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BENROSS PORTABLE WATER EVAPORATIVE 3 SPEED OSCILLATING FAN AIR COOLER COLD WITH TIMER 60w 7 LITER TANK – an excellent little unit with a variety of cooling methods from

Great value and works brilliantly.

Easy to operate, works well and moves smoothly on castors.

Works really well i’ve used ice cubs instead of water in the main reservoir brilliant piece of kit.

In the hot weather an ordinary fan will circulate the air, but really only feels cool when it blows directly on you. The hotter the air temperature, the faster the fan generally needs to be. These water evaporative coolers pump out cooler than ambient air, so don’t need to be turned up so high, and will to a degree cool the room in general. This benross unit takes 7 liters of water through a small spring-loaded flap on the side. As the water evaporates it cools the surrounding air, which is blown through the front vent. There’s a small fold-out flap on the back to add ice to make it even cooler, and also two small 1/2 litre water bottles you can freeze and put in the water reservoir to cool it even further. I found this benross unit very light and portable (although when full will add a bit more weight of around 7kg of water). There’s an on/off/timer switch which allows the unit to be on all the time or anything up to an hour. Two switches on the top turn the evaporative cooling on/off and the oscillation of the fan on/off. A final rotary switch controls the overall fan speed.

Fabulous device, got room down from over 30degrees. Has a plastic smell to it, but sure that will wear off in time. Allows my son to get to sleep at night, the timer is brilliant.

When it’s clean and full of ice it runs like a dream. The fact that it’s hard to clean is the only proble for me. It hold water and takes ice in the bottom and so after a while gets a bit dirty in the tray. I had to bust open the access hatch so i can get my hand in and spray it out. Plus it seems to have a cloth that pull the water up so not sure how long that will last before needing changing/cleaning.

  • The Benross Portable Water Air Cooler does well for the job it’s supposed to do
  • So glad i bought it
  • Well worth it, will be buying another one

I couldn’t afford air-conditioning for my little flat so this was the option i chose. Considering the price of the benross air cooler and the lower running cost, i am very happy with iti have nothing negative to say about it.

It’s okay, if you’re expecting anything like aircon you’ll be disappointed. It definitely blows cooler air than my tower fan as i had the two side by side. You have to have it actually blowing on you to make a difference it didn’t cool the room down. After around 2 weeks use it is starting to smell funny like a foisty smell i have cleaned the tank and still the smell is there and leaves the room smelling foisty.

The benross portable water air cooler does well for the job it’s supposed to do. The first question anyone is going to ask is, ‘how cold does this get?’. Well, it’s first necessary to note that this is not your typical air conditioner. It’s not going to blow freezing temperatures at you nor is it going to decrease the temperature in a room drastically. It’s only going to blow air as cold as the water you put into it. The way it works is quite simple. You put water into the tank at the bottom of the unit. A piece of cloth rotates itself through the water (thus absorbing the water) and up towards the top (similar to a vertical conveyor belt). At the top, there is a fan that takes in air from the back of the unit, through the cloth/water, and out the front. The purpose of the water is to help cool the air before getting blown out the front.

An excellent little unit with a variety of cooling methods from basic fan, to water cooled and water and ice cooled. Complete with two water bottles for freezing, these are then suspended within the units water tank for added chill factor. Or you can choose a quicker method of placing ice cubes in the units rear tray. Has a large capacity water tank which is needed as it does use water quite rapidly. Cooling blades can turn side to side for more even coverage and can be tilted up or down. All in all for the price, its an excellent buy.

Not an air conditioning unit, but then it is not advertised as such. It does keep the bedroom cooler in this weather we are having at the moment.


  • 3 Speed Settings. Control Panel.
  • Fixed or Auto Slats. 60W
  • Water consumption : 0.45L per hour.
  • Fixed or Auto Slats. 60W Voltage: 220~240v
  • 1 Hour Timer – Swing Option. Dimension: 62cm x 30cm x 40cm approx

3 Speed Settings.

I love it very easy to use quite light to move around does s wonderful job in this weathevery happy quick del as well brilliant.

