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Meaco Small Home Dehumidifier 10 L : Wonderful item above expectations

I was in real need of a dehumidifier as my flat has been getting damp especially behind furniture and found this product absalutely amazing especially for its price as much cheaper then other ones around. I give this 5/5 as not been disappointed at all xx.

We bought this after reading the reviews and it’s one of the best gadgets we have ever bought. Yes — it does dry clothes and it’s best to leave it on all the time apart from hot days which means we have it on everyday. No problems at al’ and worth every penny>.

Does what it says on the tin. This product works well for drying laundry and has helped a lot with areas of damp in my flat. It’s probably a bit noisy to sleep in the same room while it is on but you can easily watch tv with it on in the background or have it in another room with the door closed while you sleep.

Meaco 10l small home dehumidifier. I have not had a dehumidifier before but the meaco 10l described as small has been excellent. It is easy enough to carry about the house and yet efficient enough to do the job well. It has dried out our bathroom very thoroughly. We are very pleased with it.

  • Couldn’t live without this now !
  • Excellent Dehumidifier
  • Meaco Home Dehumidifier
  • Keep the filter clean!
  • A wonderful Machine!
  • Small but powerful

Meaco Small Home Dehumidifier 10 L – White/ Blue Trim

  • 10 Litres per day at 30°C & 80%RH
  • Compressor Dehumidifier for a Flat/Small 3 Bedroomed House
  • Helps Prevent Condensation, Mould, and Damp Issues.
  • Dryer air will help control mould spores and dust mites
  • Dryer air will help reduce heating bills

Making a big difference already. Really pleased with this buy. Delivery was quick, next day when it said 3-5 working days. We have an old, drafty, two storey terraced flat, two bedrooms. We bought a dehumidifier because in winter we dry clothes over the radiators in our bedroom and last winter we had a pretty bad mould problem. The room has one interior wall, two walls facing other flats and one wall facing the street. The street facing wall, the cold wall, had a lot of condensation and developed the mould problem behind the furniture. Meaco unit is a good size and reasonably attractive. We installed it yesterday and had it running overnight at the top of the stairs and it collected a litre of water in its first twelve hours.This morning was the first time this winter we haven’t had condensation on the old, leaky double-glazed windows.

Things that surprised me, although they should not really:1. It says 10l, however it has nothing to do with size of water bucket. I doubt it keeps 10l of water. I guess 10l is internal part responsible for extraction of water. I went for cheaper and smaller version, and i knew i will not be able to adjust fan settings, etc.

I’ve had this now for a month and the difference is incredible. I have a one bedroom flat and this size unit is more than enough to do the whole flat. The air is much drier, the mold has stopped growing and doesn’t regrow once i’ve wiped it away – and its been very humid of late. I only put it on in the evenings but find i don’t need to put it on all day. It takes out all the moisture just in the evenings. The laundry setting works brilliantly. I don’t have a dryer and its been too wet recently to line dry so this has been great. What used to take 3 days to get fully dry inside my damp flat now takes a matter of hours. One word of warning, after a couple of days of getting it, when i turned it back on it would beep like mad then stop working.

This dehumidifier is just ”brilliant” my home now smells better, no more damp smell now. This dehumidifier is just ”brilliant” my home now smells better, no more damp smell now. Use it in ‘one’ room at a time. Close the doors and windows. Open all cupboards 12 hour’s at a time,check and empty water bin every time and you will see the differance.

Got this because we have a damp conservatory. When we were recently getting a new bathroom fitted the plumber used one of these (not a meaco) to suck out the moisture. We saw how good it was and decided to splash out on our own. We decided on this one because 1) it is black 2) it is small 3) it is easy to carry around – carry handle. Ordered from amazon it arrived the next day. Just plugged it in and we were away. . Put it in the conservatory and it sucked out 20 litres. Put it in the spare room and it sucked out 10 litres. The reservoir is v easy to take and, empty and replace. Has four settings ‘dry washing’, ‘max’ ‘reg’ and ‘min’. We have used it on max so far. The book says don’t even bother using it on ‘min’. Reasonably ‘quiet’, easy to use, looks good and good price.

My opinion of this item and the rating have gone from 5 stars to 1 and back to 5. Here’s why: i was initially very pleased and thought it was a great little unit. I advised my parents to get one too. Theirs stopped working after 2 years and though meaco couldn’t repair it because that model was no longer made, they did provide good customer service in finding an alternative engineer. It’s still cheaper than buying a new one. They impressed upon us the significance of cleaning the filter regularly – at least once a fortnight and more often if you use it for drying clothes, which is what my parents need it for. Mine stopped working after a year and i was initially pretty cross because it was just out of warranty. A full repair including carriage both ways to and from the meaco engineers costs a maximum of £70 (in may 2013). It is cheaper than a new one, but of course it seems a lot if the unit doesn’t last more than a year.

