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De’Longhi PAC N81″Pinguino Air-to-Air” Air Conditioner, Very happy with it

This is considerably quieter then the ten calendar year outdated device that it is replacing, but there are a several niggles. The provided exhaust hose is not quite prolonged fortuitously these are a conventional sizing, so i can use the 1 from the previous unit. The exhaust hose connector to the back of the unit is not pretty properly developed and effortlessly falls off. As i have to shift the device every single working day to set the hose out of the window and then deliver it again in to close the window at the end of the working day, i consider some duct tape is going to be called into service. In the box, the mains plug is saved higher than the expanded polystyrene packing. Attempting to be intelligent, i opened the box upside down so that i could then suggestion the total detail upright and raise the box off, with out possessing to elevate the unit out of it. This approximately came to grief as the mains lead is not prolonged ample to get the box thoroughly off with the plug nevertheless caught up.

Experienced an older edition of this that is however going strong after 10 a long time. This one is significantly quieter, my daughter can slumber with this a single on and it is also fifty percent the body weight of the other. Obviously just examine the output for your area dimensions.

Excellent product, produced my shop a much nicer placefantastic prompt shipping.

Key specs for De’Longhi PAC N81″Pinguino Air-to-Air” Air Conditioner:

  • Cares for the environment and ensures user comfort thanks to the innovative refrigerant gas R410A
  • Electronic Control Panel
  • The remote control allows easy setting of all the functions
  • 12 Hour digital timer and thermostat
  • Characterized by the perfect match of technology and low consumption, Pinguino PAC N81 achieves A class of Energy Efficiency

Comments from buyers

“Good air conditioner, Great Air conditioner, Very happy with it”

Very happy with this buy. . Should have done it many years ago.

So simple to use,seems to be fantastic & audio on either lower/significant is really decent. Excellent coverage on low or higher. I seriously accomplished my homework before obtaining this one particular,. And indeed it’s a fair amount of funds but it’s effectively worth it.

Amazing ac will work great, so quickly at cooling the room and not noisy at all.

This is a perfect air conditioner. I am utilizing it to cool down my whole home which features two mattress rooms, 1 massive dwelling space, a single kitchen and a rest room. The exhaust pipe is fairly small in buy to use with my complicated window for that reason i have utilized an extension pipe to whom i lower in 50 % so that it will not vacation. I am really pleased with it.

Economical assistance, arrived two times previously than scheduled. Does what it states on the box.

Considerably noisier than anticipated but does awesome down a small area.

Excellent machine straightforward to set up reason only four stars instead of five no window seal kit.

Pretty noisy a/c quite warm exhaust.

De’Longhi PAC N87 Pinguino Air-to-Air Silent Air Conditioner : Decent but expensive

This is not silent but it quieter them my replacement unit and it only needs emptying every 2- 3 day of 8-9hrs use each day.

Not as quiet as i’d hoped and seems to struggle to reduce temperature below 23c, although that is 6 degrees cooler than starting temperature.

Definitely cools the room on a really hot day to 20 in pretty quick time so it works a charm. The remote control is really decent too. I gave it 4 stars through and not 5 because i wouldn’t say it was quiet. Theres no way i could ever sleep with it on.

I use this air conditioner between my bedroom and office, depending on the time of day. Ok silent isn’t silent, but it is quieter than some hotel room built-in air conditioners. Even in silent mode (low power), it does work quite effectively. Beware the weight, as i was surprised just how heavy it was (up the stairs one tread at a time).If you don’t want break the castors, be slow and careful crossing door thresholds. I would definitely recommend this unit.

