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High 5 Ace Sea Commercial Ozone Generator 7000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer Sterilizer – Ozone excellence

I bought this machine to help kill cigarette smell in a second hand car i bought. I got the car very cheaply because of this smell and underestimated the effort in getting rid of the smell. Out of everything i tried including shampooing the roof lining several times this machine was the most effective and after several treatments of a few hours the smell is all but gone. I’ve since used it in a bedroom which had a previous damp problem to good effect too. Basically you plug it in, set the mechanical timer dial, close the doors shut the windows and come cack two hours later to give the place a good airing. Be very careful not to breath the gas though because its quite noxious.

One of our rooms smelt of smoke and the smell disipeared.

This machine really exceeded my expectationswe bought a project house and it erased all the odoursmould, cat pee, stale smell you name it had been present before we set on the machineall the smell has gone even the paint fumesi highly recommend this machine for all projects and households. Here are the specifications for the High 5 Ace Sea Commercial Ozone Generator 7000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer Sterilizer:

  • The newly designed ozone generator – ozone output between 7000mg to 10000mg. This is the same way that ozone is produced in nature (lightning), and is the secret weapon of the smell of nature. Eliminate pollen, mold, cigarettes / cigars, pet smells, paint other airborne irritants almost any smell. Help to eliminate and delay the growth of mold, mold and fungi, reduce allergens.
  • A special ozone generator – a new design of the outlet, vertical bar of the outlet, so that ozone can be unobstructed to the interior of any position. Significantly improve the efficiency of air purification. Portable handle, and the use of rubber non-slip feet, these details make our ozone generator more excellent.
  • Portable, rugged design – portable handle, rugged metal body, 120 minutes of timer, length of 1.8 meters to the power cord. Almost able to meet your needs in any place, home, office, ship, car and so on. Can be used for many years, if you have a higher demand for indoor air, which is what you deserve.
  • An intimate ozone generator – we add a piece of filter cotton to the fan inlet on the back of the machine. This can be in the early stages of air purification, the first hair, large particles of dust in advance to filter out. This can improve the air quality, improve the efficiency of purification, but also to improve the life of the machine. Reduce machine failure.
  • An ozone generator without worries – we offer a 3 year warranty. 24 hours customer service. This ozone generator has passed UL and FCC certification. Using a 220-240V, three-pin BS plug.

Works as described with 2 power settings and adjustable run timmer. Danger to life and must not be used in occupied areas.

Everything is beyond my expectation. In medium size room after 2 treatments ,the very bad smell was vanish. I have try before this, all chemical treatments,i have plastered the room, mechanical clean of carpet. No after i have use this ozone generator.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Brilliant for Killing Odours
  • Ozone excellence

Very strong, but may take many days to vent the ozone smell (don’t breathe it, very harmful, even in ppm or ppb levels – see wikipedia on permanent damage to lungs?).

I purchased a 1 year old car and it ticked all the boxes with spec and looks etc, however it was clear a smoker owned it beforehand and it smelt horrible. I thought i would use the smell eliminating spray that tackles tobacco and that would be it. . Well, it didn’t work, i used it on headlining, carpets, seats, boot etc etc. It smelt good for a day or two but slowly returned :-(i did some research and ozone seemed the only way to destroy the smell and not mask it. The ozone generator works best with a supply of fresh oxygen, so using in a car with windows shut isn’t the most efficient way. How i did it was open a window, place he ozone generator there and close the window until it just touches the machine and support weight, also with the control dials inside the car and the filter on outside. I then used a plastic bag and tape to seal up the gap. I turned the car on and placed the climate control to low and recirculating and then put the ozone generator on for 40 mins and on high, i then just left it to do its thing with the doors shut. Dont breathe the ozone as it damages your lungs.

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High 5 Ace Sea Commercial Ozone Generator 7000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier Black Deodorizer Sterilizer
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