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Tower Fans

Honeywell HYF290E QuietSet Tower Fan – Very Well Designed

I was fortunate enough to buy the last fan in the world during this hot weather but did not feel that the lack of available choices compromised my decision in the end as this fan is exactly what it says. The night time setting is exceptionally quiet with a button for dimming the light on the top both of these things are normally an issue for me. The other settings are all very efficient and it is very smart in appearance with the useful simple remote control that tucks neatly away at the back when not in use.

This is an elegant tower fan from honeywell has five cooling settings. It powers from whisper quiet up to turbo performance. It has an easy to use control panel and a timer that allows you to program the fan for one, two, four or eight hours of cooling. The very quiet technology is ideal for use at night in the bedroom. It comes with a remote control with a discreet storage holder in the fan for convenience. The fan has 5 speed settings. The fan is very serious piece of furniture with its unique design. It has a manufacturer’s 3 year guarantee. It is very easy to assemble. A brilliant modern quiet tower fan.

The tower design is quite sleek, and relatively slim so it easily fits in the corner of your room. It does require some assembly when you receive it, but it is pretty easy and the instructions are quite clear. There are 8 power settings, from a mere breeze that will just stir the air in the room, to a strong breeze that you will definitely notice. It isn’t as powerful as a standard floor fan but it has a much small footprint. Also there is a remote control for it that is quite handy. It is a quite quiet, especially on the lower settings, and the timer is quite handy if you want to have it in your bedroom. Just set it going on low and it will switch itself off when you are asleep. Overall a nice, well designed fan that wont look out of place in the office or home.

The ‘honeywell hyf290e quietset tower fan with remote control, white’ – actually black was supplied – is a tall chimney-shaped fan which has no visible or accessible fan blades and is therefore child-friendly. The main unit is approx 60cm tall without the base which increases the overall height by another 30-35cm. All its controls are placed at the top of the tower for easy reach but there is remote control should it be required which can be stored on a clip at the top-rear of the fan. The fan has a small turbine fan within that is almost silent at lower speeds, once settled, and should never be too loud or objectionable and can eject an air flow at some strength and for some distance, somewhat emulating that of dy**n but without their ridiculous pricing. The fan can be set to operate for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours and within a range of 8 strengths. There are leds within the control panel which, if desired, can be dimmed at night or if otherwise a nuisance. Some minor assembly is required, essentially mounting the stand parts to the main unit. A red plastic retaining ring (very obvious) needs be removed from the underside and the two stand sections located on their lugs, pressed together and two pre-fitted locking screws removed and replaced. The red locking ring can then be reinstalled. It is the usual three-handed task but a pair of knees can hold the fan upside-down for that procedure; otherwise, a partner or offspring may provide the essential assistance.

But funnel base acts like a soundboard on floor and has to go on a cushion to muffle deep rumble. Blue lights need to be covered. Surprised honeywell have not changed these yet in view of comments.

Whilst this is a slink nice design, i am disappointed with this fan. I previously had one of the blade fans, i suffer with hot feet so have to have a fan on them on a night time. I don’t find this fan any quieter than my old one and you can get a noise from it like next door has the washer on. The last couple of nights it has been red hot and muggy so left it on full power and rotate in the bedroom all evening to cool the room, but the room didn’t feel any cooler. The light dimmer is a good idea, the remote (apart from the elderly or disabled) is just lazy. For the price, i don’t think its the best on the market personally.

  • Just bought this – it is great!!
  • Excellent product
  • Quiet and effective

Very happy with this purchase, quiet enough to sleep next to during the hot summer nights.

This is my first fan so i can’t compare it with others. The plastic looks a bit cheap especially the bottom stand part. But what i like about it is that is really quiet. I find the highest setting to be less noisy than the lowest or sleep mode. It’s not the perfect fan but for the price as it is it’s a really good fan that i would recommend.

The product description twice mentions the word ‘elegant’ and compared to my old fan it definitely is. Very modern looking and sleek, has performed faultlessly so far and with little to no noise at lower levels. So very nearly soundless that i was in bed and dropping off before realising that i’d left it on. Requires a little bit of assembly for which an extra pair of hands comes in handy but it’s do-able for someone on their own too. Easy to master the controls and there’s a lot of options to choose from to get the output just right. Handy remote control too, just to encourage my laziness. Not sure yet if it’s power hungry but i hope it’s not too greedy as it’s already proving very useful and we’ve had it on most days since it arrived.

