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Meaco Home Dehumidifier 20 L : well thought out machine

Very pleased with this item. Our house is single glazed at the front with wooden windows and last winter there was so much condensation on the windows and pools of water on the sills. Not this year, much more peace of mind. It works for the whole house (3 bed).

Delivered 18 hours after the order was placed and has been working ever since to remove several litre per day of water from my home. Just sits in the kitchen quietly humming away.

We have a three bedroom house and this machine does the job admirably, and with minimal noise. The first few days it worked non-stop taking many litres of water out of the air. Since then, it has only had to operate periodically. I consider the cost, money very well spent.

Not too noisy – but it may be if you had it in the room in which you sleep. Very effective – it does remove moisture from the air so you may find your skin drier.

  • Money very well spent
  • well thought out machine
  • I would highly recommend this product
  • Some words of warning
  • Good Unit : – Recommended buy
  • For me this model has some good and some bad points

Meaco Home Dehumidifier 20 L – White/ Blue Trim

  • 20 Litres per day at 30°C & 80%RH
  • Compressor Dehumidifier for a 3 to 5 Bedroomed House
  • Helps Prevent Condensation, Mould, and Damp Issues.
  • Anti-bacterial filter to help clean the air
  • Meaco unique control logic

This is an excellent machine so far, does everything expected from it. I want to point this out before someone else makes the same mistake. I bought the 20l model thinking that the tank holds 20 litres, when in reality it holds only 3. The 20 litres rating means it can suck that out of the air per day, it does say this but i didn’t notice that. You can however shove a hose out of the back of it for continuous drainage. Noise levels aren’t bad unless you’re trying to sleep in the same room as the unit.

Arrived well packaged and on time, unit has so far performed very well and is filling the reservoir once a day. Prior to this windows thought they were a waterfall.

Every home needs one, finding one that’s not noisy. Every home needs one,finding one that’s not noisy is tricky. This is one of many we’ve purchased over time, i have 3 in my home, one is noisy, the other is ok, this one is quiet. People often mistake condensation for damp. , opening windows and humidifiers are the answer, i will always use one.

What a fantastic bit of kit this machine is. Literally overnight it has transformed the condensation problem i’ve been having in my two bedroom bungalow. The air feels noticeably drier and fresher. The relative humidity has dropped from 74% to 55% overnight, and an added bonus is that the output from the dehumidifier actually heats the room. The amount of water it sucks out of the atmosphere is truly amazing. I know others have complained about the ‘noise’ it produces, but i am wondering what they are complaining about. It is quiet in its operation and far less noisy than my fridge/freezer in the kitchen (which is not excessively noisy); the only sound mine produces is the blowing of warm air from the outlet. This might be a bit on the expensive side, but it does the job and it does it well.

Note that this is not the which best buy – that one is a bit more expensive. But this has worked very well for me. Pros: dried out a problem space very well. I have a utility room in an extension, with a cupboard (used to be a toilet) off the extension. So this is a small space with 3 external walls, probably uninsulated, which is off a larger space with 3 external walls and uninsulated. Nearest radiator a long way off; the major reasons for damp are cold and humidity from laundry etc. This cupboard got seriously damp – mildew on walls and any paper or cardboard left in there for long. The dehumidifier took about a week to really sort it out, but since then, despite moving the machine away to work in different rooms, the damp has not returned – so much so that i did wonder if the humidistat had failed. Energy use (monitored with smart meter) looks ok; the reservoir is big enough to last reasonably well after the first mega dry-out.

I am sufficiently impressed by the machine to write the review i would have found useful. Reason for buying a dehumidifier: to cope with moisture from cooking and drying clothes in a kitchen in an older house. (even the cold single glazed pains in the door are condensation free). I have tried using a smaller 12l machine from another manufacturer and it did not cope with the water vapour issue. What i like about this machine:1) it just works (dries clothes). 2) it has a radial vane compressor and so is quiet and does not vibrate. 3) it pushes a lot of air (there are two fan settings, the lower one is really very quiet)4) there are 4 moisture settings (dry clothes (max), dry, nice for people, a bit drier) and the machine does switch off at different levels of dryness5) there is a useful pull up handle on top of the machine so it is easy to move6) the wheels on the machine are wheels not castors so it is easy to push in straight line and it doesn’t wobble7) the water container has a detachable lid so it doesn’t spill when you carry it to the sink8) there is a timer that runs the machine for 1,2,4,8 hrs. There is a world of difference between a 8 or 12 l machine and a 20 l one and this one costs very little more.

I highly recommend it and will be purchasing another soon. Living in a bungalow with single glazing, we have had dehumidifiers for over 20 years. This is the first winter that i have been able to see out of the windows on cold days. Its superb, i highly recommend it and will be purchasing another soon.

Very pleased with this dehumidifier. We have an 1840s terraced house and the back bedroom gets a lot of condensation and was a real problem. We noticed a big difference almost immediately and would recommend this model unreservedly.

My damp cottage in the woods has been between 65-73 humidity, even though i had a little dehumidifier running for weeks. I ran this dehumidifier and after 7 hours the humidity was down to 60% and it switched itself off. It has been turning itself on and off as required all day. It has a quieter hum then my smaller one and slept though the noise fine. Amazing product that works, just like it says on the box.

Bought this to replace one that i had had for. Bought this to replace one that i had had for 30 years as i was worried how safe it was although it still worked as well as the day i got it. This one does what it says on the tin and would thoroughly recommend.

