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Oypla Electrical 16″ Inch 40cm Chrome Metal Pedestal 3 Speed Stand Fan Cooling, FANtastic hurry n buy now

Just what we needed for the hot summer nights even though a little noisy.

I ordered this not realising i would have to put it together myself, the instructions were just a picture i tried to make sense of. It works & has a powerful breeze but i think i built it wrong as it is very noisy & squeaks when it’s oscillating. I use it & it works but will check more carefully the description in future. I’m not good at putting things together & it shows with the noise this fan makes.

Key specs for Oypla Electrical 16″ Inch 40cm Chrome Metal Pedestal 3 Speed Stand Fan Cooling:

  • Official Oypla Branded Product – Brand New Free UK Delivery
  • Heavy Duty 3 Speed Push Button Speed Control
  • F56 Chrome Safety Blades And Housing Fixed Postion With Full Tilt Option
  • Sleek Modern Design UK British Standard BS Approved Mains 3 Pin Plug
  • Fully Conforms to BS EN60335-2 CE & ROHS Approved

Comments from buyers

“Good but wasnt happy putting it together myself, Efficient but noisy, Nice fan but blows too hard in the first position.”

Its well made and is heavier than you expect. Its very efficient but for me not suitable for night-time use as it’s so noisy. Bought another fan off amazon, made from white plastic for a third of the price of this one which is much better suited to use at night.

Some people are so silly, of course you have to build the fan yourself, it’s not going to be delivered all in one piece. Assembling the fan was easy, and probably took me only 5 minutes. Now the fan itself is very powerful, i never take it off the first setting – it’s that good. It’s great for keeping you cool, but can be very noisy, which i don’t mind. All in all a great purchase.

Box filled with broken plaster due to the damage of the weight in the base. The fan itself works fine, though its loud. Would have sent it back, but would rather have had a damaged fan during this heatwave than be waiting for a replacement.

Have used this fan on the very few hot days we’ve had this summer and works perfectly well and looks cool in the living room. A little bit of a potch to assemble,but nothing major.

Don’t believe what they says bad quality it is very good quality very powerful it is very good quality buy do not hesitate 5 star.

Good fan but looked taller in the pictures so was disserpointed in height.

Great value and i want to buy another but stock low at the min. I brought myself and mum one. Only dislike were the instructions not easy to put together i was left with a few bits still unsure what they for but it’s stayed together and keeps us cool.

Most powerful fan i’ve owned in my lifefor what i payed i can’t complain that the fact the instructions aren’t helpful. Fan gets loud but i can get to sleep easily. I dont know why people complain about loud fans. There is no such as thing as a loud fan because all its doing is shifting the air.

Great product but the screws were very tight it took a while to put together.

Looks super high quality and is an amazing buy, highly recommended.

Buy buy buyi’m well known as a bit of a tight arse, but this fan is well worth the money. I needed a nice fan for the front room n bought this. . Omfg this fan is soo nice and looks like it cost 100i well recommend it.

I never write reviews, but the value for money on this product made me do, excellent product at this price,i would highly recommend it, it arrived promply & was easy to assemble too, really happy as i expected less than what i actually got.

Seems to be a good quality fan my only criticism is that it is quite loud, even on the slow speed it sounds like an prop driven aeroplane. The slow speed is way too fast would have much preferred a gentle breeze on no1 setting, infact i don’t think i’ll ever need to put it any higher than no1, i think that’s two criticisms i’d better be off.

Been using this for a long time now, i must say it is very impressive, is a very very powerful fan but also loud on the max setting. It definitely won’t be braking any time soon, it’s still standing strong and the base is heavy enough that this isn’t knocked over easily. Only flaw with it it the fan head does not adjust up or down, the side swing motion works fine on it though.

I bought this for my office on the day it was really hot. Now it just stands in the corner, taking up space, waiting for a day when it might be used again.