When this fan arrived, it was a lot bigger than i expected, reminding me of the monolith from 2001. However the small base means that it can be accommodated in most places. The fan is easy to assemble (if you read the instructions) and the controls are very easy to use. A remote control is provided and there is a holder built into the fan where it can be stored. The controls allow you to choose the strength of the air flow, whether the fan is rotating or still, and whether you want the fan to automatically turn off after a set number of intervals. Most of the fan settings are quite noisy and i would not want to use them at night for fear of waking my neighbour in the adjoining room. However, the nighttime setting provides a pleasing amount of coolness and is quiet enough that you can fall asleep to it. This is a great fan to use at night, as the fan’s height means you receive the cool air whether you are sitting up in bed or lying down and you can set the timer so that it turns off automatically. My only complaint is that, unlike with the other settings, you can’t set the timer via the remote control.

This fan is different to any other that i’ve ever owned, with its tall, slim design. There’s no two ways about it – it’s quite an imposing beast at nearly a metre tall and black so, whilst the design allows it to sit neatly in a corner, if it’s an average bedroom or similar then you might still find that it stands out rather more than you might like. As to features of this fan: well, of course you have the quite standard adjustable strength of the breeze but there is also a timer function which switches the fan off after a certain length of time which is a nice feature and one that i make use of. The operating panel on top of the fan is lit up by a blue light which can be turned off if required and you can also operate the fan via the included remote control. The fan also rotates up to 80 degrees to distribute the breeze the air movement around the room. The fan operates relatively quietly – especially on the lower settings – and i have no problem sleeping with it on. Unfortunately, though, on my model the rotation is a little clunky and can make a rather annoying squeaking noise at times so i tend to leave the rotation off. Overall this is a good fan that provides quite a gusty breeze and cools effectively. However, in my opinion it is rather on the expensive side at present and doesn’t offer huge benefits over and above a standard fan.

Features of Honeywell HYF290E QuietSet Tower Fan with Remote Control, Black

  • Quiet and powerful; eight levels of quiet control for continuous comfort
  • Timer allows user to program fan for 1,2,4 or 8 hours cooling and shut-off; remote control can be stored on the fan
  • Oscillating (80 degrees) for wide area cooling
  • Dimming feature for night time use – five light level selections
  • Honeywell quality: 3 years guarantee

From the manufacturer

Honeywell Quiet Set Table Fan – HT354 Honeywell Quiet Set Tower Fan – HY254E Honeywell Quiet Set Stand – HS1655 Honeywell Quiet Set Tower Fan – HYF260E Honeywell Quiet Set Tower Fan – HYF290E
Levels of Silence 4 5 5 5 8
Lowest sound level (dB) 41 40 42 35 32
Highest sound level (dB) 52 52 52 48 48
Highest output (m/s) 2 3 3.7 2.5 2.5
Remote Control
Tilt Function
Dimming Feature
Oscillation 40° 75° 70° 80° 80°
“Dimension D x W x H (cm)” 17x 33 x 33 30 x 30 x 100 55 x 55 x 100-120 25 x 27 x 102 25 x 27 x 102
Weitght (kg) 2.3 3.7 6.7 4.2 4.3

Quiet and powerful; eight levels of quiet control for continuous comfort

Just bought this – it is great. I bought it for when i am sleeping – my bedroom is boiling but i can’t stand loud fans.

This tower fan by honeywell may not be very stylish and the plastic case may belie its true quality but its performance is very impressive. On unpacking the box you find that you have a minimal amount of assembly to perform – the base needs connecting to the tower which is easily achieved once the pieces are correctly located and lined up. There is a remote control which clips into a recess at the top of the tower which operates and adjusts the fans settings. The fan has adjustable speed, adjustable lighting on the top panel, the tower can be set to oscillate or not and there is an auto shut off timer which can be set from 1-8 hours. In operation this fan is exceptionally quite, in fact on the lowest setting you cannot hear it working at all it is that quiet and the draught created by the fan at this setting can still be felt across a 12ft room as a gentle breeze. On the highest setting the sound is still not as bad as a traditional ‘propellor’ fan. The adjustable brightness of the lighting on the top panel is a good idea when being used at night time and allows you to locate the fan in darkness without being blinded when looking at it. Overall i found this to be an exceptionally good product that is almost everything the manufacturer claims it to be (style being somewhat subjective, i would tend to disagree with the description of it being ‘elegant’).

Quiet and very nice looking fan i’ve had a few of these types of fans and although this one ranks pretty pricey, it also comes across as expensive. Well made easy to use and set up and looks great.

This fan is slim with a small footprint. It looks sleek, modern and fairly unobtrusive. It’s tall enough, and has sufficient power, to circulate air throughout a large room. Even on higher settings, it’s not too loud and the output of air feels smooth rather than gusty. The remote control clips neatly onto the back of the machine for safe keeping. It allows you to switch on and off, alter the speed, and set the fan to rotate. The other functions on the main base are to set a timer for a certain number of hours, and to dim the indicator light. I can’t find any reason to dislike this fan. If it’s within your price range i recommend it highly.