Excelent dehumidifier ,my wife seems to insist on leaving wet washing on radiators all over the house , having an hour in the bath with the extractor fan off and the door wide open as well as the normal things in the house , cooking , showers etc which is ok in the summer but a real problem in the winter as the double glazing steams up , mould forms around the frames and during realy cold weather we get wet forming above the widows in the extention – 1970’s un insulated building i guess which leads to mould and spraying with bleach . I have a large dehumidifier but even with the humistat set, the fan runs constantly and i have a worry about how much power the unit is using. I got this unit to pop down stairs out of the way as a top up , the humistat seemed to be better , cuts the power consumption by a lot – the unit itself is nice and compact , i like the handle on the top , controls are good , its certainly effective at filling its hopper ( quite small) in 5 – 6 hours , i did stand the unit on the draining board , put it to the highest setting , connected the drain tube and just let it run , i ended up with half a sink full of water in a day. My intention is to pop it in the corner of the hallway , plugged in on the lower setting full time , hopefully it will 100% solve the issue.

I have had one for 20 months it is a great de-humidifier it has a 3 year warranty however it has just died on me contacted meaco had a prompt reply and is being collected for repair, i’m still giving 5 stars because its a great product and meaco’s customer service is spot-on.

25litres of drinking water in twelve hours and utilized six. 5litres per unit of electricity. This will range dependent on the relative humidity in my case 78%.

Arrived before than estimated day. This is making so significantly variation to our residence, extracting drinking water by the gallon. Black mould has diminished significantly in just three weeks.

Good device : – suggested buy. Manufactured of top high quality resources, has a wonderful come to feel to it, fairly silent too however it may possibly be greatest to leave it outside the bed room, it hums plenty of to hold you awake, except if you have bought hearing deficiencies. It dries the air proficiently and it created my mouth pretty sore right after a evening with it turned on. So it is really possibly finest to use the timer relatively than leaving it running repeatedly. It hasn’t bought the three litre tank crammed in a single day or one night but it has maybe manufactured 1. You would l assume have to be residing in a flooded house to get complete use out of its 20 litre capabilityit has configurations for the 2 hr, 4 hr and 8 hr timer as nicely as a continuous use setting. It also has yet another location where by once the ideal humidity stage has been achieved it will transform itself off. L note an individual on here has remarked in his overview that theirs wont swap off but ours does so probably theirs wants a tweak. We have a different humidistat sat following to ours so we know it is functioning the right way.

Purchased simply because which gave it a incredibly great rating also the good testimonials on here. Bought because which gave it a pretty excellent score also the good evaluations on here. I am not at all upset. A very superior obtain for my substantial victorian flat by the sea which seems to soak up moisture like a sponge. I use most times for a couple of hrs in diverse sections of the flat and it keeps damp under handle. I have still to receive an electrical energy monthly bill but it is intended to be inexpensive to operate.

For me this design has some good and some lousy points. Acquired in december 2013 ( now september 2015). I have tried using diverse can make of dehumidifier in excess of fifteen to 20 a long time, placing in the upstairs landing and managing for one or two durations of for the duration of winter season evenings to management humidity. Normally they have tended to shed much of their effectiveness soon after a single or two a long time. For me this design has some good and some bad factors. For its size and electricity it is more efficient at extracting drinking water at reduce temperatures ( evening time temperature of our corridor is close to 13c to 15c for the duration of winter season) than other folks i have experienced. I use small lover manner and it is fairly quiet ( right after padding the manage properly with a piece of card to end chattering ). Importantly efficiency has not fallen of immediately after two winters work as other individuals have. The device is fairly gentle and compact and changing the h2o reservoir following emptying is straightforward.

I’d say it really is equivalent to (but probably a little louder than) a common rest room supporter. It also only arrives with a swift begin guide. A more specific edition is offered listed here:[.

Meaco Small Home Dehumidifier 10 L : Wonderful item above expectations

I was in real need of a dehumidifier as my flat has been getting damp especially behind furniture and found this product absalutely amazing especially for its price as much cheaper then other ones around. I give this 5/5 as not been disappointed at all xx.

We bought this after reading the reviews and it’s one of the best gadgets we have ever bought. Yes — it does dry clothes and it’s best to leave it on all the time apart from hot days which means we have it on everyday. No problems at al’ and worth every penny>.

Does what it says on the tin. This product works well for drying laundry and has helped a lot with areas of damp in my flat. It’s probably a bit noisy to sleep in the same room while it is on but you can easily watch tv with it on in the background or have it in another room with the door closed while you sleep.

Meaco 10l small home dehumidifier. I have not had a dehumidifier before but the meaco 10l described as small has been excellent. It is easy enough to carry about the house and yet efficient enough to do the job well. It has dried out our bathroom very thoroughly. We are very pleased with it.

  • Couldn’t live without this now !
  • Excellent Dehumidifier
  • Meaco Home Dehumidifier
  • Keep the filter clean!
  • A wonderful Machine!
  • Small but powerful

Meaco Small Home Dehumidifier 10 L – White/ Blue Trim

  • 10 Litres per day at 30°C & 80%RH
  • Compressor Dehumidifier for a Flat/Small 3 Bedroomed House
  • Helps Prevent Condensation, Mould, and Damp Issues.
  • Dryer air will help control mould spores and dust mites
  • Dryer air will help reduce heating bills

Making a big difference already. Really pleased with this buy. Delivery was quick, next day when it said 3-5 working days. We have an old, drafty, two storey terraced flat, two bedrooms. We bought a dehumidifier because in winter we dry clothes over the radiators in our bedroom and last winter we had a pretty bad mould problem. The room has one interior wall, two walls facing other flats and one wall facing the street. The street facing wall, the cold wall, had a lot of condensation and developed the mould problem behind the furniture. Meaco unit is a good size and reasonably attractive. We installed it yesterday and had it running overnight at the top of the stairs and it collected a litre of water in its first twelve hours.This morning was the first time this winter we haven’t had condensation on the old, leaky double-glazed windows.

