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EcoAir APOLLO Heating and Cooling Portable Air Conditioning Unit : Does what it says on the tin

Cools the loft quickly during summer.

We use this as an additional air con unit in the comms rooms. It does a very good job directing air towards specific equipment and requires very little emptying of the water tank. On average we drain about 1/2l of water every 2-3 weeks.

Had this 12 months now, cools our bedroom down from 30deg to around 22ish within about an hour, never had to empty it not exactly quiet but it’s a constant noise so easy to sleep with it on. The airduct isn’t very long so i bought a slightly longer one. Overall i’d happily buy again.

We have it in a loft about 6 x 4m – there is no way it will bring the temperature down to low levels with the sun on the roof in the heat of a sunny afternoon, but it does provide a nice cool patch of air to sit in. Then it gets the room down from high 20s to low 20s overnight very well for sleeping. It’s a bit noisy for sleeping to, but not too bad. Controller is a bit quirky, but once you work out how the remote and the on unit controller interact it’s manageable.

  • Ice cold air in no time really!
  • Does the job well
  • but it does provide a nice cool patch of air to sit in

EcoAir APOLLO Heating and Cooling Portable Air Conditioning Unit, 12000 BTU

  • With new technology, bucket less and self evaporating system for ease of use.
  • Wireless remote control, 3 fan speed, LED display, Built in 24 hours timer and Memory Function.
  • Weighing 39Kg with its space saving design and giving easy move by the castor wheels, it is very portable around the house or office without compromise to its capacity.
  • 12000 Btu (3.52kW) Cooling and Heating. 1 year Eco Air manufacturer warranty.
  • Washable mesh filter giving you fresh and clean air. Comes with 1500mm air vent hose.

There is 30 degrees outside but this air con units keeps my large room nice and cool. It makes less noise than my old unit and there is no need to empty a tray full of water every few hours.

Works fine for the size of office of 6 x 6 meters but i feel would struggle for much larger.

Used it for about three months now. Couldn’t have imagined coping the hot summer nights this june without this little gem. We use the window velcro sealant along with it. I live in a decent sized 4 bed detached, and we just shut the door to the kitchen and leave this thing on, and it dehumidifies the house, and cools it down to a bearable level. It can cool down all 4 bedrooms in the night as long we close the downstairs rooms. The best part was that it reduced the intensity of my wife’s hay fever as we could keep the windows shut, and this ac has mesh filters in it. Have drained it on 2 occasions only. Don’t expect to experience chill if you intend to use it for the whole house, but a couple of rooms yes it would.

Very fiddly to set up but once done (15 mins or so) cold air quickly blasting in straight away. It’s not small so think where you can store once not in use. We ran the pipe out of a low window as it would not reach higher ones in the house. Plug is short ish so used extension cable all ok. Flex hose to vent heat outside consatinas up when off the unit so can be stored seperately. Loads of heat coming outside from the vent so it certainly works removing it from the target room. Although on wheels this unit is very very heavy and doesn’t have handles to carry up stairs. It wheels around easy enough but i’m a strong guy and would struggle to move alone, it took 2 of us. Also, it leaked carrying up stairs.

Its pretty powerful and cools down my entire 2-bed apt in a couple hours. It is a bit noisy but it is fan/air noise and it does not sound like a fridge compressor. Remote control is handy too.

Just what i was wanting for home gym in a garage.

I highly recommend this air conditioning unit i have seen it on amazon a couple of times read all reviews and then considering buying but i prefer to buy directly from amazon as it is great customer care quality amazon had them in stock but sadly sold out of stock they got them back in stock so i immediately ordered and the next day it’s arrived i am so impressed i can say this does cool large two bedroom maisonette i have the kitchen door open with the tube going outside while my wife is cooking the dinner and she absolutely loves it it cools the kitchen down lovely and very impressive lee it managed to still cooling the rest of the maisonette i can say this is the best air conditioning unit i have ever had top quality remote control top quality built unit very easy to set up however going on the picture is now on amazon i take it they have completely sold out because they are advertising the old one.