  • Nearly caught hypothermia 😉
  • Decent but expensive
  • Not exactly silent, but it does the job

De’Longhi PAC N87 Pinguino Air-to-Air Silent Air Conditioner

  • Cares for the environment and ensures user comfort thanks to the innovative refrigerant gas R410A
  • Silent technology. Hose diameter 130 mm and Hose length 1200 mm
  • Soft Touch Control Panel
  • 3 fan speed to have the maximum power or the minimum noise level
  • 12 Hour digital timer and thermostat

Its a huge bulky item, and i suppose it would need to be to cool a room down. I had to use an extra long hose to connect to outside, as the one provided wasn’t long enough. At the moment, living in london i am using it most days to lower temperature in my loft bedroom. Later i will decide where i want to vent it thru the wall, but for now am happy to use it thru a window. Very pleased with the product, it makes me smile as who would have thought us in uk would be after aircons .

Not the cheapest, but quiet enough to sleep with and rated powerful enough for our rather large bedroom, unlike cheaper products. It’s certainly effective and we slept comfortably through some hot sticky nights.

I decided early on this summer to take the plunge on an a/c unit, i got sick of hot sleepless nights, after a bit of research i opted for the de’longhi pac n87. Whilst i can tell you it is not silent by any objective test, it is noticeably quieter than the portable a/c unit at work, and it is a much more powerful unit, in a smaller and better designed box. The features are simple and easy to use and it has helped me make it though the very hot summer of 2018 without a single sleepless night due to the temperature. Five mins of operation will bring the temperature in an average sized room down by a degree or so, leave it running for an hour or so and it will drop the temperature at least three or four degrees, taking the room temps down to the point where you can comfortably get off to sleep.

The unit was delivered in a damaged box and bin liners taped to the bottom. On inspection everything inside appears to be intact. The running of this unit can in no way whatsoever be described as “silent”. To me silent means no noise. This is definitely not the case. I am a heavy sleeper and used to sleeping in hundreds of locations and hotels due to the nature of my job. I am also used to sleeping with noisy environments, however i could not sleep in a medium sized room with this unit running without ear plugs. The overall fan noise is not too bad on “silent mode”, however when the pump/compressor kicks in there is a fairly audible clunk and then the noise becomes much louder. I agree there is a db rating assigned to this machine but i do not know how many average people have a db monitor or know how this would equate in a silent room at night. I think it is wrong to advertise this model as “air-to-air silent” as it is most definitely not silent.

I’ve been wanting to get a portable air conditioning unit for our house for years, but each heat wave came, we sweated and cursed, and went without me buying one. This year i finally managed to convince my finance director (mrsjoshua) that we should bite the bullet and after some research, i settled on this unit. It arrived next-day thanks to prime and after a quick flick through the manual, i had it up and running. It had been delivered while i was out, so i was sure it had been upright for at least six hours before i switched it on – something the manual says is really importantour bedroom was 27c when we went to bed and this room is notoriously difficult to cool in the summer. I set the target temperature to 16c, stuck the elephant trunk exhaust out of the gap in the window and fell asleep with it humming away. Woke up in the middle of the night shivering – it was properly cold in the room. Went over to the air con and the room had dropped 10c to 17c. Bravo pinguino, bravoit’s on casters, and is easily wheeled between rooms. I’m sat typing this from a very cool study, on what’s being billed as the hottest june day since the summer of 1976two thumbs up.

Produces nice cold air but struggles to bring a small room down to. Also the lowest fan setting is still quite powerful so isn’t as silent as expected.

Great machine and arrived next day.

Amazing 😉 and thanks for a wonderful service 🙏🏻.

My old unit was 12,000btu and made the room ice cold is such a short period of time. This is just shy of 10,000 so i thought it would just be a little less cold. But it’s massively less effective than my 12,000 btu unit that cost half this. It’s quieter so that welcome but not quiet enough to have the tv at a standard audio level still, even in silent mode. It seems your paying a big premium for less noise but still too much. Struggles to cool the living room compared to old unit.

Very happy with the product. Took my 10 mins to completely set up and install. Retractable hose makes it easy to store away. Only criticism is the venting hose could be longer. This is ideal for those wanting a temporary solution for the odd summer months.