Things that surprised me, although they should not really:1. It says 10l, however it has nothing to do with size of water bucket. I doubt it keeps 10l of water. I guess 10l is internal part responsible for extraction of water. I went for cheaper and smaller version, and i knew i will not be able to adjust fan settings, etc.

I’ve had this now for a month and the difference is incredible. I have a one bedroom flat and this size unit is more than enough to do the whole flat. The air is much drier, the mold has stopped growing and doesn’t regrow once i’ve wiped it away – and its been very humid of late. I only put it on in the evenings but find i don’t need to put it on all day. It takes out all the moisture just in the evenings. The laundry setting works brilliantly. I don’t have a dryer and its been too wet recently to line dry so this has been great. What used to take 3 days to get fully dry inside my damp flat now takes a matter of hours. One word of warning, after a couple of days of getting it, when i turned it back on it would beep like mad then stop working.

This dehumidifier is just ”brilliant” my home now smells better, no more damp smell now. This dehumidifier is just ”brilliant” my home now smells better, no more damp smell now. Use it in ‘one’ room at a time. Close the doors and windows. Open all cupboards 12 hour’s at a time,check and empty water bin every time and you will see the differance.

Got this because we have a damp conservatory. When we were recently getting a new bathroom fitted the plumber used one of these (not a meaco) to suck out the moisture. We saw how good it was and decided to splash out on our own. We decided on this one because 1) it is black 2) it is small 3) it is easy to carry around – carry handle. Ordered from amazon it arrived the next day. Just plugged it in and we were away. . Put it in the conservatory and it sucked out 20 litres. Put it in the spare room and it sucked out 10 litres. The reservoir is v easy to take and, empty and replace. Has four settings ‘dry washing’, ‘max’ ‘reg’ and ‘min’. We have used it on max so far. The book says don’t even bother using it on ‘min’. Reasonably ‘quiet’, easy to use, looks good and good price.

My opinion of this item and the rating have gone from 5 stars to 1 and back to 5. Here’s why: i was initially very pleased and thought it was a great little unit. I advised my parents to get one too. Theirs stopped working after 2 years and though meaco couldn’t repair it because that model was no longer made, they did provide good customer service in finding an alternative engineer. It’s still cheaper than buying a new one. They impressed upon us the significance of cleaning the filter regularly – at least once a fortnight and more often if you use it for drying clothes, which is what my parents need it for. Mine stopped working after a year and i was initially pretty cross because it was just out of warranty. A full repair including carriage both ways to and from the meaco engineers costs a maximum of £70 (in may 2013). It is cheaper than a new one, but of course it seems a lot if the unit doesn’t last more than a year.

I spent a considerable time looking into which dehumidifiers to buy for my home and my business. I have already reviewed the very successful business one and the meaco is for use in my flat. It really is an excellent product. Fairly small and easy to move around it has sucked in considerable amounts of water on each day of use. The air feels fresher, my shower and bathroom walls are dry and back to their original colours and the clothes drying option is almost worth the money on its own for anyone living in a flat like me. The water bucket just lifts out for emptying and cleaning the filter couldn’t be easier. One or two reviews i read before buying said that after switching off it didn’t start properly again but as one person pointed out you just wait a few minutes as it adjusts to operate again and off it goes sucking in more water. It curtainly isn’t noisey as you can even forget its on. So far i have used it most of the time on the high and clothes drying settings.

Wonderful item above expectations. I can’t really believe the difference this humidifier has made to my life. Every morning it took ages to clean off all the condensation on windows and roof of our porch/conservatory plus in the cold weather having to wipe it down in the day too. Now if it seems as if it’s going to be a cold night we switch on the humidifier and everything is clear in the morning. It’s amazing how many times the bucket has filled up and as it switches itself off when full it really is a little gem, it’s quiet too. I just wish we’d bought it years ago. Meaco 10l small home dehumidifier.

Great entry level dehumidifier. Having struggled with condensation and mould for the last few winters i decided to try a dehumidifier. Looking at multiple products the reviews were very mixed on amazon and other sites, with noise and breakdown most often sited as the reasons for dissatisfaction. However the meaco 10l seemed to buck this trend so i took the plunge. I’m struggling to think of another purchase that i’ve been so happy with and although it has only been a few days i can confirm that this easy to operate, small and quiet unit is successfully sucking moisture out of my property. My first floor windows are all suddenly free of condensation and already i am seeing less/no mould growth. If you’re unsure about a dehumidifier and you have a smaller property (up to a three bedroomed house) i can thoroughly recommend this product.

Very pleased with this dehumidifier, ideal for two of three rooms, easy to use and move around with good controls.

I have a larger meaco for the house , but i have just converted an out building for regular use , it suffered from condensation terribly , being quite well sealed and used only occasionally lead to damage and mould – the meaco is really good , took the moisture out in a day and with the humidity function its only running when it needs to be ( so not breaking the bank ) the first week or so it was filling the tank daily and then every couple of days , now its been 2 weeks + ,issues – the tank is quite small , couple of litres ?. So you would be always emptying it in a busy house , or a large house , my recommendation – if you have a flat , garage , caravan , enclosed rarely used space , buy this one – if its a house , buy the bigger one , or plumb this one in to the drain hose.

I bought this dehumidifier as was getting damp coming through in our bedroom which is a outside wall. Before buying this we had tried a few different things like not drying clothes upstairs of the house, sleeping with the window open, having the window open throughout the day, salt in a bowl. All these different things helped but wasnt a cure and with winter we couldnt really leave window open for to long. When i received the dehumidifier we put it on the upstairs landing and put it on for a few hours a day for about a 2 weeks, since doing this we have not needed to use it for the past 5 weeks. This has seemed to have sorted the problem out for us. The only time i now use it is when drying clothes in the house i put it on the clothes setting. The only problem i have found is that it says its a 10litre water tank but its not its about 2. 5 litre, what it does is extracts upto 10 litres a day, this for myself is no big deal but might be for others.