It’s like any in-room ac – loud. There are supposedly quieter out there but this does what it’s supposed to – make it cold. On 35 degree days it cooled a large room fast. So we could wheel it out of our kids room at night and into ours.

Bit expensive but very good love it, recommend for 2.

It’s actually very goodthe pipe to allow water drainage is a bit close to the floor.

Have to say that since we bought this unit the weather became much cooler. However on the handful of occasions we did need to use it the unit worked very well and cooled the room v quickly. We have a large lounge ( approx 8x 4 metres) and after 10 minutes it was quite cold. When the weather cooled (and because we had turned the central heating off for the summer) we had a quick blast of the heating function just to keep the chill off. Both heating and cooling work well. I would recommend this product.

Wow what a difference the office is like a fridge lol.

It truly is tranquil sufficient to slumber perfectly when utilised in a bedroom and is potent. I have two of these working in a two mattress best flooring apartment which gets extremely incredibly hot in warm temperature – just one in the learn bedroom and 1 in the living room, and with all the inner doorways open and each operating consistently they interesting the whole location to a pretty relaxed level even in 30 diploma external warmth. I use window seals with these to maximise the efficiency of the units.

It does what i purchased it for, but a lot of modest items make a big variation. In terms of cooling capcity, it is challenging to say if i’m good to it — it is staying employed to awesome home with enormous west experiencing home windows. It does a excellent occupation of keeping this home on a sizzling working day exactly where the room would exceed 30’s c normally to beneath 27c at the worst hrs, but i do have to use it to neat all the time, i observed the only way this was powerful is when you start off from a relatively cold home to begin with (say 22), if you flip it on when the place is currently hot, it mainly can’t take care of. Which is fantastic, but you are likely shopping for this because your rooms are unbearably incredibly hot. You will have to pair it with a window seal, it fundamentally does almost nothing without having it (or install it correctly). It is intended to have a self evaporating style and design (the vapour goes out with the exhaust) but i never discover this to be just the situation in exercise. The rooms humidity never bought much too higher but humidistat in the ac airflow exhibits some worrying numbers (and this is in all probability partly to do with operating it 24/7) — i had to carry in the resident dehumidifier to deal with that dilemma, and it is seriously emptying numerous buckets just about every day. The exhaust attachment, is definitely weak. It should really preferably have some rubber gaskets or one thing usually to provide an airtight seal, but it will not. What this suggests is that you can come to feel some heat airflow at the level exactly where the exhaust attaches to the unit. I bascially mashed a load of foil in and around the space to minimise the warm air leakage and it produced a massive variance to the ac’s ability to run correctly. The difficulties is there were all fashion of slots where heat air was escaping from, so it was rather a tough work which shouldn’t be needed. Eventually, this could possibly be associated to lousy shipping and delivery support and prospective unit problems (even though it appears to be operating high-quality), but when i initial turned it on there was a nasty chemical scent it gave off, probably leaked refrigerant. The trouble was it acquired trapped in my bathrooms which are challenging to vent (and i did give the ac a working day off and tried using to vent the whole property but to no avail), so there is a chemical smell.

This is a nicely manufactured unit and has a most beautiful look. It seems to be and feels well produced and solidly crafted. I purchased this for a three x six m conservatory and employed a cat flap as the port hole for the exhaust hose. Obtaining previously had metal inserts put in just the roof of the conservatory carried out by polycool the temperature inside the space tends to/hover all around 35 degrees c when the solar is at total pelt. We place this ac unit on and by two minutes the ambient temperature had decreased by three levels and was slipping. I experienced thought of that some said that there was a lot sound from this unit but i can truthfully say it was by significantly 1 of the quietest i have owned now acquiring had three models in the earlier which sounded like a plane landing. It sounded no louder than a big admirer and we could converse pretty comfortably with the unit functioning. I experienced now procured an extension tube for the drinking water drainage tube from ecoair and so no need to vacant the unit even though it was in procedure. The distant manage is basic to use and sits fairly nicely in a reason developed slot on prime of the unit when not wanted. This was the most least expensive web-site to buy this unit, that said the working day soon after i experienced bought the unit value was amplified.