Helps keep the temperature bearable in this heat. Wish it had a remote control. Apart from that its a really good for money.

I bought this to cool down my sons room which gets to 30 degrees on a hot day. It didn’t cool the room down at all and was the equivalent to a normal fan despite lots of ice.

Delivered morning after order at 9. 30 am -does not cool as much as we like but conservatory south facing good for price and delivery.

Works very well when we get the hot weather.

Timer function is fantastic as removes worry of having the machine running for too long. Only downside is that it is a little bit noisy. Quieter than other models but we do need to turn out tv up louder when the machine is on to hear it.

Fixed or Auto Slats.

I was a bit unsure spending alk that money on something that has some not so good reviews. But i am pleasantly surprised. It definitely cools the room as tested with my indoor thermometer. You just need to use it properly and follow the instructions. A good way to fill it uo quickly is to unscrew your shower head off and use it like a hose. Chuck a load of ice in and bob’s your uncle – cold air.

Wish the side panel was bigger so i could use a larger freezer block.

Well it’s not an expensive thing, so my expectations were set low. Surprisingly, it’s not that bad. For the same price as some fans, it can actually cool, rather than shove already warm air about. Which in point of fact, is mainly a waste of energy and usually only extremely superficially makes you feel slightly cooler. Ignore the fairly perfunctory instructions and fill it with water from the fridge and fill the ice tray full and frequently, and you’ll feel a genuine difference. For the money, not air conditioning, but effective enough to be be worth the bother.

Bought to use during the heatwave to cooke down my daughters room a little. It’s about as cooling as a fan with a wet tea towel in front of it. It’s not an ac unit so it’s obviously not making the air cool but blowing air out from water you fill in at the bottom. We only had one piece of string that allowed you to hang your ice unit into the back of it. I think i’d rather pay the extra and get a proper ac unit. It’s basically just a fan.

So you want a portable air conditioner?. But this evaporative air cooler is not that. If you are looking for air conditioning from this appliance you are looking in the wrong place.I think those who posted negative reviews for this item expected more than it could ever deliver for this money. Within its limits, it is very good. I bought it to replace an ageing air cooler of this type, and i am entirely satisfied with its performance. Air conditioners, like refrigerators, compress a gas mechanically, thus heating it. This heat is vented to the exterior through a duct and a vent.

Water consumption : 0.45L per hour.

Fixed or Auto Slats.

1 Hour Timer – Swing Option.

BENROSS Stand Fan – great bargain priced fan

This fan its so noisy and the base was really defect when it arrived, so we managed to have the other stand of our old one which fitted perfectly otherwise it would of gone back.

Excellent seller & delivery ,fan arrived today , easy to put together , work well and good price seller was very helpful yes i would buy again thanks.

. Benross stand fan, 16-inch, 50 wattthis fan is very good quality for the cost and does what it says on the box has three speeds and osculates, reason for the 4 stars is that when it osculates it squeaks like a small yapping dog very annoying and cannot get it to stop.

The fan works, is configurable, and so far hasn’t broken down after 2 months of near-constant usage.

Was good for hot weather ideal to have delivery was quick.

Put off at first cheap i thought but wrong, well worth its money.

  • Works fine but don’t expect brand value
  • It does the job – but can’t stand up to being moved around very well
  • This fan is very good quality for the cost and does what it says

The fan was easy to assemble and operate. The cord could do with being a bit longer to make it easier to move around but due to it’s size it does provide adequate coolness to a medium sized room. 99 was a bit over-inflated for the quality of the fan, as i came across several similar fans at half the price but all were out of stock due to the high demand. I would of bought 2 had the price been a bit more reasonable.

Great, although i received a different make and model.