Very pleased with the swift supply and the products itself is extremely compact and has a modern and unobtrusive design which is quite nice for a small flat/property. The only down facet is that there are no wheels but thats not really a major difficulty as its pretty small thus moderately gentle. Its efficiency is also extremely good and athough the tank isnt as significant as some other dehumidifers this wasnt a trouble for us,owning this on has intended that our flat is now moist cost-free and there is considerably much less hummidity in the air and it also assists with drying any outfits that are hanging up indoors. All in all a pretty usefull product for a incredibly superior price tag.

Couldn’t stay without this now . I obtained this dehumidifier as i felt the air was rather moist in our bed room in our tiny cottage, the cottage is over 200 a long time outdated and is really good and quaint but we had a problem with damp patches on the partitions. Just after looking at all the opinions on all the products on amazon i decided on this one. My companion wasn’t confident that we necessary one particular but i acquired it anyway and place it in the bed room, he stated we wouldn’t get any h2o in it and it was a squander of cash. He had to eat his text when i confirmed him just how a great deal h2o experienced gathered in the tank after just becoming on for a pair of hours i have it on throughout the daytime for several hours (it instantly turns off when the tank is whole ) and we are continue to impressed by the volume of water collected on a day by day foundation. The dampness has long gone from the walls and the air feels so a great deal fresher in the bed room. Also excellent for when drying outfits on an airer as it has a environment exclusively for drying clothing and they dry considerably more quickly than normal. I also put it downstairs from time to time and it nevertheless collects drinking water. I basically could not are living with no this now. We used to have lots of condensation on the within of the bed room window but now do not have as substantially and if there is any you just flip the dehumidifier on for a little while and it clears. Fantastic product or service and i highly advise it to anyone who feels they have damp in any of their rooms.

A wonderful tiny dehumidifier. Incredibly pleased with this little equipment and only two slight gripes:i) guide and warranty document have been lacking – discovered a pdf file on line insteadii) the on swap is logic based mostly so i can’t use the dehumidifier with a timer swap – would have been a practical extra for people of us with economy seven electricity.

Meaco DD8L Junior Desiccant Dehumidifier 8 L – Excellent choice! EDIT: Lasted four and a half years

Relatively silent on min setting, extremely productive. We use this on a boat and it definitely sucks the moisture out ofthe environment pretty promptly. Laundry location if pretty superior also so we can dry towels and washing with no fudging up the boat. Not also huge and straightforward to move all-around and retail store.

When i have this on in the kitchen when cooking, there are no steamed up home windows every thing totally dry. Quite peaceful procedure, you would barely know it was on, also pretty mild and uncomplicated to go close to. The total house feels hotter and a lot more cozy. It could do with greater operating guidance e. It tells you to clear the filter but does not say in which it is or how but i contacted meaco and obtained a reply inside 24 hours. Quite very suggested, purchased 1 for my daughter’s property far too i was so amazed.

Noisey and costly to run. Owned a few preceding designs. This design squeaks working day and night time and electrical energy useage has doubled. Does acquire a great deal of water but so it must for a pound a working day. Also must issue out i have two of these and each leak collected h2o on to our carpets beneath.

  • Excellent choice! EDIT: Lasted four and a half years
  • Noisey and expensive to run
  • Good, but note the 30watt consumption is not exactly how I understood it to be.
  • Excellent for low temperature use.
  • Great!for the first year
  • Great dehumidifier, had a solid outside wall that would

Good dehumidifier, experienced a stable outdoors wall that would. Fantastic dehumidifier, had a stable outside the house wall that would operate with condensation in winter, run it for 5 hrs overnight difficulty solved. This is my next unit the authentic is however heading powerful (three several years old) just required a second one particular.

Fantastic, but notice the 30watt use is not just how i understood it to be. . General i am joyful, we have a small dressing room with crafted in wardrobes, and when shut in the wintertime they can be fusty. I have been functioning this for a few times and it appears to be to be undertaking what i needed it to do. Great smelling air, and a joyful spouse. I although great this device operates at thirty/330/650 watts i can use it on the 30 watt environment, retaining the cost down and it will perfect for just the tiny area with the doorway shut. . Truly the device operates at 330watt when on min setting, and the thirty watt placing is only when it reaches the appropriate stage of humidity and then it exams the space. If it demands to operate once again back again to the 330watt. Just be mindful if you believed it was a quite energy successful device you have been acquiring.

Features of Meaco DD8L Junior Desiccant Dehumidifier 8 L – White/ Blue Trim

  • 8 Litres capacity at all temperatures
  • Meaco control logic operating system
  • dust filter
  • Auto-restart
  • warms the air by 10-12 degrees C as it dries

Superb for lower temperature use. . My compressor variety dehumidifier was battling in temperatures significantly less than ten. I examine about the dessicant type of dehumidifier which overcomes this difficulty and while not persuaded i requested a person. I then run equally for five hours facet by side in a conservatory at four. The compressor sort extracted 150 mls, the meaco dd8l junior reached 900 mls. Really successful indeed, and relative humidity concentrations are significantly lessen than i have at any time managed with the compressor kind. The meaco is nicely created, nicely completed and on very low settings really quiet. There is a humidistat, a selection of supporter speeds and a timer if required.

Extremely delighted with the dehumidifier. It changed an more mature one but is much far more economical and it is wonderful that it has a sensor so switches alone on and off. We suffer from a good deal of condensation in our house as we have metal windows but it has just about cleared up many thanks to this machine. Nonetheless, we do have to transfer it close to the home as the place included doesn’t seem to be to be wonderful but it’s really lightweight so which is effortless to do.