While not as silent as it says, this is an efficient air conditioner sufficient for cooling and dehumidifying a large room. I have this and another on the top floor of my house, which has there bedrooms (in use; two other rooms are shut), and a large landing, and it reduces the temperature by a couple of degrees, but the reduction in humidity makes things quite comfortable. Don’t expect miracles, but in smaller spaces, it will cool very well. Having the water go out the air exhaust is a plus; my other unit doesn’t do this, so i need to have a bucket next to it.

All the information on the site is accurate and the product works like a charm. Some of the negative reviews criticize very, trivial ‘issues’ and seem to be from their lack of understanding or inability to read the specifications. I love that the wheels can be detached and reattached when and as required so setting this up in a fixed place or keeping it as a mobile unit are both very viable options. As is with this technology, you need somewhere for the hot air to be rejected, this is done through the hose, which is decent quality and doesn’t seem like it will be breaking any time soon, unlike cheaper variations on the market. Its length is more than enough for me without having to extend it, although you should check whether this will reach your window or vent prior to purchase or suppliment it with an extension hose. The refigerant (i noticed a question about this) should out last us all, providing the unit does not succumb to heavy physical damage as it is stored within the unit and does not deplete and is currently one of the most friendly gasses to use. The unit does indeed make a sound when the compressor starts to cycle the gas around the unit, this is normal but (i’ve not tested this) in theory, should not make any noise if set to fan only mode when the desired temperature setpoint has been achieved and when in ‘silent’ mode, is indeed very, very quiet. For those of you worried about ”loosing the cold air you’re running the unit for” a simple solution is to withdraw the hose and close your window when you have achieved the temperature you desire. Overall 5/5 and hopefully this answers some concerns.

This is a really fantastic air con device. It cooled my bed room pretty swiftly and looks fantastic worth for money. The listing states silent method. As some others have mentioned it’s not silent and i didn’t definitely hope it to be. It has 3 air con options :silent ( minimal in fact )medmaxthe lead on the plug could do wirh currently being a little bit for a longer time but all in all it does particularly what i preferred to and i would most definitely endorse this merchandise.

At last a neat loft in the warmth of summer. This undoubtedly does the work but it is no way silent. It is noisy but it’s a comforting hum & right after awhile i have gotten applied to it. Absolutely value buying the ideal.

Cuts down temperature rapidly and pretty silent.

I acquired this believing it is silent, it really just isn’t. It does the task extremely perfectly but it does sound like a previous fridge that is about to give up. I cant have it on and be in the exact area , on total electricity it is that noisy.

I have been on the lookout for a compact, transportable air con machine because very last year’s london heat wave in june. It is compact, easy to use and quite tranquil for a equipment like this. I experienced an igenix 1 which was way too loud to use although earning mobile phone calls – this is completely compatible. The structure is good and effortless to glimpse at. I seem ahead to tests it in earnest over the summer season.

Not much too large, but pretty successful. Next working day shipping to my perform with key.

De’Longhi PAC AN112 Pinguino Air-to-Air Silent Air Conditioner : Definately not silent, but good cooling.

I found this unit did neat the bedroom but was too loud for me to slumber, i in fact returned the merchandise. I felt obtaining silent in the products identify was a bit mis top.

The device surely just isn’t silent but it is a lot quieter than the low-cost types you get in the do it yourself places. I’ve had two of the low-priced ones in the earlier and keep in mind how loud they have been so opted for this one particular. The query is ‘is it worthy of shelling out two times as a lot for a quieter one?’. If you only use it to cold soak a bedroom for a pair of hours before heading to bed then almost certainly not. But if you are likely to be in the place though its jogging then possibly it is. As with most points you spend for quality but its also a situation of diminishing returns. The bare minimum temperature that you can set it as well is eighteen degrees centigrade instead than the additional prevalent 16 levels. I haven’t identified this to be a difficulty, it can be simply chilly plenty of for me and i specifically dislike warmth. It appears just as cold as any of the other aircons that i have owned.

