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Clarke Cff18b 18” High Velocity Floor Fan : Very powerful fan

Great quality, works a treat, not too noisy, use in our living room.

I bought one of these earlier this year,but not from amazon. I have been trying to get hold of one for a years years,but they are so popular they are hard to come by. This is a great fan,it is well made,stable and pretty powerful. The only slight criticisms are it comes with a lead which is far too short and the lowest power setting could be a bit lower. This fan though is essential to keeping you cool in hot and sticky summers and i would certainly recommend it to friends.

Ordered this fan in the middle of the heatwave as a similar one i was after was out of stock. It’s powerful, little bit noisy, had it on lowest setting which was ideal for a medium to large room.

  • Does the job no problems
  • Spectacular performance
  • Solid, robust, quality item built in the UK.

Clarke Cff18b 18” High Velocity Floor Fan

  • 18″ (457mm) Fan Diameter
  • 140 Watt, 230V motor with 3 speed control
  • Colour Black
  • Dimensions (DWH) 215x547x535mm
  • Weight 5.15kg

This fan is perfect for the weather over the past few days- one of the best i have had. It is very noisy but it is made up by the power.

Does exactly what you want – you can expect a fan of this size and power to run quiet – 100% happy.

Solid, robust, quality item built in the uk. Shifts air like no other fan i have ever had. Only ever need it on its lowest setting. Blows cool night air into my upstairs bedroom lowering the temperature inside to within 2 degrees of the outside temperature. The air flow from this product is amazing. Quiet for the amount of air it shifts.

I bought this specifically for the dogs during the ridiculously hot weather this summer. Even in a cool sitting room they were struggling, and this was perfect for them. I was also really impressed with the speed of delivery, i ordered it on my lunch break and it was delivered the next day by noon, which considering it was free carriage was fantastic. Highly recommend the fan and the seller.

I’ve had my eye on a big bad-boy fan like this for a while, but have never splashed out until now. It requires no assembly, and so once you get it out of the box, you just plug it in and you’re good to go. It’s a big fan, but given the size of the blade, it’s actually quite manageable to use in your house and can be folded up to quite a compact size. Certainly more compact than my old 12″ pedestal fan. I’ve found that a nice way to use this fan is to tilt it and direct it up at the ceiling. This creates a gentle draft in the room which is comfortable and cooling without creating chill from the fan. In use, it’s quite noisy sounding a bit like a very quiet prop plane taking off, but that’s only to be expected with a powerful fan. I usually use it on the lowest power setting, which is plenty powerful. This fan is not cheap, but it’s good value.

Can’t remember if there was a review that stated they wished there as a lower setting than the lowest of the three. Not a problem with the fan, i didnt buy a 18″ fan for little air movement. Lowest setting is sufficient to circulate air in a large roomcomes completely assembled. I think there was instructions (but who the hell needs one for a fan??). Might get another one if i get annoyed with moving it around but its not heavy enough to bother me for the time being.

Really strong and powerful item.

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Clarke Cff18b 18” High Velocity Floor Fan
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