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Draper 31533 230-Volt 6-Inch Clip-On Fan : Just as expected

We took our vacation from american to england, right in the middle of a drought with unusually high temps for the uk. Of course, no one had fans in stock, because rarely are they ever needed. We checked store after store after store and each time they either never had any, or the small “emergency” stock they’d gotten in had already flown off the shelves. As a last ditch effort to avoid two weeks tossing in bed at night, too hot and sweaty to sleep, we ordered six of these online (one for each member of our group), over-night shipped to our cottage. They were perfect for using at night, when we needed a cool breeze to break up the stale hot air in our bedrooms. It’s much bigger than the picture gives it credit for, and the air flow is strong. The clips held tight, and were stable; it swivels so you can position the fan in any position you need it and clips strong to whatever you need to clip it to.

Simple and effective – just what i was looking for for the headboard. Well built, the clip is strong enough to hold on to a headboard all by itself and there’s holes for screw fittings. It gives a decent amount of breeze and is no noiser than you’d expect a reasonable powerful fan to be – my one minor gripe would be that there isn’t much difference between the ‘fast’ and ”slow’ settings (both pretty fast, so there isn’t a gentle option).

I bought this for work where there’s not real air con, just something called ‘comfort cooling’ which appears to always leave me uncomfortable. Anyway it clips to a ledge near my desk and is plenty powerful enough.

This is a good fan which is powerful but reasonably quiet, crocodile clamp is excellent but the adjustable pivot will not clamp tight enough to hold the fan against it’s own weight. I’m probably going to take pivot apart and rough up the edges to enable it to grip better and stay in place.

  • Much bigger than it looks
  • Good Little Fan.
  • What is up with the clip?!?!?
  • Draper 31533 230v 6 Inch Clip-On-Fan
  • Better than you expect!
  • Just as expected

Draper 31533 230-Volt 6-Inch Clip-On Fan

Nice size, weak output, shortish cable. This compact clip on fan is well built with a very strong clip. The fan can be manually rotated once clipped in place and the angle adjusted up/down. So most angles can be reached and the clip itself has a hole for a hook should you choose to hang this on a wall. However the power output is very low. I would say from 50cm away on full power you can only feel a very light breeze if anything at all. This means the fan has to be positioned very close to the subject, which is not always ideal. Others have noted only two power settings and i agree a third setting would be good. Also the difference between both settings is minimal. Finally note the power cord is about 1m which i found was too short.

I bought of these last summer to get a bit more air flowing in my bedroom and it did exactly the job it needed to. Despite its size it is powerful enough to aerate a reasonably sized room. I have a couple of minor quibbles. The power cable could do with being another 2 or 3 feet longer in my opinion, just to make life easier, but i can still position the fan where i like without having to overstretch extension blocks to get it connected up. Secondly, it’s be nice if this had an additional adjustable hinge on it to make it easier to angle it in the direction you want, but again this can be worked around with a bit of careful placement. Suffice to say i will be making use of this again if this coming summer is as warm as last year’s was.

Draper 31533 230v 6 inch clip-on-fan. I was immediately impressed with this fan, it’s well made and runs very quietly and smoothly. The fan can be manually pan + tilted and then locked in place (but it doesn’t auto-rotate. I think that’s a plus with this little fan because it’s often the auto rotate mechanism that causes a fan to be noisey|). It works perfectly wherever you need a small fan up to a distance of +/- 4 or 5 feet from you. The “clamp-on jaws” are strong and rubber padded so it clamps tightly but doesn’t leave marks on the surface of whatever you clamped it to. The clamp opens up to 2 inches/5 centimeters so it will clamp to most kitchen worktops, tables/coffee tables, shelves, office desktops or even a windowsill. (note: the cable is approx 4 and a half feet long, so this may have a bearing on where you site it). Very pleased with this product thank you draper.

Best quality at a good priceif looking for a clip on fan, 2 speed , good air flow , adaptable for tight spaces and very well made , look no further .

What is up with the clip???. When i opened the box with the product inside i was tempted to right a review just purely on the dodgy packaging that made the product look as if it was second hand but, decided against doing that as i figured it was a bit harsh to just review a product on how it is packaged. The reason that i decided to right this review was becuase of the joining mechanism between the clip and the fan. The problem is that the fan has a massive motor (yes gives out a lot of air, very good) which is very heavy. This means that when you angle the fan forward slightly it ends up dropping down to its lowest level, which isn’t where i want it to be. I’ve tried tightening the bolt that connects the clip and the fan but i think it will be impossible to do with out a special bolt tightening device. Apart from that major floor, the fan is actually very good at doing what a fan is meant to do; blow air. It’s got a very big motor so can push a fair volume of air. It’s a definite step up from my mini usb fan but at the moment i have got books stacked up so as to point the fan in the right direction.

