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hysure 700ml Electric Dehumidifier – That it does the job.

Very impressed with this unit, couldn’t believe how much water it pulled out of the air. We use it in the lower floor area which mainly consist of the kitchen that is often damp and is where the laundry is also aired.

This a cute little dehumidifier that does the job as expected. Great product arrived very fast and well packaged it does its job perfectly and comes with 700ml tang capacity. There is on/off switch at the top. Be patient and it really will get the job done. I’m really glad i bought it.

Good-looking design; low noise can be placed in the bedroom. Here are the specifications for the hysure 700ml Electric Dehumidifier:

  • REMOVES MOISTURE: Hysure electric dehumidifier helps you to prevent moisture and damp related problems from your home, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or basement.
  • EFFICIENT DEHUMIDIFICATION: the dehumidifier absorbs up to 300ml per day (at 30℃, 80% RH), more efficient than the traditional chemical absorbers.
  • EASY TO USE: just one button press to start dehumidification. The detachable 700ml tank is easy to slide out for draining.
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF: when the water tank is full, it will stop dehumidification automatically and the LED indicator will show you when to drain.
  • PORTABLE & ECONOMICAL: lightweight and compact, ideal for small spaces, no more need to buy any refill.

I was looking for dehumidifier for few month ,i saw a lot i like but so expensive,i bought this one is a good price and working fine so i give five star.

Working very well extracting moisture from a cold outside wall.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Small easy to use and quieter than a wet fart.
  • Quiet and simple.
  • Nice and Compact.

I’ve had a problem with condensation on the windows of my smallest bedroom for years and i decided to buy this product last week. I switch the machine on as i go to bed, close the bedroom door and in the morning the window has so far been dry there’s always a few tablespoonsful of water in the tank, so it really seems to be helping.

Use in kitchen to help dehumidify left over moisture/water near the sink.

This little machine does a wonderful job but is only good for small spaces. It will not take enough moisture out of the air in a medium sized room but for little areas and especially the kitchen when cooking its very good and i would recommend it.

Our new, aluminium garden room has a concrete base. A cardene floor, (rubber tiles, sort of) was fitted but began to show signs of sweating , so much so that it had to be lifted and the concrete dried. An industrial dehumidifier did nothing at all, yet day by day this little gem has pulled out tank after tank of water, curing the issue in a week. I’d suggest, if other reviews say this is noisy then it’s positioned badly because it runs almost silently on a concrete floor. In a sealed room it’s perfect so bathroom etc this is for you. It small so don’t expect buckets full by the hour but over 24 it will fill a tank if left to do its work.

Only got this a day ago & its already accumulating water, very light weight & makes a soft humming noise. Turned it off overnight in the bedroom due to the green light on the on/off button. Can’t pass comment on electricity usage.

Works, can’t imagine having a space humid enough for this to be capable of 300ml/day but certainly takes the edge off if damp is one of your concerns.

Great little buy i have to empty this every other day amazing where the moisture comes from in a closed, unused room.

Nice portable mini dehumidifier. Simple but beautiful look, great size and ideal for the residential use.

It’s much smaller than i expected which is a plus for me because i’m using it in a caravan. I’m happy with the size and performance, the only drawback for me that the on/off button have to be pressed every time the electricity comes back in. That’s super annoying for me as we turn the generator off every night and i have to remember to turn it on in the morning every time. Otherwise it keeps the caravan dry inside so it’s a cool little device.

My abode had problems with condensation on windows and walls which can turn to rot. I leave it on 24 hours and has drastically reduced dampness especially over the summer days. A necessity for humid homes.

A very good and nice product to use in my room, it is not too big or too small, very light and can stand in anywhere you want. By the product, i can really feel that my room is much dryer than before. Really useful for this wet country.

Very neat size to sit on my window cill, and looks pretty smart. Hasn’t collected very much water yet but i expect that will change as the weather cools down next month, it has collected about 1cm in two days. Haven’t calculated the energy use yet but that’s not a major concern. Seems to be good value for money.

Tiny so not good for big rooms. Does the job well when in smaller room or next to laundry.

Cools the room down, but is really helping with the dam problem around the windows.

I very like it ,its good quality, just few hours ,i can saw the water in the water box ,its easy to moved ,because its a small and beautiful machine ,i can put anywhere ,the sounds very quiet,not noisy all day.

After years of using disposable dehumidifiers i decided to buy an electric one to stop the condensation build up on my bedroom windows. This little machine is excellent and does the job very well. It`s a little too noisy to leave on all night but i put it on first thing in the morning and turn it off at bedtime and it works just fine. Wish i`d bought one years ago. Delivery was quick and the product was well packaged.

Prem-I-Air Electrovision 16″ – sleep mode on it but the fan itself is nice an sturdy

Powerful enough to create a cooling airflow through the house in the very hot weather.

