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Kenley Heat Powered Stove Fan : Not convinced at least about the two blade version.

Where we live we can look out of the window and see wind turbines spinning on a nearby hill, generating electricity so people can heat their homes – and now we can look at the top of of our stove and see the heat of our home generating electricity to turn a fan and create wind. The kenley stove fan, we got the two-blade version, is modest in size and seems well-enough made and should sit comfortably on most medium-large stovetops. It’s not exactly pretty but then it doesn’t have to be to do its job, but it’s quite eye-catching and hypnotic once it gets going – rather too fascinating for small children who won’t realise how hot it gets in use so extra care is needed of course. It gets going surprisingly quickly, takes about 10 minutes after we light our stove, although it turns more slowly until the stove really gets up to heat. Even at full tilt you’re not going to feel a real breeze or draught from it and i think that’s probably intentional. There’s a bimetallic strip on the underside of the foot which seems to be designed to lift the edge off the stovetop as it reaches high heats, i’m assuming this is a temperature regulation function. The real benefit of the stove fan seems to be in keeping a bit of lateral air movement going and so gently pushing more of the heat out into the room instead of it all rising up to the ceiling and staying there. This is a particular issue for our main stove which is in a large double-height room and it can take a while for the heat to fill the roof space and then work its way back down to frozen-tootsie level.

Heat your ceilings a little less. I have been using this stove fan, supplied to me for review purposes for around a month now and i have to say it is very good at its job. At its simplest, the fan is placed towards the back or side of a flat-top stove and the heat from the stove is blown around the room rather than sitting on the ceiling or disappearing up the chimney. It requires no external power; it uses heat from the stove to provide electricity for the fan motor. I can confirm that in use it’s pretty well silent; doesn’t move about and really helps to redistribute the hot air from around the stove. I wish i’d had one a few years agoa few points to note?. Well, the manufacturers recommend that the fan is not used when the temperature of the stove exceeds 345°. Probably not a good idea to run a stove at this temperature anyway. The aluminium stove fan gets very hot. Use the handle and gloves to move / remove the fan.

Certainly makes a difference to heat distribution.

This product does work for me. It’s not like some may think a mega blast of hot air but once going it does push the warm air from your wood burner. Be careful though to not get your temp of stove over 350 as this might affect the fans performance as it says on the instructions.

  • This is a clever gadget, one you probably didn’t know you needed, but one that’s well worth adding to your stove.
  • No more sitting in just my pants
  • These fans work.
  • Absolutely makes a difference, house is warmer sooner
  • Nicely design and packaged, does reduce the hotspot effect
  • Heat your ceilings a little less

Kenley Heat Powered Stove Fan with 4-Blades

  • Make your stove more efficient and move heat into your room
  • No batteries, no electricity – powered by heat alone
  • Eco-friendly – helps you use less energy
  • Starts and stops automatically
  • Self-regulating – will spin faster as heat increases

Makes a vast difference to the warmth in our victorian sitting room as before most heat was going up via the open staircase and room still felt cool. Much more cosy now and you don’t even notice it is there.

Moves rather more air than the rather more expensive (and much prettier) stirling engine powered one that a friend loaned us. Certainly keeps the room at a more even temperature. The bimetallic overheat protection is a simple and clever touch too.

Good but not as good as expected. As per the title it does work but not a efficiently as others i have seen in operation which were all two blade but to be fair it does make a reasonable difference to heat distribution so all in alol i think my title is fairj.

Silent and efficient like a stove-top ninja. We’ve got a jotul f100 and this site perfectly within the cast lines on the top plate and the flue. It spins up nicely and distributes the heat efficiently from the alcove of the stove.

A speedy delivery and blends in nicely on our log burner. Unlike some reviews i read prior to buying , this one is silent running and pushes the wasted heat trapped under the chimney breast out into our living room,it usually starts spinning around 10 minutes after lighting the fire.

This is a clever gadget, one you probably didn’t know you needed, but one that’s well worth adding to your stove. . This is something that you probably didn’t know you needed, i never knew they existed. Its a self powered fan that sits on top of your log burner stove, the heat from the burner will trigger something clever inside the fan and it will start turning, the idea being that the heat from the stove will be blow around the room rather than be lost up the chimney or similar. Its a solid metal fan, looks very nice and fitted the cosmetics of the stove nicely. I placed this on my stove and started the fire, it did take a fair amount of time for the fan to start, thought for a while it wasn’t going to do anything, it took a good half hour to start turning, its a gentle turn not noisy at all. The fan did blow the heat away from the fire into the room, i have a large room with high victorian ceiling, the fan did make a difference gave it a slightly warmer feel. If i have a grumble its that it took a while to get going, this may be down to my stoves top not getting as hot, i notice one of the other reviews mentioned 10 minutes, perhaps its an unfair comment when its my stoves fault and not the fan. This is a clever gadget, one you probably didn’t know you needed, but one that’s well worth adding to your stove.