Some of the reviews on here are pathetic. The fan it’s self is brilliant not benross as stated but daewoo but a really good powerful fan and well worth the price and very easy to assemble.

I think this fan is excellent easy to build and does what its supposed to cool me down.

Strong motor on fan for the price. Expected it to be poor quality but was surprised.

Features of Benross Stand Fan, 16-Inch, 50 Watt

  • 3 speed push button controls
  • Wide base for extra stability
  • Optional oscillation and tilting head
  • Adjustable height
  • Mesh guard

3 speed push button controls

Great fan, been working a lot since i bought it due to the weather we are having at present.

Its white and easy to put together, looks the part and smart.

This arrived with a different brand name in it, status instead of benross which worried me in terms of the supplier of this fan, i brought it as there were zero available locally to me for a reasonable price in the recent uk heatwave. The fan is easy to assemble, but not the sturdiet by any means. The plastic is flimsy and poorly moulded but otherwise its fine. The instructions are easy to follow and assembly is a breeze. The fan itself while in use doesn’t get too hot, even when left to run overnight and during the day and the settings are pretty powerful, even on 1. Giving this product 3 stars, loses 1 because of the sketchy supplier and another because of the short lead. Overall, would recommend in a pinch but spend your £30 on a trusted brand if the option is available.

It was a bit hard to follow the instructions as it was so small to read, but on the whole it does work.

Excellent, great quality and is quiet.

I couldn’t get the fan part on tight and it rattles. Not the best quality, but it’s cheap.

Wide base for extra stability

Came on time and easy to put together.

Didn’t get a benross fan, got a daewoo but it works just fine.

Very good value for price, very quite running.

Stopped working after 4weeks.

Wasn’t the right brand and was only 45 watts but needed a fan asap so have kept it. Also looked used but fully works.

Optional oscillation and tilting head

Good value, reasonably well made, moderately loud, but does the job and is adjustable. You can spend 22 pounds far worse on a hot summer night.

Just what my husband wanted to keep him cool during the last hot spell.

Excellent fan for the price of £23. Does exactly what it says on the can. Only thing wrong with it is the lead is extremely short so you need an extension lead. Have used it for the past 3 days & it’s bliss.

Easy to put together and is sturdy after built, good product, good price.

Forward tilt is non existent. But circulates welll,, great bargain priced fan.

The fan quality is good as described by the seller. I am using it for last many days and the fan is working very fine.

Just want i needed and bargain to.

Adjustable height

Works but even after using through summer hot nights it seems to have a smell when turned on, not burning smell just new plastic sort of smell so can’t use when in room as strong in smell.

I liked this fan very much i bought it then read the reviews, the reviews weren’t very good some people said that their fan broke after a few days. I have had my fan for about a month and have had no trouble with it, but when i went to buy 1 for my mum i was shocked to see the price had more than doubled.

Good for the price overall and it does what a fan should, however corners have been cut when it comes to the metal the feet are made of – one has somehow twisted sideways and plastic end has come off. If you treat it with great care it’ll be okay, but take great care when moving it around. It’s more delicate than i feel it should be. I should also mention that the rod part of the stand is a bit rickety and i’ve had to put it low down as it can’t seem to support itself when extended.

Ok yet dosnt turn left or right and a jigsaws to put together. Haha dose it’s job though thanks.

This product was for use in the bedroom and it does the job brilliantly. Delivery was really fast and it was easy to assemble.

Good air movement and rotation, reasonably solid construction. Could be quieter but for the price it is good value.

Mesh guard

Ideal item and just what i needed. Well made – quick delivery from this company.

Good value for money and is quieter than some other fans.

Not what’s advertised on the pictures. However, it’s cheap and does the job.

Very good and powerful even on the 1st setting.

Great fan ,great adjustment on speed, not noisy as some other post say. When you buy you will be pleased with your purchase.

Ideal does the job especially on these hot nights.

