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ibohr Mini Fan Silent Fan Electric Hand Fan Portable Handheld Battery Operated Fan, Seriously keeps you cool in hot weather

The fan works really well and love the fact that it has 3 speeds. The issue i have with this is that it gets really dirty because it is white. If you are not too bother about cleaning it once in a while this is a good purchase.

We have purchased so many of the small cheap battery operated fans in the past and they just seem to break down. This fan is light, but sturdy, and the head is adjustable. There is also three-speed power. It is also rechargeable using a supplied usb lead. A number of friends have commented and tried the fan and said they are going to get one as well which is a good product endorsement. The fan is also quiet so that is good.

Love this fan in hot weather really good value for money.

Key specs for ibohr Mini Fan Silent Fan Electric Hand Fan Portable Handheld Battery Operated Fan with 7 Blades, 3 speeds,USB Charging,White:

  • Nordic simple style, adopt efficient brushless motor, low noise, long service life. the decibel stays between 20-30dB. It’s really very quiet for studying ,working and even sleeping.
  • 7 Blades make maximum air movement and comfortable natural wind. This personal fan has 3 speeds , the speed from Grade 1 to 3 are 3200rpm ,3800rpm and 4800rpm.
  • Made of high-quality ABS, has good matte texture, pressure resistance and heat resistance. The design fits comfortably in your hands or put on your desk and can be adjusted from 0° to 180° to satisfy your needs.
  • Built in certified 18650 Li-ion battery, 3 hours full charge, 2-5 hours working. only 145g and 8.18 inch long carry easily
  • 12 months hassle-free warranty,If you don’t love it *for whatever reason* we’ll replace it or give you back every cent. BEWARE OF CHEAP IMITATIONS. Only ibohr hand fan sold by ibohr (and Fulfilled by Amazon) are guaranteed to be the top quality, with excellent customer service.

Comments from buyers

“higly recommended fan, I have a heat problem) I find these the best. They are the quietest ones I have come , Brilliant hand held fan”

Very quick delivery and well packed. Very good little fan and will see how it performs next month in greece. Very happy with it as it has at least 3 speed setting on.

It is the handy mini fan, helping me go through the scorching summer.

Great fan, used it on the tube at rush hour in summer – kept me nice and cool. Quiet and powerful – even used it overnight once to help me sleep.

I have told lots of others about this product, especially ladies going through the menopause.

Brilliant but of kit for how much it is, haven’t got one bad word to say about it. Most defiantly recommend it to anyone.

Very quiet but not quite silent it is quite powerful for its size.

Such a brilliant service and quiet product that saw us through the hot evenings this summer.

A great wee fan, very powerful and so easy to use. Keeps me cool and so pleased i bought it.

Fantastic little fan really cool best i’ve purchased. So good have ordered another to give to my friend who was also well impressed.

This is by far the best handheld fan we have ever bought. There are 3 speed settings and the head can be angled to suit. You won’t be disappointed with this fan.

This has literally saved my life at work this week. Balances beautifully on my keyboard keeping me cool in 30c+ temps.

Great product works really well, light weight and small enough to carry in your handbag.

Its a good product , i wish they include something like a small stand so you dont have to hold it constantly while you work on your laptop. I cant just place it on the table , because of the vibrations that it makes while its on. Add a stand and you will have a much better product.

Amazing fan just what i needed very light and light sounding so its perfect.

I bought this as i was heading to london and heard the heat was peaking and knowing i was going to be walking around alot it just sounded like hell. It got me through my whole weekend and even had people asking me where i got it. My mum currently going through menopause stole it and now swears by it. I just carried a power pack with me in my bag and it lasted for hours on end.

Good product – although a little pricey, and i note the price has recently gone up since i purchased 2. Can be used lying down on a desktop etc. If you don’t want to hold it. Leaflet with it says it takes 3 hours to charge, and lasts for 4 hours on low speed, 2. Haven’t tested if those times are accurate, and i haven’t charged from empty.

Didn’t expect it to be this good. Lightweight and extremely effective. I have just ordered a third one as a birthday present. Really useful during this hot weather.

Good to use in the summer but the battery running out a bit fast.

Bought for my daughter to use at home and school as she has skin conditions triggered with heat and sun. Sturdy handle, nice power on all settings. Little fingers carnt fit in fan gaps and mess about wjth it and above all its super quiet. So doesnt disturb anyone around her etc. Ive bought another for my mum we liked it so much.

What fantastic little fan, it even has 3 speeds, i am so pleased, happy and delighted with my purchase would definitely recommend it to anyone who want relief from either the hot weather or hot flushes, it is easily portable, i have it next to me now keeping me cool and calm, i am very impressed with this lovely quiet but powerful fan, the usb charging is an added bonus so no batteries to buy.

This handheld fan is perfect for the hot weather. I move between rooms a lot and it’s easy to carry around with me. It is small enough to fit in a handbag too. The charge lasts for a good long time and having three speeds means you can choose a higher speed when needed.

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ibohr Mini Fan Silent Fan Electric Hand Fan Portable Handheld Battery Operated Fan with 7 Blades, 3 speeds,USB Charging,White
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