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Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan : Quiet and effective – a good bedroom tower fan

I used this fan for the first time last night and so far i’m very pleased with it. It’s amazingly quiet, unlike other fans i’ve bought, and the flow of air can be finely adjusted so that it’s as brisk as desired. The remote is a real luxury. Only four stars and not five because of the difficulties attached to assembly – i did manage to assemble it, but not all women will like to do this, and i’m still not sure i’ve done it completely correctly. The base and pedestal are rather flimsy plastic, and it seems a bit daft to design such a poor support structure for what is clearly a first-class motor. Still, if it continues to perform in the way it does now i’ll be very satisfied.

I use 2 tower fans at home almost every day, and this is my second honeywell. My other is the ho-5500re which i purchased about a year ago. This honeywell hy254e replaces an older other make. Now this fan is easy to set up, just clip the pedestal and base together, secure with 4 screws and plug in, (everything is supplied). It looks great, very stylish. The most noteworthy point is how incredibly quiet this honeywell fan is. My other honeywell is very quiet as well, but this is even better. It is the quietest fan i have ever come across. It has 5 speed settings, number 1 being “sleep” mode, virtually silent.

Good if you get a working unit. A good cooling unit which has a good noise-to-cooling ratio in my own standard of subjective mesurement. The timer is great, no vibrating or clicky oscillation and i’d say that this fan is very good and would be worthy of five stars except for its temperamental reputation. I used it once, set it on a one hour timer for beddie-byes and went to snooze in the heat we had earlier this week. This has happened to others it seems; the buttons just cease to work ever again. Defective product that has a clearly known issue. Sending it back for a replacement; that will decide if i change to a 4 or 1 star.

We’ve been using a traditional honeywell stand fan for a number of years now in our bedroom, during those (rare) warm summer nights. The key feature for us is therefore that it is very quiet. In that respect this tower fan scores over our existing fan. It is very quiet, both in terms of it’s fan and the rotation. Not silent, but quieter than we are used to, so unless you are an incredibly light sleeper, this this is probably as good as it gets. The range of features is fine; variable speed settings, a sleep mode and a remote control. My only issue, and hence the four stars, is that it is very lightweight. That’s useful if you want to move it around the house, but as a consequence of its upright design, this makes it liable to being knocked over. I don’t expect that’s particularly dangerous, but perhaps not ideal in a house with children or dogs.

  • Quieter than your average tower fan
  • Quiet and effective – a good bedroom tower fan
  • Excellent purchase. Really happy with this!
  • I’m a fan of a fan.
  • Quiet, but suspect quality.
  • Honeywell HY254E Quietset vs ANSIO Tower Fan

Honeywell HY254E QuietSet Tower Fan

  • 5 levels of quiet control for continuous comfort
  • Easy  to use control panel
  • Timer allows user to program fan for 1,2,4 or 8 hours cooling and shut-off
  • Whisper quiet technology – ideal for use at night in the bedroom
  • Oscillation for wide area cooling

I compared this tower fan to two desk fans i have used in hot weather for a number of years. The desk fans each have only two speed settings, one is rated at 30 watts and the other at 35 watts (the same as the tower fan). The tower fan has more speed settings which is an advantage, and the slowest setting is pretty quiet, although by no means absolutely silent. In terms of air movement, i prefer the tower fan over the desk fans because it produces a wide band of breeze, as opposed to coming from a small round source with a desk fan. On full power, the tower fan feels like it produces a lot more air movement than either of the two desk fans. I have run the fan i received for many hours on the oscillation setting. The case may be made of plastic, but even on the fastest setting the fan does not wobble or shake. In fact it makes no more noise when moving to and fro than it does in the stationary position. It is also very stable in that it would need to be tilted quite a long way from the vertical before it would topple over.

This oscillating fan gives a 90 degree wide cooling area. It has an auto shut off timer which is very handy and can be set up for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours at a time. You can control it yourself with the remove control if you don’t want to keep getting up to switch speeds or turn it off and on. It works nicely as a floor fan but also you can put up of a dressing table or office desk. It has an integral carry handle and comes with a 1 year warranty. You can also download a manual from the honeywell website. The operation is very quiet and the fan itself is quite a bit bigger than i thought, but it’s very neat, i personally had a little trouble setting it up but luckily i have someone technical in the house to do it. A family member has a very bad skin condition which ends up burning and needs to keep cool, this fan was ideal for it cooled it down straight away. Not noisy and you can’t hear it over tv or conversations, really well worth the money, a very, very good fan.