Like a gentle hum barely noticeable , it cools well even in the lowest setting that can’t be heard at all ,the breeze it produces feels like a lovely fresh wind from outdoors rather than a fan noisily blowing hot air in a forceful and choppy way . I love it so much i would buy another .

Quiet is the right word and it’s a gentle soft noise and wouldn’t wake you at night in the summer months- very good option for the conservatory as it takes up little roof and is safe with young people around too.

Timer allows user to program fan for 1,2,4 or 8 hours cooling and shut-off; remote control can be stored on the fan

Let’s start off with the installation and the big question: could i get this set up without having to read the instructions?. Because who wants to read the instructions. I had to read about unscrewing the red ring at the bottom of the fan in order to attach the stand. That was the only stumbling block, and now you know that, everything else should be easy. My priority when choosing a fan is normally the quietness. Yes, even above its cooling functionality, if it’s noisy, it’s unwelcome during hot summer nights. And on its sleep setting, the hyf290e passes the test with flying colours and muted whirring. Great but if it doesn’t cool on the setting, it’s not of much use.

This does a good job as a machine for blowing air around, is pretty quiet, has some useful timer settings and comes with a remote that clips onto the back of the fan – but it’s not the most attractive object, especially in this rather plasticky black. The tower has one long cylinder-shaped fan inside its surprisingly tall casing. This seems to give a wide vertical spread of air without the need for something the size of a spitfire propeller. It also seems to mean it’s not much of an issue that you can’t tilt it. It does provide a good breeze, even on the lower of several settings. The fully enclosed spinning parts make it safer for children too i expect. The disadvantage of the shape is that it’s not that difficult to knock over, though you can push it a reasonably long way before it topples. It’s also quite a presence in the room – the base being the main culprit because of the way it bulges out for stability. Other tower fans i’ve seen look more svelte. The gaudy lights on the top for the fan settings can at least be dimmed or switched off entirely.

This has been a lifesaver in what has been an unbelievable summer especially this far up north of the country. We use this fan at night; i am a very light sleeper so we needed something very quiet so this fan has been really perfect. It is nice and sturdy and comes with a remote control which is very convenient. It has multiple settings so can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s thin shape is hugely convenient because we can position it in the tight space between the bed and the bedside table which is the perfect spot and during the day it can be easily stored in the wardrobe out of the way and without taking up space. It seems to have a relatively decent build so hoping it will hold up; so far it has worked really well with some quite heavy use.

Brilliant tower fan – really impressed with this product. Although quite tall, it is narrow enough to stand in a corner, but gives a good sweep of fresh air. It has eight settings and is easily controlled with the included remote (batteries not included). What i really wanted, though, was a fan that is quiet enough to use on summer nights when you are hot and sticky but don’t want to be kept awake by the whirring noise of a fan (as with my older fan). The 290e actually is almost inaudible when on the lowest setting and even better, it can be dimmed down too – a very sensible feature which also makes this an excellent fan to use in a baby’s room. Not budget price, but well made and worth the cost because of the excellent features.

So now we’ve finally had some hot weather up here, in the wastelands of the north west of england, i’ve been able to switch on and test this tall, sleek fan. Some simple assembly is required – the base has to be slotted together, which is easy enough even for me; it all seems to be quite robust and has quite a lot of features. All the controls are on the top and are easy to understand and use. It is surprisingly quiet, which is always a plus for me, as i’ve had some fans that are so loud it’s like living in a wind tunnel. The remote control is also really handy – it uses 3 aaa batteries, not supplied which i think is somewhat mean given the price of the fan. The oscillation can be turned on or off, and there is a timer which is a great feature especially if this is to be used in a bedroom. Although i don’t have small children i think this would be quite safe as there is little chance of it toppling over. Being a vertical design it takes up very little room. What a pity it doesn’t come in white.

My first piece of advice is read the instructions for assembly. It’s not difficult but a bit fiddly. Has a sleek modern design and takes up very little space compared with a standard fan. It’s dead easy to use with or without the remote control (not including the 2x aaa batteries i thought was a bit mean given the price of the fan, but not enough to dock a star). It has several ‘modes’ and with each the speed and noise of the fan increases, but the noise never gets intrusive. The night time mode is not silent. In fact i don’t think it’s much quieter than a standard fan on lowest setting. The control light can be totally dimmed at night time, which is a nice touch. As it being able to set the fan to run for 1,2,4 or 8 hours.