The dilvery was only 3 day not also lousy. With my wattage meter it only using in about 11p an hour. Bit on the load side to rest with. Only disappointing element is that it have not got oserlating fins that would press the air about and i would appreciate it if it has climet command so it would retain it at a serton tempute in the area.

I guess i was hoping for a lot more than i obtained, as other reviewers have stated, it is a very well designed piece of kit, but i set it up in a 24 ft by twelve ft outbuilding that will get ridiculously warm all through the summer, and with the current heatwave, but it only seriously cools the region immediately in front of the unit, and i can sense tiny or no effect from about 8 toes. Experienced the unit jogging now for six hrs and probably a two or 3 degree drop in ambient temperature, perhaps i should really have purchased 2 .

EcoAir Aura Low Energy DC Fan – aura low energy dc fan.

I have under no circumstances spent so a great deal on a fan but desired anything really productive thanks to the heat. I browse all the evaluations, took a deep breath and purchased. It’s a brilliant fan, i appreciate the way it can be managed, pace and course by remote manage. I am very seriously imagining about shopping for a next fan for the bedroom.

All people will need a person of theses fans. Pretty quite and low-priced to run.

It does virtually every thing i will need it to. I am impressed by how tranquil the silent placing is. Incredibly durable and fashionable wanting. I would have specified it five stars. But the only thing that holds me back is the simple fact that the led exhibit are unable to be turned off. So if you use the fan for the duration of the night, the shiny blue led display pours out quite alot of mild. It really is pretty bothersome and actually brings about me to battle to slide asleep. Other than that, extremely fantastic item.

Distant manage and so a lot of variable speeds even low environment silent with great air distribution.

I returned this its not silent and it’s regular in phrases of air circulation, great style and design and straightforward to put jointly.

Fantasticthis fan is astounding. So amazed i bought a 2nd just one for the bed room.

  • If you want a good quality QUIET fan, this is the one.
  • Want a decent fan? try this one.

Considering the fact that i figured out how to flip off the exhibit (three next press of ability button) i would say this is definitely deserving of 5 stars. It is pretty silent, even at a velocity which shifts a great sum of air. The pace configurations are extremely difficult in my book and really should be simplified. It has:peaceful environment with speeds one-10 (pace 3 for me is virtually inaudible and i use it for sleeping, exactly where i want there to be no sounds)regular placing with speeds 1-26some other settings which i you should not useit is a bit weighty and cumbersome to shift about – on that front the dyson definitely wins, but for a 3rd to a quarter of the value, no complaints.

It is a excellent fan but would not have the hydraulic pole for lifting it up and down easy like the white one does, you want to lock it in location with a black screw. I never realize as to why the black product leaves the display on in use, whilst the white fan isn’t going to stay on?. :/each fans have pluses and minuses.

Peaceful, effective, numerous speed options. Extra effective than a dyson and much less costly way too.

This fan is pretty much the best fan i have at any time made use of and very potentially the most effective fan on the marketits not a properly regarded manufacturer and i took a chance immediately after obtaining a terrible expertise with an additional nicely regarded manufacturer. When i very first opened the deal i believed the stand was a little bit plastic but just after assembly and use – i am blown absent – pretty much :)this fan is. 1: actually silent in silent manner – wow. – the blades are perfectly well balanced and perfectly made. two: like a twister at max velocity – this matter blows like nobodies enterprise. three: it rotates silently with a digital button not a pull thing. four: it has like 35 various speeds that are essentially helpful. I by no means considered so many ways would be handy. five: it has all-natural method which mimics wind and is rather great – places you to rest.