You don’t get that intermittent blast of air as it oscillates. It creates a kind of turbulence i guess. Anyway, really effective and quiet fan that is great if you are a night worker. Little bit of assembly required but nothing major.

Quieter than your average tower fan. The trade off between noise and comfort has always been a problem when setting up a fan in the bedroom during hot and humid summer months. It has long been my dream to find a fan that is silent or close to at an affordable price. Technology still hasn’t got us there yet. This honeywell is quieter than my previous tower fan but only on the lowest setting. It says ‘five levels of quiet control’. There’s really just one that i’d consider quiet to my sensitive hearing but one is better than none. It’s gonna need to go up a few levels in the middle of july, i suspect. Other than that it’s much the same as my last tower. One difference is the design.

Honeywell hy254e quietset vs ansio tower fan. I originally bought an ansio tower fan because it has so many good reviews many saying how quiet it is for sleeping at night. After receiving the fan i personally found it far to noisy even on the lowest setting. I therefore returned that fan for a refund. I then ordered a honeywell hy254e quietset fan as it is claimed to be a quieter model. I was fortunate in that i got it before returning the ansio so was able to do a side by side comparisonthese are my findingsquietsetit is quieter at all levels which is especially noticeable at the lowest setting so ideal for sleepingit is taller and fatter with huge inlet and outlet grilles which would suggest it can move a lot of air with little restrictionhas 5 speeds as opposed to the normal 3 for most fanshas a 3 year guaranteerather big and ugly in my opinion with horrible chrome trim on the top. Probably would look nice in an office or a house with a lot of chrome and black leather. Build quality does not look like it reflects the price externally. Does not look very robust and not as stable due to the taller pedestal style base. I believe it is a superior fan when it is measured purely on this on this basisansiothe build quality and robustness of the ansio seems betterthe style of the ansio is way nicer and more stableit works extremely well in most circumstances and is £30 cheaperfor me i am sticking with the ugly one as i will be able to get a good nights sleep with it on low and i do prefer it overall.

Ordered this after being disappointed with a bionaire fan for being noisy. This fan has been great to use at night as it is really quiet but still effective. The remote control is handy but could be improved as it cannot set the timer on the fan. The receiver is also on the front of the fan so you can’t control it by remote unless the fan is directly facing you (which means trying to time it perfectly when the fan oscillates).

Quiet and effective – a good bedroom tower fan. I like tower fans – they can move a lot of air in a smoother, more consistent manner than a three bladed upright fan – except for the fact that often they are noisy (loud, high revolution motor and vibrating cheap plastic parts). This honeywell fan is quiet in operation and very solid once assembled. It also moves a lot of air, even on the lowest setting. And it even has a useful remote control which means that you don’t even have to get up to turn it on or change its settings. Out of the box – well, it’s fair to say that it loses one star only because of the self-assembly. The base needs to be assembled but the base isn’t just the flat plate but a cowling that extends vertically for a few inches from the base plate and attaches to the base of the fan unit. The provided instructions are adequate but practically i found it quite difficult to put together properly- it was a bit of a struggle until finally i managed to get the cowl and baseplate attached to the fan unit in the right place. I bet people have managed to lose the securing screw into the fan case trying to do this. Someone should have tried assembling before releasing as a product – it could be a lot better.

I am very pleased with this fan as it is nice and quiet. I am very pleased with this fan as it is nice and quiet and of course keeps you cool. It has various settings and a remote control which is a great idea. So yes i would recommend it as my previous fan was so noisy when it was on.

Quiet, but suspect quality. . Very impressed with how silent the fan is on the two lowest settings – first one i’ve had that’s been quiet enough to work with it on constantly. However, the finish of the product isn’t what i would expect for £99. The shiny silver that goes around the top looks very cheap and has unfinished edges and the remote control is very nasty looking. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a way of displaying the temperature in celsius instead of fahrenheit.

Ordered this fan for next day delivery but i had to wait for very long as it went on back order after i ordered it, not sure how that works with ordering on amazon. Any way that’s the first downside in this purchase as everything after i received the item is great, bought this for my new born and it does the job to the t. It keeps the room very cool in this hot weather which is what we like even at the lowest settings and remote is very handy. Negatives : it is smaller than an average tower fan so we have to put it at a reasonable height to get desired level of cooling and the instructions to do the minimum assembly is not very helpful too. With these minor issues i can’t mark this product down as it is my trusted friend for my toddler this summer. Will recommend it to everyone and ofcourse it is only available on amazon so it has come through here.