This fan works great and makes a huge difference to the temperature in my lounge. I recommend this fan and the delivery was on time and packaged well. Only negative thing is the instructions. Just one diagram and a list of parts etc. My advice is start with the bace first and work up , the opposite way to diagram lol. I think it’s much easier that way.

This is a good looking but effective fan, with the purchase.

MISSPET 1000ml Portable Dehumidifiers : Good solution for obserbing damp

Pretty good , although recommend space is a little to large, but a very small bedroom /closet /keep your. Clothes mould free, things of that nature. Or even a small bud box,good value. Would have 5 but for a minor detail not worth mention does what it says , think small space, and you won’t go wrong.

This desiccator looks professional and multi used. I prepare to use this to purify the air in my dslr storage shelves. And when its done i want to put it in the food, to keep my food storaged in a lower humidity. It wil also used in my toilet.

1000ml Portable Dehumidifiers for Damp , Mould in Home, Kitchen, Basement, Bathroom,Office, Wardrobes, Cupboards,Fire Resistant Material (White)

  • Removing moisture from Home, closets ,cupboards , Kitchen, Bedroom, bathrooms ,Caravan, Garage.
  • Limits molds, odor-causing bacteria, Improves air quality ,increases comfort .
  • Automatic shut-off when the water tank is full .
  • Using advanced fire resistant material, safe for home
  • One year quality guarantee

I feel i have to write a review for this product after i’ve seen some of the negative comments it’s getting. I’ve it now for 10 days or maybe more and i’m satisfied of how it works. In our apartment the bathroom is not very big and keeps having mold on the ceiling every now and then. We are 5 people and every day showering makes just too much humidity in there. We are keeping it on almost all the time (not during night or when nobody is home) and the amount of water is collecting is way more of what we were expecting. In the description says 500ml/day… we didn’t get this amount but we are very close. My parents are very happy about it, in the beginning were thinking it would never work because small and they always think that only very expensive products works. In this case they completely changed their mind after seen the amount of water collected. It’s very silent and quite and the first days we actually forgot it on all night long, with so much water collected. We are just scared to use it during night for safety reasons but apart from that, has a very nice system that switch it off in case the water tank is full or is overheating.

Portable and lightweight moisture obsorber. It’s an ideal solution for obserbing damp. It reduces humidity from air, protect rooms from mould and damp.

Great little product for small rooms.

1000ml Portable Dehumidifiers for Damp , Mould in Home, Kitchen, Basement, Bathroom,Office, Wardrobes, Cupboards,Fire Resistant Material (White) : Really good value for money works lots of water collected.

Daewoo Mini Tower Fan, kept us cool during this hot spell we have just had

This item was just as described by the seller it is a great product well worth the money certainly keeps you cool.

Bought this for for motor home to help keep van cool especially for my dogs it’s brill for small spaces but not good for a larger room.

Not particularly powerful, and it doesn’t feel overly robust.

Key specs for Daewoo Mini Tower Fan, White:

  • Mini tower fan
  • 2 speed settings
  • Oscillation function
  • Whisper quiet
  • Great for small rooms where space is a premium

Comments from buyers

“Great fan for small rooms, Neat little fan., Noisy but not bad”

Not powerful enough for anything else. The only downfall is it’s quite noisy. I keep it on the low speed but have to switch it off if i want to sleep.

Small and powerful enough for my kitchen but the blue light is annoying.

Great tower fan for the money. Can be bit noisy if trying to watch tv.

To small sent back not been robust with money.

Small, neat and powerful, kept us cool during this hot spell we have just had.

Super, size is neat for my bedside locker. I have a medical condition & get hot flushes so i use it some nights. Only 2 small things that could be a bit better. The noise is a bit too loud for sleeping next to it, & the other is that there is a very bright led light that when you switch some of the modes, it goes on & for a bedroom it’s super bright. Other than that a good product.

It has been invaluable during this latest heatwave, very quiet when in operation.

Good but quite a bit more noisy than conventional fan.

Great little fan ideal to put on my bedside table for my hot flushes at night. The blue light is bright put just put a little bit of dark tape over it not a big problem.