Really powerful, even on lowest setting. Not the quietest, but would rather the power over the quiet (and stuffy bedroom)would recommend.

A very powerful fan and is quieter than my dyson fan we use in the bedroom. The only thing that annoys me is it leaves big marks on my new carpet as the base is very large but really a minor thing. I found it easy to put together. Very stylish and i like the different programmes you can set it to. In comparison to my dyson that is triple the price i would definitely invest in this one again.

It’s abit powerful on all settings an there’s no sleep mode on it but the fan itself is nice an sturdy.

Fantastic fan with remote control. So no need to get out of bed. Timer great as two hours then jam asleep.

This arrived easier than expected. Lovely remote, looks good, would recommend this item.

  • Stylish and powerful
  • fantastic fan with remote control
  • sleep mode on it but the fan itself is nice an sturdy

I have this on in the background when i am practising black sabbath on my guitar. It is the biggest heavy metal fan i have.

Well made,quiet performance.

The timer facility is essential.

Excellent pedestal floor fan. This is my second one of these – the first one now resides in my youngest daughters bedroom ( yes, basically, nicked), so i treated myself to the latest model. I kid you not, it took me approximately fifteen minutes to erect this fan from the box using no tools whatsoever – what more could anyone ask for?the fan itself is easy to use, powerful, and blissfully quiet.

Features of Electrovision 16″ (40 Cm) Pedestal Fan With Remote Control

  • 16 (40 cm) Stand Fan with Remote Control
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • 8 Hour Timer
  • Chrome Stand Fan
  • The Stand Fan Also Features a Built in Carry Handle

16 (40 cm) Stand Fan with Remote Control

3 Heat Settings

8 Hour Timer

Chrome Stand Fan

The Stand Fan Also Features a Built in Carry Handle

MiniSun 42″ Metal Brushed Chrome Modern Propeller Design Ceiling Fan, You get what you pay for.

Not as easy to fit as my others. Just another cheap product from chine that you can tell.

For the money i think this is excellent. I wouldn’t say you are blown away by it at top speed (excuse the pun) but it’s sufficient and pretty quiet. Only major gripe is the ir transmitter it’s pretty big and makes what is otherwise a smart unit look not as good.

The fan was a pain to assemble and quite difficult to install as it is awkward to hold while connecting electrics. I have been unable to get the fan balanced properly so seldom use it due to the noise it makes. I would recommend that a better quality one may be well worth the extra cost.

Key specs for MiniSun 42″ Metal Brushed Chrome Modern Propeller Design Ceiling Fan with 4 x Black Blades & a Handy Remote Control:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Modern 4 Black Blade Ceiling Fan in a Brushed Chrome Finish – with Guide & Installation Instructions
  • Three Speed Settings. Features a Directional Motor (Forward & Reverse) So The Ceiling Fan Can Be Used In Both Warm & Cold Conditions
  • Measurements: Height 270mm x Diameter 1060mm
  • Equipped With Fantastic Remote Control. Not Suitable For Use With Wall Dimmer Switches
  • Reference Number: 19499. Please NOTE: This Fan Does Not Have a Light

Comments from buyers

“Worth the investment, take time considering siting point and hiding wiring, lower speeds seem fine., Cool Breeze on a Warm Night”

Looks good; quiet in operation; very effective fan; remote control is a real boon, & doesn’t have to be aimed directly at the sensor.

Fast delivery, easy to fit cool addition to my living room.

This is a good fan and when i finally got it installed it is great. The fan is incredibly tricky to fit, trying to fit the required items in the housing and have the sensor cable coming out in the right location was very difficult. You need time and lots of patience.

Looks the part and good value, a bit more power would be better.

This is quite powerful and circulates the air perfectly for a good nights sleep, don’t wake up stuffy but use it on low speed. The remote feature is good too.

Brilliant service – so fast. Right 2 items perfectly packed no damage and as said arrived the following day. Even the electricon was amazed was surprised. The minisun 4222 fans are up look splendid now when the heatwave comes we will enjoy a cool bedroom and lounge.

Quite noisy on fastest speed, lower speeds seem fine.

Very pleased with this product and easy to fit. Completely silent on slow speed, a slight hum on the middle speed and as expected lots of wind noise on fast. The slight hum on the middle speed was a disappointment but overall a good buy.

I am not able to fit air con for technical reasons so i tried this. Not as cool as air con obviously but it gives a pleasing cool downdraft. We positioned it above our bed. Do take the time to ‘balance’ the blades (easily done) which removes all sounds, except moving air sound, even on the fastest setting.

Very nice and quiet, works well.

Nice looking fan & very quiet operation.

Great value for money, excellent, would highly recommend.