I have had this dehumidifier for eighteen months now, and have experienced distinctive encounters in the initial calendar year and after the initially yr:my experiences in the initially year:execs:it’s good. It genuinely operates – it removes litres of water from the air each individual working day. The humidistat purpose is great as you can set your preferred humidity level and then forget about it (right up until it demands emptying). The warmth that will come out of the top rated will help to warmth up the household in winter, when you need it. Drawbacks:because it removes litres of water from the air each and every working day, i have to empty it frequently. Also mainly because it requires emptying regularly, and the drawer is at the back again of the device, there is no issue in possessing the back of the unit against the wall as i would just have to go it just about every time i will need to obtain the drawer, so i have to have the ‘pretty’ facet versus the wall and watch all of the buttons upside-down. The h2o assortment drawer is not as hassle-free as other people (for case in point the blyss 10l one has a little manage so it forms an uncomplicated-to-have bucket) as it isn’t going to have a take care of and is somewhat vast, so if you’re not mindful you can slosh the drinking water about. The device is not simple to transfer all over (it isn’t going to have wheels and there is only a cope with on the again of the unit, and if you choose it up by the deal with while it is working, it tilts and then it beeps at you and shuts by itself off)the ‘water drawer full’ beep is a full 10 beeps at a pretty substantial quantity, and sounds specifically the identical as our smoke alarm, which can be incredibly unnerving. There is no way to flip down the quantity of the beeps and even soon after employing it for 18 months, it however helps make me bounce if i am close to it when it beeps.

Have experienced this because october 2013. I acquired this to battle the condensation in my cottage – experienced by no means had condensation in the 30 a long time i have lived below, but above the final 6 years it experienced become a trouble. I have now had the dehumidifier for just about three months and i am incredibly happy with it – it is surprising how considerably moisture is in the ambiance. But, this minimal machine can take it all out. I suppose you could say it is a little bit noisy, but for its dimensions and for how it copes with the condensation, i am more than pleased. As for how a great deal electrical power it makes use of, i cannot tell you that but heating dry not moist air will minimize my total heating bill in any circumstance. As well, there is a setting for when you have moist garments/washing hanging up which is very valuable, and you can also established it on a timer for 1, 2, four and 8 hours immediately after which it will automatically switch itself off.

Edit: lasted 4 and a half years. I are living in a a single-place (studio) flat in a transformed victorian property and, as may well be predicted, it receives rather damp from the cooking, showering, drying washing, respiratory, and so forth. Moist also penetrates the partitions. After residing there for a 12 months and a 50 percent, points were beginning to sense damp and i was acquiring escalating difficulties with mould forming on the walls and on my belongings, even with the window open up during the night (in wintertime). A number of hours’ use above a couple days pulled about 10 litres out of the air and the air was significantly drier and hotter (and the flat became much easier to heat). Items stopped sensation moist and i haven’t found out any mould considering the fact that i begun utilizing it a month in the past. The washing also dries quicker. I was going to acquire the product below this but i desired the further controls. I mainly use it on the encouraged location but have employed the quieter selection and the laundry method.

Meaco Low Energy Dehumidifier – Wouldn’t be without it now

The very best detail we ever did was to swap our outdated 1 with this. Immediately after a couple months of regular use we had been capable to slice correct again on it is use as it had completed it can be task. Really like the way it buzzes you when it is whole. It can be quick to manoeuvre and straightforward to empty.

Humidity was at 89 to begin with that means soaked home windows and horrid black mould just about everywhere. The dehumidifier ran continually for about two months and i was starting to think we would by no means get to our intention of humidity at 55, but we did by 7 days three. The home windows are dry, my household furniture is softer and no additional black mould. I was in the beginning uncertain what measurement dehumidifier to get. I dwell in a massive l-shaped bungalow with 3 beds and it has managed (much bedroom is almost certainly the most humid nonetheless)not much too noisy both. Would recommend to a friend.

A excellent device, and this was our 2nd invest in of a meaco, getting purchased the bigger 20ltr model last 12 months. This smaller sized device is for a tiny utility place for drying outfits, as perfectly as removing moist which the much larger equipment does not select up owing to the layout of the household. This lesser device matches our prerequisite, but comparing the two, i would advise pirchasing the larger version, if you are only purchasing one. It was the which finest get, and will take away moist a lot more swiftly and successfully in my feeling for a full house.Here are the specifications for the Meaco Low Energy Dehumidifier:

  • Connection: 1.8 m power cord with grounded plug
  • Control range of the humidistat 30 to 80% RH in 5 -% – steps 
  • Meaco control logic operating system

The meaco 12l dehumidifier is really superior. . The meaco 12l dehumidifier is as tranquil as the desiccant model we experienced formerly but takes advantage of far considerably less electricity. It feels incredibly very well built when compared to other individuals we have experienced about the years. For instance, the carrying deal with (stable instead than versatile and prone to vibration). I would advocate the brand. If you have a much larger property there is certainly a 20l extraction product although i experience it may possibly make more sense to have two of these in various sections of the residence.

Fantastic unit – have had for a number of months now and really allows with indoor drying of washing. Embarrassing amount of drinking water taken out of the air. Well worthy of it as have not experienced anything at all like the range of colds that colleagues have had.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic Product!
  • It’s great for drying clothes
  • A great piece of kit
  • No more horrid mould!
  • Meaco Dehumidifier
  • Very good product

I have been running mine continuously for about 3months now. I keep all of the doorways open and it continually removes concerning 3-4lts of water each individual day. Mine is a 3 bed residence and this model i might enough for that. I got it as i was beginning so see condensation form moist in a several destinations and since using this i have not had any further complications. I wouldn’t be devoid of it even if i moved someplace devoid of moist problems. I brought meaco as it was advisable in the which report. I ought to say they were location on. It truly is a truly excellent good quality piece of kit.

