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Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan : This fan is excellent and I’m very pleased with it

Arty, effective – and infection-control compliant. I am involved with a charity that buys items for our local district general hospital to improve conditions, particularly for patients. When these dyson fans first came out, we got a request to buy a couple from one of the wards, because old-fashioned fans, with their wire cages and spinning blades, just couldn’t meet modern infection-control standards. I’m not sure how many years ago that was, but since then there is hardly a funding-application meeting goes by where we do not have another ward or department requesting these. Quiet, effective – and totally cleanable. We have now spent about a thousand pounds per ward/department buying them two each of both the long and the round models. Staff and patients alike love them. That’s before you even get to the fact that they sit in the corner of the room looking like a modern sculpture.

Best blow air fan i’ve ever had. Best blow air fan i’ve ever had, and i’ve had many but just a little bit dear, still if you got the money go for it.

I read a lot of different reviews first, as it isn’t a cheap option, and decided to try it out. You can always return it right. It’s stylish, quiet on the lower to mid settings. (obviously it will make some noise on the most powerful settings, but not sure why you would ever have it set that high) the lower/middle settings are really good. It is easy to slot the 2/3 parts together (no tools or engineering degree required), plug it in and get busy with the remote control. The one important thing to remember pus to keep the base clear as the remote is line of sight.

Nice looking and practile cooling fan with 12 settings. Nice looking and practile cooling fan with 12 settings. Tried it during the recent heatwave and does the job for me and the remote control is useful, don’t have to get up to adjust the settings.

  • Expensive, but impressive
  • Quiet and effective
  • great but stupidly expensive. You are paying for Dyson to re-invent the wheel.
  • Arty, Effective – and infection-control compliant. Totally brilliant.
  • Very good product and one of the best cooling fans
  • It does exactly what it says and gves a good adjustable blast of air with very little noise

Dyson AM07 Cooling Tower Fan – Iron/Blue

  • Air Multiplier technology – air is accelerated through an annular aperture, drawing in surrounding air to project smooth, powerful, high-velocity airflow
  • Safe – no fast-spinning blades
  • Acoustic engineering – streamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence make AM07 60% quieter than AM02
  • Awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society
  • Energy efficient – engineered to create powerful airflow using 10% less energy than AM02

This fan is excellent and i’m very pleased with it. This fan is excellent and i’m very pleased with it. The fan is very quiet, except on the highest setting. Its air flow is less “gusty” and smoother than traditional fans, and is also powerful on the higher settings. The remote is useful if you need to switch on/off or change fan speed when you’re in bed. It seems to circulate the air in the room better than a normal fan and i am not sweating as much in this heatwave here in spain. Aesthetically, the fan also looks very nice.

Dyson is one of those companies whose products are a lot like apple’s: they’re innovative, but expensive. I’d long wondered about their “bladeless” fans, and i decided to buy one last week, when, stumbling on the dyson website, i saw they had a sale. Dyson’s fans come in several shapes and sizes. I opted for the am07 air multiplier tower fan. I wanted something bigger than a desk fan, but i didn’t want the pedestal model with the round air multiplier. This tall, slim device fits perfectly by my office door, where i used to have a standard fan on the floor that always got in the way. This fan is several orders of magnitude more expensive than a standard fan, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that this fan, um, this “air multiplier,” really is different. These fans work with a motor in their base, and air is pushed up into the circle or column, where it exits through slits in the back.

A fantastic product and well worth the money. Wished i had ordered one before, i dithered about the purchase due to the price but in the end decided that i would get one. So pleased that i did, it is a really great item and i would not want to be without it.

I was looking for a good fan as my place tends to get very hot. I was looking for a good fan as my place tends to get very hot in summer in just average temperatures. Bought the dyson tower fan- it is very expensive but i see it as a long teem investment. It is very quiet and gives a good airflow even at the low settings. Love the fact that a lot of thought has gone into the design – even the remote is magnetised so it can sit of the top of the fan. Buy this fan – it’s worth it.

