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Rubydry Dh600 : Well designed dehumidifier!

Great efficient dehumidifier. I bought one of these dehumidifiers for our large, damp, cold village institute and have now bought a second one. It is incredibly efficient and collects an amazing amount of water whilst being quiet to run and easy to empty.

This dehumidifier was recommended to me by someone else. I have trouble with condensation on all windows in the house and on one outside wall which was getting damp. Within a couple of days all condensation was gone along with the damp musty smell in my front room. I had it on high for the first couple of days and now have it on low. Its so quiet on the low setting you hardly know its on. I empty the water daily which is an unbelievable ammount of water. I would highly recommend to anyone with condensation problems. I only live in a terraced house but believe this unit works well in larger houses up to 5 bedrooms.

This machine was purchased as a replacement unit and works better than its predecesor as a person with asthma this unit proves priceless as it helps to maintain the air quolity in my home.

Excellent service from dry it out ltd. Bought a rubydry dh600 dehumidifier just over two years ago. Developed a fault one week after the two year guarantee expired. Contacted dry it out ltd on the sunday, and had a response by 7. Arranged to send it back – fault identified and repaired foc, including return carriage. Excellent feedback from them, and very prompt and efficient service, despite technically being just outside the 2 year warranty period.

  • Well designed dehumidifier!
  • fantastic, quiet dehumdum
  • Really effective
  • Great efficient dehumidifier
  • Excellent Service from Dry It Out Ltd
  • It collects plenty of condensation (about 5 litres every 2-3 days) The condensation used to drip off our bedroom windows like a

Rubydry Dh600

  • Desiccant dehumidifier
  • Super quiet (29dB)
  • 6 Litre extraction per day
  • 6 Litre tank capacity
  • Full output even at low temp

It collects plenty of condensation (about 5 litres every 2-3 days) the condensation used to drip off our bedroom windows like a. Had my rubydry a couple of years now and it is still performing very well. It collects plenty of condensation (about 5 litres every 2-3 days)the condensation used to drip off our bedroom windows like a leaking tap all night long. With this machine the windows are almost bone dry in a morning no matter how cold it is outside. It’s a brilliant piece of kit and i can’t recommend it highly enough.

I have this in my hallway, and i must say that it is the best dehumidifier i have ownedone little thing though. When the humidity reaches the point it is ment to, the dehumidifier still runs on its lowest setting. In small rooms that may cause lower humidity than you need, and warmer air temperature, than you need. So for very small rooms, you may need to manually turn it off, after some hours. I do that, and it is really serving my needsalso, the lowest setting is very quiet, and can be used in the same room i sleep in, if i need it. I have not found another dehumidifier, that is so quiet.

Does exactly what is needed. At full intensity it sounds like a small aircraft taking off, but that’s no worse than equivalent products i have tried. At low or medium it’s sound level is at the “barely there” point. It’s worked flawlessly for the last few weeks. It also has the option to set the humidity level you want in the room (say 60%) so that it will only come on when it’s worse than that – that feature works but i’ve been unable to calibrate its measures with other monitors so as long as you’re happy with an approximate humidity level, this will be fine.

Only had this for 5 days but could tell it was better than my other dehumidifier within an hour. It reduced the humidity very quickly in my bedroom and i now keep it on the 40% setting. I set it to low overnight (very quiet) as the high speed fan wakes me up when it is coping with the extra humidity of two people in the room. It still manages to stay below 50% though. I like the extra heat it gives off and the fact it still works when the temp drops below 15 degrees which other ones don’t – the room is normally very cold. Only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is that i think it should have a humidity display/reader on it and it doesn’t turn off completely when it reaches the chosen humidity level. It was larger than i expected but suprisingly light.

This is the second ruby dry i have bought – we needed another for the downstairs. Would highly recommend as it’s quiet, powerful and provides a bot of head too.

I bought this dehumidifier because our bedroom was getting mould growth. After leaving it on the lowest setting for roughly 7hours each day, just before we go to sleep, it has kept the mould from growing back. The amount of water it collects is unbelievable. On the lowest setting it’s very quiet, just a little hum. Wife and i love this contraption very much and would recommend it highly.