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Meaco Home Dehumidifier 20 L : well thought out machine

Very pleased with this item. Our house is single glazed at the front with wooden windows and last winter there was so much condensation on the windows and pools of water on the sills. Not this year, much more peace of mind. It works for the whole house (3 bed).

Delivered 18 hours after the order was placed and has been working ever since to remove several litre per day of water from my home. Just sits in the kitchen quietly humming away.

We have a three bedroom house and this machine does the job admirably, and with minimal noise. The first few days it worked non-stop taking many litres of water out of the air. Since then, it has only had to operate periodically. I consider the cost, money very well spent.

Not too noisy – but it may be if you had it in the room in which you sleep. Very effective – it does remove moisture from the air so you may find your skin drier.

  • Money very well spent
  • well thought out machine
  • I would highly recommend this product
  • Some words of warning
  • Good Unit : – Recommended buy
  • For me this model has some good and some bad points

Meaco Home Dehumidifier 20 L – White/ Blue Trim

  • 20 Litres per day at 30°C & 80%RH
  • Compressor Dehumidifier for a 3 to 5 Bedroomed House
  • Helps Prevent Condensation, Mould, and Damp Issues.
  • Anti-bacterial filter to help clean the air
  • Meaco unique control logic

This is an excellent machine so far, does everything expected from it. I want to point this out before someone else makes the same mistake. I bought the 20l model thinking that the tank holds 20 litres, when in reality it holds only 3. The 20 litres rating means it can suck that out of the air per day, it does say this but i didn’t notice that. You can however shove a hose out of the back of it for continuous drainage. Noise levels aren’t bad unless you’re trying to sleep in the same room as the unit.

Arrived well packaged and on time, unit has so far performed very well and is filling the reservoir once a day. Prior to this windows thought they were a waterfall.

Every home needs one, finding one that’s not noisy. Every home needs one,finding one that’s not noisy is tricky. This is one of many we’ve purchased over time, i have 3 in my home, one is noisy, the other is ok, this one is quiet. People often mistake condensation for damp. , opening windows and humidifiers are the answer, i will always use one.

What a fantastic bit of kit this machine is. Literally overnight it has transformed the condensation problem i’ve been having in my two bedroom bungalow. The air feels noticeably drier and fresher. The relative humidity has dropped from 74% to 55% overnight, and an added bonus is that the output from the dehumidifier actually heats the room. The amount of water it sucks out of the atmosphere is truly amazing. I know others have complained about the ‘noise’ it produces, but i am wondering what they are complaining about. It is quiet in its operation and far less noisy than my fridge/freezer in the kitchen (which is not excessively noisy); the only sound mine produces is the blowing of warm air from the outlet. This might be a bit on the expensive side, but it does the job and it does it well.

Note that this is not the which best buy – that one is a bit more expensive. But this has worked very well for me. Pros: dried out a problem space very well. I have a utility room in an extension, with a cupboard (used to be a toilet) off the extension. So this is a small space with 3 external walls, probably uninsulated, which is off a larger space with 3 external walls and uninsulated. Nearest radiator a long way off; the major reasons for damp are cold and humidity from laundry etc. This cupboard got seriously damp – mildew on walls and any paper or cardboard left in there for long. The dehumidifier took about a week to really sort it out, but since then, despite moving the machine away to work in different rooms, the damp has not returned – so much so that i did wonder if the humidistat had failed. Energy use (monitored with smart meter) looks ok; the reservoir is big enough to last reasonably well after the first mega dry-out.

I am sufficiently impressed by the machine to write the review i would have found useful. Reason for buying a dehumidifier: to cope with moisture from cooking and drying clothes in a kitchen in an older house. (even the cold single glazed pains in the door are condensation free). I have tried using a smaller 12l machine from another manufacturer and it did not cope with the water vapour issue. What i like about this machine:1) it just works (dries clothes). 2) it has a radial vane compressor and so is quiet and does not vibrate. 3) it pushes a lot of air (there are two fan settings, the lower one is really very quiet)4) there are 4 moisture settings (dry clothes (max), dry, nice for people, a bit drier) and the machine does switch off at different levels of dryness5) there is a useful pull up handle on top of the machine so it is easy to move6) the wheels on the machine are wheels not castors so it is easy to push in straight line and it doesn’t wobble7) the water container has a detachable lid so it doesn’t spill when you carry it to the sink8) there is a timer that runs the machine for 1,2,4,8 hrs. There is a world of difference between a 8 or 12 l machine and a 20 l one and this one costs very little more.

I highly recommend it and will be purchasing another soon. Living in a bungalow with single glazing, we have had dehumidifiers for over 20 years. This is the first winter that i have been able to see out of the windows on cold days. Its superb, i highly recommend it and will be purchasing another soon.