Features of EcoAir Aura Low Energy DC Fan with 35 Speed/Timer Function, 16-Inch, 27 Watt, Black

  • Energy Saving up to 70% with new DC Technology
  • 35 Speed – 26 Normal plus 9 Ultra Quiet Mode
  • 8 Hours Programmed Timer
  • Nature Mode, Sleep Mode, Timer Mode and Intelligent Mode
  • Wireless Remote Control and Large LED Control Panel

From the manufacturer

Energy Saving up to 70% with new DC Technology

Most effective fan i have each and every purchased (and i lived in spain for quite a few yrs so i have purchased a lot more than a several). Has been a godsend in this current heatwave. A bit additional highly-priced than i had at any time paid out ahead of, but certainly looks with the further for good good quality.

Fantastic top quality and functions quite very well.

I acquired this fan after on the lookout all around at lots of testimonials in the heat of this decades summer. Sure it was highly-priced but typically the opinions were fantastic and i could often have sent it again if not delighted. It was simple to put alongside one another supplied a very little time and thought. The distant can make this straightforward to use from the mattress and remaining on a stand no more time a fan on the dressing table a problem for the mrs. Extremely tranquil in rest method – a mild evening mild from the led or if you choose you can change off the led lights for total emersion. With out situation an fantastic fan which may perhaps stay out throughout the 12 months as it appears great too.

An complete saviour for my canine (and us) in the very hot climate. Very multipurpose wrt to speed and positioning, it tilts and goes better and reduced. Unquestionably appears to interesting the air as opposed to just flow into heat air. I can’t, still, comment on it’s longetivity.

And it is extremely really on sleep manner.

I have tinnitus, so want a fan thats not loud or aggravating with unusual bothersome noises. Masses of settings to adjust the speed/loudness. On it’s incredibly cheapest location it is virtually silent.

35 Speed –

Never know why but it just seems excellent – only damaging is the lit-up display screen which could be a light pollution issue for some. Plenty of velocity/ frequency options and very quiet on the lover speeds. Nb black exhibits far more dust than white.

Good searching fan ‘ built perfectly and most importantly fairly as there is lots of configurations to get it to the suitable velocity ‘ i use it in my bed room , and would acquire it once again if i essential two.

Quite quiet, not challenging to put together besides for using off the battery go over on the remote.

I’m officially in enjoy with my ecoair. It truly is attractive to glance at and on leading speed it is coping brilliantly with the 34+ degrees we have been getting recently. Also a million house points to the vendor, which sent it seriously speedily and it arrived four days in advance of timetable. Faba slight ache to assemble – you have to have a screwdriver for the screw on the back to safe the blade arm with the base – and oh my term, it truly is the devil’s possess work to get the distant battery include open up.I finished up attacking it with a pair of scissors – not wonderful, but needs have to. On the top velocity it truly is significantly louder than my honeywell – but it actually felt like aircon, which is absolute bliss and usually means i might last but not least get some sleep.

five stars, as you can transform it down to preserve you cool at evening but not listen to it. Extremely highly effective and moves a good deal of air and ought to do for the charge. An individual stated the blue lights but that will not hassle me at all.

Quite handsome seeking, well constructed, peaceful, energy conserving fan as well as remote. Great for bedrooms or sitting down rooms. Help provider from producer was also excellent as the remote address is acknowledged for being complicated to open for battery insertion. But on contacting them i was impressed.

8 Hours Programmed Timer

. At selection four environment it is useless very but give a good breeze to help you rest. Sent the dyson back again as it was rubbish as opposed to this fanyou will not regret acquiring this fan.