This product is well worth the money, it is in our loft room, boy it’s a godsend, get’s very hot up there, this little gem keeps us cool;o).

Nice fan blows out plenty of cold air but not too big.

Small and stylish, works brilliantly – especially in this weather.

Very powerful neat and compact.

Liked the size, liked the cool breeze that it blew out. When not needed in wintertime it is small enough to pop in a cupboard.

This fan is slimline and fairly quiet with two speeds and a timer.

Does its job but slightly noisy at night.

Doesn’t feel too cool unless u r standing nearby.

I bought this item for the bedroom. I get very hot and restless in the night. And this works well to cool down the bedroom. . Its very light so can be used end where.

Does the job, looks stylish, good price.

Ok but a bit noisy and the blue light abit annoying when your trying to sleep.

Bought the black one for myself and it is fantastic value for money, i’d say its more powerful than the small dyson fan for hundreds of £ more, i even bought the white one for my girlfriend and she loves it tho the buttons rattle a bit but at the price and performance its worth the fault.

BENROSS PORTABLE WATER EVAPORATIVE 3 SPEED OSCILLATING FAN AIR COOLER COLD WITH TIMER 60w 7 LITER TANK – an excellent little unit with a variety of cooling methods from

Great value and works brilliantly.

Easy to operate, works well and moves smoothly on castors.

Works really well i’ve used ice cubs instead of water in the main reservoir brilliant piece of kit.

In the hot weather an ordinary fan will circulate the air, but really only feels cool when it blows directly on you. The hotter the air temperature, the faster the fan generally needs to be. These water evaporative coolers pump out cooler than ambient air, so don’t need to be turned up so high, and will to a degree cool the room in general. This benross unit takes 7 liters of water through a small spring-loaded flap on the side. As the water evaporates it cools the surrounding air, which is blown through the front vent. There’s a small fold-out flap on the back to add ice to make it even cooler, and also two small 1/2 litre water bottles you can freeze and put in the water reservoir to cool it even further. I found this benross unit very light and portable (although when full will add a bit more weight of around 7kg of water). There’s an on/off/timer switch which allows the unit to be on all the time or anything up to an hour. Two switches on the top turn the evaporative cooling on/off and the oscillation of the fan on/off. A final rotary switch controls the overall fan speed.

Fabulous device, got room down from over 30degrees. Has a plastic smell to it, but sure that will wear off in time. Allows my son to get to sleep at night, the timer is brilliant.

When it’s clean and full of ice it runs like a dream. The fact that it’s hard to clean is the only proble for me. It hold water and takes ice in the bottom and so after a while gets a bit dirty in the tray. I had to bust open the access hatch so i can get my hand in and spray it out. Plus it seems to have a cloth that pull the water up so not sure how long that will last before needing changing/cleaning.

  • The Benross Portable Water Air Cooler does well for the job it’s supposed to do
  • So glad i bought it
  • Well worth it, will be buying another one

I couldn’t afford air-conditioning for my little flat so this was the option i chose. Considering the price of the benross air cooler and the lower running cost, i am very happy with iti have nothing negative to say about it.

It’s okay, if you’re expecting anything like aircon you’ll be disappointed. It definitely blows cooler air than my tower fan as i had the two side by side. You have to have it actually blowing on you to make a difference it didn’t cool the room down. After around 2 weeks use it is starting to smell funny like a foisty smell i have cleaned the tank and still the smell is there and leaves the room smelling foisty.

The benross portable water air cooler does well for the job it’s supposed to do. The first question anyone is going to ask is, ‘how cold does this get?’. Well, it’s first necessary to note that this is not your typical air conditioner. It’s not going to blow freezing temperatures at you nor is it going to decrease the temperature in a room drastically. It’s only going to blow air as cold as the water you put into it. The way it works is quite simple. You put water into the tank at the bottom of the unit. A piece of cloth rotates itself through the water (thus absorbing the water) and up towards the top (similar to a vertical conveyor belt). At the top, there is a fan that takes in air from the back of the unit, through the cloth/water, and out the front. The purpose of the water is to help cool the air before getting blown out the front.

