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Honeywell HDE010E1 Dehumidifier : Solidly built and does the job.

Dry your eyes as this will dry your damp. Having previously only used a non-compressor version de-humidifier i was keen to see how this would compare. It is quite large in comparison to my existing de’longhi compressor free compact dehumidifier dnc65 but that is because of the technology used and not a fault in and of itself. It is also slightly noisier, but not by much as most of the noise seems to come from the fans in these modern units. It has a washable dust filter, multiple settings for the humidity level to reach, and a switch off timer so you can set it before going to bed or out safe in the knowledge that it will not run the whole time. It only uses 200w of power (where as the delonghi uses 520w) so should save me some money, however this may also be because it lacks a couple of features compared to the delonghi. (the honeywell does not have a laundry mode (to heat the air to speed drying) nor an ioniser which both account for the higher wattage on the delonghi – which also costs more than this). However, for what it is listed to do, it does it perfectly, and with both left running at roughly the same settings they both filled up the water holder in a day. One thing i do prefer with this honeywell is the fact that you can set the desired humidity level to an actual percentage rather than just hi and low, which frankly doesn’t tell you a lot.It has the ability to have a pipe attached (supplied) to allow it to run continuously by emptying straight into a sink or drain.

Great humidifier, quiet, compact and configurable. I’ve owned a couple of dehumidifiers and they make a world of difference to rid smells and make rooms feel warmer as the air is dryer. I can say the same for this dehumidifier, i’ve been using it in the same room to air out my damp clothes and have found that they dry so much quicker. The unit is surprisingly quiet compared previous units that i’ve owned. It hums just a little louder than a fridge so it becomes part of background noise. It’s compact for its size but also comes with a hose to filter the water outlet in elsewhere if the tank is too small. It’s fairly lightweight when compared to some humidifiers and has a useful handle on the top for portability. I like the fact that it will automatically cut off if the air reaches the right humidity so you can leave it on powered 24/7 without much worry. The best part of this unit is the ability for you to set the humidity level via a simple to use interface that lights up and it will show you the current humidity level. The first couple of weeks it was on constantly but now it only occasionally switches on if i have washing in the room.

This is essential if you live in a damp building like i do. I am allergic to mould and i live in a very damp bungalow. The only answer so far has been to use two dehumidifiers in different rooms. Having the opportunity to try out this honeywell was a blessing. I haven’t found it to be significantly any noisier than my other two. Both are standard desiccant dehumidifiers. This honeywell machine works by showing the humidity of the room at that moment you turn it on, then you select the hours or leave it on default continous. There is only one speed setting but you can still set a timer for 2, 4 or 8 hours as per the other two. For continuous do not press timer.

The best dehumidifier i’ve tried. . I purchased this largely on the review ratings and i’m very relieved that it’s as good as reviewed. I’ve had a few dehumidifiers in the past that worked ok but not great: this unit is by far and wide the best i’ve used. I have it running in a sizeable loft room and it’s really reduced the dampness quickly – the humidity readout on the control panel is a useful feature to track progress. Well made and reasonably quiet given that there’s quite a powerful fan and the compressor makes a low hum. The reservoir is a good size and it’s easy to make the unit drain externally through a pipe supplied in the box.

  • I waited to review as I wanted to give it a few months to see how it works and it is great in my spare room where I dry clothes
  • Works As Expected
  • A tall but thin, capable unit
  • Fairly quiet and efficient, with a three litre internal container
  • Excellent unit, good value for money
  • The best dehumidifier I’ve tried.

Honeywell HDE010E1 Dehumidifier, 10 Litres/24h

  • Removes excess moisture from your home efficiently and hygienically
  • Reduces the survival time of air borne bacteria by maintaining between humidity levels between 40-60%
  • 2 drainage possibilities: in the water tank or continuous through water hose (included)
  • Possibility to select a desired humidity level setting (50,60, 70 or 80%) or to use the automatic mode
  • Washable dust filters for ease of use; Easily moveable, thanks to practical handle and wheels

There are two types of dehumidifier: compressor (refrigerant) and dessicant. Refrigerant dehumidifiers are said to work best in higher temperatures and humidity. With this one, i now have both (i also have an ecoair dd122) and can compare the two systems. Noise-wise, while i read that compressor machines are supposed to be louder than dessicant ones, actually for the two machines i have, they are exactly the same. This machine (like the other) emits a small hum, so keeping it on during the night will be noticeable, like traffic on a busy road outside heard through double glazing. But this is not an issue if the machine is used before or after using the room. It is a very easy to use machine, the controls are simple, the instruction manual is clear and emptying the water tank straightforward. A 10 litre tank sounds like a lot, but actually i am always amazed at the amount of water i have in certain rooms.