Very pleased with this dehumidifier. We have an 1840s terraced house and the back bedroom gets a lot of condensation and was a real problem. We noticed a big difference almost immediately and would recommend this model unreservedly.

My damp cottage in the woods has been between 65-73 humidity, even though i had a little dehumidifier running for weeks. I ran this dehumidifier and after 7 hours the humidity was down to 60% and it switched itself off. It has been turning itself on and off as required all day. It has a quieter hum then my smaller one and slept though the noise fine. Amazing product that works, just like it says on the box.

Bought this to replace one that i had had for. Bought this to replace one that i had had for 30 years as i was worried how safe it was although it still worked as well as the day i got it. This one does what it says on the tin and would thoroughly recommend.

Excelent dehumidifier ,my wife seems to insist on leaving wet washing on radiators all over the house , having an hour in the bath with the extractor fan off and the door wide open as well as the normal things in the house , cooking , showers etc which is ok in the summer but a real problem in the winter as the double glazing steams up , mould forms around the frames and during realy cold weather we get wet forming above the widows in the extention – 1970’s un insulated building i guess which leads to mould and spraying with bleach . I have a large dehumidifier but even with the humistat set, the fan runs constantly and i have a worry about how much power the unit is using. I got this unit to pop down stairs out of the way as a top up , the humistat seemed to be better , cuts the power consumption by a lot – the unit itself is nice and compact , i like the handle on the top , controls are good , its certainly effective at filling its hopper ( quite small) in 5 – 6 hours , i did stand the unit on the draining board , put it to the highest setting , connected the drain tube and just let it run , i ended up with half a sink full of water in a day. My intention is to pop it in the corner of the hallway , plugged in on the lower setting full time , hopefully it will 100% solve the issue.

I have had one for 20 months it is a great de-humidifier it has a 3 year warranty however it has just died on me contacted meaco had a prompt reply and is being collected for repair, i’m still giving 5 stars because its a great product and meaco’s customer service is spot-on.

25litres of drinking water in twelve hours and utilized six. 5litres per unit of electricity. This will range dependent on the relative humidity in my case 78%.

Arrived before than estimated day. This is making so significantly variation to our residence, extracting drinking water by the gallon. Black mould has diminished significantly in just three weeks.

Good device : – suggested buy. Manufactured of top high quality resources, has a wonderful come to feel to it, fairly silent too however it may possibly be greatest to leave it outside the bed room, it hums plenty of to hold you awake, except if you have bought hearing deficiencies. It dries the air proficiently and it created my mouth pretty sore right after a evening with it turned on. So it is really possibly finest to use the timer relatively than leaving it running repeatedly. It hasn’t bought the three litre tank crammed in a single day or one night but it has maybe manufactured 1. You would l assume have to be residing in a flooded house to get complete use out of its 20 litre capabilityit has configurations for the 2 hr, 4 hr and 8 hr timer as nicely as a continuous use setting. It also has yet another location where by once the ideal humidity stage has been achieved it will transform itself off. L note an individual on here has remarked in his overview that theirs wont swap off but ours does so probably theirs wants a tweak. We have a different humidistat sat following to ours so we know it is functioning the right way.

Purchased simply because which gave it a incredibly great rating also the good testimonials on here. Bought because which gave it a pretty excellent score also the good evaluations on here. I am not at all upset. A very superior obtain for my substantial victorian flat by the sea which seems to soak up moisture like a sponge. I use most times for a couple of hrs in diverse sections of the flat and it keeps damp under handle. I have still to receive an electrical energy monthly bill but it is intended to be inexpensive to operate.

For me this design has some good and some lousy points. Acquired in december 2013 ( now september 2015). I have tried using diverse can make of dehumidifier in excess of fifteen to 20 a long time, placing in the upstairs landing and managing for one or two durations of for the duration of winter season evenings to management humidity. Normally they have tended to shed much of their effectiveness soon after a single or two a long time. For me this design has some good and some bad factors. For its size and electricity it is more efficient at extracting drinking water at reduce temperatures ( evening time temperature of our corridor is close to 13c to 15c for the duration of winter season) than other folks i have experienced. I use small lover manner and it is fairly quiet ( right after padding the manage properly with a piece of card to end chattering ). Importantly efficiency has not fallen of immediately after two winters work as other individuals have. The device is fairly gentle and compact and changing the h2o reservoir following emptying is straightforward.

I’d say it really is equivalent to (but probably a little louder than) a common rest room supporter. It also only arrives with a swift begin guide. A more specific edition is offered listed here:[.