De’Longhi PAC AN112 Pinguino Air-to-Air Silent Air Conditioner

  • Pinguino PAC AN112 Silent achieves A+ class of Energy Efficiency
  • innovative LED display, designed to provide an immediate feedback about comfort status
  • Remote control allows an easy use of all the features of the appliance
  • 3 fan speed to have the maximum power or the minimum noise level
  • 24 Hour digital timer and thermostat

My flat is unbearable each individual summer season and so significantly in 30c warmth it has manufactured my lifestyle much more pleasurable. I am not absolutely sure now i can dwell with out it. I acquired the joyooo air lock to seal the window and put the pipe outside the house and it worked a treat. My living area is large and it has cooled it down to an icey temperature. I have even at evening opened the doorways up to great my bedroom as there is no window i can set it out of in there and it even helps neat it from really a distance. This is the ideal summer months obtain i have at any time manufactured.

Really impressed with it can be functionality. Maintains a cool temperature in the bed room. Tolerable stage of sound on the silent manner. You fork out a little a lot more and get high quality.

Fantastic products but somewhat noisy.

De’Longhi PAC AN112 Pinguino Air-to-Air Silent Air Conditioner : The unit cools really well, is one of the most aesthetically pleasing i’ve ever seen, and when it’s behaving itself it is one of the quietest monoblocks i’ve used, i can sleep with it on quiet mode. If you want really quiet you need to pay for a split unit and put the compressor outside, that’s just the reality of this type of unit (yes, ‘silent’ is very mis-leading if taken literally). Unfortunately, my unit developed a fault within a couple of weeks (it has the intermittent problem that sounds like an old carrier bag is inside it – there are a couple of youtube videos of this over the past year or so, so it’s not an unknown problem) and needs to be exchanged according to de’longhi. The company from which i purchased it, after happily agreeing to collect it, did not answer my question multiple times about a like for like replacement. Their answer eventually was that they would only refund me and i would have to order another from them; they had increased the price by over 30%. I was and am still not happy with this, and since questioning this further they have sold out so are sticking to the basic offer of a refund, not much good in this heat. I was unlucky i guess, but my advice is to check very carefully what the policy is of anywhere you buy this item in case you get the same fault i had (i am not sure of amazon’s marketplace replacement policy if i am honest) and avoid anywhere that won’t offer a like for like exchange for warranty. Ever-inflating prices, short stocks and its un-repairable nature are the perfect storm to leave you stuck with a faulty product, majorly out of pocket or boiling hot.

An great moveable air conditioner, a bit dear but well worth it, i dwell in a incredibly substantial 2 bed room flat, i opened l the doorways + stairs and it manged to cool the full flat beneath 30 mins, contrary to other air conditioners you do not have to have to empty the reservoir every single time.

Excellent transportable air conditioning device and extremely effective we was struggling from the exceptional flash unbareable summer significant temperatures we get in the british isles obtaining had the british gas electrician get rid of our ceiling fans in the livingroom and bed room right after upgrading our fuse box and demanding nothing metal on the lighting so we wanted an additional way of cooling a sizzling home and our sleepless nights. The de’longhi pac an112 is precisely the suitable dimensions and skill to offer with our needs, we have a 20 square metre livingroom and it dropped the temperature from twenty five deg c down to a pleasant great 18 deg c in about twenty minutes and even cooled the adjcent laptop workplace place two degs c lessen far too. Advice to probable prospective buyers, always obtain an extension vent hose since the normal semi rigid hose provided is not long sufficient to acquire the sizzling air outside the house the window. I purchased a flexible six metre 127mm vent hose at the exact time i order this device and it works good, slightly to long but it took the warmth outside of the household. The air con has two modes, standard and silent, on silent you do have to switch the tv volume up a bit but it performs. All the typical controls and does actual what it claims in the video and adverts. The distant management aids far too, will save on you getting to get up to alter the temperature configurations and even activate the silent mode if you desire. Wish i experienced bought this many years in the past, a wonderful acquire.