Experienced this for quite a few months now, so i can give a fairly extensive-phrase evaluate. Put it in my kitchen which tends to get fairly humid i. E condensation on the home windows, through the winter months, obtained the meaco, set it up – a uncomplicated course of action, just read the guide – and switched it on. It operates really nicely and has stored doing the job extra-or-less 24/7 at any time due to the fact. Once in a while, i go away the kitchen doorway open up and it appears to be to de-humidify the rest of the dwelling too.

Goodbye condensation and mould. I reside in a incredibly damp household, and am happy with the benefits. At current all i hold executing is emptying the reservoir. Goodbye condensation and mould at some point, i hope.

Eventually a piece of products that really performs in decreasing. Last but not least a piece of products that really operates in reducing humidity. The distinction is conveniently apparent. In my old mid-terrace house with no cavity walls – condensation is no more time an situation. I run it on the timer for one particular hour subsequent a shower – the partitions no for a longer time run with condensation. I wish i experienced purchased this years back.

This one particular has crushed the condensation. We have endured from a persistent difficulty with condensation on our lounge home windows, inspite of becoming double-glazed. This has direct to the unfold of mould to the vertical blinds, curtain linings and the edges of the equipped carpet. Component of the issue was the drying of dresses throughout the wintertime months. We seemed at the selections, and made the decision that a dehumidifier was the most effective answer as we ad no room for a tumble drier. Since setting up the 12l there has been no condensation at all until finally the external temperature drops down below freezing, and then it is really slight in comparison with our past expertise.

Nivce kit and really effective. Little bit noisy if in the identical place – extra of a drone than substantial amount racket. Reservoir and filter substitute is pretty easy as is set up for goal humidity levels and timer.

Scary how substantially water builds up in the property, we have observed the household is a little hotter, apparel dry so significantly speedier and no real modify to our energy bill. Every single residence on the coast need to have just one you will conserve on shopping for anti mildew items on your own :)to individuals indicating it makes sounds, yes it does but if its in the hallway you really cant see and the sound is incredibly incredibly tranquil as it is. The only adverse i could give would be that the drinking water bin will not notify when complete, even when it really should, so can occasionally dribble out.

It truly is alright, boy or girl lock is a little bit pointless. We acquired this exclusively because it had a boy or girl lock. Nonetheless it turns out the child lock is just not really a lot use because the youngsters are significantly a lot more intrigued in closing the (rather worthless in any case) louvre than they are in urgent buttons, and louvre would not have a lock. It’s also very slow to dehumidify, while our relative humidity just isn’t also higher to start out with. We only purchased this to hold it down spherical fifty five%. What just isn’t straight away evident is that the whole 12l potential is just not offered unless of course your house is at something like 28deg. It’s quite a little bit significantly less at 18-20deg, which is the temperature of quite a few houses which includes ours. It does work, seems very effectively created, and is just not as well large. A clear h2o tank would be awesome even though. I’m joyful plenty of with it but almost certainly wouldn’t buy it again i might probable get a dessicant dehumidifer rather.

It really is excellent for drying dresses. Since shopping for this, our electrical power invoice has absent up twenty five%, and we have it on approximately eight-ten several hours for every day. It is wonderful for drying outfits. They dry in a couple hours if you set them in a modest space. It really is also great for getting rid of condensation about the home windows. It really is expensive to acquire, and highly-priced to run. And for that cause, i am not confident it is really well worth the revenue.

By no means been off because i acquired it and i am impressed the sum of dampness that it collects, a ought to for all households, oh. And excellent with drying the washing when the temperature is unsuitable to be pegged out.

I select this machine following comprehensive study, and i have not been dissatisfied. The equipment arrived 3 times before the estimated shipping and delivery date, so i was impressed by that. We plugged it in the pursuing working day, so it truly is now been doing the job for a week. We live in west cornwall and the damp listed here is legendary, our bungalow is instantly uncovered to the atlantic, which you can see from our entrance gate, we we get the westerly winds complete on, whole of dampness from the ocean. Our bungalow has two bedrooms and two reception rooms, with the typical kitchen and toilet. We have endured form moist considering that we moved in, with black mildew on the exterior partitions, we set the device at 55% humidity, it took 6 times to get our air down to that goal and yesterday it turned by itself off, the house in fact feels dry and it a ton warmer. I was impressed at the quantity of water that we experienced to empty, which was 2 times a day, someplace close to 24 ltr in overall. I am impressed so much, and if it carries on, it is very well worth the funds when compared to other machines costing quite a few hundred lbs . more, at this time, i can only advocate this dehumidifier, efficient and does specifically what it states on the box.

Wasnt guaranteed at the starting, this is why i write critique after handful of months, aided a ton with damp in the house, washing will be dry next early morning which is excellent, residence feels hotter far too, i have obtained it in on, established up for sixty% humidity, and its just performs when it require, i havent detect the enhance in energy monthly bill so def energy saving products.

It sucks up dampness from the environment day after day devoid of grievance. I have it to preserve a massive-ish place about 55% humidity for my precious grand piano. It is clearly drawing off from the rest of the property as perfectly but i are not able to remark on that due to the fact i am not checking that. As far as i can explain to very low power intake as properly. It wants emptying every day which is a suffering and it tends to make a whirring sounds like an business admirer (not loud but not quiet either). You can in good shape an outlet hose if you have a gap in the wall to a drain or some thing if you want to be upkeep free of charge. People are the downsides but it does what is states on the tin (as they say) brilliantly.

It changed our tumble drier that died. It is scaled-down, speedy and flexible, much less expensive to buy and a great deal much less expensive to run. We’ve also experienced a range of other situations when it has expedited drying out, for case in point when a little squander pipe made a leak, cleared up and dried out inside 2 times.

Meaco Platinum Low Energy Dehumidifier, Efficient product, economical to run, and dries clothes quickly.