Dimplex 3 KW Upright Electric Fan Heater, Quiet heat at last

Great minor and powerful gadget. This very little system saved our working day right after the electric organization instantly altered our strategy and 50 percent of our heating does not operate through the working day any longer. It warms up the space from around 12c (53f) in the morning in about fifty percent an hour, our seating place is all-around 4×6 meters (approx. You can also good tune the thermostat to your necessary temperature (despite the fact that you have to have a individual thermometer to look at the room temperature). As envisioned it will make a bit of sounds when running, but i are unable to see how they would get all-around that. The establish excellent appears really powerful, and the measurement is excellent to depart someplace in a corner. Whilst i simply cannot verify this, i think this gadget is far more economical than the wall electric heater in the exact same home. Take note: i was seriously unhappy at amazon for delivering the item 2 months late.

Had acquired two other tends to make of fan heater by retail which while had been satisfactory with regards to heat, sounded like the engine area of a ship and so have been returned. Acquired this little natural beauty which whilst only 2kw, heats up the 4m x 5m kitchen incredibly very well indeed. Confident, the fan can be read, how could it be usually?.The noise is not obtrusive and i am far more than happy with my invest in. The dimplex dxuf20t 2kw was an excellent buy which i totally propose.

Ordered this very little heater to heat my downstairs toilet as it would not get warm adequate to get a shower particularly in wintertime. Have only utilized the heater twice as the summer months is now right here but it did the occupation and made the bathroom additional at ease to undress in.

Key specs for Dimplex 3 KW Upright Electric Fan Heater:

  • Features a 3 KW heat output
  • Choice of heat settings
  • Thermostat with frost setting
  • Cool blow setting
  • Integral carry handle

Comments from buyers

“Dimplex 3KW Fan heater review, Well built and simple to use, Quiet heat at last, Can’t beat a good heater!, Nice little and powerful device, Simple and good qualty”

The heater is effective perfectly and serves its intent. Quick heat, but the colour in the photo is misleading. Its gray not pale green/blue which is why i selected it in the initially location.

And we assume it is superior ‘value for money’. We have not nevertheless had the need to use his heater for extensive intervals but currently we can say that it is simple to established up and use. There are several selections on warmth degree etcetera,. And we assume it is good ‘value for money’.

Dimplex 3kw fan heater evaluation. This is an superb electric fan heater. When my ch boiler packed up in the middle of the coldest weather conditions the british isles has found in many years i searched out this precise heater to get (having acquired this product beforehand. )the heater is quite compact for a 3kw and the warmth made is pretty quick and before long fills a large space. My sitting down place and farm dwelling kitchen are both four. 7mts and the space is before long toasty. The thermostat is effective reliably sustaining the temperature at the level set. There are two easy controls. The to start with is the graduated temperature management the 2nd is a three position location ‘cold’ ‘heat amount 1’ and ‘heat level two’ all very easy.

Truly good warmth from it, sent speedily and nicely packaged. Not highly-priced for what it is. The only bothersome thing about it is that there are only two heated settings, so if you want to transform the temp there is no actual scale.

Acquired number of these to quickly choose the chill of a chilly office in the early morning, get the job done effectively and have had a range a year nonetheless heading strong, excellent benefit.

Incredibly excellent a person – i have got this for tenting. Incredibly superior just one – i have bought this for tenting. This labored pretty good and designed our tenting a cosy one. The velocity control knob is not operating. It switched on and off only – this could be finished in the warmth environment knob as well : -off 1-cool two-heater1 3-heater-2. Is this the circumstance for others as well?. I mean the speed control knob on the remaining is not shifting the fan pace?.

