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Signature S40004N 4-in-1 Air Cooler and Heater – lovely and cool in the summer

Helped me very cool i wish i could afford another one.

Only wish it did it quicker. Also be careful as it is guzzling water.All in all very pleased though.

Now on our second one first one lasted a few months manufacture responded to our complaint and replacement sent at once. Here are the specifications for the Signature S40004N 4-in-1 Air Cooler and Heater:

  • Air cooler, air purifier, humidifier and heater ideal for rooms up to 30 sq m
  • Three airflow settings: Normal, natural and sleep and two power heating options
  • 8 hours timer function and remote control
  • Removable water tank with water level indicator
  • Easy glide castors suitable for homes, caravans, conservatories and office environments; 2 years guarantee

In my room i can finally sleep, either cool air or ice vold air love it.

Excellent does what it says. Just think though where you put the huge pipe.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • not as good as it stated does not cool small room just
  • It is better when the back is well ventilated (facing a window
  • Air coolerSignature S40004N

I think balraj should buy this, lovely and cool in the summertoasty and warm in the winter.

No instructions included and none on the internet, so not sure how to use all the functions.

Get a turkey baster to remove unused water as the tray does not come out.

This arrived very promptly and was easy to assemble – just put the wheels on the bottom. Thy were a little difficult so attach as the tool provided is very small and fiddly to use, to i used an adjustable spanner. One quibble is that it’s difficult to see the min-max fill lines on the water reservoir, and i can’t see how you empty it if you’re not using it for a while. As for how effective it is at cooling, it worked really well as after the first night we used it, the weather changed and it’s now 15 degrees c cooler, so it seems to have cooled the whole country.

Very good product for the price, cools the room nicely, not too noisy. Does the job of £300 – worth coolers easily.

Excellent item and very good service after receiving faulty unit.

I have just come off a pool side temperature of 33 degrees and walked into a lovely cool room, i am soooo happy right now with this product. I will right further if any problems occur.

The air cooler works very well. It is better when the back is well ventilated (facing a window, etc). Was a godsend in the heatwave.

Other than a dodgy dial which slips off.

It is bigger then i thought it would be. At first when i used the cooler function – it was just really humid (ice water, the ice packs and ice, didn’t seem to work). But after that it worked well – i think they mentioned this somewhere as well that it will first feel humid on first use of cool option so give it some time. I bought large silicone ice cube trays for use with this as they seem to work best (big ice cubes take longer to dissolve so cooler for longer). The ice packs sent with the item doesn’t keep the water cold for long within half an hour the water is warm, even when cold water is used i found. So large ice cubes with cold water worked best. The heater function works well. I had one chilly night since i bought this and it heated the room well. Mind you i bought this for my bedroom.

It does what it’s meant to do, makes the air cool or heats it up. Pretty loud though, but that isn’t a problem for us and isn’t louder than a big fan.

Great for my salon, & for the price.

Perfect for cooling the bedroom without the noise of a portable ac unit and only 1/3 of the cost only.

So glad i had this, after my stain fan was no good during the hot summers i got this as i was pregnant and just cld not cope. Just wish the water unit came out fully so you could clean it.

So far so good,has powerful fan settings with swing in both ways up and down, haven’t tested the cooling feature as im still waiting for the already given 2 ice packs, they are gel i believe so they retain their coolness more than water, kinda annoying to screw the wheels on but make sure you put both stopping wheels at the back i forgot too and it was a hassle to take off.

Not as good as it stated does not cool small room just air like fan need to keep filling water tank.

Signature S40004 Air Cooler and Heater – When i first got it i thought i had wasted my money but it works fine

Delivered brief and all intact. Does the position as expected, great piece of tools.

Excellent heater/cooler for the rate. . The cooler admirer has a good deal of electrical power and cools the home perfectly. The heater also presents out a very good rate of warmth.

It has every thing one requirements for summer and winter season. Remote manage is life saver. Fantastic point is that it is really a dehumidifier as nicely.Here are the specifications for the Signature S40004 Air Cooler and Heater:

  • 5-in-1 system with a cooler, heater, air purifier, humidifier and mosquito repellent catering to all of your comfort needs
  • Remote control panel system with three selection fan settings
  • Water pump circulation system with ionizer to purify and sterilise air with removable water tank
  • Automatically oscillates from left to right
  • Versatile casters for easy moving

When i initially received it i considered i experienced squandered my funds but it works high-quality. Purchased my product on in other places (exact same merchandise). When i 1st obtained it i considered i had squandered my income but it works high-quality. I taken off the castors and have place it on a small 15 inch table as i find this is extra helpful (it’s not that large to have). For humidity i have utilized it in my living and bed room (when very heat and sticky). I use 2 ice blocks with h2o and usually make sure there is a window open up (even if it is warm/hot exterior) as it requires air to arrive in as perfectly as go out. Soon after leaving on for at least 2 hrs it makes a terrific difference to the warmth in the place, even during the week of august 22nd in the british isles (the place the evenings have been really muggy). The enthusiast is fantastic on it can be have (but not quite major), and i use that (with no the water) at bedtime at the base of the mattress (once more lifted up on a small table). When utilised properly it is very helpful but you have to come across out (demo and error) how significantly the window wants to be open but it does operate properly.

Not cool enough for my sitting down room. Not cool sufficient for my sitting room.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • When i first got it i thought i had wasted my money but it works fine
  • Great buy for me!
  • Great heater/cooler for the price.
  • Not cool enough for my sitting room
  • excellent piece of