It is plainly a step previously mentioned other pedestal lovers i have acquired earlier. The gradual rest modes are superb when running the fan in a bedroom at night. There are a couple niggles that i would have performed in different ways if i experienced made it:one. The display is fairly bright and does not change off by alone. You have to move to the fan and hold the electricity button for five seconds to change it off. If you then alter a environment, it will come on a again and you once more have to move around to the fan to convert it off. Really troublesome when you have it working in a bedroom at night. A more sensible method would be to quickly turn the display off immediately after 15 seconds or so or have an selection to convert it off entirely. The oscillation system is poor. It begun acquiring a distinctive click on at the finish points/improve of course right after two times. Right after a lot less than a 7 days, it was also squeaking each individual 10 second or so, which designed the oscillation unusable for a bed room at night. Very disappointing in fact and i need to maybe deduct a star because of to this. Each time it turns on, it begins at environment 10. It would have been improved if it remembered the previous made use of setting and applied it when beginning.

This was acquired for me as a reward as my residence is not very good at dispersing warmth in the summer season, and the following is an honest review if you are an undecided buyer. First impressions when it arrived was that it was very properly packaged, but the box is major so the elderly may possibly will need a hand with unpacking and going. The directions on placing it together was, to my surprise, a lot less in depth than with chinese-created products i have acquired and put with each other over the yrs. You will find a pair of very small screws you are remaining to guess at their function, but it quickly results in being clear. The remote (as other individuals have explained in the suggestions) has a instead more than-engineered ‘childproof’ protect. I observed the greatest way to open that was to use a typical screwdriver in the left slot and pushing the catch on the correct hand facet *at the exact time*. A ton of people today have and will wrestle with this and the corporation truly ought to update their assembly recommendations and include things like a picture guide. The rest is properly designed with metallic components so screws have a business, sound footing all in excess of and the base is hefty and powerful generating knocking more than fewer most likely. Once you have assembled the fan and turned it on it goes straight to a greater environment until finally you go as a result of the menu to established your preferences.

I have marked this as four star not on functionality as it is all the things that i experienced hoped it would be, the silent mode is just that, barely audible. A excellent fan and really worth just about every penny. The cause i haven’t given it five stars is primarily based on the assembly. The recommendations are up coming to ineffective. They need to be specific with demo pictures. I am a woman in my 70’s and i really don’t contemplate myself inept when it will come to most jobs, i do all of my individual do-it-yourself with out support but this fan, which a person would believe be so straightforward conquer me. I rang the corporation and was passed to an very pleasant gentlemen who took it on himself to manual me through it and to be certainly truthful, experienced the stage that experienced overwhelmed me been basically illustrated in the assembly instructions it would have been a doddle but i failed to want to touch areas, destroy the merchandise and then not be equipped to get a refund. In any case, put collectively, now in situ and i am extra than delighted with the merchandise.

Terrific item which i have made use of for a while now. Really multipurpose and it is commented on extremely normally.

Obtaining a decent fan is a lottery, none of the makers inform the full story on sound emission, s&m departments have a whole lot to response for. This fan was the 5th from various producers, i would have tested a rowenta as perfectly but its a joke locating a superior stop, remote, five speed, 35db variation in the british isles, no, i am not going to spend absurd shipping service fees from united states. Anyhow i will not shame the earlier four fan manufacturers, suffice to say 4 sounded like a focker one hundred fifty just to enable unfastened down a runway. . That was on pace environment 1. Impressed with the general design and style & overall look of this device, its all properly manufactured, manufactured, visually appealing, no awful resonance chambers. . Command procedure is fascinating, reasonable soon after a couple of minutes with the handbook, which is effectively prepared not chinglish, you will be fantastic to go. Only minimal niggle, opening the battery deal with, believe an octopus created the latch, baby evidence lids are one particular detail, a two handed + equipment battery go over is yet another. A trace, with the ir emitter experiencing you, thrust the puppy leg shaped latch launch to the remaining at the same time, applying the groove as order force / slide the protect absent from you, as it slides away you will see the, coin mobile battery holder which is component of the cover molding. The ahead dealing with fan deal with is mounted to the rear fan cover working with a bezel that acts as a clamp ring, just make confident the bezel is properly latched to the ahead struggling with address, from the major of the ahead going through deal with identify the sign up in the rear protect, carefully provide the two halves together making certain the bezel ring latches to the rear protect, snap the latch situated at the bottom of the bezel ring, ultimately safe the latch with the screw provided, only requires a pinch. Properly going air quietly needs a big fan slow rotation, just like a computer system, & this is what it does utilizing a thorough suite of settings. You have 23 speeds to participate in with, – 10 is great, earlier mentioned ten it gets progressively louder, that’s standard, nevertheless mainly because of the fan blade style and design, ihmo its not that negative, but due to the fact you will be expending most of the time in the 1 – ten assortment, to me not an problem. This is unquestionably one fan you have to take into consideration, indeed its a large layout but you you should not invest in an animal like this every month, its an financial commitment.