Oscillating (80 degrees) for wide area cooling

I tested this item in my dance studio in june 2017, which is situated over a pizza hut branch, and as i’m sure you can imagine, gets pretty hot and sweaty when its full of ladies dancing aroundi would say the power this offers is more suited to a domestic room, however, using it at the studio gave me chance to test it against a traditional oscillating circular fan. This definitely came out the winner. We didn’t really look at the instruction book much, it was quite easy to figure out. Design – this item is sleek and less unobtrusive in the room. Easy to stick in a corner without getting in your way. I wouldn’t say it looks attractive as such, but it doesn’t look bad. Function – easy to use controls. The air stream comes out quite concentrated compared to a circular fan, giving a feeling of directed cold air. I don’t think its much more powerful than the traditional type of fan, but the direct flow feels cooler from this funnel effect, as the traditional circular type diffuses air in all directions.

My office gets baking once i’ve got my it kit all on and the sun comes through the window. I need a fan but have always struggled to get the right balance of airflow, power and quietness. I’ve tried the rotary ones, i’ve tried a dyson and now i’m trying this tower. No solution before this has been a home run, and this isn’t either. Yes it is very quiet compared to the alternatives, yes it shifts the air around – but for me it is still makes too much background ‘white noise’ when in operation for me to work really comfortably. No fan i’ve yet tried has cracked that. So 4 stars, it is as good as any other fan i’ve tried (including a much more expensive dyson) but i’m still waiting for an innovator to crack the sound down just one or two more. Until they invent that, i can recommend this.

Fast delivery, very quiet in the lowest speed mode. But a bit noisy if i want it to turn left and right.

I’ll be quick and concise about the best features i’ve noticed and like about this ‘fan’. It’s quieter but not completely silent, which you will notice especially when it’s on the powerful mode. I recommend you always set the timer on, otherwise you might just forget to turn it off and go to bed/work without realising it’s still on. Its illumination dimming feature will be very good especially when you want to use it in a dark room or when you go to sleep, as the illumination won’t annoy you to fall asleep, but again remember to use the timer, and be on the gentle breeze mode, as you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night and feeling cold. Another thing is the remote control, so you don’t have to get up of bed or the sofa to turn it on/off or turn the level up/low. And personally, i love that it’s a tall and slim design, so i can just put it in the loft or small storage when the summer ends without taking much space. If there were more colour variations, it’d earn 5 stars.

Not a bad fan, but a bit gutless. At the price i would have expected morebreeze on the high setting. One major fault is the lack of memory in the light setting. If you use it at night and need to put it on and off, the lights come on at full. Then you have to get out of bed to turn them off. Not conducive to a good night’s rest. This replaced a misbehaving bionaire which was far better at athird of the price.

The fan comes in three pieces, basically two halves of the stand and the main fan. The two halves of the stand are supposed to snap neatly together and then get locked in place using a couple of thumb screws, but something wasn’t quite right with the moulding and no matter what i did i couldn’t get it to lock together at the top on one side – some black duct tape made sure it was 100% secured and it isn’t noticeable, but still disappointing for a premium priced product. There’s a three button remote which slots neatly into a recess in the back when not in use. This turns the fan on/off, cycles through the power settings and whether you want the oscillating function on or off. Even at the lowest, and quietest, setting you get a decent amount of airflow and even at the highest setting it’s still not too loud. There’s the option to even dim the leds, which is a nice touch if you’re going to be using it in the bedroom. This is my first tower fan so i am a little concerned about what happens in a year’s time when the internals are clogged with dust and animal dander. I’ve used plenty of circular fans in the past and they all can be stripped down and cleaned as necessary, but it doesn’t look like this will be a simple matter with a tower fan. I do like how little space it takes up, compared to a circular fan.

. But, to my eye, has an industrial look. I would have loved the white version (hyf290e4) for my bedroom, for when the heat gets unbearable, especially as this has a ‘night-time light dimming feature’ to control or turn off the ‘blue hue’. It is worth noting here that when the fan is first switched on each time, the control panel light will default to 100% brightness. You can easily dim this to one of the 5 settings, by pressing the light button the required number of times, i. 75% (x 1), 50% (x 2), 25% (x 3), off (x 4) & 100% (x 5). ✤ helen of troy limited (hot/europe)✤ honeywell✤ model : hyf290e1/2017✤ ‘quietset®’✤ ‘220-240 v ~ 50hz : 31w’✤ tower fan with oscillation functionality & remote controlthe power cord is around 185 cm long but you do lose a little threading through the guide in the base as shown in the instructions (fig 7 ~ last image refers). ‘made in china’colour : blackthis tower fan has been tested out in the corner of a conservatory on the recent warmer days. On the lowest setting, it is functional and quieter than others i have tried but still noticeable to my highly sensitive ear. Family & friends do not seem to notice the gentle whirr. On its highest setting it is very effective without being overly noisy and i like the blue hue that emerges (if set) as the natural light fades away. Also, it is worth noting that you need 2 x ‘aaa’ batteries for the remote, if using. It has three buttons (1st image refers):✽ power : on/off✽ fan speed selection✽ oscillation : on/offoooofrom the box (as currently pictured in the above stock images):~ 80° oscillating~ 53 dbooooothe fan arrived in a colourful box measuring around 27. Inside, all securely wrapped in cellophane-type wrap and protected with shaped, corrugated cardboard end-pieces are:✿ the main unit ~ matte black, plastic type✿ the matte black plastic-type pedestal unit in 2 halves✿ a separate pack containing the remote control unit, which takes 2 x aaa batteries (not supplied)along with a:~ multi-lingual operating instruction booklet (also available online)~ warranty leaflet (3-year) limited (kaz)the 2 x flat-headed screws are already in situ in the base for safekeeping (i.