Very well built and straightforward to use. Compact, desirable, stable device with a good excellent thick electrical cord and most importantly for an product working a fan, the base is lifeless degree. 4 metre, which is rather common. Has two dials in a contrasting grey on leading of the unit. The initial has four configurations, off, chilly air and lo and substantial warmth settings. The other dial is the thermostat which commences at a frost symbol (maintains the room at 5c) and progressively will increase the wanted home temperature. The thermostat looks to run very very well and while the fan is audible throughout use i would not explain it as excessively noisy for a fan heater. It comes with a a few calendar year assure, from a responsible producer, which was a definite incentive to buy. Would seem to be a pretty truthful price tag for the quality and character of the item.

This dxuf30t 3kw heater seems to be and feels solid/substantially greater crafted than my final a person (de_longi) which died following 6 months thanks to a defective thermostat and was returned. This one particular is a bit quieter as well with quicker airflow because of to a multiblade fan. Warms a cold area up in minutesat the very least a single of the problems on in this article can be sourced to not reading through the handbook/heater instructions.It claims you have to transform up the thermostat to the greatest environment when to begin with heating the room. When at your selected temp, say 21 levels, change the thermostat back down so it just clicks off. —————–nicely into third year now, heater applied all chilly months to help save heating total residence even though operating at property. I will need to have to give the heater a mini service this may/june to blow out the cobwebs.

I would explain it as off-white or pale grey. The fan is a uncomplicated product, a cold air location that will give frost safety at about five levels, two heat configurations, and a essential thermostat. It has been described as ‘quiet’ and i suppose that is a make a difference of notion. I assume it is loud sufficient to be a distraction if you are viewing tv set. It is fairly tiny and neat and does the task. It appears to be perfectly designed and has a a few yr dimplex guarantee which most likely can make it truly worth spending that bit more more than some of the possibilities.

A mate of mine purchased one of these and she genuinely favored it, and then so did i. Fantastic style and design and has thermostat.

I despatched this heater to my son in germany. The velocity of the german delivery was absolutely excellent, i was so amazed. The heater performs beautfully, and my son absolutely loves it, primarily as it has now snowed in germany. It warms up a place extremely immediately, outstanding products and shipping and delivery.

Benross 13 Fin Oil Filled Radiator : ok for the money

Operates very effectively and soon warms a area up. You have a selection of 3 warmth settings.

Works properly ina little area****.

Performs brilliantly pretty sizzling – and scorching cost.

Excellent price tag, excellent quality. Numerous thanksgood price tag, outstanding good quality. Pretty content to have it at home.

My 1st evaluate may possibly have been a small unkind provided how low-priced this 13 fin oil radiator was. It does acquire a extensive time to warmth up but so do all oil heaters, it will warmth one or two rooms, cuts in and out as it need to. Oil radiators slowly dehumidify the air as very well which for me was a plus level. Just bare in head the area place of the fins does count and 13 little fins could not be as powerful as 7 large fins.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good price, excellent quality
  • ok for the money
  • Works great. Very hot
  • does a good job.

Bought even larger radiator for a massive bed room.

Fantastic heater dose what it says ten out of 10.

Benross Cast Iron Effect Fire Electric Stove – Looks good though and does it’s job

Looks good and gives out a strong heat for such a small fire.

It arrived an hour ago, and i am really pleased with it, it looks nice on my white fireplace and it only took 4 days to arrive. Could not ask for more thanks.

My daughter loves it fits very well in her little cottage and looks so cosy.

I would like to know the dimensions of this product please.

  • Looks good though and does it’s job
  • Benross stove fire.
  • Electric stove fire
  • It’s great live in a cottage & looks the part

Benross Cast Iron Effect Fire Electric Stove, 1800 W, Black

  • Cast Iron Effect Electric Fire
  • Free Standing
  • Black Finish
  • Independent Flame Effect
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Box dimensions are: 59.4×48.8×33.8cm.
  • Items dimensions are: 55x41x27cm.

Wonderful little stove and gives a cozy atmosphere to my room.

Looks good though and does it’s job. A lot smaller than i expected. Looks good though and does it’s job. . Didn’t know i would need a fireproof base for it either.

Looks good and throws out a lot of heat and the log effect lights look really good.