I have a few of these and they do regulate to preserve my apartment (1800 sq ft) neat all over when all a few are on full. That is a large amount a lot more house then they are specified for which is extremely fantastic, but i do need to have to shut the sun blinds to halt direct daylight coming in by way of the windows. In a one big room they cool it very very easily. Nevertheless, they are supposed to be the quietest on the industry, still seem quite loud to me. When in the lounge, it really is essentially tricky to hear the tv more than the noise of it. If you have it in whisper method, it really is better, but nonetheless will get louder when the compressor kicks in and of class are not able to great as efficiently in that mode. In all probability a person of the most effective sorts of transportable aircon device you can get, but even now way too loud of me, i’ll end up finding a suitable exterior compressor equipped i’m sure.

This was incredibly welcome throughout the summer’s heatwave. Just now (january) it is really not earning its dwelling – but it will.

Terrific air conditioner and silent.

Finest point due to the fact sliced bread. Like how swiftly it cooled my front space down. About 20 minutes just after plugging it in i wished i brought one particular several years back. It is not silent when on evening method but it is quieter than my aged tower supporter.No far more sweating during this heatwave 😊.

Seems to be excellent, cools a substantial bedroom pretty competently, but it’s not silent. If you need to have to go away it jogging through the night do use some earplugs.

This is a significant-high quality products that exceeds my expectations. I have experimented with other brands of moveable ac models, but they were far noisier, significantly when the refrigeration device kicked in, and the low cost castors marked my wooden floor. Not so the de’ longhi pac an112: it is effective [took just twenty min to reduce temperature in a 50cubic metre/29 square metre room from 27 deg c to 22 deg c. I hardly observed when the refrigeration unit kicked in: extremely tiny sound change and the device did not shake like many do. Utilizing the device in my bedroom, even nevertheless a tranquil device, i would in all probability obtain that it disturbed my snooze, but that is simply because the bed is in close proximity to the window, which is where the equipment also has to be. But, as the device cools the bedroom down so efficiently, it can be suitable for cold soaking the space in advance of bedtime. The make high quality is excellent the style and design is interesting and the castors you should not mark my wooden flooring. Pricey, but you get what you spend for.

Wonderful air con, can be utilised effectively even if you want to look at television or sleep or just take a cell phone contact. It cools the room quick and is remarkably powerful for a monoblock air con. (be aware that i waited with this evaluate right until the weather conditions was truly hit, 32 celsius outdoors and i have concrete partitions and south dealing with area, so the unit is well analyzed). Pipe is by no means lengthy more than enough with these models and i had to extend it to attain the window, but i is not going to downrate it for this because i have 3 unique monoblock aircons in my home to deal with several rooms, and all of them required the pipe extended, this is very standard detail if you want to use the major window. However, even with the prolonged pipe, this device cools extremely proficiently and even however it is really high-priced as opposed to a lot of other models/types, you get what you pay back for, it can be surely a best conclusion device.

Probably the greatest stand on your own air conditioner on the market place these days. Effecient, silent, pleasant style and the authentic truly feel engineering usually takes thr guess do the job out of the finest temperature humidity equilibrium. Strong 11k btu alright for 2 significant rooms.

This issue has saved my bacon this summer time.

De’Longhi PAC EX100 Pinguino Silent Air Conditioner – This is the best portable air conditioner you can get

This awesome the place down rather rapid and is significantly less noisy then my prior air conditioner which is often a plus. If you use just the dehumidifier it cools the place even further more i acquired my home down to 60°c on a very hot working day my former air conditioner only would get down to 68° so that’s terrific. I have definitely recommend this mainly because it also appears to be good.

Substantially quieter than our other air conditioner, but however would make sounds (this is anticipated nevertheless). Cools the space really effectively and seems lovely.