Dimming feature for night time use –

The fan arrives with some minimal construction to do (the base needs to be slotted together having fixed the main rotating unit in place). The construction is solid and instructions simple, so it’s a straightforward set up. There are useful lugs to hold the power cable neatly in place. The fan is strong, especially on the highest setting) but relatively quiet. The rotation adds no additional noise over the fan, at least not so far for me having tested it over a number of hours. This is good as features such as the automatic timer make this an ideal fan to use on warm summer nights, and distracting squeaks won’t aid sleep much. The controls cover fan speed, rotation, a timer function and light intensity from the control panel itself (again a design feature to help night time use). All controls involve the same process of pressing each button in question a number of times to select the setting you need (which is displayed) so it is very intuitive. A small, neat remote control allows a selection of fan speed and rotation on/off from distance. The remote unit clicks into place in the back of the fan when not in use, which is a nice design touch.

I needed a fan that is not loud and not too powerful because big air flows give me headaches – this fan on the lowest setting is actually perfect for my bedroom. The quality of the build is really good too.

This is ‘only’ a cooling fan and so it’s not cheap at nearly £100. What you do get though is a very modern looking and slim cooling tower that is quiet enough to use at night. It’s also got an impressive and very windy top setting which has worked well in my twenty five square metre section of office. The tower rotates and so the air-flow is improved. It has worked well at night and can automatically shut-off with a choice of 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours delay. If it had a heating element it would be pretty much perfect – as it is, it’s very good.

Aesthetically the honeywell quietset tower floor fan is very slim and modern. All the controls are situated at the top of the fan and are very straightforward, no complications here. There are 8 fan settings, all lit with a blue light. The density of this light can be controlled from zero light to a bright light quite easily. As expected, the higher the fan setting the noisier it becomes, although it isn’t overpowering. The quietest setting is obviously the night setting. The fan has an 80 degree oscillation movement and it comes with a 3 year guarantee. There is also a remote control supplied, which takes 3 x aaa batteries; these are not provided. Overall i really like this fan, the quality is good; it looks expensive and it is really unobtrusive.

Easy to assemble fan, it is free standing on the floor and comes with a useful remote control. There are controls on the unit, but the remote duplicates all these – it also has a handy home in the back of the fan, useful if you misplace things (like i do) no batteries are supplied, which is an annoyance. Almost silent on the lower levels, and quiet at the higher levels it’s ideal for use in a warm environment that needs to be quiet – i use in a bedroom. There is an oscillate function, but it’s got quite a wide arc on it and overs about 180 degrees. Its good as circulating the air and helping to keep a room cool. Very impressed with this fan, it’s reasonable value for money for a near silent fan that works well.

It has loads of settings, all of which are logical to use and clearly marked. To be honest there are probably too many speed settings, three would probably do, but the quite mode for night time is good. There is also a sleep timer, which allows you to set it to go off after a set amount of time and a dimmer for the on board lights. The makers seemy to have thought of everything. Putting it together, out of the box is extremely simple, no rtfm required. I’m very impressed; all we need is some hot weather, so i can make use of this now.

Honeywell quality: 3 years guarantee

This product has been a god sent in the last days of unusual heat. It is a slim pleasant looking tower fan with very easy assembly and understandable instructions. There is little noise and the function is more than adequate for a standard bedroom. The lights can also be dimmed which is great. All in all i have one thing to say. You don’t want a rotary oscillating fan with exposed blades. Bad for the kids, worse for the cat. This is a step into the future at an acceptable price.