Good looking, compact and quite attractive this humidifier is dead easy to use, either set to run at a specified humidity for a set htime, or continuously. It isn’t silent, but not overly noisy and certainly quieter than some smaller units i have used in the past. I have it set to work in my “library” and i don’t find it distracting having it running whilst i am working there. It can be “plumbed in” to a drain but i a using it with the built in reservoir, and this is big enough to support continuous useage for a long while. And it seems fairly economical with a lower power motor than most of its size. I must say i am quite impressed.

I was quite wary of this dehumid as i haven’t had a compressor one before. Its heavy, and i wondered if it would have to stand for 24 hours to start with like a fridge. No mention of this in the manual tho so i swithed it on and off it went. Quiet, just a slight wobble as it starts up, i set it to 2 hours and at the end it had collected about 300 ml of water. I did notice that the display showed a higher reading than my weather station. This gradually reduced from 60 to 54 over the 2 hours so yes it works. Its the wrong weather really for this now, in the winter my windows are running so i hope it will help with that. It looks good, not black but a discreet charcoal color, and stylish in a way. It certainly isn’t intrusive in my lounge.

I’ve never used a dehumidifier but have plenty of uses for one, such as when drying washing indoors or for using in the bathroom after everyone has showered. This particular dehumidifier was larger and heavier than i was expecting, which is fine if you plan on using it in one place or one floor of the house. If you need to move it about then it may be a little difficult if you are unable to lift heavy objects, especially for transporting up and down the stairs. There are three buttons on the top of the unit, power, one to select the level of humidity and another for selecting the amount of time that the unit is in operation. During use the unit is fairly quiet and something that you get used to fairly quickly if you happen to be in the same room when it is active. For the most part i leave it running in a room where washing is drying so never hear it unless i go into the room to check on the washing. I’ve also used it in the bathroom, which tends to get quite wet after the family have all showered first thing in a morning or last thing at night. Without proper airing the ceiling and certain parts of the wall can go mouldy over time so you have to keep a check on it and regularly clean the affected areas to stop anything appearing. I haven’t used the dehumidifier long enough to know if it will stop this from happening but so far it seems to collect a lot of the water.

Fantastic for keeping mould away. Whilst i can go into the tech detail of this unit ill just skip that as the details are all there laid out. It’s probably designed more for those wanting to cure some serious damp/mould problems rather than putting it in a room your say, sleeping in. Whilst it’s not loud, it does hum and its not exactly small. We have problems in our garage with mould/mildew and decided this was best used there, despite having a small mildew problem in one room within the house, this was cured with a similar unit albeit a much smaller one. The unit is easy to setup and is very un-complicated to use, featuring a small control panel to get it all going. The unit allows you to set the amount of humidity to retrieve, be careful if this is within your home though, taking too much moisture out the air can have a horrible effect on asthma and eczema sufferers. Once it was setup, i placed it in the area of the garage that suffers the most, im not entirely sure if i was supposed to leave it central or in a position more even for air flow, but i just placed it where the biggest problem was.

Powerful but definitely not silent. . We’ve been using a de’longhi dem 10 dehumidifier for almost 20 years due to condensation (which is chronic in one bedroom)in the last year or so it’s started to whine for no apparent reason – so the arrival of the honeywell was positively anticipated. It’s a fair bit bigger – twice the height of the dem 10 – and seems heavy at 3 kg (although the dem 10 is actually 10 kg)apart from the added height it fits nicely where the dem did and it’s capacity is 3. 3 litres more)the water tank/container is accessed from the rear (the dem is at the front) which could be a problem depending on where theunit is to be placed?. This is off-set somewhat by the fact that the honeywell is on wheels with a generous handle – althoughi would say a frail or elderly person might still find it difficult to manoeuvre?i won’t repeat what other reviewers have said about the units’ specifications except to agree about it’s power and efficiencywhere i would differ is the noise level – some have played this down – but we found it quite ‘bassy’ – and intrusive enough thatit has to be switched off at night. It sits upstairs and when it is on you are aware of the noise it makes throughout the house, and you can hear it when the tv is on. The only other ‘niggle’ might be that it only comes in black which may not fit with everyone’s’ decor?.

Excellent unit, good value for money. A well designed and efficient machine from honeywell, i didn’t find it heavy to move around but i don’t have stairs so no problem, it has very simple controls and easy to understand, on off and choice of humidity levelit’s reasonably quiet in operation and removes an impressive amount of water from the room atmosphere, it comes with a 10ltr container and also an optional plastic pipe to drain it, it could probably need an extension to the plastic drain pipe though, i only use the supplied internal container which is also very easy to empty and replacethe power cord is about the right length, it came well packed and reasonably easy to unpack, once out the box it’s ready to go and can be plugged in to do it’s job, just remember to check water level if you use internal container optiondon’t forget to close door and windows if it’s one room, which it is in my old flint walled cottage, with poor ventilationi would recommend this dehumidifier with confidence.

