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Ultra Slim Tower Fan BT150R : Brilliant for when we actually get a summer!

I don’t know why people are leaving bad reviews of this fan?. I have had mine over a year now and i used it for 7 months daily last summer and i have been using it all this month, mine works brilliantly, its very cool- probably the best fan for cooling i have ever owned, its super tall. People expect too much these days, quite frankly people are ridiculous in how quiet they expect a fan to be. This fan is certainly not loud or noisy, i will say however because of its height its easy to knock over and i think bionaire should have made the base much much heavier. I am coming back to buy another in the next week or so.

Very good with a firm air outlet. Very good with a firm air outlet, i was very glad of it in the very hot summer we have just had. It seems light weight and is tall so time will tell if it is durable but up to now great. Very good that is has a place to store the small remote which otherwise would soon get lost. The height of the fan means that it is floor mounted and you feel the breeze around your upper body – ideal.

I was unsure about buying them after i had read a few bad reviews about being noisy. I purchased 2 of these (one for myself & one for my daughter). I was unsure about buying them after i had read a few bad reviews about being noisy, flimsy and unreliable. Yes the item is a bit on the flimsy side as it is made of plastic. The base needs to be a lot more robust. I like the fact that it has a number of settings for both fan speed, and timer. Also that it comes with a remote control. I have placed mine in the corner of the room and it does not look out of place at all.

So far i like the fan, its light weight and works nicely. I am not a massive fan of light of any kind however so using in my bedroom during a hot sunders night the blue lights annoyed. The remote is a lovely feature, as you can lie in bed and change functions as desire rather than having to move touch or switch off if you get cold/hot while in bed. It is quit is thin and tall, but its ok. I would have design 6 inches shorter.

  • This broke within two weeks.
  • Well I’ll be blowed
  • It is not too noisy!
  • Powerful Fan – Great to keep you cool but Noisy!!
  • Ignore bad reviews!
  • Great fan, no complaints

Ultra Slim Tower Fan BT150R with Remote Control

  • 3 speed settings
  • 8 hour timer
  • Motorised oscillation
  • Breeze and sleep modes
  • Remote control for more comfort
  • LED display
  • Space-saving design

Powerful fan – great to keep you cool but noisy. This is a very powerful fan. It has three power settings and is great for in the day. Really keeps you cool it is much noisier than the last bionaire tower fan that i had though. This doesn’t bother me in the day. And the noise disturbs my sleep. . Even the lowest setting is very powerful. So i have to sleep with a thin blanket over me otherwise i wake up chilled and with muscle pains.

Ok the upshot here is that this fan although giving out a cool refreshing breeze, has many flaws unfortunately. Firstly it is not ultra slim as the base is massive and stops you from putting it in a corner or anywhere where you would need a slim fan. (the base is an odd shape too not even a triangle or square. Nor is the base heavy enough either so when on rotation the fan wobbles all over the place) secondly the noise level is quite high on settings 2 and 3 and can be heard downstairs as it vibrates. I would not recommend using this in the bedroom for this reason as you won’t be able to sleep. (level 1 isnt worth the bother btw). A great looking control panel and a remote control are nice touches but not enough to make me think this has been a good purchase.

I ordered this on the hottest day of the year when it happened to be amazon’s deal of the day and it arrived the next day (thanks prime). I’m already impressed with it. It’s not made with the highest quality materials but it’s well built considering the price. Nice, consistent breeze from it, going up to a powerful wind (three different settings). There’s a night time setting which just cycles randomly through the different wind speeds. It’s nice to have a remote for it. Has all the buttons the same as the unit itself and works perfectly.

You can’t go wrong for the price. . Yes, every part of this is plastic, and it’s fairly flimsy, and if you’ve got a dog they’ll knock it over, but for £70 you can’t complain when you appreciate that this thing can produce cold air without a water source or a reservoir which, in a small hot office, is a lifeline. It’s got three speed settings, or a breeze function which alternates slowly between the three settings, and rotates through a bit less than 180 degrees so it will cover most of your office. Once you’ve bought one of these, there will be times where you’ll think it was the best £70 you’ve ever spent. It’s also got a remote control, although i’ve got no idea where mine is, but hey who cares, it was £70 and it keeps my office cool. So i’ve got to walk over to it and push some buttons, but then i get the benefit of an up close and personal blast of cool air, which is its own reward. I’ve even thrown it in the back of the car and taken it to team meetings because it’s so lightweight. Buy one of these today, and thank yourself for the next few years until it falls apart.

I bought it and it worked fine for the first 4 weeks. It didn’t really provide cool air. When it’s warm it just hits you with warm air so take that as you wish. A few weeks ago it just stopped spinning and doesn’t turn on and perform as well as it did before. If only i could get a refund.