Purchased this to substitute a 3 yr old dyson am07 on which the whine had been acquiring a lot far more frustrating, and as far as the fundamentals of staying a fan goes, this ecoair aura is substantially much better than the fan it replaces. Packaging and assembly is ok, not as slick as the dyson was, but it is one/3rd the price so are unable to genuinely complain about that. The foundation is quite large, but it does make the fan nice and stable. The excellent:the dc brushless motor is as peaceful as you would expect – on the silent settings there is certainly no motor sounds at all, just the audio of the air getting moved. On the larger configurations it moves hundreds of air and is even now surprisingly peaceful. The fan feels rather significant and the remote manage feels like a good excellent item much too. The exhibit is way too shiny at evening but as we found out by reading through the handbook, can be turned off with a three next press, so that has now been assumed ofthe oscillation function is also pretty tranquil, time will notify if it continues to be so, but it doesn’t really feel wonky and shuddery like low cost enthusiasts do. The not so superior:ours has a extremely slight wobble at low speeds, but i assume it is really the nut relatively than the fan itself, but it is really not ample to be obvious except if you might be on the lookout for it.

Nature Mode, Sleep Mode, Timer Mode and Intelligent Mode

Really like everything about this fan.

Wireless Remote Control and Large LED Control Panel

EcoAir DCW10 Simple Wall Mount/Free Standing Dehumidifier : This was the perfect solution and is the only dehumidifier rated for bathrooms

This was the ideal remedy and is the only dehumidifier rated for loos. We ended up refurbishing a house with an interior bathroom wherever it was unachievable to route an extractor admirer to the outside the house wall. This was the best option and is the only dehumidifier rated for bogs. We have equipped it so that it drains forever so there is want to have to retain emptying the container. As several have pointed out, the one particular bothersome omission is that there is no developed in humidistat which would quickly switch the device on anytime moisture was detected. Nonetheless, i would totally recommend that you fit just one of these swiftair humidity sensors https://www. British isles/gp/products/b00itx8840/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=utf8&psc=one , inline with the fitting of the dehumidifier and your issue will be solved.

EcoAir DCW10 Simple Wall Mount/Free Standing Dehumidifier with Charcoal Filter, 10 L

  • Compact and discreet wall mountable portable dehumidifier with 10 L/day extraction rate
  • Features charcoal filter to eliminate odour, washable filter, rotary dial control panel
  • Rapid control of humidity and indoor laundry drying. Controls mould, condensation and bacteria growth
  • 2 L tank capacity and optional continuous drainage with 2-m hose supplied
  • 2 Year manufacturer warranty

Fantastic,neat, so far so good. Aug 2016 – nonetheless going fantastic, wouldn’t be without the need of it. Coupled with a big lover in my utility place this will dry our washing right away and we hardly detect a big difference on the energy monthly bill – a huge reward when you are unable to dry it exterior.

Good item and east to put in.

