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Dyson 305218-01 Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier : WOW, AMAZING do it again. I can get a decent nights sleep again

Especially since it’s been very warm and heavy during the nights lately. This wonderful machine doesn’t make any noise on the night setting and keeps me niceand cool throughout the night.

I received a dyson cool pure desk fan/purifier as a gift (lucky me, i know) but i had a hell of a time getting the ios app to work with it. The instructions provided were very clear and everything would proceed smoothly until ‘step 3’ (the third tick: connecting to dyson cloud). Dyson tech support dutifully went through their script (“turn your router off and on again, forget network, check password” etc etc etc) but still nothing. They even sent a replacement (though the wrong colour, so be sure to specify that if it matters to you). Dyson were kind and helpful but their tech team seemed inexperienced with the issues. Anyway, on my own, through a process of elimination (settings, hardware, etc) it seemed that i could get the dyson link app + product to work with my apple time capsule (latest version) if i turned off the wifi security password for the time capsule. I was aware that the dyson instructions say that it will not work with 5ghz networks and wondered if the fact my time capsule is dual-band (5ghz/2. 4ghz) might have something to do with it. Anyway, i found that greating a guest network (which i called dyson) and setting a wpa2 passwork of just 8 characters seemed to do the trick: i can now use the app and have a safe home network but i have no idea why it won’t work with my normal network settings which are really no different.

Yes these are expensive but if you weigh up a decent nights sleep against the price then they are worth every penny. I suffer from severe hayfever so this time of year is really tough. I can’t sleep properly due to the high pollen and hot nights. I finally took the plunge and bought this little beauty and hey presto; i’m able to breath again at night and am having a decent nights kip again. I was skeptical about this at first as it’s expensive but now i just wish i’d bought one sooner. The fan when i’m night mode on level 4 is nice and quiet and is actually quite soothing when sleeping. I wish i could take this everywhere with me.

This device does what it is meant to do. The air in the room is noticably more breathable within a few hours and in my case quality of sleep is greatly improved. At setting three or below it is to all intents and purposes inaudible. Walking into a room where it has been running there is an immediately noticeble difference in the air. It is expensive, perhaps over priced but it works. I would rather have paid a few pounds less and done without the currently a la mode, internet of things, wi-fi connection. Utterly, utterly pointless when you have a remote and its dysfunctionality detracts from the over all user experience and otherwise excellence of the whole package. Fortunately you can just ignore its claimed wireless capability. I have no regrets in buying the thing and would now consider other dyson products, especially if their cleaners don’t have wi-fi.

  • Great! Especially since it’s been very warm and heavy
  • Lifesaver in the hot weather
  • cleans the air including smells

Dyson 305218-01 Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier

  • Removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns from the air.Amp Diameter 8.7 inches,Base diameter/with plate 8.7 inches
  • 360° Glass HEPA Filter – captures ultrafine particles from the air including pollen, bacteria and pet dander
  • Captures potentially toxic fumes and odours Layer of activated carbon granules
  • Automatic night-time mode Awarded the Quiet Mark

Very surprised at the inaccurate manual and complete lack of knowledge of four different support agents. I have have dyson vacuum cleaners for 10 years + and always thought they were an excellent company but this time they were totally useless at solving my problem. The actual machine i am still not sure about yet. My first was swapped as it never left the a on auto or came in even when we lit the wordburner stove or light a match and let it smoke right in front of it. This second machine has switched on a couple of times but not sure yet how efficient it is as i don’t want cool i want filtered air. After almost a week and 4 emails and 3/4 phone calls someone did finally give the correct answer re connection to link which now i know how to do it the first call should have fixed in seconds. The instructions on cover of manual could easily be fixed to solve thisnow it shows 1 download app 2 add product 3 input product ssidit should say1 download app 2 select add product 3 input home wifi password 4 on pressing button on devise for 5 seconds and getting green flashing light swipe left on phone or ipad to next screen and then enter product ssid. I told multiple members of dyson support i get the green flashing light and the only options are cancel or not seeing flashing light. All said it should automatically go on to next screen and even said i should contact my broadband supplier and change my modem.I thought if you got the green flashing light it must mean it found itnot at all the service i expect from a company like dyson.

Excellent cooling system but expensive compared with other makes.

Need to test it through summer months but i only use 4/5 settings and very quiet.

Lovely cool breeze to lower temperature in the heat. Absolute dream to connect to iphone and alexa. The simplest smart device i have set up in my time. Alexa control only slightly annoying as you you have to say ‘alexa ask dyson to’ which is a couple of words too many hence 4 stars.