Fantastic value for money and thank you prime for next-day delivery.

Discreetly stylish and effective. This is a direct comparison between the honeywell and our existing dehumidifier, a delonghi dem-10. In many ways they’re pretty similar- they have a similar footprint, similar bucket capacity, and so on. And while we’ve been very happy with the dem-10 for a few years, the honeywell definitely has the edge and is our new favourite. This device is a little bit taller, and marginally heavier, but that’s offset nicely by the discreet little wheels underneath which allow you to roll rather than lift it (though obviously you can also lift it). The plug cable is slightly longer, which is a plus. They’re about the same volume, which is ok but fairly loud. The regular sound is slightly softer here than it is with the dem-10, but there is still the sub-bass rumbling sound of the heavy-duty motor, which is more noticeable if you’re in the room underneath the dehumidifier than it is if you’re in the same room as it- something to bear in mind if you’re planning to have this device upstairs while you’re downstairs. It sounds like constant engine noise and it is a bit grating, but unfortunately it’s an inevitable effect of needing to use a chunky box like this. The fact you can set this device to run for a fixed number of hours (2, 4 or 8) is a great plus too.

I waited to review as i wanted to give it a few months to see how it works and it is great in my spare room where i dry clothes. This was expensive, but worth the money in my opinion. I waited to review as i wanted to give it a few months to see how it works and it is great in my spare room where i dry clothes and we do have a little damp problem. This has really helped to keep that at bay. It came quickly initially and was well packaged. It sucks up water so fast, and has a big container, which i only have to empty a couple of times a week.

Fairly quiet and efficient, with a three litre internal container. This little dehumidifier is a lot less intrusive, and significantly less noisy than the popular ecoair dc12 compact portable dehumidifier, 12 l. Rather than blast a jet of air out of one side, air is circulated gently around the dehumidifier. The fan stays on even when you have reached your desired humidity level. This is apparently so the sensor can measure ambient humidity more accurately, but it also means that you don’t have the fan suddenly starting up unexpectedly. The continuous fan noise is quite easily ignored once you are used to it, as is the very faint low fridge-like hum, which it makes for the very good reason that it works like a fridge. This mechanism means that if the ambient temperature drops below ten degrees celsius it needs to shut off periodically to allow itself to defrost. There are just three controls: on/off, a button you press to select a humidity level (80%, 70%, 60%, 50% or 40%) and a button to choose between two, four or eight hours of operation. You can also select to have the dehumidifier running continuously in both senses (no minimum humidity and no timed shut-off). There’s a clear plastic pipe included that you can use to drain the collected water away continuously.

Impressive compressor dehumidifier. . Very powerful and efficient compressor driven dehumidifier. Rated at 200w is very efficient and at 10l per 24hrs very effective. Compressor driven means is temperature limited to +5 to +35c which means unlike a mechanical desiccant model it won’t work in very cold situations like an unfinished house in winter or in a very warm damp environment. This may reduce its utility for some situations. This is balanced by being much more effective within its prime operating range. It’s simple to set up and the wheels and handle make it easy to move. It’s fairly heavy but not excessively so for domestic use. Tank holds 3l and it comes with a bypass hose for continuous use. Very simple controls with a useful humidity display and innovative timer setting.

A tall but thin, capable unit. This dehumidifier replaced a delonghi we purchased a although back, which although scaled-down over-all had about the exact same footprint as the honeywell product. The honeywell stands very tall, but is compact sufficient for most takes advantage of with a footprint of close to 31wx34d. The air flows out of the entrance of the device and – despite the controls staying readable from the front – the drinking water container is found at the back out of sight. You also get a adaptable piece of tubing for frequent drainage, which also connects to the back again. The total of water this factor can pull from the air is very impressive, and a recognizable leap around my previous equipment. The unit’s enthusiast is normally spinning as extended as the electricity is on, which they declare permits them to get much more exact humidity readings. But an oddity i’ve identified is that when you change the device on, it reads a specific reading through which then drops incredibly rapidly by 10% or so just a minute or two after it truly is been powered. Obviously the device isn’t that efficient, so i would propose disregarding the humidity reading through until the unit has been on for two minutes.