An excellent little unit with a variety of cooling methods from basic fan, to water cooled and water and ice cooled. Complete with two water bottles for freezing, these are then suspended within the units water tank for added chill factor. Or you can choose a quicker method of placing ice cubes in the units rear tray. Has a large capacity water tank which is needed as it does use water quite rapidly. Cooling blades can turn side to side for more even coverage and can be tilted up or down. All in all for the price, its an excellent buy.

Not an air conditioning unit, but then it is not advertised as such. It does keep the bedroom cooler in this weather we are having at the moment.


  • 3 Speed Settings. Control Panel.
  • Fixed or Auto Slats. 60W
  • Water consumption : 0.45L per hour.
  • Fixed or Auto Slats. 60W Voltage: 220~240v
  • 1 Hour Timer – Swing Option. Dimension: 62cm x 30cm x 40cm approx

3 Speed Settings.

I love it very easy to use quite light to move around does s wonderful job in this weathevery happy quick del as well brilliant.

Helps keep the temperature bearable in this heat. Wish it had a remote control. Apart from that its a really good for money.

I bought this to cool down my sons room which gets to 30 degrees on a hot day. It didn’t cool the room down at all and was the equivalent to a normal fan despite lots of ice.

Delivered morning after order at 9. 30 am -does not cool as much as we like but conservatory south facing good for price and delivery.

Works very well when we get the hot weather.

Timer function is fantastic as removes worry of having the machine running for too long. Only downside is that it is a little bit noisy. Quieter than other models but we do need to turn out tv up louder when the machine is on to hear it.

Fixed or Auto Slats.

I was a bit unsure spending alk that money on something that has some not so good reviews. But i am pleasantly surprised. It definitely cools the room as tested with my indoor thermometer. You just need to use it properly and follow the instructions. A good way to fill it uo quickly is to unscrew your shower head off and use it like a hose. Chuck a load of ice in and bob’s your uncle – cold air.

Wish the side panel was bigger so i could use a larger freezer block.

Well it’s not an expensive thing, so my expectations were set low. Surprisingly, it’s not that bad. For the same price as some fans, it can actually cool, rather than shove already warm air about. Which in point of fact, is mainly a waste of energy and usually only extremely superficially makes you feel slightly cooler. Ignore the fairly perfunctory instructions and fill it with water from the fridge and fill the ice tray full and frequently, and you’ll feel a genuine difference. For the money, not air conditioning, but effective enough to be be worth the bother.

Bought to use during the heatwave to cooke down my daughters room a little. It’s about as cooling as a fan with a wet tea towel in front of it. It’s not an ac unit so it’s obviously not making the air cool but blowing air out from water you fill in at the bottom. We only had one piece of string that allowed you to hang your ice unit into the back of it. I think i’d rather pay the extra and get a proper ac unit. It’s basically just a fan.

So you want a portable air conditioner?. But this evaporative air cooler is not that. If you are looking for air conditioning from this appliance you are looking in the wrong place.I think those who posted negative reviews for this item expected more than it could ever deliver for this money. Within its limits, it is very good. I bought it to replace an ageing air cooler of this type, and i am entirely satisfied with its performance. Air conditioners, like refrigerators, compress a gas mechanically, thus heating it. This heat is vented to the exterior through a duct and a vent.

Water consumption : 0.45L per hour.

Fixed or Auto Slats.

1 Hour Timer – Swing Option.

HOOMEE 400CM Universal Window Seal : Did not fit but great service!

Good points: stops the moths and daddy-long-legs from coming in. Bad points: instructions really unclear – had to get a relative to explain to me which part of the window was “the casement”.

I use this product for the summer heatwaves in london, uk. Works like a charm, feels like its made of good quality material so i hope it lasts.