Effective, quiet fan and filter but too expensive. Wi fi might be useful for some users but of no interest to others. Why not offer a cheaper machine without the unnecessary technology.

Ordered this as was unable to sleep due to the extreme heat over the summer. Although expensive this fan is well worth the money, not only does it circulate air but it also filters which is great for my partner who suffers terribly with hay fever. Few highlights are: – super quiet operation, on night mode it is whisper quiet and does not interfere with sleep – ability to schedule on and off times to suit so it can start cooling the room before bed and switches off at getting up time – air quality monitor via the app so you can see the air quality in the room both now and historically – when on rotate it is silent in operation unlike blades fans that always seem to vibrate and judder through the cyclein summary i can not recommend this highly enough – yes this is expensive but you get a high quality fan that i am convinced will service me well for many years to come.

Delighted and will probably buy more.

 it’s a piece of art, that’s what i thought when i pulled it out of the box. Dyson has created something seriously special with this air purifier. 95% of allergens and pollutants because of its bladeless technology and its hepa and carbon filters. So no more spending the night awake because of hay fever, or worrying that the rooms air quality is bad, this fan is taking care of it. But seeing is believing, even spraying deodorant on, the fan kicks into life to remove the smell and the gases in the air, it is so sensitive. Astonished isn’t even the word. I was blown away, literally, at max speed it plows through over 290l of air a second, cooling your room and making it more comfortable with very little noise compared to other fans. Its ability to connect to a mobile device for control is delightful, simple to use, easy to understand reports and also packed full of features. The other additions such as the voice control enablement using amazon alexa bring a whole new realm of possibilities for people who are not so able, and the magnetic remote so you never lose it just add to the appeal of this amazing desk fan.

First and foremost, i paid full price for this product and i do have more sense than money (but not alot of the money) i bought specifically for allergies; i wake up most mornings sneezing, wheezing and with dark circles under my eyes. After trying everything from hepa filters, other purifiers, anti dust mite and anti allergy covering and dusting my home and going over the top i decided to give this a last shot. I can safely say that since buying this my allergy symptoms have reduced almost completelyi find it amazing this thing will turn itself on when i open windows, or dust my blinds or even spray aerosol. I appreciate the cost is expensive, and the filters are about £50 to replace however, they should last you a year and are likely to reduce in price in the future. I would really suggest you either buy this direct from amazon, or even from the supplier directly who also offer a 14 day refund if you aren’t entirely happy with the product. It could change your life, it did change mine. It also is extremely quiet, even though i did not buy it for the fan it is a great added bonus. The air feels cleaner, crisper and fresher, you will notice it. This is my first dyson product but if the others are anything like this then you get what you pay for, things that work. Thanks for reading i hope some of you found this helpful, and again i am in no way affiliated with dyson, nor have i received any discount at the time of this posting i paid £347.

This is my first dyson fan, better than i expected. It’s game changer at least for me, no more need for air purifier and traditional fan. App is really great, very easy to connect if you understand how it works.

Not as noisy as many traditional fans, but just as effective. Rather expensive, which loses it a star.

Does what it says on the box.

Expensive, but a brilliant product. Quality build and performance, no issues with setting up wifi, works well with full control of functions. Air quality measured along with ambient temperature and humidity. Much quieter than a regular fan even at high speed, excellent purchase.

Brilliantly effective and quiet.

If you love in a flat and like to cook then this is a great product as it cleans the air of odours as well as contaminants i haven’t had it in the summer to see how it is for allergens but on what i have seen so far i am expecting great results.

Love this fan only gave it 4 stars because it really not as quite as they say , but, after saying that it is quitter then other fans , and , if you put on for sleeping you cant hear it then so yes it is very good.

Well worth the price for sinus suffers especially.

We keep the bedroom window shut at night because outside noise frightens our dog, but with two people and a large dog the room was becoming very stuffy by morning. The pure cool link has completely solved the problem, and changed our sleep quality for the better. The night mode is very quiet, and the sound it makes is pleasant if you like to sleep with white noise. We are breathing easier, and the dog no longer yips in the night.

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Dyson 305218-01 Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier
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One thought on “Dyson 305218-01 Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier : WOW, AMAZING do it again. I can get a decent nights sleep again

  1. Verified Purchase says:
    Don’t get near that awful product. It just doesn’t work properly.
    • Verified Purchase says:
      Don’t get near that awful product. It just doesn’t work properly.
  2. Verified Purchase says:

    This review is from : Dyson 305218-01 Pure Cool Link Desk Air Purifier

    I have a pacemaker and it contains strong magnets so it’s not safe. This needs to be made clear in the adverts.

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