Not as loud as some others have commented. About as loud as a supporter, and refrigerator blended. The silent mode is activated via a button on the remote which can take a large amount of the ‘fan’ sounds away. It can carry a normal sized bed room down to extremely comfortable temperatures in a few of minutes, and makes use of . 7kwh electric power for every 60 minutes of use according to its eu energy label – convenience for a couple pence for each hour. Value just about every penny, only regret not purchasing 1 faster.Here are the specifications for the De’Longhi PAC EX100 Pinguino Silent Air Conditioner:

  • Pinguino PAC EX100 Silent achieves A+ class of Energy Efficiency
  • Pinguino EX100 Silent uses a natural high efficiency gas, propane R290, which has no greenhouse emissions.
  • Innovative LED display, designed to provide an immediate feedback about comfort status.
  • Silent technology
  • 24 Hour digital timer and thermostat

I have not too long ago acquired one of these models to amazing my living home which is approximately 100 cubic meters this device is rated for one hundred ten cubic meters i have two windows at one close of the area that do not get immediate sunlight. The device is marketed as a++ and silent running at 53db at its greatest placing, this is deceptive the electrical power label and files that occur with it estimate it at a for efficiency and 65db. I can say with complete certainty that this is not in any sense of the phrase a quiet device, it might be quieter than other equipment but nowhere around the figures it is offered on i have measured it and it is at 62db on speeds one,two and three this is since the admirer isn’t really actually that noisy its the compressor that makes the noise, putting it in to ‘silent’ manner does lower the noise to 57db but this impacts its cooling capability and its continue to a loud equipment. The most disappointing part is that it struggles to cool down my area sufficiently and can only handle to lower the temperature from 26c to 22c and to manage that temperature wants to be on whole electricity and that is just to noisy to look at television with unless you definitely crank up the tv volume. On the furthermore side the unit reduces the humidity to forty three% which can make the home additional snug and also this machine does not want to be emptied as it evaporates the water as a result of the exhaust hose. This is a relatively new model and at this selling price level its a shame that delonghi didn’t have the foresight to make it wifi or even a daily on/off timer as it only has a delay on/off that requirements to be established each and every time you want to use it. It is a pretty bulky but moves effortless on its wheels and is quick the best wanting transportable air con i have come across. I imagine that this machine would truthful greater in a lesser room as the the claimed one hundred ten cubic meter cooling capacity is bold but i believe that a space fifty percent that dimensions it would do a great deal better.

Does what it says on the tin.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Really good mobile A/C unit
  • Fantastic Product
  • Great product but don’t buy it from Amazon

Simple to established up (even though it of course requirements a rather air limited outlet through a window etc). I am shocked how noisy it is provided it has ‘silent’ in its title. I never ever anticipated silence but even on the lowest location it truly is far too noisy to rest. There’s a video on youtube (not mine) that precisely demonstrates the device and it can be sounds stage if you want to check out it out before purchasing. The unit does a fantastic task of cooling my smallish bed room (by about . 1° per 2 minutes) – i operate it in the night right until i go to bed then turn it off, which operates okay in british isles summer temps. Total, provided i are not able to slumber with it running, i in all probability must have gone for a less costly selection but i’m glad i have it.

This is the fifth de longhi pinguino air conditioner i have owned and it is a authentic workhorse. Some of my pinguino’s have lasted for above ten many years with no a breakdown, and continue to going strong. All you require to do is clear the filter and empty the water tank in the again after a yr. Wonderful merchandise and the new 1 is really tranquil. Their distribution techniques are established up to deliver textbooks and cd’s – compact, minimal worth objects that can be left at the doorway. Amazon provides zero information and facts about what time a little something will be delivered when you contact customer assistance. They present a 12 hour window and in my scenario, they missed that, delivering at 10:20 at night time. Invest in the pinguino from a keep or on the net provider that can manage huge goods and can give superior shipping and delivery choices – until you have nothing greater to do than hold out at property all working day.

This is the most effective portable air conditioner you can get. Nonetheless, i never assume it can cope with that massive of a room as specified. My place is big, but only 85 cubic meter and the window is sealed around the tube nicely sufficient, it can only cut down the temperature by three-4 degrees as opposed to other elements of the flat which are not air-conditioned. It truely is fifty db, but we can view television when it is doing work.