This little fan was delivered in a really timely manner, does the job and is perfect for an office or home office environment. The adjustable head really helps so you can ensure the air is directed away from any loose papers etc. I really like mine and have purchased another for another staff member.

I’ve had it clipped to the front of a spinning bike (which is where it usually stays) and in the days when the summer used to be summery i used to clip it to the bed’s headboard as the clip can open to around 2″ or so. There are two speeds, high and low but really you just keep it on the high setting. I’d definitely buy another one if mine packs up. I’ve had it for a year so far with no problems.

Perfect fan for size and airflow. It came in handy in the late summer we had this year. Strong, good airflow and great for hanging off your desk. For the price and size it’s great. It does not oscillate but can be hung at odd angles.

After scouring my whole city and the internet for a fan during the recent heatwave, i found everywhere was sold out. I had dismissed the clip on fans until that point thinking they would be like the usb ones that clip to your computer. I am glad i took a chance on this. It is sturdy, has a very big clip, and is only slightly smaller than your regular cheap desk fan. It has two settings, and the higher setting is enough to cool you down during the heatwaves. The only thing i wish it had was the ability to osccilate on it’s own. As it is i’m happy to move it about myself as needed, as it is possible to turn it around. I am just lazy enough to want it to do it without me having to get up.

Its ok for personal use but would not be suitable if you want to cool a room down. I wanted a fan to clip to the underside of kitchen wall unit in front of me when i’m on the laptop. This does what i want of it and its relatively quiet, but the 2 speed option is irrelevant because i can’t tell the difference. Its ok for personal use but would not be suitable if you want to cool a room down.

Great fan with a super helpful & strong clip. Its not little, but is powerful for its size and the clip is super helpful & strong. I’ve had this fan for 3 years now and use it daily during the summer months and its perfect for keeping me cool. I’ve dropped it a few times & it still works perfectly.

I bought this fan to take with me on a business trip, and so the 6″ size really appealed to me. What i didn’t realise was that the 6″ size refers to the blades, making this fan around 10″ in diameter in total – not much smaller than a standard desk fan. It’s also nearly a kilo in weight, so too heavy for luggage. A good, well made fan, but much more substantial than it looks.

Satisfactory fan, but not the most strong. . I have used this for a couple of several years now and it is sufficient. Charge, dimension (fan is six inches, outer situation eight. two electric power options via rear change. Fairly sturdy, clip is robust and robust. Brands fall short to publish electricity score.

Does what it states on the tin. Some critiques have stated that it is noisy. Best for attaching on the desk or on the facet of the bed.

I’ve recognized above the decades some folks embarrass themselves with these critiques , the just one who claims this is not draper is a person this kind of. It is particularly as described and accurately what i needed. Strong create , very good excellent and deceptively highly effective for its size. Extremely advised in each and every way , oh and it has draper stamped on the tricky mounting clip , the booklet has draper all around it as does the box , lord knows why it was ever queried.

I bought one particular of these fans several many years back. It was good and has had major use. It now looks a minimal sad so decided to substitute it with a new 1. Sometime back i made the decision to get a next fan for somewhere else and purchased the initially 1 that came up but was really disappointed with it (flimsy, noisy, lousy excellent, bad airflow). This time i took treatment to obtain a ‘draper’ all over again. Make sure you, if you are searching for a fan of this sort, select this one particular, you will not get better. The top quality is next to none – not flimsy at all. It presents a good wave of air, excellent electricity (or a lot less if you desire, two configurations) it can be angled anyway you want and is not noisy. I have it on the bedside cupboard & it fits there just good and is fantastic in the summer weather.

I cant believe how very robust & excellent it is for its measurement. I hardly at any time have to have it on the 2nd velocity except it is a really incredibly hot day. Wonderful if you do not have too substantially room as it clips onto the edge of the table. Can endorse this product as i certainly did not imagine it was likely to be as fantastic & solid as it is.

This is a rather amazing fan, it is compact and mild adequate to clip onto any strong area. The clip itself is broad ample to chunk upwards of about an inch and a half. The blades themselves are 6 inches in diameter, nevertheless with each other with the casing it is truly about 8 inches in whole in diameter. The only damaging is that the twine could be a bit for a longer period specified the skill of the fan to be mounted in superior places off the ground, but this can be remedied if you have an extension twine. There are two speeds on the fan and the switch is found on the back of the fan unit rather than on the cord. It is reasonably quieter as opposed to most desk lovers on the lessen placing.