Heat from fire is spread into room more rapidly. The pitch of the blades was very shallow. I have twisted them slightly and now the air flow is greatly increased. Not a high tech item so don’t bother spending more than you need to.

Not convinced at least about the two blade version. . Makes no noise and looks fun spinning away. Can’t feel very much at all coming from it however. I wonder whether the four blade one pushes out more – despite what another commenter put.

No more sitting in just my pants. What a difference this wonderful device makes to my house. Had the wood burner fire fitted to save on heating bills but only the lounge got hot while the rest of the house froze, so we still needed to put the central heating on. This brilliant machine now means the whole house is warmer not just a boiling lounge. The lounge was so hot i was having to sit in my pants in front of the telly but get dressed to visit the kitchen, now i can walk around the whole house in jeans and t-shirt and no longer upset the neighbours.

Extremely useful and good quality.

The parcel arrived ahead of time and was very well packaged. I placed the fan on the front side of my multi fuel stove. I lit the fire that night and within approximately 6 to 8 minutes the fan had started to turn. It reached it point and was a constant flow all evening. I found it distributed the heat better in the room and out into the rest of the house. I would highly recommend one.

Good build quality, great idea. Good build quality and works like it should. Don’t think this is like a normal plug in fan because it isn’t. It feels like it helps the heat move around the room but not too sure. Think this type of product is more suited to smaller living rooms rather than big living dinners.

Heating invoice sliced in half with this purchase. . We received this to decrease our ever-growing heating expenditures, but the multi burner is positioned in a home that won’t reward the rest of the residence. When to start with positioning the fan on prime of the stove, it didn’t spin even when the fireplace was perfectly alight, so i gave it a clockwise nudge and then it was away. We have not required to touch the blades given that. In conditions of heat distribution the room in which the burner is contained requires no even more aid with heat as it is certainly roasting. So, with the doors of our living home open up and fan positioned to the doorway, the fan allows the heat journey at least a further eight meters out of the area, giving warmth to a superior part of the dwelling. If you have an l shaped corridor major off from any rooms, it may well not achieve as far as you’d like, but this is continue to an remarkable acquire. If you do not have one of these, get 1.

Basic and straightforward to put alongside one another, strong materials and effortless to set up.

Absolutely makes a distinction, household is warmer sooner. Please be aware this review is for the 2 blade fan as an apart technically a 2 blade fan is additional productive than a four bladefirst of all my guidance is to evaluate the dimension and area on top rated of your log burner, i know ours is little but the fan didn’t in shape guiding, so i have had to situation it just in front of the chimney flue and to the aspect (please see my photographs). The fan is however quite efficient but just one thing to be aware prior to you invest in. The fan is powered by the heat of your stove, merely plop it on your log burner and ours starts to flip inside ten minutes of starting off the burner, and as soon as the top rated of the log burner is at around one hundred levels the fan is spinning extremely speedy. Possessing only employed this fan 2 times i am very significantly impressed, on both of those occasions our household has felt noticeably warmer faster than it utilised to with no the use of the fan. For example our previous burner would, on typical, get close to 2 several hours to start out and heat up the downstairs of our property. This has been about halved with this fan, with heat absolutely spreading by the house more rapidly. Value noting that our log burner is established fairly back again and in a house restricted chimney breast, i do believe the fan’s usefulness could differ considerably depending on your log burner’s atmosphere. , but for our circumstances it is brilliant and incredibly quickly (in an hour) the downstairs of our property is a great deal hotter. In phrases of sounds the fan does a very little noise when the burner is burning incredibly warm, but it is a sound you quickly fail to remember about right until you ‘actively’ hear and it’s definitely not loud at all.

Brilliant, much too good to be true but it is. Quite amazed, i must have purchased one two several years back when a friend to start with advisable a single. Indeed they are cheap and quick to make but the benefits unquestionably make it price for income ant larger prices.

I have been fascinated by these and how successful they are. I was generally place off by the price tag of the valient ones. When i noticed this 4 blade edition at pretty a bit less expensive, but continue to hugely advisable i purchased it. My log burner is undercover, but outside, so i have to burn off it very hot and quick to get the profit from it. This just will take the edge off and does circulate the place, even even though it is outdoors, its roofed and covered on a few sides, this genuinely does support. I won’t be able to wait to get 1 for the inside of of the household when we get the new fireplace fitted. So effortless and it is really prepared from the box, i begun the hearth from chilly and it begun to spin immediately after five mins, after the fire reached optimum melt away it was whizzing away with no authentic noticeable whrrr or noise.

Very good price, was recommended by close friends and does spin. Good price tag, was advised by buddies and does spin as if by magic. Not positive nevertheless about its performance in pushing the warm air into the home and dwelling. Perhaps it truly is due to the fact we only have a low’ish rated wood burner?.Jury’s out, we are going to update soon.