It is silent and cools our bed room completely. You will just need to clean the air filter each 7 days with a vacuum cleaner and it will preserve you amazing in this heatwave.

For incredibly hot times like we had in the summer months (only two or three of them) it is ideal. Operates quite peaceful and is quickly mobile, but as with other air conditioning units it requires to be vented as a result of a slice hole in a window or just leaving the window ajar.

Great cooling and the sound ranges are quite fantastic for a transportable cooling product. The silent feature lowers the supporter pace and so the noise stage declines. The serious really feel alternative controls the compressor so it only kicks in when essential. The sounds ranges will never look at with a enthusiast but if you can bear the noise degrees of a fridge compressor, than you can expect to bear the sounds ranges of this solution. I am utilizing this item in a room which is significantly tough to amazing particularly with the afternoon sunlight shining by means of nonetheless within just ten-15 minutes of the unit jogging at 21c, the humidity amount experienced dropped by four-five% and the temperature in the room dropped by 1c, from 25c to 24c. It kept on slipping the for a longer time the device ran. The minimal temp placing for the device is 16c. I opted to just area the exhaust vent out of the window and closing the window as a lot as i could with no making use of a vent sealing kit. My only grievance is that amazon messed up the subsequent working day primary delivery even however i ordered in advance of the cut off time.

Only just established this thing up a several hours in the past in my compact bedroom (about forty sq. meters), and i can say that it is effective particularly nicely. It tends to make the area so chilly that i have to wrap up in blankets in the center of the summer months, inside of a quite limited amount of time say 30 minutes (on the best fan placing and 18 c temp environment, the least expensive accessible). I sit in my area with a pretty strong laptop computer which generates so considerably warmth it will get like kuwait in right here, when folks arrive in my room they say it’s so hot they can hardly breathe. In the summertime months, even with an open window and two followers on whole electricity you will be perspiring and struggling to breathe. In any case following it received great in my space i just switched ‘silent’ mode on. On silent mode indeed it is without a doubt extremely quiet. It is quieter than a tower supporter on the maximum velocity placing – about the exact as a tower enthusiast on the medium speed setting. I know this as i have a tower lover in my place far too and just switched it on to examine. It kicks in often with a sound that’s pretty comparable to a fridge but maybe a touch louder (equivalent in sounds level to a tower enthusiast on full pace). It is really still really tolerable and lasts about a moment every time. If you have problems sleeping about enthusiast appears or fridge appears for example you may have some problems, but if not you will be leaping for pleasure as this detail will bring you the coolness you motivation. Happy i chose this design over the others as the energy ranking is muchhhhh better which implies you preserve income on power expenses. If you operate it typically this conserving could be really significant. I just lie in bed and can change the temperature from listed here with no owning to get up. Only matter is, it would not glance like you can obtain ‘real feel’ on the unit alone, you have to use the button on the distant i feel. Serious feel is a bit odd even though, it cuts off wholly after the temperature is reached it appears to be like. This could be very good if you appreciate silence and power personal savings, but it will switch back again on each and every now and then to check out temperature i guess so that could be rather jarring.

The solutions is built to a superior excellent, but i was disappointed with the silent mode and the sounds of the reduce enthusiast placing. It was acquired to be made use of in a bed room but we could not rest with the noice. If it had a reduced fan location, just to manage the temperature of a compact space, it would be perfect.

This is not affordable, but it’s one amazing device. It started cooling my examine extremely rapidly, i purchased more substantial than required so it isn’t going to want to operate flat out all the time. The exhaust is large and fittings to go on the hose are a bit of a fiddle, and it really is a two person work to get these fittings off once again, simply just since of the diameter and the placement of the retaining clips, but that is no significant offer for me. The equipment is intelligent to search at, effortless to function and mild enough for a single gentleman to carry upstairs. It will roll ok on carpets but it could have done with more substantial castors. The castors are quite very good for strong floors and have not still left any marks to day. I do like the silent mode and the a++ score on energy use, which was a single of the main advertising factors for me. I would recommend you download the running instructions so you can see where the exhaust is positioned and you can test if the outlet place on your window demands a longer hose than the 1. You can then order a extended a single and help you save much more waiting time.

