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Igenix IG9902 9000 BTU 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner : Brilliant cold air at the touch of a button from a noisy but easy to use unit

Brilliant cold air at the touch of a button from a noisy but easy to use unit. Receiving an air con unit on the hottest day of the year?. Im still able to give it a fair review inspite of spending the night clinging to it sobbing happilythis is a tall slim unit that is easy to move around as it has casters. Its sturdy but not too heavy ( i got it it upstairs alone) when it arrives it has to be left for 12 hours to sit (apparently to allow the oil to drain back to wherever it lives) so i did as i was told inspite of it being boiling hot they day it arrived. We intend to leave this in the bedroom but it can be moved around. It comes with an exhaust tube that you screw into the back of the unit, and an adaptor that you screw on the end that you attach to a hole through the wall on a window. It usual to receive the window adaptor as well (a small sheet of plastic with a hole in it that you close the window onto and attach the exhaust adaptor too but this kit doesnt include it. As it happens we dont have the type of windows (sash) that you can pull down onto this type of adaptor so i just stuck the pipe out of the window and secrued it with string at first (to stop it falling back in) eventually we shall have to have a hole in the wall for it but i have ordered a proper kit to seal it to our upvc windows that open sideways. I was concerned i wouldnt be able to set it up correctly and i would damge it in someway (my sister has had no end of trouble with their second portable air con unit so ive been told all kinds of things “you must” “you mustnt” do with air con units so i was a bit apprehensive).

Noisy, but easy to set up and use. . This would be a good piece of kit if it wasn’t for one thing – it’s noisy because it blows the air out too strongly. The system is well constructed and it is very easy to set up and use. Its operating manual is also easy to follow. It has two fan speeds, which are supposed to be ‘high’ and ‘low’ but they are in reality ‘high’ and ‘very high’. This, rather disappointingly, makes such a ‘whooshing’ sound that if someone talks away from you, then you cannot hear what they say – they have to turn their head and look at you when they speak. If you are using this unit in the bedroom at night then you may need to wear earplugs. Other than this it works very well. You can set the required temperature and it will maintain it no problem. It displays the ambient temperature for you so you can see at a glance what it is in the room – a useful provision.

Great in a wooden garden office. . I have a wooden office that sits in our garden and have fully ‘plumbed in’ the igenix out there. The building is really well insulated, with a double skin and then foam blocks on all surfaces; that means there are only a handful of days when it gets too hot in there. But after dark, you can’t keep the windows open or the bugs go completely mental. So having an air conditioner has been brilliant for those times. With the room sealed, it doesn’t take much to get the space to a comfortable coolness; it’s only 3. The unit can’t quite go flush against the wall through which it’s vented but even in a space where every inch counts, the unit essentially disappears when not on.

  • Highly capable, good looking, versatile unit.
  • Good, with a few drawbacks
  • Brilliant cold air at the touch of a button from a noisy but easy to use unit
  • Noisy, but easy to set up and use.
  • Great, with a few limitations
  • Decent unit and very easy to set-up.

Igenix IG9902 9000 BTU 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner, 1100 W, White

  • 3 in 1 Multifunctional Air Conditioner with fan and heating function
  • 9000 BTU cooling capacity, with cooling temperature range of 18°C to 32°C; ideal for both home and office environments
  • Extract up to 26.4 litres a day, as the unit dehumidifies the room whilst cooling it
  • The Fan function allows for air in the room to be recirculated and provides a more concentrated air flow
  • The Heating function provides 2.1kW of power output with a temperature range of 7°C to 25°C

Highly capable, good looking, versatile unit. . This review concerns the egenix ig9902 3-in-1 portable air conditioner, amazon price at review £339. A good looking, compact manoeuvrable unit that is easy to set-up. Thankfully it arrived on the second day of the uks annual ‘heatwave’ so was put to immediate usepowering up in our lounge which has a conservatory to the west, the remaining walls be encompassed by an inner hall, bedroom and kitchen – so quite isolated. We fixed the large diameter exhaust hose to the rear of the machine, switched on to the auto setting and immediately felt the benefit and within a short period the room felt super coolwalking out into the kitchen confirmed the shift in temperature to a very comfortable limit. Its not the quietest of machines, but does its job well and one soon adjusts to the gentle hum. The machine has a well laid out control panel, in addition all the main functions can be accessed by means of the included remote control. My only gripe is that ideally it should be vented through a hole in the wall rather than hanging the hose out through the door or window – rather defeats the objecti suspect we will have it wall vented for use just in the lounge for the odd few days use it will get yearly. Apart from a brief trial – i have yet to try it out as a heater due to the warm weather – but that short trial demonstrated that this machine will be very useful as a backup source of heat as and when required.