HOOMEE 400CM Universal Window Seal for Portable Air Conditioner And Tumble Dryer – Works with Every Mobile Air-Conditioning Unit, Easy to Install – Air Exchange Guards With Zip and Hook Tape

  • NO MORE HOT AIR INCOMES – Hoomee window seal keeps the warm air coming from the hose of your portable air conditioner away by locking the hose between the window frame and the window itself. Our window seal leaves out insects, mosquitoes, rain and crates a “closed environment” that keeps your room cool for longer.
  • INCREASE COOLING PERFORMANCE – Enjoy a cooler environment in summer thanks to Hoomee! Hoomee seals around your open window and then zips around the nozzle of your hose and blocks the return flow of warm air, so that your mobile air conditioning unit can be more efficient and cools your room in less time.
  • REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION – Hoomee loves the Earth! This window seal contributes to reduce energy consumption and to lower carbon dioxide emissions, which is particularly high in summer due to the massive use of air conditioning. Preventing warm air circulating in your room, Hoomee window seal helps you save money on electrical bills!
  • EASY TO INSTALL – NO NEED FOR DRILLING HOLES . You don’t have to buy window kits, adapters for your hose or additional tools. All you need comes with your Hoomee Window Seal! Simply apply the adhesive hook tape to the inside of your window frame and to the window itself. Attach the window seal to the hook tape. Then, open the zip on the window seal and place your air conditioner hose out of the window. At the end, close the zip tightly around the hose. Simple as it is.
  • UNIVERSAL – Suitable for all portable air conditioners and tumble dryersregardless of manufacturer. Whether for windows that open to the left or windows that open to the right, bottom hung windows or skylights, Hoomee Window Seal will do the job. Fits window with a maximum perimeter of 400 CM.

I’m interesting with this productthank you for your concern.

It’s a very good product and easy to use.

Size happened to be perfect for my window. Only criticism is that more sticky tape could have been provided.

HOOMEE 400CM Universal Window Seal for Portable Air Conditioner And Tumble Dryer – Works with Every Mobile Air-Conditioning Unit, Easy to Install – Air Exchange Guards With Zip and Hook Tape : A good product, which means i can have my a/c without keeping the heavy curtains closed and still letting hot air from outside back in. It also means i can leave it on overnight when it is hot, even when there is a chance of rain. Good instructions supplied too.

Item was fairly easy to setup as it included an instruction manual and i was emailed video instructions. It has sealed window securely so that my portable ac can bring the temp down nicely.

Keeps the insects out, keeps the cold air in.

Excellent product, very effective, and simple to fit. The video and printed fitting instructions were easy to follow and well thought-out. The product is made of robust plastic for longevity. Very helpful email support, too, from their customer service staff. Altogether an outstanding buy.

This product is definitely worth the money, it was long enough to fit inside a large window. (window is on half of the wall), it really took around 15min to put this on. Only draw back is zip, as this does to seal the pipe at all and air gets its way inside the room, i wish there should be rubber fitting to stop air coming in. Nevertheless, it sort the problem and room is quite cold when using the air conditioning.

The video that was sent after i purchased the kit was very useful. It would be good to have this on the amazon website to see before you purchase the kit. My windows seem to be difficult. The widths where you put the velcro on both the casement and the frame are too narrow. It needed some ingenuity to work round this. I think that what i have done will work. We wait to see when air conditioner arrives.

Used for air conditioner in babies nursery. Easy to set up and does the job.

Does what it says in the tin. Installation can be little tricky.

Easy to assemble and works well.

This item is perfect for the job required.

Does the job and is removable throughout the winter.

It works for the purpose even though it doesn’t seal completely but avoid warm air gets in from outside.

It works great and was very easy to fit to my window.

This really increased the efficiency of the aircon unit.

We’re so happy with this as it did what it supposed to do, also, i’m impressed by the level of professionalism in their follow up emails to see how everything went.

Bought an aircon for our bedroom in this hot weather uk. It was initially quite fiddly to place it around out windows as they open like a door but managed to make it work.