Will work properly adequate but it truly is a little bit noisy. Have this conveniently wall-mounted in my toilet. I have a georgian household that suffers from condensation problems, if the humidity is not stored lowish (50-sixty% – you can need to have a humidistat to know this, about £15) i get black mould in the internal corners of rooms. Sucks the humidity properly adequate but is a lot more ebac (a little bit on the clunky, whirry, rattly side) when it comes to sound stage, fairly than mitsubishi (extremley silent indeed with no rattles – even right after 4 decades). I have had several ground-standing ebac, meaco and mitsubishi dehumidifiers over the years. I however have two mitsubishis, but the ebacs and meacos have prolonged given that expired. It is useful acquiring the ecoair wall mounted however and this is one of the few dehumidifiers that is actually designed to securely operate in a bathroom. It is really ipx4 rated splash evidence. You do however require to be either a making inspector, a certified electrician or some type of organic genius to perform out exactly where you are legally permitted to set up an ipx4 rated electrical products inside your toilet, (look at out developing regulation ‘zones’ inside of loos). Mine is in an unusually massive bathroom with all the right, fused wiring so not so difficult to fit it in.

EcoAir DCW10 Simple Wall Mount/Free Standing Dehumidifier with Charcoal Filter, 10 L : Easy to fit and began working immediately. Good to be able to attach drain pipe.

12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit, Waiting to be cooled.

Far better than final 1, steps precise area temperature alternatively of just its individual :d.

I use it as a reserve just in circumstance my wall mounted units fail.

Terrific unit is effective brilliantly and cools the area down immediately.

Key specs for 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit – ECO12P:

  • With new technology – bucketless and self evaporating system for easy of use.
  • Washable Mesh Filter giving you fresh and clean air.
  • Wireless remote control, 3 fan speed, LED display, 24 hours on/off timer. 150cm exhaust hose for rear air vent.
  • Weighing a mere 40Kg, with its space saving design with castors wheel, it is very portable around the house or office without compromise to its capacity.
  • 12000 Btu (2.34kW) Cooling and Heating.12 months EcoAir manufacturer warranty.

Comments from buyers

“Actually got mine delivered to Italy for only 15 pounds , Great air con unit, but matter resolved with a good will £15 return thankyou, Waiting to be cooled.”

I acquired this ac unit in progress of the prospective warm weather conditions. It is nonetheless in its packing in the garage waiting to be unleashed. I shall occur back again and update at the time it is unpacked and operating. The unit arrived on time and was sent through the front door. Every little thing has been fantastic (so far).

Tons of people commented how loud the unit is, and while it is not peaceful, it is a ton quieter than prior kinds i have owned. This is on in my office, and i never wrestle with the cellular phone or nearly anything. Folks need to be realistic with these models, they will never ever be silent. A usually good unit, possibly a very little pricey, which is the only reason i haven’t provided it five stars.

Really superior air conditioner – although in the uk you will most probably need to have to drain the drinking water made (my unit fills a substantial bucket a working day).

Is effective only if you stand in front of it.

Outstanding products been given ontime .

Wonderful air con unit, not had prospect to really check it, as the hot climate vanished when this arrived ?.

But make any difference settled with a good will £15 return thankyou. Sent wrong solution, but matter settled with a good will £15 return thankyou, but happy with the problem 8000btu air con i bought.

In fact bought mine sent to italy for only 15 lbs. In fact bought mine sent to italy for only 15 pounds excess which was the shipping charge. Though it does not acquire the put of a crafted in ac it does on the other hand do the task. And might also use the exact same amount of electrical energy. Have but to go via all the instruction. Would have obtained a 5 star even so the swing does not appear to be to do anything as it usually cools down the very same aspect of the room the grooves in the center are set to. Also it is a little bit noisy so desire to slumber with a lover every time attainable. This is a single of the most effective units you can occur throughout so a little bit of sounds need to be anticipated. Arrived with a no cost window installer to expel the sizzling air. However i have a balcony door nonetheless it nevertheless did the position of cooling the room in the course it was pointed to really properly infact.

Great merchandise, shipped in supply periods even a few days early in general good product or service functions nicely.

