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Prem-I-Air High Quality 20″ : Blew my socks off! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Fairly loud – too loud to have in the same room and have a conversation (or sleep). However it’s also powerful enough to put at the bottom of the stairs and move air through the rest of the house, which is what i need it to do, so 5*. It also stores away well as it’s only about 15cm thick. There are 3 power settings, but they’re not hugely different. Basically there isn’t a quiet gentle breeze setting. Your options are gale, hurricane or tornado.

I was looking for a fan that could push large volumes of air around the house and this goes some way towards achieving that, but if you’re expecting it to be slamming doors and sucking pictures off the wall you’ll be disappointed. Some specs i couldn’t find on the description but we’re on the box:air speed max. 6600 m3/hnoise level 69 db(a)power consumption 111w.

Very noisy but does a very good job, shame it doesn’t have a lower speed setting or a variable dial.

Not as quiet as i would have hoped, so no chance of using it during the night. But in the day it cools a 14 ft square room in 5-10 mins.

  • Powerful, stores well,
  • Would defo buy again still going strong
  • A great fan BUT it is so noisy.

Prem-I-Air High Quality 20″ (50 cm) Ultra Slim Drum Fan

  • Ideal for large venue cooling and drying
  • Slim design aids easy transportation
  • Rotary control makes controlling air flow speed simple
  • Fully adjustable head tilt to target air flow for maximum effect
  • Attractive, contrasting design with black stand and aluminium blades

Works well but much noisier than expected.

Aswel e best fan i have ever purchased noisey but gives out also e power this summer we totally needed this itโ€™s very powerful and can keep a large area cool well worth the money instead of those cheap white flimsy fans ( i bought many they broke especially thier stands ) this firmly and sadler sits on floor and gives you awesome breeze just what any one needs with the summers we are having we finally had a cool nights sleep. I must warn u it is loud thou but we like white noise ( autism ) so ideal for blocking everything out sleep for hours blissfully.

Fans are very powerful and we use them behind a bar. They are however loud and noisy in operation.

If you want a fan to really move the air then this one does the job in spades. It is very powerful and will quickly cool anything placed in its path. There are three speeds but my main criticism is that even on the lowest speed it is very very loud. It would be almost impossible to hold a conversation when the fan is running, but if all you want is lots of air movement then this is the best there is at the price.

Sounds like an airplane is landing on the lowest setting though, ideal for somewhere where noise isn’t an issue.

Have mounted on workshop window to suck dust out when needed.

The noise from this is much louder than expected. If you’re in a venue and need a quiet environment for a play or something you may want to look at something else. However, if you want to push a large volume of air about this will do the job very well.

Bought for use in the communal lounge at my parents retirement complex but it was way to noisy, better suited to a factory or garage, excellent build quality nothing wrong with it other than the noise it made, a bit like a jet taking off. Had to return for a refund which was no problem.

Best fan by far for build quality yes itโ€™s a bit noisy but what do you expect for coolness in the british summer.

Bought this to use as a large floor mounted multi-use portable fan about the house. From providing cooling whilst working out on the turbo trainer. To moving still air on our ‘no-throughdraft’ stairwells. We also wanted a big fan that would be easy to stow away when not in use. This fits the bill almost perfectly. Certainly when it comes to shifting lots of air and being slim enough to tuck away easily. It also comes mostly assembled, with only the stand that requires snapping into place (no tools needed). The only downside is that the available speeds aren’t varied enough. Speed setting 1 (out of 3) is where most fans max out and is properly loud.

This is a massive fan which will cool a room down very fast. The only draw back is that it makes quite a noise when its on so i wouldn’t put it in a bedroom.

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Prem-I-Air High Quality 20" (50 cm) Ultra Slim Drum Fan
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One thought on “Prem-I-Air High Quality 20″ : Blew my socks off! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  1. Verified Purchase says:
    The design my be quite slim but it comes at a price. The fan is not much more powerful on the higher settings than it is the lowest one. It’s very loud at any setting.
  2. Verified Purchase says:

    This review is from : Prem-I-Air High Quality 20″ (50 cm) Ultra Slim Drum Fan

    The design my be quite slim but it comes at a price. The fan is not much more powerful on the higher settings than it is the lowest one. It’s very loud at any setting.

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