Seriously good aircon device, a lot quieter then the effectively known do-it-yourself retailer branded just one i was working with right before this this. Make sure you be conscious this device is much from silent, but i can take care of to sleep with this just one running at night time when the unit is established to silent manner. Does neat the space down reasonably immediately when set to superior or vehicle, then supervisors to sustain that temperature when set at silent. I have run the device on silent from a extremely heat area and does awesome it down, it just will take a though more time.

Been so very good with the very hot weather conditions. Somewhat expensive but the excellent is excellent.

Performs really properly to cool a moderately big bed room, but rather noisy, even on silent mode. Window fitting for hose only functions on rather a narrow window and considerably flimsy. Is effective a great deal far better and also functions as a superior audio barrier.

So significantly so fantastic nevertheless its capacity to neat isnt as good as its potential to dehumidify. It is absolutely noisy but when its tremendous scorching you amazing in progress and then swap off. -1 quiet mode actually helps make little distinction.

De’Longhi PAC AN97 Pinguino Real Feel Air Conditioner, Beautiful, my room was a furnace

Outstanding – cools pretty properly – really simple to established up – completely glad.

Rather weighty and noisier than envisioned. Having said that, quite successful in cooling the place down swiftly and preserving it awesome.

I suppose that just like a lot of other people, the choice to buy this equipment was created as a consequence of the absurd summertime temperatures we have been experiencing. Where by we stay in cambridge, we’ve noticed no rain between could and late july, and night time times have been acquiring hotter and hotter. We might managed with our dyson enthusiast, and had shied absent from a moveable air-con unit as a final result of our 2003 heatwave encounters, where the device we purchased then just only didn’t neat anything. As such, it was with some trepidation that i invested my £600 on this de’longhi, partially as we wanted the dyson to relocate to our study or our son’s bed room. Very well, i needn’t have concerned. For our grasp bedroom (15 toes extensive by ten ft deep) it is effective outstandingly effectively. I despise the principle of sticking an exhaust out of the window, but next maker tips we retained our total peak curtains (we have french doors foremost to a shallow balcony) shut, and the internet screens driving them. Making use of the slender wedge shaped duct adaptor meant that it clipped neatly between our balcony railings to maintain the exhaust static, and adequately considerably away from the doorway to discourage incredibly hot air from wafting back again from whence it came. Even with 32 levels c exterior, and the french doorway open a small way to accommodate the duct pipe, the pinguino did it really is thing, brilliantly. Inside of two hours of switching on, our bed room was correctly chilly.

Key specs for De’Longhi PAC AN97 Pinguino Real Feel Air Conditioner:

  • “REAL FEEL” the best comfort level thanks to the combination of temperature reduction and humidity control
  • innovative LED display, designed to provide an immediate feedback about comfort status
  • Cares for the environment and ensures user comfort thanks to the innovative refrigerant gas R410A
  • 3 fan speed to have the maximum power or the minimum noise level
  • 12 Hour digital timer and thermostat

Comments from buyers

“Beautiful, my room was a furnace, No quieter than the rest, Cools Beautifully!”

I purchased this a/c on the toughness of the advert’s very clear implication that it was ‘silent’. Not actually expecting it to be totally silent, i was a little bit surprised to discover it was just as noisy as the 10 y-o model it changed. On the as well as aspect, it is more productive, easier to management, and cools the place far superior than prior versions by other makers. The settings are easy and effortless to use and total it was a really excellent selection. Just dont expect it to be silent. If the advert experienced not implied ‘silence’ so much in the wording, i would have provided it 5 stars.

Lovely , my space was a furnace, now it can be best, finest 600 pounds i’ve at any time spent.