The honeywell hde010e1 dehumifier is a great excellent unit, that works really very well. I have many dehumidifiers, as i stay in a roomy 50’s home in a person of england’s seaside counties, so we are at hazard of mould on our partitions devoid of watchful setting up on our component. It has a digital humidity sensor that appears to be accurate, or relatively consistent with our primary humidity sensor at any amount.The device also consists of a timer that can be established for two, 4 or eight several hours, although the unit will be pressured to turn off if it results in being much too whole of drinking water right before that level. This can be managed by using the continuous mode, and applying the h2o hose that is involved with the device. If the dehumidifier reaches the focus on humidity worth right before the timed session is completed, it will quickly shut down to conserve strength, and to preserve the regular stages that you have pre-set. The dehumidifier is pretty moveable, and we often place it into diverse places of the house. It has wheels, and it also has a huge take care of, so it can be shifted without also significantly effort. Despite the fact that this is a dehumidifier, and not a apparel dryer, i have been acknowledged to use it as a rapid fix for drying some thing.

We have an ongoing concern with condensation in our condominium, thanks to the reality that we never have wherever to cling outfits exterior and whilst we have a tumble dryer, not every little thing can be dried in there. We already experienced a dehumidifier nonetheless it was a essential product (from a various manufacturer) and so when specified the likelihood to enhance to this a single i took it. I’m really happy with this – it really is considerably quieter than my earlier model and certainly far more transportable as this has wheels and the other a person failed to (i need to say that it can be continue to pretty significant but as we are on a person amount it really is not an situation for us). It also has both of those a drinking water tank and a drainage pipe, so caters for all desires. The thing i liked most about this design is that you can pick the desired humidity degree, which was a feature my past model lacked and was anything i wished i would experienced. This characteristic suggests that you do not end up entirely stripping the area of moisture, which we found gave us dry throats with the earlier design. You can find also a timer which is useful if you want to be affordable with your electrical power. Acquiring experienced the reward of comparison with a more cost-effective, decrease spec design, i would say it can be certainly worthy of spending a little bit a lot more and obtaining this model for the customisation possibilities.

Solidly built and does the task. . Definitely outstanding piece of package. I’ve owned two earlier dehumidifiers – an ebac product (a condenser kind) which has been brilliant, and a meaco (the desiccant style) which failed to cope perfectly with the dust from my animals. This appears to be much far more like the ebac – solidly designed and clearly is effective.If you have not utilized a dehumidifier prior to, you can be stunned by how much h2o it pulls out of the air. I empty the tank (3 litres) each day. As with most machines it has an vehicle-minimize off if the tank fills up, so you really don’t have to get worried about overspill. It really is not noisy – a sleek but peaceful industrial ‘hum’ and is uncomplicated to go from location to location (even though i wouldn’t want to be carting it up and down stairs on a regular basis). Terrific selection for any moist rooms in the home and looks good and unobtrusive – i hope it will provide several years of assistance.

I was astonished at how substantially drinking water was extracted – this will be a important help against condensation. We have quite a good deal of hassle with condensation in our 60’s built dwelling, most notably in the winter, but it is a yr-spherical job to maintain it beneath regulate. I set this dehumidifier up in a single of these rooms on the automated location and remaining it working with a timer. After 4 hrs there was a massive total of h2o which had been extracted from the air. You can set the timer for 2 hrs, four several hours or 8 hours to guarantee that it shuts off even if you aren’t present. The display screen on the device exhibits the humidity of the air biking through the device and as it is effective, you see the concentrations drop. This is a attractive looking equipment – it really is not a extravagant design, but it is basic and i choose the black to a white or cream, which are inclined to shout their existence whether or not in use or not. When in use, there is a whirring, which i have occur to count on from dehumidifiers, but it isn’t overwhelming, just the audio that you would get from a whirring enthusiast. I am amazed with the through place of drinking water coming out of this dehumidifier and it feels like it could regulate to support in significantly moist disorders and to this purpose there is the choice of applying the hose involved to let the water to be taken straight out and into a bigger container or straight to a drain/outside the house. There is a restricted size of hose provided, but you could increase this really should you wish to use this system.

An effective remedy to excessive condensation. This is not really the time of calendar year to assessment a dehumidifier (even in a british summertime) but i have been using a similar gadget for a handful of a long time now and, except if you have a remarkably effectively aired residence, i would really suggest using a single. To established up it requirements to be run for a day or two to get rid of any build up of moisture/moist (can choose for a longer period if your residence is notably damp), then it can be set to auto to kick in when humidity concentrations start off to rise (best suggestion: if the pet/cat’s nose starts off to dry out, then it is really probably set much too large – bit of trial and mistake required in the beginning to get the optimum moisture equilibrium). As for the noise: all motors will hum but i never discover this intrusive. Immediately after that, you can say goodbye to streaming condensation on the home windows and damp partitions – or, at the very least, a definite reduction in condensation relying on the dimension and problem of the household. In our case, with the device placed in the dampest site, it retains it to a minimum amount and removes significantly of the condensation create up on our ageing patio doorways. It is a buy that certainly pays off.