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Igenix IG9812 Large Portable Dehumidifier – Great for damp situations, unwanted moisture and clothes drying

Good bit of equipment , pulls a lot of water out of the atmosphere, useful in a damp area with no natural ventilation.

Portable and easy to move from room to room if necessary. Fills up quickly at first but as the moisture is taken out the air they tend to find their own level and come on as and when. A little noisy if you are in the same room but they are not on all the time. Portable and easy to move from room to room if necessary. It is also has an air outlet for drying clothes. It has the option to fit a draining tube to run permanently if required (not supplied). A good unit that claims to be able to deal with a three bedroomed house. Certainly worked well in one bedroom where we had condensation.

Powerful, economical and quiet. We’ve had a much larger dehumidifier for a number of years which we use for drying clothes and removing moisture from a damp room. I was skeptical about whether this model could match it’s performance as it is smaller and uses much less power. This is great, does just as good a job, is much easier to move around and is noticeably quieter. It also has the option to fit a draining tube to run permanently – not sure i’d ever want to do that but its an option if you want. Here are the specifications for the Igenix IG9812 Large Portable Dehumidifier:

  • Recommended for use in room size 165-20 square metres
  • 25 L capacity water tank with full tank warning
  • Carry handle and castor wheels
  • Electronic LED display
  • Comes with 2 year warranty which can be registered online

Great value and efficient. . Very good product – does as ‘it sez on the tin’. Has dried out large loft area very well (condensation). Use once a week for 24hrs to maintain same.

A great machine, not too noisy, a good size, sucks up the water very well , would recommend it to all.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works well, but a bit noisy
  • Great for damp situations, unwanted moisture and clothes drying
  • Portable and easy to move from room to room if necessary
  • Ideal if you have nagging condensation problems

I purchased one of these on gumtree and boy do they work. I live in a double glazed, cavity wall insulated flat with underfloor heating and always had a lot of condensation in the winter months 🙁 until i got one of these 🙂 now the flat is always dry all round. It says it will clear an average three bed house .May be but been as my bedroom is miles away from the living room, i’m getting another for the bedroom. Just leave them on a normal setting ‘printed on the thermo dial’ and just be ready to empty them 🙂 they fill up fast at first but as the moisture is taken out the air they tend to find their own level and come on as and when. Fantastic for their purpose and do the job well. Only set back is, they are a little noisy for the bedroom but as i said, they are not on all the time. Cheap to run as it is only 180w and if you consider a 1000w is one unit of electric per hour,,, usually about 16 – 17p depending on your supplier, its not bad. Hope this helps you guys thinking of buying :).

Ideal if you have nagging condensation problems. Some properties can be over-insulated these days and ours is- great for heat conservation but not so good for condensation problems particularity in bedrooms in the winter. I’ve used smaller dehumidifiers before with some results but this is the real mccoy- a heavy duty dehumidifier that says it can cope with a three bedroomed house which on it’s performance so far i can believe. As i said our main problem is in two bedrooms though and here it is doing the job admirably. The amount of water that collects is quite incredible and when you first use it, make sure you keep an eye on the reservoir as it will probably fill with this appliance much quicker than you’d expect. It’s also useful for drying clothes too- it just sucks the moisture out. Maybe a bit noisy but there again we are dealing with a serious dehumidifying unit here and you shouldn’t need to use it at night or such like. Seems pretty econonical to run too. Difficult to find any serious fault to be honest. Ideal if you have nagging condensation problems.

Igenix ig9812jun11 12 l/d portable dehumidifier. Igenix ig9812jun11 12 l/d portable dehumidifiergood product used in caravan for condensation also used to help take water out of damp clothes.

Brilliant item, works perfect and the amount of water it collect’s is amazing. Only niggle we have is the casing has cracked slightly, cracked within 2 weeks of having it, still works fine tho.

Brilliant, works amazingly well, and despite what others say is not over noisy.

Item is excellent, it does what it should do. Item is excellent,it does what it should do,and takes the moisture out. Would recommend this item to others.

Amazing how much water comes out of the air.

Great little unit, works a treat, small enough to not be obtrusive in our kitchen but takes out loads of moisture for just a little power and only a small amount louder than our fridge/freezer compressor. Well worth the cost and quick delivery. Plus, two year warranty, result.

It is neat, effective, and pretty simple to use. At the instant (winter season) we want to vacant the h2o each day, but it’s really worth it as now there is no damp odor at all in the area it really is even begun to dry out patches of wallpaper that have been peeling.

Igenix ig9812 large portable dehumidifier, 180 watt, 12 litrethis is a compact dehumidifier that has a quoted capability of removing up to 12 litres for every day when operating total time. Currently being compact it can be simply moved all around the dwelling to beat any dampness or utilised in rooms not utilized daily. It has a ‘carrying handle’ of types which is not it is very best function but in the in general photograph it would be unfair to down amount this unit on that alone. It weighs in at 10 kilos and a better , a lot more secure handle would make that irrelevant. It has a very clear plastic tank to keep the drinking water gathered and this has a ability of 2. 5 litres so you have to have to be mindful of what you are asking it to do and be all set to empty it. Considering the fact that it can clear away up to twenty litres for each day with a tank size of 2. five lites and you have a notably damp area be ready to preserve an eye on it consistently simply because believe me this unit performs and performs nicely. I did not believe we experienced a damp problem (double glazed and insulated etcetera) but when i placed this unit in a spare bed room and left it working i was shocked how significantly drinking water it had collected.

Present for our son and loved ones who reckon its carrying out its occupation properly.

As explained and working fine.

Does ideal career, makes a small sounds but nothing significant.

Wonderful for moist scenarios, unwanted humidity and garments drying. This is one particular of these solutions in which you only genuinely take pleasure in how very good it is when you really use it. I are living in a present day home with insulation and double glazing. It is awesome how swiftly you can get moisture develop up and how soon that can switch to mould etc. Also the place i reside is atop a hill and subsequent door is identified as `windy ridge’ and it can get really cold in winter season, so having the windows open all the time is not a pretty fantastic option. So i have had a dehumidifier just before and it was alright. This a person having said that is miles superior. It is portable and is fairly quick to move about the place but if you have the want for continual procedure then that can be realized by fixing a drainage nozzle (13mm in diameter – not supplied). Otherwise the h2o jug retains 2. Now that may well sound like a whole lot but on regular procedure this can apparent 12 litres a day (at all around 30°c). It is ideally utilized in a room of 16. 5m2 to 20m2 but states it can cope with a 3 bed room home. Mine is three bedrooms but i only get condensation in a single bed room and it is high-quality operating for all around four hrs to get it condensation cost-free.

Operates effectively, but a little bit noisy. We purchased this to set in a cellar space where by we dry clothes and have a bit of a moist dilemma. The dehumidifier operates actually well and does its job beautifully. There are two challenges we’ve uncovered so much though. It is really fantastic acquiring it two flooring down from wherever we sleep, but as quickly as you get wherever around the cellar area, you can hear it truly obviously. Second, on a couple of situations, the unit has unsuccessful to shut down when complete and we have had h2o leaking out onto the floor. This may possibly just be simply because the tray hadn’t quite been reinserted adequately, but i you should not think you can find considerably that can go erroneous with the minimal slice-off lever at the back. It truly is not a difficulty as it is really in a room with a concrete floor and drainage channels, but i would not want it in a space with carpets with no putting it on a tray.