I spent a considerable time looking into which dehumidifiers to buy for my home and my business. I have already reviewed the very successful business one and the meaco is for use in my flat. It really is an excellent product. Fairly small and easy to move around it has sucked in considerable amounts of water on each day of use. The air feels fresher, my shower and bathroom walls are dry and back to their original colours and the clothes drying option is almost worth the money on its own for anyone living in a flat like me. The water bucket just lifts out for emptying and cleaning the filter couldn’t be easier. One or two reviews i read before buying said that after switching off it didn’t start properly again but as one person pointed out you just wait a few minutes as it adjusts to operate again and off it goes sucking in more water. It curtainly isn’t noisey as you can even forget its on. So far i have used it most of the time on the high and clothes drying settings.

Wonderful item above expectations. I can’t really believe the difference this humidifier has made to my life. Every morning it took ages to clean off all the condensation on windows and roof of our porch/conservatory plus in the cold weather having to wipe it down in the day too. Now if it seems as if it’s going to be a cold night we switch on the humidifier and everything is clear in the morning. It’s amazing how many times the bucket has filled up and as it switches itself off when full it really is a little gem, it’s quiet too. I just wish we’d bought it years ago. Meaco 10l small home dehumidifier.

Great entry level dehumidifier. Having struggled with condensation and mould for the last few winters i decided to try a dehumidifier. Looking at multiple products the reviews were very mixed on amazon and other sites, with noise and breakdown most often sited as the reasons for dissatisfaction. However the meaco 10l seemed to buck this trend so i took the plunge. I’m struggling to think of another purchase that i’ve been so happy with and although it has only been a few days i can confirm that this easy to operate, small and quiet unit is successfully sucking moisture out of my property. My first floor windows are all suddenly free of condensation and already i am seeing less/no mould growth. If you’re unsure about a dehumidifier and you have a smaller property (up to a three bedroomed house) i can thoroughly recommend this product.

Very pleased with this dehumidifier, ideal for two of three rooms, easy to use and move around with good controls.

I have a larger meaco for the house , but i have just converted an out building for regular use , it suffered from condensation terribly , being quite well sealed and used only occasionally lead to damage and mould – the meaco is really good , took the moisture out in a day and with the humidity function its only running when it needs to be ( so not breaking the bank ) the first week or so it was filling the tank daily and then every couple of days , now its been 2 weeks + ,issues – the tank is quite small , couple of litres ?. So you would be always emptying it in a busy house , or a large house , my recommendation – if you have a flat , garage , caravan , enclosed rarely used space , buy this one – if its a house , buy the bigger one , or plumb this one in to the drain hose.

I bought this dehumidifier as was getting damp coming through in our bedroom which is a outside wall. Before buying this we had tried a few different things like not drying clothes upstairs of the house, sleeping with the window open, having the window open throughout the day, salt in a bowl. All these different things helped but wasnt a cure and with winter we couldnt really leave window open for to long. When i received the dehumidifier we put it on the upstairs landing and put it on for a few hours a day for about a 2 weeks, since doing this we have not needed to use it for the past 5 weeks. This has seemed to have sorted the problem out for us. The only time i now use it is when drying clothes in the house i put it on the clothes setting. The only problem i have found is that it says its a 10litre water tank but its not its about 2. 5 litre, what it does is extracts upto 10 litres a day, this for myself is no big deal but might be for others.

Very pleased with the swift supply and the products itself is extremely compact and has a modern and unobtrusive design which is quite nice for a small flat/property. The only down facet is that there are no wheels but thats not really a major difficulty as its pretty small thus moderately gentle. Its efficiency is also extremely good and athough the tank isnt as significant as some other dehumidifers this wasnt a trouble for us,owning this on has intended that our flat is now moist cost-free and there is considerably much less hummidity in the air and it also assists with drying any outfits that are hanging up indoors. All in all a pretty usefull product for a incredibly superior price tag.

Couldn’t stay without this now . I obtained this dehumidifier as i felt the air was rather moist in our bed room in our tiny cottage, the cottage is over 200 a long time outdated and is really good and quaint but we had a problem with damp patches on the partitions. Just after looking at all the opinions on all the products on amazon i decided on this one. My companion wasn’t confident that we necessary one particular but i acquired it anyway and place it in the bed room, he stated we wouldn’t get any h2o in it and it was a squander of cash. He had to eat his text when i confirmed him just how a great deal h2o experienced gathered in the tank after just becoming on for a pair of hours i have it on throughout the daytime for several hours (it instantly turns off when the tank is whole ) and we are continue to impressed by the volume of water collected on a day by day foundation. The dampness has long gone from the walls and the air feels so a great deal fresher in the bed room. Also excellent for when drying outfits on an airer as it has a environment exclusively for drying clothing and they dry considerably more quickly than normal. I also put it downstairs from time to time and it nevertheless collects drinking water. I basically could not are living with no this now. We used to have lots of condensation on the within of the bed room window but now do not have as substantially and if there is any you just flip the dehumidifier on for a little while and it clears. Fantastic product or service and i highly advise it to anyone who feels they have damp in any of their rooms.

A wonderful tiny dehumidifier. Incredibly pleased with this little equipment and only two slight gripes:i) guide and warranty document have been lacking – discovered a pdf file on line insteadii) the on swap is logic based mostly so i can’t use the dehumidifier with a timer swap – would have been a practical extra for people of us with economy seven electricity.