Initially the idea of spending nearly one hundred pound on a fan (sorry ventilator) seemed unrealistic. After all would the typical british summer be hot enough and long enough to warrant the asking price when you could buy a much more basic fan for ten pounds?. I asked myself this when unboxed this ‘honeywell hyf290e quietset tower fan with remote control’ and to be honest i’m not convinced either way. Firstly its worth noting that this is not your typical tower fan and comes packed with features that you would not see on cheaper models. Eight different ‘cooling’ settings give you a much wider choice to suit all climates. It has an auto shut-off timer meaning you can set it to cool down the room or when you go to bed. It comes with an easy to use remote control means when your comfortable you don’t have to force yourself to get up to switch it on or off. Finally it has a useful night time dimming ability to prevent glare from the on board buttons and controls. In many ways it has a lot of things going for it. In operation it is really quiet (not silent), much more quiet that traditional fans, again making it more suitable for bed rooms and night time use.

Dyson AM09 Hot and Cool Fan – and, Cools you down quickly

Made a cold conservatory nice and warm and. Will keep it lovely and cool in summer.

Fabulous like all dyson products.

Yes, i know it is expensive for a fan heater, but i knew that when i ordered it. It does work extremely well and the airflow is superb. It also looks very stylish in the conservatory.

Key specs for Dyson AM09 Hot and Cool Fan – White and Silver:

  • Genuine
  • Dyson
  • AM09
  • Hot & Cool Fan
  • 240V

Comments from buyers

“Expensive, but great product!, Dors what we want., Cools you down quickly”

Very pleased does exactly what i wanted.

We consider this fan an excellent buy which does all we want.

Dyson is synonymous with quality so i suppose i am a bit of a ‘dyson snob’. This product did not disappoint – it is beautifully made and performs brilliantly. It remains to be seen how durable it will be.

At the touch of a button it switches from hot to cold.

Great works a treat, not cold but a very gentle cooling all round or directional as you wish.

This is a nice fan , bought for summer. I chose this model because it can do hot and cold so useful throughout the year. Works well and cools the room down but doesn’t compare to air conditioning and it circulated air and doesn’t blow cold air. I live in the uk and couldn’t register the warrantee on the uk dyson site as it is a european model.

Very effective, fairly quiet, very attractive to look at and easy to use. Haven’t used the fan feature yet, but if it’s as good as the heating, it will be very welcome in the summer.

Ordered for my neice in italy, delivered when promised and they are pleased with fan.

Bought it for my holiday home, although the site is not open yet, but tried the item at home and it is excellent, heats up a large room quite quickly, only gripe i’ve got, it took longer to fit the base than get it out of the packaging, lack of arrows on the base and main body, in fact there aren’t any, but by just moving the base round till it lines up with the lugs is not too much of a problem.

Heater arrived before promised date. Does exactly as says on box.

Superb quality five star communications.

This is expensive but does an excellent job.

Excellent product and service.

Slightly expensive but very efficient.

Very good, with all intense heat we have had it was a must.

Good but a bit noisy when on high.

This was recommended to me by a friend and it does indeed work brilliantly for hot and cold.

Daewoo Mini Tower Fan, kept us cool during this hot spell we have just had

This item was just as described by the seller it is a great product well worth the money certainly keeps you cool.

Bought this for for motor home to help keep van cool especially for my dogs it’s brill for small spaces but not good for a larger room.

Not particularly powerful, and it doesn’t feel overly robust.

Key specs for Daewoo Mini Tower Fan, White:

  • Mini tower fan
  • 2 speed settings
  • Oscillation function
  • Whisper quiet
  • Great for small rooms where space is a premium

Comments from buyers

“Great fan for small rooms, Neat little fan., Noisy but not bad”

Not powerful enough for anything else. The only downfall is it’s quite noisy. I keep it on the low speed but have to switch it off if i want to sleep.

Small and powerful enough for my kitchen but the blue light is annoying.

Great tower fan for the money. Can be bit noisy if trying to watch tv.

To small sent back not been robust with money.

Small, neat and powerful, kept us cool during this hot spell we have just had.

Super, size is neat for my bedside locker. I have a medical condition & get hot flushes so i use it some nights. Only 2 small things that could be a bit better. The noise is a bit too loud for sleeping next to it, & the other is that there is a very bright led light that when you switch some of the modes, it goes on & for a bedroom it’s super bright. Other than that a good product.

It has been invaluable during this latest heatwave, very quiet when in operation.

Good but quite a bit more noisy than conventional fan.

Great little fan ideal to put on my bedside table for my hot flushes at night. The blue light is bright put just put a little bit of dark tape over it not a big problem.

This product is well worth the money, it is in our loft room, boy it’s a godsend, get’s very hot up there, this little gem keeps us cool;o).

Nice fan blows out plenty of cold air but not too big.

Small and stylish, works brilliantly – especially in this weather.

Very powerful neat and compact.

Liked the size, liked the cool breeze that it blew out. When not needed in wintertime it is small enough to pop in a cupboard.

This fan is slimline and fairly quiet with two speeds and a timer.