Bought this fan (ultra slim tower fan bt150r with remote control by bionaire) for £64. 75 back in july 2014 and have used it nightly during the warmer months ever since. Still going strong, as i’d expectpros- lovely, cool air. I can’t stand the feeling of still warm air when i’m trying to sleep; much prefer cool moving air & this fan has been perfect for that.

Small footprint, reasonably well-built and simple to put together (you only have to put the base on). It’s also unusually tall for a tower fan (which means you’ll feel the benefit when you’re in bed) and pretty quiet too. I have two units which have been used nightly for about four months without any problems. Update: i’m not sure how other reviewers can say this product is noisy or unstable when oscillating. This is as quiet a fan (of this sort of size) as i’ve ever used so either expectations are unreasonable (for a mechanical object that has to generate wind) or people aren’t putting them together very well (one has to secure the base before use). There’s also no undue vibration when in use even at top speed. I have three now that all work just fine.

Yes, it’s a little noisy but no more than any other fan i have used. It certainly doesn’t bother me when used at night in the bedroom and i’m not exactly a heavy sleeper. It comes with a remote control and oscillates/blows as it should. It’s quite tall but slimline so can hide away in the corner and it doesn’t take up too much room. Well, it is a little expensive :)ps. As i said, i’m a fan – which is why i have just ordered a second fan, for downstairs.

Shame about the plastic foot, it feels and looks cheap so does the remote control, they both feel like they won’t last long, but it works very well, it does wobble a bit and i wouldn’t let unsupervised youngsters around it, apart from that great, the actual body itself is strong and again it works very well.

2 years on and still going strong. . We’ve had this at least 2 years now and have never had a single problem with it. Having a remote is great, it’s all really easy to operate but still has a setting for everyone – 3 strengths of fan, the option of ‘toggling’ between the 3 (breeze effect) and also able to choose to have it blowing in just one direction or rotating round the room. Takes up very little space and i can find nothing negative to say about it.

Contrary to what a lot of people have said — it is not too loud to have on at night. No, it is not silent, and yes it is audible, but the cool air it throws at my sleeping face is more than enough to make up for any noise. If it was on speed 2 or 3 however.

This broke within two weeks. . I previously posted a gushing review of this fan. When it worked, it was great. It conked out in less than two weeks and i had to go through amazon to get a refund because the seller refused. Don’t waste your time or money, heatwave or no. This thing is a train-wreck.

Good for when we really get a summer season. Definitely slim, elegant and silent fan. Very advisable merchandise for all households. Will certainly invest in a further if good climate continues.

After i study the critiques for this fan i expected the noise to be pretty loud. If you want to use the fan in your bedroom and you have it on the fastest velocity, then yes you could say it would be little bit also loud to rest comfortably. But on the next or least expensive speed, then it is definitely not too loud, particularly the ‘breeze’ placing, that is wonderful. We have ours set on the lowest speed (not loud) and it is cool adequate for us. I can not imagine us at any time needing it on full velocity as one and two settings are excellent. The fan is pretty light to have all around and has a modest footprint, so you can put it any place. The remote control is pretty superior as all the control buttons are intuitive and effortless to learn. The only issues i would say need to have improving, are the size of the lead it could do with being a metre extended, and the foundation could do with staying heavier to make it additional secure.

Arrived a number of hours in the past and have experienced it on for a when. It is alright – really plasticky, as some others have said. Not possible to get out of the box – experienced to rip the box open which i hope would not be a dilemma if it requirements to be returned. Nice great breeze when on, location 1 not much too noisey. Also wobbles about really a little bit if on oscillation manner so does not appear too sturdy. A tiny excursion in the improper direction and could see the fan snapping off the foundation quite very easily which would render it ineffective. Definitely don’t get the breeze operate – it ramps up to stage three then stops pretty abruptly which is pretty obvious (and the incredibly reverse of calming). Would have created a lot more sense for the programme to halt immediately after the cheapest setting, and then back again on to the most affordable setting so it would be much more seamless.

I’ve just bought the bionaire tower fan bt150r-iuk for downstairs and am suitably impressed. It is a good deal thinner and quieter than the honeywell ho-5500re i have upstairs on its maximum location and pushes out a first rate breeze. If it lasts i would not be complaining.

Sufficient amount of money of airflow the remote control will come in helpful when you are sleeping and has received a secure put guiding the tower to position your remote when you are not utilizing it.

The fan is excellent quality and for a fan it is rather attractive. The unit has all the functions that you could need which include speed alter meant, natural breeze, oscillation and timer. The fantastic matter is that these are all present on the unit and on the remote control. Great value and good excellent for the price.