Definitely does pull humidity out of the air. Acquiring study a variety of evaluations i determined to go with the meaco dehumidifier. The device itself is rather large as would be envisioned but not to the position where you simply cannot transfer it all around. It does have carry cope with and wheels so easy to find to one more place if essential. It did consider some fiddling to get it started at first to established a wished-for humidity level but after likely it will make a low hum as it’s chaotic pulling in the water out of the air. A person matter that did startle me was the total of water this machine does clear away. It truly did soak up a heck of a great deal and i was surprised at the volume of dampness in the air and plainly showed it was accomplishing a wonderful position. I haven’t had the joy of viewing it routinely shut off as i you should not leave it working for 24 hrs as i even now think the low hum would keep me awake at night time individually but it’s undoubtedly doing the job i obtain it for. My only criticism and why i didn’t give it 5 stars is the h2o collection tank. Possibly i am becoming weighty handed but when i pull it out i often come across there is a small puddle on the flooring.

It is pretty effortless to use and peaceful. This is a very productive dehumidifier. It is pretty uncomplicated to use and silent. Removal of the drinking water tank is simple. We have a small challenge with moist in a down stair room and it lessened the damp amount successfully.

Been employing this considering the fact that february 2015 and am incredibly happy with it. Have been making use of this since february 2015 and am incredibly delighted with it. Functions quietly, does not require emptying as normally as we assumed it may well. Also has a pipe which can be hooked up to empower it to drain into the moist area. It has made a change in the property and we would advise it. Not cheap but if you want the career completed efficiently.

Key specs for Meaco Platinum Low Energy Dehumidifier, 20 Litre:

  • Helps to prevent condensation, mould, and damp issues
  • Low Energy Dehumidifier that leads the way in lower bills
  • Optional HEPA filter to help clean the air

Comments from buyers

“Brilliant, at last an incredibly efficient dehumidifier!!!, Fantastic and very effective., Very pleased I spent the extra money for a quality item, It’s hard to explain how amazing this machine is, Demystifying dehumidifier, Incredible, better than your wildest dreams!”

Right after thorough investigation and comparison, i purchased this. Pretty happy with the item, would be buying a further just one shortly. Thanks to other in depth opinions, i produced the ideal selection. Would advise this strongly.

Took some time to do its issue, but has received the humidity down from above 70 to fifty five%. We no extended go through from condensation on the single glazed windows of a listed property, which was leading to damp and mould on the window frames. The excess attributes, mean it turns on when expected and turns alone off when it has achieved the focus on zone. Effectively truly worth the top quality price tag.

Acquired just after tenant remaining dwelling in a condition owing to condensation. Moist walls, black mould, sagging wallpaper. Plugged in and was up and operating in a couple of seconds. Humidity was 81%remaining it managing for a couple hrs and was presently down to 71% and i had a third of a tank of waterlarge tank very beneficial as i have to preserve heading to residence to empty it – but if i will not sense like it the computerized slice-off swap is suitable. The noise level is extremely very good – quickly tolerated.

Financial dehumidifier 5 star. . Totally wonderful dehumidifier which only makes use of 250 watts of energy at peak desire and can very easily take in twelve litres of dampness a day. The moreover aspect of this sort of dehumidifier is that it is peaceful and will warm the air a little bit so a reward there.

Wonderful and extremely powerful. . Getting not too long ago replaced draughty previous patio sliders with pretty new french home windows, and also a hardwood entrance doorway with a composite door, along with a heating program enhance we noticed a sizeable improve in dampness in our loft and on our windows. Having seemed all around to see feasible leads to (yes, the lovely outcomes of excellent insulation) and resolutions i decided that receiving roofers in to substitute tiles with vented answers was not for me. Soon after all, we have been listed here fifteen decades and this has never ever been an concern prior to. The internet site i checked which had masses of excellent data about roof place in basic suggested a dehumidifier as this is a rising trouble as people today insulate their homes far better. Our household has four bedrooms, a examine a utility room, a significant residing room, a kitchen area and 3 bogs. I chose this device specifically mainly because it can cater for a five bedroomed home according to the brands blurb. It really is effortless to use, actually quick to use and fully grasp. It is portable to a diploma with the casters but it is pretty large to lift. When switched on it takes advantage of about 225 watts of electrical energy so it really is by no means a electricity hungry beast and of course that lessens as the humidity stages get underneath handle and it wants to work significantly less.

I have had this unit for a number of months now so assumed i would publish a evaluation as it has well and certainly been analyzed. It was bought specifically to be employed in conjunction with a victorian clothing airer for laundry. Beforehand, we were being using a tumble drier but i was acquiring fed up with dresses shrinking and the operating price tag was higher. The drying room is a 2m x 3m unheated utility place which has 2 exterior partitions and can get a small chilly in the winter. I was a bit concerned that this wouldn’t be equipped to cope. The dehumidifier will work brilliantly. A complete load of apparel on the airer will dry within four hrs. The directional lover is great to help with circulation and speeds up the drying system as we can issue it at the airer. The 1 issue that amazed me is how well it can heat up a area.

I reserached dehumidifiers as perfectly as i could just before obtaining. I do not normally stick to the information of which?. As their approaches and conclusions do not usually replicate the expertise of owners. I am delighted with this item. Well manufactured and it has a quality feel about it. My residence is not moist as this sort of but there are a few difficulties pursuing installation of cavity wall insulation. This merchandise has solved these concerns.

My dd8l begun leaking h2o down the inside of casing just after four several years ( we experienced experienced an ebac refrigerant for earlier 23 yrs ) , nevertheless , following examining a lot of reviews, i made a decision to give meaco a further chance , but with a refrigerant this time. It came next working day and has now eradicated a lot of water , even even though we were being only without a dehumidifier for 48 hrs. It has some handy and novel attributes like a youngster lock and an ‘off’ timer. Really superior sized h2o tank and with a deal with. It is not a great deal heavier or bulkier than the dd8l. Experienced it four times now , so considerably , so excellent.