Does its job but slightly noisy at night.

Doesn’t feel too cool unless u r standing nearby.

I bought this item for the bedroom. I get very hot and restless in the night. And this works well to cool down the bedroom. . Its very light so can be used end where.

Does the job, looks stylish, good price.

Ok but a bit noisy and the blue light abit annoying when your trying to sleep.

Bought the black one for myself and it is fantastic value for money, i’d say its more powerful than the small dyson fan for hundreds of £ more, i even bought the white one for my girlfriend and she loves it tho the buttons rattle a bit but at the price and performance its worth the fault.

Honeywell HYF260E QuietSet Tower Fan, this item was purchased for my daughter and seems to

Be warned, there is some assembly required for this fan and it is a little bit fiddly right here and there. It would be easier with two but you can do it solo, just be guaranteed you study the instruction guide just before you commence. It took me about twenty minutes to get it up and functioning. You will also need to have two aaa batteries (not provided) for the remote, which i did discover instead difficult to open, but ultimately it gave in and allow me insert batteries. The fan seems to be nice sufficient, and the foundation structure raises the cooling vents a little bit greater than most tower enthusiasts i have had. It looks a little bit fragile and i was nervous that it would be unstable – in fact i could not see how it would oscillate at all. But it does swivel, with fairly a wide arc, and even at greatest speed there is no wobble at all. The controls are very basic to grasp and i uncovered the remote functions from a distance of fifteen ft. You can set it on timer, as with most followers like this. There is a mild when it is working but following 15 seconds this does dim to 50% so i won’t be able to see it disturbing your slumber it only resumes complete brightness when you change options.

This was purchased on ask for for a birthday and the recipient was really happy with it. Fairly pricey but it is unique from the regular fan variety types.

We have purchased quite a few products and solutions by honeywell, and by and significant, we have been rather content with their goods. They are a great substantial profile model that helps make great products and solutions. This is a very good freestanding fan, in white, and is proficient in shifting air all-around a excellent-sized space, or in an office. With its slim situation, which requires up tiny area, it performs effectively correspondingly at household or business office. When in procedure it looks really quiet, the accompanying remote can be housed on the device and is a awesome contact. Twenty-first-century living suggests that for a lot of people we look to get a remote control for 1 factor or one more and at occasions this can be a ache – as you have to have set them somewhere immediately after use. As a result, it is fantastic that the primary unit and the remote can be stored together. The timer perform and vehicle swap off feature are superior – and helpful plus factors in this article, and they do a fantastic occupation. Placing jointly the fan is uncomfortable but not genuinely tricky. The remote control is housed in an aperture at the rear of the fan when not in use.

Key specs for Honeywell HYF260E QuietSet Tower Fan with Remote Control, White:

  • Quiet and powerful; five levels of quiet control for continuous comfort
  • Timer allows user to program fan for 1,2,4 or 8 hours cooling and shut-off; remote control can be stored on the fan
  • Oscillating (80 degrees) for wide area cooling
  • Automatic dimming feature for night time use
  • Honeywell quality: 3-year guarantee

Comments from buyers

“Relatively Quiet Operation., Ideal bedroom fan, easy to put together”

A bit of a faff to place together, not a great deal quieter than my igenxi rival, if at all quieter.

This tower fan is pretty tranquil even on its maximum location. Its excellent for bedrooms in the summer months months as has not held me awake like some noisier followers can. It was straightforward to set up and comes with a remote control for you to use. The fan also has a timer location which you can program to switch the fan off just after a particular time. This is a helpful element, especially for nighttime. The tower style is superior as it can take up less place and can be conveniently tucked away when not in use. The fan makes a good cooling breeze and spreads the neat air all around evenly.

It tends to make hardly any sound and it truly is also pretty aesthetically pleasing. I have had other followers in the earlier and they end up caked in dust, whirring absent and usually not undertaking what they are supposed to. This a person emits a great breeze with no blowing you absent.

This item was purchased for my daughter and looks to have absolutely achieved its remit. Silent, with remote control its perfect for a bedroom scenario.

I love how you can place this fan on a timer and it arrives with a remote. It is also quieter than a normal fan nonetheless i locate that is is just not as powerful as my desk fan. It also has a mild on it which shines in the dark but it is just not too a great deal of a agony. Far better than a ordinary fan no.

This fan is okay, not amazing, but it kind of does the work. It really is peaceful ample to be equipped to slumber with it on the lowest setting although it does will need to be right next to the bed to get a respectable blast of chilly air. My only criticism is that the remote control isn’t going to have a timer button so if you wake up in the evening and make your mind up to swap the fan on and want to use the timer environment then you have to get up to set it. Also you won’t be able to see the person buttons on the remote in the darkish, so fantastic luck acquiring the proper location straight absent if you are turning this on when you are 50 percent asleep.