Decent unit and very easy to set-up. . Unfortunately this unit doesn’t fit my needs, it can only be placed in one area of my home in order for the exhaust hose to lead outside and the positioning just doesn’t work for me – that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good unit, but just that it turns out air conditioning units like this aren’t going to be fit for purpose for my home, there was no way to know that without getting the unit here to test out. The unit is very heavy but the coasters make it easy to move about and it’s a fairly slim unit so it’s not too big of a pain to move about – although i did feel sorry for the delivery guy carrying it up two flights of stairs on the hottest day of the year. The set-up is fairly simple although the instruction booklet is a bit of a mission to read through, you have to leave it for some time to allow oil to drain and once that’s done you simply plug-in and attach the hose: depending on the setup of your home/office you may also of course have to set-up a way to attach the hose to the outside including maybe buying extras, but i had a perfect hose-sized hole already set-up for this purpose. The controls are easy to figure out and within seconds you’ve lovely cool air to enjoy in the hot weather, it is efficient and it is quiet (or as quiet as ac units can be).

Efficient, effective portable air conditioning / dehumidfying / heating unit. Given the inconsistency of summers in the last few years, an air conditioning unit may seem like something of a duff joke. However, when this unit was delivered, the uk entered into something of a mini heat wave. I decided to put the unit to use straight away. As others have pointed out, the unit is portable thanks to the castors which mean that you can simply wheel it around. The instructions require a moderate degree of concentration, but a brief read is enough to get the item set up. Also, the unit comes with a neat handset which is a good bonus. Again has been pointed out, you need to have a hose outlet – all of which serves to undermine the portability of the unit. However, when it’s fired up it does cool (with a modicum of operational noise) a medium size room pretty quickly. The heating mode of the unit works similarly effectively, and although i can’t yet determine what the power consumption is, the unit promotional material makes some assertions of economic running costs.

We loved this unit when it arrived. Perfect for all the hot weather we’ve recently been having. It is of a lovely design, slimline and has a remote control. It comes on casters which makes it easy to move around. So when i first looked at it i thought it would be more portable than it turned out to be. I thought that you didn’t need tubing and stuff, it would just collect the water in a container and you could empty it. You can only station the unit near to somewhere where you can place the vent tubing at vent height ( you can’t have any kinks in the tubing) if you placed the tubing through a door or window it would allow hot/cold air to come in which sort of defeats the object. It seriously limits where you can place it.

Great, with a few limitations. This unit packs a punch considering its size. We have a larger unit with a rating of 11500 btu. I could only feel the difference when used in the living room. In our bedroom, the difference is insignificant. I mostly use the air-con (cooling) feature because we have enough fans in the house. However, as a fan, this unit is way better than most fans i have used. The difference is that it’s quite noisy, compared to a fan. I love the position of the controls because sometimes i just operate it manually without using the remote.

I currently have a homegear 7000btu portable unit in my well insulated garage. It does the job, but was interested to try a 9000btu unit like this. First impressions are it is well made and actually quite small. It has a large hose that needs to be vented through a hole or window. In use the compressor and fan are reasonably noisy, but that is to be expected. It cooled my living room which is around 4x3m quite easily. The best feature of the unit is that in “auto” mode it will decide to heat, just blow or use the air conditioner. If it was better value it would get 5* but my existing homegear unit was significantly better value and almost as good at cooling hence only 4*.

I liked this unit very much, with a few misgivings which makes using it quite problematical. It arrived on one of the hottest days of the year, so was very welcome. I decided to use it in my bedroom, and so had to get this quite heavy and supposedly portable unit upstairs. From the instructions, it appears that it will be necessary to make quite a large hole in the wall to fit the exhaust hose through. That just isn’t possible for me, as i don’t think my landlord would appreciate that, and if this is to be used as a portable unit, we would need holes in several rooms. The only option for me was to put the hose through the window and then shut it as far as i could, trapping the hose in the gap. This seems to work at the moment, for the cooling function anyway, and i will try and think of a better solution. This is a noisy unit, and i do not think i would be able to sleep through it. It was like having a very large, angry fridge in the bedroom – not something you could ignore or use as a soothing sound to help you drift off to sleep.

Nice and chilly, easy to use with the display on the front. The directional vents need to be more directional though, especially when directing the air upwards. The hose is a useful length and with the funnel on the end it sits nicely in our swing out window frames.

Good 3 in 1 way to manipulate the air temperature. . Arrives in a bog box, but easy to unpack – just cut the plastic and lift off the top. It’s also easy to setup and use, i didn’t need the manual to get going as you just remove the packing tape and attached the exhaust hose and turn it on. However i made the mistake of turning up to what i though was the highest fan setting but it was actually the heat setting. On the hottest day of the year. I then started to read the manual :(it’s very easy to move the unit, as the wheels allow it be positioned anywhere, however the exhaust pipe need to be vented somewhere so you need near a window or a custom made vent. You absolutely need to have this vented as while this works really well at reducing the heat in a room, it also throws out of the pipe – hence requiring it venting out of the room. I used this during the recent heatwave and in an enclosed room it reduced the temperature quickly and kept very cool. However it was noisy – and intrusively so.

The unit is easy to move from room to room, but quite heavy if moving up and down stairs. The exhaust hose is a bit fiddly to attach. The hose has to be vented out of a window or door. Once this is done the unit is very simple to use, either manually or using the remote. Delivers instant cool air and temperature is very easy to adjust. Loses one half nark for the fiddly exhaust hose.