/ Washed Pine

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Especially since i purchased the remote control and didn’t have to keep getting out of bed to change the speeds. It took a while for my husband to fit it he had to go on line to get further instructions as the book that came with it wasn’t very easy to understand. Having said that really delighted with the fan and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another one.

Perfect in every way, silent, well made, great value. But there are a couple of things to say about it. Firstly, it is beautifully made, with a shiny white surface paint, like an enamel but it is paint. The blades are clean cut and well finished. The assembly instructions cater for high or low ceilings and the bits go together perfectly. I also bought the westinghouse ir remote control at the same time. The remote control unit fits inside the ceiling bracket and has the right plugs to connect to the fan wires. The infra red receiver sticks to the outside of the bezel through a indentation already there for it. The remote controls the fan (three speeds) and dims or switches off the light.

I love it, but my partner thinks it is immensely ugly. Perhaps hiding the large number of fixing bolts would make it look a little nicer.

Lovely looking fan and very quiet, i read alot of reviews saying how loud it was so was surprised as it is very quiet.

Looks fantastic runs quietly.

It was alot better than expected and was very easy to put together, 100% worth the price.

Chose it, ordered it, arrived 3 days earlier than quoted, fitted it and it is working perfectly. The blades are dual patterned, white one side, basket weave on the other, so you have a choice. Instructions are easy to follow and fitting took me around 30 mins, so i’m well pleased. Dont forget, if you have an apex roof / ceiling, you will need an extension rod.

. Perfect for the hot weather and runs fairly quietly.

A great value for money fan. . Half the weight when compared to my old fan, no problem with the installation and works well in both directions for both summer and winter.

This fan was easy to install, looks great and is amazingly quiet. The quality of the material is excellent and is matched to a powerful but compact motor, i really can’t fault this fan.

I am delighted with this product. I am delighted with this product, so much so i am purchasing another. The fan on speeds 1 & 2 are scarcely discernible (noise wise), speed 3 is louder but absolutely not to an intrusive level. It offers excellent cooling, which for me, was to cope with hot flushes.It does, absolutely admirably. Oh how i wish i’d bought this item earlier. The remote control is a godsend for quick and immediate operation without having to move an inch :).

Absolutely fantastic, wish i had bought one years ago. Once fitted securely it is so quiet you can’t hear it even in the middle of the night when it is on slow or medium speed. I bought the remote and it works perfectly with it.

This is a quite pleasant supporter-light, bought for my bed room i identified it easy to put in (i am an electrician) just make sure that you use a respectable duration and part pair of screws to repair the bracket that retains the whole thing in spot, i used a 40mm x 5mm as i can be assured of this holding in place in excess of the extended term. The lover is tranquil, primarily on small pace, which is what we use when sleeping, all spherical i am really pleased with this devices and will in all probability purchase one more for the spare home.

It was fantastic for initially couple of months. It was fine for 1st few of months, but then started off to make a noise when fan was turned on, something within was vibrating and could not be stopped.

We stay on crete so a ceiling i a have to ,the admirer is a really superior products, supply to crete was on time very content.

Perfect for my tiny kitchen. It does not disappoint in any way.

Straightforward to healthy as prolonged as you can wire a. Uncomplicated to suit as very long as you can wire a plug, i have equipped other fans but the swift repair connectors are a wonderful enable. I fitted a distant unit as properly, no major problems. I am not an electrician just qualified , just be mindful flip off the electrical power at the fuse box.

These fans are just best. They appear extremely nice and equipped properly.