EcoAir DCW10 Wall Mounted/Freestanding Dehumidifier – Brilliant solution to damp bathrooms

Fantastic resolution to moist bogs. We bought this for our very little rest room. I was fatigued of wiping down soaked home windows and surfaces to test and stop the progress of awful black mould. Possessing experienced a moveable dehumidifier for one more damp space and finding out how brilliant they are we resolved that was what was wanted. The electrician was a bit amazed that we selected this as an alternative of an extractor fan but we explained we failed to want to eliminate our hot air in wintertime – there is no heating in the rest room so it is really presently chilly and the device results in heat even though it operates. If it is warm we open the window in its place, if it’s cold we can now use this to do the drying. Right after showering we typically just hit the two hour option and shut the doorway behind us – it turns alone off. The drawer is practically whole immediately after i have performed this twice (it arrives with a hose if you want to plumb it into the waste pipe). It can be rather quiet and the h2o drawer is uncomplicated to empty even though we have it mounted very significant on the wall.

Does precisely what its intended to.

Excellent as a wall mounted dehumidifier that can drain outdoors. Was easy to put in, the timer function is beneficial to use at night, whilst far from silent it’s not noisy specified the amount of money of drinking water it would seem to drain out. Use it in an indoor swimming pool as when i purchased the residence the pool ceiling made use of to get truly moist from the condensation. It copes considerably far better than i thought it would (was anticipating i may perhaps need to have to put in two following to each individual other).Here are the specifications for the EcoAir DCW10 Wall Mounted/Freestanding Dehumidifier:

  • Compact and discreet wall mountable portable dehumidifier with 10 L/day extraction rate
  • Features charcoal filter to eliminate odour, electronic control panel, remote control (IPX5 rated)
  • Rapid control of humidity and indoor laundry drying. Controls mould, condensation and bacteria growth
  • 2 L tank capacity with optional continuous drainage with 2-m hose supplied
  • Comes with 2 year manufacturer warranty; applies to purchases made after 31st August 2013

Slightly bulkier than expected but our trouble of mould in the shower area is solved.

Search out for potential definition. A really neat design and style – matches properly in a toilet exactly where floor space aways is a issue. On the other hand the capability in the guide claims ‘dehumidification: 10 litres / day (30ºc / eighty%rh)’, what is not popular in a lavatory. Just after a ‘generous’ shower the dehumidifier took away . 2 l the to start with hour which corresponds to 5l /working day. There is also an troublesome interference sound like hmm – hmm coming from the supporter that has an asynchronous motor.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Brilliant solution to damp bathrooms
  • Was easy to install
  • Look out for capacity definition
  • Poor connecting hose with no advice on fitting
  • Great bit of kit.

Bad connecting hose with no information on fitting. Complicated to suit, and when our builder took the hose into a plumbing materials retailer they have been shocked, but could not suggest an substitute. My partner contacted the provider, but they explained they only sold the product, and the plastic hose was what arrived with it. Plumbing provider experienced to sell us three unique connectors just so we could connect the hose to the device and then to the squander outlet. Owning stated that, now we have had it set up, so significantly so fantastic, as it looks to be operating. But all the issues and cost of getting the weak high quality hose to work meant it might have been more affordable to get a sophisticated technique of extractors equipped to consider steam out by means of the dwelling.

We have experienced a difficulty with mould & condensation for a extended time when a person proposed i get a dehumidifier. When we very first got it we experienced it on for twelve hrs a day & it gathered over 4 litres of drinking water every working day. Now we only use it about as soon as a week & in twelve several hours its only accumulating about a cup complete, we have no far more mould or condensation.

Utilised in a rental student property and has solved a significant difficulty.

Excellent for rooms that are susceptible to mould or condensation. Also perfect as it really is wall mounted so out of the way from minor fingers. Can be noisy when on but this is the situation with all dehumidifiers. A little bit pricey but i come to feel it’s worthy of it.

Slimline, quite quiet, and like the constant drain facility.