Nice and quiet with a good amount of settings. Lovely fan, nice and quiet with a good amount of settings. I like the fact the remote is magnetic so it sits on the top of the fan so you don’t loose it.

Was looking for something that we could use to cool us while sleeping – so something that wasn’t noisy so as to disturb our sleep. Had previously bought a dyson heating fan c3 years ago and returned it immediately as the noise was ridiculous. Noticed this was getting 5-star reviews and read that it was apparently a lot quieter, so decided to give it a go. At the 2 setting it is virtually silent and produces a decent flow of air. We’ve positioned it about 1. 7m away from the bed and it’s perfect: a nice breeze produced which is very conducive to sleep. If you want a seriously strong breeze then you’ll need to turn it up, with the corresponding increase in noise. We’ve used it at setting 5 in the living room and it’s not that obtrusive (and is very efective). Our flat is a bit like a greenhouse, south & west facing glass walls, so it’s been well testedthe one downside is the cost.

Very good product and one of the best cooling fans. Very good product and one of the best cooling fans. I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 as i thought it could be silent. When on full power it makes a noise, not like the old fashioned fans but i can still hear it.

Great bit of kit, great design and very mobile to move around the house.

Like all dyson products you’ll love or hate this. I didn’t buy mine from amazon (it was the hottest day of the year and i couldn’t wait for delivery. ) argos had a deal so off i toddled. I’d done my research (read lots of reviews, faqs etc) and bit the bullet. 1st impressions: well packaged and easily put together. Any reviewer that say they found it difficult shouldn’t be allowed out alone. It blows cool air and swivels (as any fan should). Where it really scores is that it is whisper quiet. My old micromark fan could wake the dead two counties away. Yes it can be loud if cranked up to 10 but that would cool an aircraft hanger. In reality most people will use this on settings 1 or 2 when trying to sleep. I love the design (reminds me of something braun would have come up with in the 80’s. I’ve bought a few dyson products over the years (even still got a dc01 vacuum knocking about somewhere that survived a few tumbles down the stairs. ) usually been impressed with the build quality and this looks and feels robust enough. However we now come to the elephant in the room. These retail at well over ¬£300.

The fan is so great that we bought a second one. The fan is so great that we bought a second one. It has kept the apartment cool and comfortable and acts as an additional source of cooling air in the kitchen with a hot oven going. I would highly recommend it.

We tested it and it works great. Hardly any noise and you can feel it. This was bought to donate to the local hospital. This is what they asked for. We tested it and it works great. Hardly any noise and you can feel it from a good distance away. 10 settings and all with remote control.

Like everything from dyson it just works, you can’t understand it but enjoy it’s benefits, from a mild breeze to an near arctic blast this can do them all.

Of course costly, but an excellent merchandise.

I am incredibly pleased with this invest in it is quite peaceful and actually powerful on even the cheapest setting. Nonetheless it is far too expensive. If i want to invest in a second one particular i shall be waiting until finally they are on present.

Wonderful, extremely pricey, piece of kit. Completely controllable and directional and, like all the things else dyson create, brilliantly specialized and horrendously high priced. It will be interesting to see if it is nevertheless going potent in ten decades?.

Outstanding dyson bladeless fan. A further superior praise for dyson. I acquired this from another location as i didnt see 1 on amazon. Its peaceful even with the tv on, incredibly secure, and quick to use. I just want it was a little more affordable so i could acquire them for extra rooms in the household.

It definitely cools but it is a little bit noisier than anticipated. Owning claimed that, it is just white noise to me so won’t trouble me far too a lot.

It does just what it states and gves a great adjustable blast of air with very very little sounds. It does just what it claims and gves a excellent adjustable blast of air with extremely minimal sound. Make sure you apparent the ingestion grid routinely if you have pets – or just fluff.