Very good product, good build quality and smooth running. Remote control works well with minimal effort. Biggest issue (not problem) was with the wiring configuration into/out of remove switching device. If hidden no problem but it can look untidy verging on unprofessional with lumps ofchocolate block connector and wires at unusual entry/exit angles would have preferred a linear or one side connection point. That said machine is really great once set up and looks the business.

Klarstein Silent Storm Stand-Alone Fan • 16″, Sleep at last! Fab fan :o)

Superb quality and very quiet. The numerous settings are a real bonus.

Excellent fan with so many cool functions it is a bit difficult to assemble as care is required and components are plastic. But it is so spectacular that i still give it 5 stars.

This fan is just as expected. Stylish, quiet, and very effective when on a high speed. The only downside is as was stated on a previous review that a completely white fan has a black plug.

Key specs for Klarstein Silent Storm Stand-Alone Fan • 16″(41cm) • 35W • 5 Blade Rotor • Suitable for Rooms up to 80m³ • 12 Speeds • 5 Operating Modes • Height Adjustable • Remote Control • LCD Display • White:

  • Extremely economical stand-alone fan with a wide range of functions | 16″/ 41 cm 5-blade rotor for powerful airflow | Suitable for rooms up to 80 m³ (~ 30 m²)
  • Only 35 W energy consumption: perfect for non-stop operation during summer | 12 selectable speeds via rotary dial and 5 operating modes for airflow adjustment according to ones needs
  • On/off switch on the unit or via remote control | Programmable on/off timer in 30 minute steps up to 12 hours | Natural mode: increasing and decreasing airflow to simulate natural winds
  • A refreshing storm: With the Klarstein  Silent Storm Stand-alone Fan , a change in climate is finally here!
  • The Klarstein Silent Storm Stand-alone Fan  produces powerful 16-inch summer weather. Heat waves are over in any room up to 80 m³. Five rotor blades provide a powerful breeze in 12 refreshing stages, that moves sluggish summer air. 5 ventilation modes, from natural wind simulation to a night mode with auto shut-down, a concentration-promoting quiet mode, to comfort mode, which activates the fan only at temperatures above 20 °C.

Comments from buyers

“Excellent fan that is truly ‘silent’ on lower levels., The fan is easy to assemble, Very popular product sells out very quickly”

£86 probably more than i would expect to pay but with all 5 star reviews i decided to buy. I then noticed the price increased to nearly £100 and now seems not to be available. I assembled it in under 30 mins and it was very well engineered with a sturdy construction. The operation could not have been simpler. Most importantly i finally found a fan that is silent and therefore can be used overnight. I am thrilled with this and would consider buying more later for other rooms. I certainly would strongly recommend it.

Amazingly quiet and does the job.

Delivery was a little slow but the product is excellent, well built and very quiet on the lower settings.

After a huge amount of research – including dyson range, we bought this and are so pleased. Only had it two nights and going to bed in this heat is no longer dreaded. It is really quiet and there are so many options of speed and even patterns of breeze it ‘blew us away’ ;o) it is sturdy & even my husband managed to put it together easily. Worth the wait for delivery as it comes from germany, approx 10 days. So glad we got this fan, so don’t hesitate.

Purchased 2 but sadly only able to supply 1 because of the popularity. If you can get it, this is the one to have.I did have to contact seller but my problem was resolved within the hour. I would highly recommend this fan.

I bought this after getting a dyson am07 and would say this is better than that fan (and £200 cheaper)(edit, giving it 5/5) probably 4. 5/5 for the following reasons:instructions are poorly written – appears to be a german company, so copy / paste german into google translate – thats what you get. Thankfully there are a few pictures and its fairly self explanatory to assemble. I needed a medium and small size phillips screwdriver. The cage can be attached without screwing the phillips screw. Other cons:quite large and takes up a bit more space than cheaper fans. Quite heavy – the base is very heavy so not something you will freely move around / move rooms. Base takes up 40cm versus 18cm of the dyson (but most pedestal fans take up this sort of space)ipod style jog wheel on the remote is overly sensitive – very easy to go from speed 1 to speed 26difficult to get the battery compartment of the remote open – i used a flat head screw driver. Plug is a euro plug inside a uk plug – so far no issues, assume this is ok.

This fan is really good, lots of settings available and having a remote is handy. It is quite tall but slim so not too obtrusive. The sleep setting is good and quiet. The assembly instructions were a bit basic but manageable. The most difficult part was getting the battery in the remote, i went online for some help for that and someone had posted they had to use a screwdriver to force the cover off. Happy with it and would recommend it.

Does what any other fan does at the end of the day, however. Looks expensive, feels expensive, has 26 speed (instead of 1 2 or 3) nice remote, and yes, it is quiet up to 10. Which is plenty for bed time. Solid base, solid unit, not a flimsy bent legged tripod.