Would totally suggest – loses a star for bad directions and difficulty to vacant. Wonderful dehumidifier, which does a outstanding work of sucking dampness out of the air, and even with acquiring no focused laundry functionality, it dries laundry more quickly than my former (more expensive) dehumidifier which did. My only troubles with it are:- it is fairly substantial- the water selection container is tricky to take out, until you figure out the knack (pull at one aspect first, sideways at to start with, in the direction of the other side, and then forwards)- the instruction handbook is really pretty limited (these as not describing the system for eradicating the water selection container).

See sometime that light flash when checking the. Are not able to complain, 4-5 month now i have it and it is working each and every solitary working day in a really humid 2 bedrooms bungalow. Flap open automaticly when start out, fan operate nicely. See sometime that gentle flash when checking the humidity, cut down it properly to fifty five%. Empty the h2o tank each and every night prior to heading to mattress. Sometime far more entire than other but nearly whole each and every day. Do the job really really hard, quite joyful with my obtain.

Why 1 star or 5 stars?1 staraccording to ‘which?’, the customer advice magazine/internet site, this device is superb even at low temperatures. They give it a five-star score at 10°c (as nicely as at 20°c). My home is 12°c and the unit struggled, with the defrost light-weight flashing and the management panel inoperable. It really is not suitable for these types of a low temperature,’ they explained. ‘we advise at the very least 16°c. So, if you are seeking for a low temperature condenser dehumidifier, don’t acquire ‘which?’. A desiccant a person is required. five starit is effective very effectively, albeit not where by i want it toso, i gave it 3 stars.

I used pretty a lot of time investigating which dehumidifier was going to be the most effective for our home and this seemed to always arrive out on leading. A colleague also proposed this and i unquestionably aren’t dissatisfied and it is truly worth spending the additional. We live in an previous one storey stone scotish cottage, one glazed sash windows with no moist proofing. I discovered part of the property was commencing to smell incredibly musty and damp, our wardrobes also had been smelling musty and the condensation on our windows was an absolute nightmare each day so i experienced to devote in some thing to consider and change the moisture. Not only was this sent on a sunday within just two times of ordering which was exceptional it is fantastic. We followed the directions (which are quite standard) and switched it on comprehensive blast. The humidity in our property read through 78 on the show but after two entire days on it browse 60, it is really taken off approx three litres of water and the air is unquestionably much clearer and most importantly the condensation is goneone matter to observe is that dehumidifer does not blow out warm air as some some others have recommended. I know this mainly because i contacted the manufacturer to question why ours wasn’t and i was advised it will only at any time blow out air that is approx 2degrees hotter than the area temp at that time. I suppose if you have a attractive heat residence now you could possibly truly feel the benefit extra than me as our residence is quite cold.

You will be surprised the amount of h2o this device can draw out. You will be stunned the sum of water this equipment can draw out of a area. We had a catastrophe with a gutter which was blocked and overflowed down into a spare bedroom, this machine worked away drying out the walls, and drew out gallons of water in the space, we just retained it likely right up until the check gave us the appropriate looking at, the space is good now. We will use it for holding dampness at bay in the wintertime, you can really feel the change, i feel it is a should have now, for anybody with an older residence with single glazing or moist challenges get this, it keeps the household suitable.

Greatest reservoir that i’ve noticed. Not silent but wonderful in the laundry home. Have not viewed it change off, but the space is fairly moist, ordinarily.

It came speedily,we plugged it in,just after looking through the rather uncomplicated guidance. It started off up and the humidity was on eighty one%,soon after a 7 days and a fifty percent its down to fifty eight% humidity as i talk,its cheapest getting 55%,my spouse mentioned it was exhibiting a number of days back again. It seems as we have obtained a initial class equipment up to now,wonderful buy.

. In a shorter area of time i can see the final results. No a lot more dampness in the air. But not like other individuals from what i have read. In any case i recon a fantastic invest.

This is a really potent and economical dehumidifier. It was shipped immediately in incredibly safe packaging and in best ailment. It will take an amazing total of water out of the air and dries my washing in a make any difference of hours. It is really really quiet when functioning too. I have 1 major criticism though – the h2o tank is pretty much difficult to clear away from the front. The only way i can take care of it is to change it round, sit on the floor and drive it from at the rear of with my thumbs. If you are aged or infirm you would possibly discover it not possible to vacant. My spouse won’t obtain it substantially a lot easier possibly but he at least can deal with to eliminate it from the entrance but not without generating the floor damp.Why it sticks i do not know.

Purchased this item to dry out my visitor bedroom when the radiator leaked. I simply cannot remark on the computerized slash out as i kept emptying the bin prior to it had time to fill up. Really delighted and would advocate.

I obtain it pays to purchase a fantastic quality appliance as it functions brilliantly. When we 1st plugged the dehumidifier in we received a wonderful volume of drinking water but now there is not so a lot. I locate it has served with the dampness in the property and we have not had any condensation inside of our home windows. I have also identified it has helped with bacterial infections which i am inclined to and because acquiring the dehumidifier i am not receiving any chest infections. I completely propose the invest in of this appliance.

Purchased this mainly because of condensation in our lodgers’ bed room. . Purchased this simply because of condensation in our lodgers’ bed room. Left it on for a couple times to lessen the dampness to a bare minimum, redecorated and then use it intermittently when washing is hung up to dry. No signal of any returning condensation challenges.

Amazing introduced my humidity from 80s to 50 in times. Has to be emptied each day due to the fact it is removing so a lot of the damp from my home but would not want any greater collection bucket as it would be way too large.