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Dehumidifier : Great for a small room

Great for small/medium rooms. . One of the best overall dehumidifiers ever. It is compact effective and very useful. It arrived in a brown branded box with a handle in the top. I’d used this box it comes in as a way to store it when you know you will not be using it for some time. In the box comes the dehumidifier, a two part plug with a medium sized power brick and a guide leaflet. The dehumidifier is made with of a plastic exterior and a clear tray where the water will fill up. I tested it by using a humidifier in a room before turning this on to make the room more humid than it was before. Like advertised i can see the dehumidifier able to extract 500ml per 24 hours. You are able to leave this on all the time as it as the feature to turn off when temperature is over 70’c or when the water tank is full.

First off this is a great little device, with the humid weather we have been having lately i was really looking forward to this arriving. It comes well packaged in a cardboard box with very little non-recyclable materials which is great. Upon taking the device out you get the impression that it is well made as it has a decent heft and feels solidly put together so i am pretty convinced this will last me years. Inside you also get the power cord, which slightly annoyingly has an external transformer, i see no reason they couldn’t incorporate this in to the main body but i won’t drop a start over it. You also get a small instruction manual, to be fair you don’t really need one as it is very simple to use. There is more text in there that refers to troubleshooting than anything else. Operation is as simple as pressing the on button which lights up a green led. There is a second button for off, that’s about all you need to know really. Once the storage is full there is a yellow led that will light up.

Anypro 1000ml dehumidifier———————————————i have been using products from this company for a long while now. They have all lasted and all work great therefore i have confidence when recommending this brand. I have had a few comersial dehumidifiers before, these were more expensive so i will be looking to see how this compairs. A lot of people get dehumidifiers and humidifiers mixed up, this is a dehumidifier which soaks up moister in the air. This is good for damp rooms or in countries with high humidity. Contents———————————————1x dehumidifier1x power cable1x user manualthe products arrived quicker than expected, and were well packaged so the products were safe and secure throughout transit to be perfect on arival. There was minimal packaging meaning little waste and less hassle for me which is always helpful. Build quality———————————————the product looks great. When turend on the tank lights up blue which i love.

I bought this as in bedroom i’m starting to get a lot of damp and it get really humid in there. I just put on my desk and it’s been a week now and the tank is already full even thought is huge. This is really good and also feels better in my bedroom aswell. This is definitely the best dehumidifier i bought. I had purchased one before this but that took ages to actual start collecting water. The design and quality of this is really good and i’m very pleased with this. I’m going to buy another one for another room. Do not waste money on other dehumidifiers buy this instead. I received this product at a discount in an exchange for an honest review.

  • Great for a small room
  • A small room unit thats works ver ywell and is very cheap to run.
  • Works really well
  • Great for small/medium rooms.
  • Excellent – compact, quiet running and effective extraction!

Dehumidifier, Sparoma 1000ml Premium Portable Desiccant Dehumidifier with 500ml/24h Moisture Extraction, Fire Resistant, Perfect for Kitchen Bedroom Wardrobe and Small Space, DH100 – Black

  • Sparoma: Product & Service-Oriented. Join with our 99% satisfied customers
  • Designed for Dehumidification: Extracts 500ml of moisture/24h at 30℃, 80%RH. Controls mould, condensation and bacteria growth. Create healthy comfortable living environment
  • Ultra Safe: Auto shuts off when the temperature is over 70℃ or the water tank is full. Fire resistant shell protects from fire hazard
  • Convenient Cleaning: Dismountable surface cover, easy to clean. Ensures health and increases machine life
  • WHAT YOU GET: Sparoma dehumidifier, UK plug, User Manual, Welcome Guide. WARRANTY: 60 days’ money-back, our worry-free 24-month warranty and unrivalled customer service

Excellent – compact, quiet running and effective extraction. Here is my review of this sparoma portable dehumidifier from anypro. The product arrived safely very well packaged, as i’ve come to expect from the seller anypro. Inside is the dehumidifier, the power adapter lead and instruction booklet. The dehumidifier looks quite stylish in black and silver, also the unit is pretty compact meaning it can be placed in wardrobes, airing cupboards or other smaller spaces. Set up takes no time at all, it’s simply a case of plugging in the power lead into the dehumidifier and plugging the ac plug into the wall outlet and away you go. In operation the dehumidifier has a green light which lets you know it’s working and also a blue light that is located behind the water tank which shines through the clear plastic and it looks pretty coolwhen running the dehumidifier is very quiet and it is also very effective in extracting moisture. On testing i placed the dehumidifier in the bathroom while a ran a hot bath and left the shower on, to fill the room with steam an it started collecting moisture really quickly. The capacity of the tank is 1 litre which is ample for smaller spaces or even bigger areas. There’s a grill on the front of the unit which is removable to clear any dust that’s built up.

A small room unit thats works ver ywell and is very cheap to run. . Dehumidifier, sparoma 1000ml premium portable desiccant dehumidifier with 500ml/24h moisture extraction, fire resistant, perfect for kitchen bedroom wardrobe and small space, dh100 – blacki was kindly sent this device at reduced cost to try it and then produce a review based on my experience with it. The air holds water and this can cause damp in your house. This can manifest itself in several ways including moulds on wall, stale air and the air feeling cold. These conditions are bad for us. Heating helps but sometimes you need to remove some of the water from the air. This is what a dehumidifier does. There are several types, some work like a fridge in reverse and others use chemical water extraction,in the box. #the unit with water tank, power cord and 12 volt transformer and instruction leaflet.

Ideal for small spaces, we use ours in our camper van. Quiet running, very attractive design, so much so we refer to ours as r2 d2.