The fan is easy to assemble. But does have a few floors the instructions translation from german is quite poor. The remote control battery hatch is impossible to open 5 people tried to do it but with no luck. However this is minor as the actual fan is superb. The ability to be able to adjust the fan speed is great and it is so quiet. Its a shame the timer functions could not be built into the main unit control. Hopefully klarstein will issue a new remote unit with the battery hatch open:) if you want a fan that fans you silently with adjustable setting this fan is perfect for that. The different fan speeds are excellent as is the revolving head.

I would fully recommend this fan it is very stylish looking strong and sturdy and i would not be without it in my bedroom. It is very easy to work with or without the remote control. The lower speeds are virtually silent so great for sleeping and staying cool. I will be buying another one for our home in spain.

Jack Stonehouse 3 Speed 16″ Electric Cooling Pedestal Fan – Remote Controlled – Very Quick Delivery

If you’re not savvy with being able to put this fan together. I found it very frustrating. Eventually i managed to put it together and it is a good fan and i’m pleased with it.

When my son put the fan together i thought it would be of poor quality. It’s sturdy, looks good and is a great fan. Remote is great , i have mine by my bed, and can swap speeds, oscolate as and when. As i am disabled i need my fan to be sturdy and look and for it’s price it ticks all the boxes.

The fan looks nice and pushes the air round as it should. Putting it together i a bit of a faff, the instructions arent helpful and you have to go on intuition. So, for info:attach the stem to the base first, pull the silver inner stem out about 10cm before you do. Once secured to the base (pretty obvious how), fit the motor part onto the top end of the silver inner stem and secure using the side screw attached. The fan-part, as delivered, needs to be taken apart. Remove the silver screw from one side and the black cap from the other, the screw holds the cap on. You will not need either again. Unscrew the large black cap from the motor part and retain, then slide the back mesh disc onto the spindle – it holds in place using a single lug that fits into one of the holes around the centre of the mesh disc. Then slide the fan onto the spindle and secure it with the two lugs on the spindle. Finally, lock in place with the large black cap which you screw into the end of the spindle. Here are the specifications for the Jack Stonehouse 3 Speed 16″ Electric Cooling Pedestal Fan – Remote Controlled:

  • 16″ head with five transparent blades ensures great air displacement and circulation – 3 speed levels for cooling variation and 3 auto cooling setings
  • Sleek and streamlined for optimum space saving as well as portability – ideal for caravans and motor homes, can be easily moved around the house
  • Timer function allows you to set your fan to run for a specified period – half hour intervals up to a total of 7.5 hours
  • Remote control ensures that you can easily change settings from across the room
  • Height adjustable up to 1.35m with 120 degree oscillation – allows you to find a comfortable breeze level when relaxing on the sofa or in bed

Good does what its supose to.

Great fan – 6 speeds and feels sturdy and not fragile like others i have had.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The fan looks nice and pushes the air round as it should
  • Very good fan very poor remote control that is difficult to
  • great fan i love it

Brilliant fan, came the next day despite amazon saying a week for delivery, it requires assembly but i managed it in half an hour.

This was purchased as a replacement for our fan that died. It arrived quickly which was good as its been hot. The fan is for our bedroom and being able to set the length of time the fan will stay on is good. The strength of fan even on low is quite high – but it does its job well. I have to say though the fan is slightly noisier than the previous fan but am slowly getting used to it.

I can not recommend this fan enough. In this heat at the moment it is an absolute god send. It’s nice and quiet and so refreshingonly thing i can find fault with, is putting it together, trying to get the inner tube out to build it up was a bit of a pig.

Very good fan very poor remote control that is difficult to work. I’m bedridden and rely on remote which makes me disappointed.

Bought this to use on whilst on my bicyle turbo trainer. I still drip but now it takes longer and i dry quicker. The remote control has a bit of a cheap-and-nasty feel but it works, controls everything it needs to control and saves me getting off the bike to press buttons. The fan itself has three settings: breezy, windy and blow your hat off. Its powerful but the harder it blows the noisier it gets. On any setting you probably wouldn’t want it in your bedroom. The oscillation is good and swichable and the fan has a reasonable up and down range of adjustment. It’s a good and powerful product with which i am pleased.

Could not deploy in bedroom.

It’s perfect for my living room. Even better that it’s remote control so don’t have to move to operate. Good selection of settings too. Instructions could be improved. Fortunately i am a capable female and sorted it out.

I’ve just taken delivery of this fan,it’s fantastic,so easy to put together,5mins. The settings are great and it’s a doddle to use,plenty of cool air to keep anyone happy.

Works great even the oscilation can be done on the remote control. Its fairly quiet even on full speed. Its been a life saver this summer😀.