Now all we will need is the warm weather. In the meantime, this is a good fan from a powerful and responsible brand name. It really is freestanding and not to obtrusive, it does in fact operate really quietly with a timer so it could be utilised at night and change by itself off. Fairly straightforward to set jointly and has a helpful remote control so interesting air is just a lazy simply click absent. A efficient and effective way to interesting a place, the simple fact that is is silent is an added bonus.

The layout is considerate: i recognize the little footprint, tidy proportions and basic, tactile controls. It can be pretty peaceful, and quite like the gentle qualifications sounds. I would have most well-liked an additional, even reduced location, for a in the vicinity of-ambient fan level. There is certainly a little bit of assembly required—it’s basic but might be puzzling if you are impatient.

Fantastic, uncomplicated to use and silent.

Silent and does what it states – been good in this incredibly hot weather conditions.

Amazing and just in time for the heat. Bought one soon after reading opinions and delighted. Easy to place with each other and really peaceful. Have only made use of at evening but rotates quietly and does the work. Ended up getting yet another 1 quickly.

It was pretty useful for the summer. I like the remote which can be utilised to regulate the fan velocity, sideway oscillation and switching it on and off.

Have only utilised it a few of time so far, but looks to do the job well and quietly – not an a/c unit while, so does not really neat the air, just gets it shifting all-around.

Great merchandise but alot bigger than i anticipated. It can be not whisper quiet but tranquil more than enough to use at evening. Also i use this when obtaining the children to sleep on incredibly hot times. The timer operate is pretty valuable.

I have e only experienced desk supporters right before, or at times extremely low-priced blade fan heaters that also blew cold air. It is alternatively a assertion piece, it is tall and can take up a corner. It is a lot quieter than any fan ive ever had ahead of, and with the a lot of settings, the most versatile and controllable. This will be absoutely terrific advertisement indispensible after a serious summertime arrives. The fan was conveniently put alongside one another, and the controls are straightforward to recognize. The spouse and children makes use of it in our getaway residence in france and with temperatures of 37c levels we can not think about everyday living devoid of it. It quietly rotates sharing the awesome air. In these types of extreme temperatures we would like it would be much better.

So great i’ve ended up buying four for the household.

I used ages trying to come across a fan for my place to rest with at night time and resolved to go with this just one following the manufacturer and opinions – a friend also had a honeywell fan identical to this which was good so assumed this would be a harmless wager. I established it up which was alright, pretty affordable plastic but did the task. Slept with it one night time it was high-quality but it definitely wasn’t that potent i didn’t even recognize it was on and it was appropriate at the conclude of my bed well balanced on the desk. So it couldn’t seriously have gotten any closer without currently being on the mattress. But it was very peaceful so that was excellent. For that cost and the sizing, you anticipate a lot more so i am in the process of returning it . The light-weight is also very dazzling on the fan so at night time its not extremely discrete but are methods about that. But for the cost genuinely was not that amazed so made a decision to return and get back to the hunt for the great night fan.

I was on the lookout for something that would match our bed room and supply some air movement at night. Pluses:+ it appears very good – much additional elegant than a round fan and much much easier to placement in a area. + productive in relocating the air and the 5 options are fairly proper (night time environment is peaceful adequate to snooze with/leading blast is fairly strong)+ cost – at all around £80, it is superior worth – the honeywell identify may well cost a tiny more but i am guess longevity and make good quality/design and style justify itminuses:- electric power direct could be a metre extended to give much more positioning choices with no an extension lead- the 260 isn’t going to have the facility to convert the panel blue gentle off wholly at night time but the 290 does nevertheless not certain i would pay any additional. No challenge recommending this.

All admirers make a noise and amount depends on fan pace but fairly peaceful procedure on a par with the dyson but a great deal less expensive. Dyson wins on design and style of study course.

Pretty quiet, will take up no ground house, remote managed, with an up to eight hour preset resulting in a amazing room all night time lengthy. Needs two x aaa, not supplied.

As tranquil as it could be just a wosh of air. It is incredibly tall 1m so does seem a bit odd.

Ecolighters 36″ Tower Fan With Remote Control Wind Curve Oscillation, This tower fan is just what we needed in this

Obtained this back in july to get us as a result of the heatwave and it really is unquestionably fantastic. Great and mild but does not truly feel affordable and the remote is a terrific reward. The cheapest amount is rather highly effective which we preferred, furthermore it is really peaceful adequate to have on all through the night time. Will almost certainly obtain a further when we move to a even larger place.

A small noisy when in timer, but however excellent for the cost.

The merchandise is generally self assembled apart from the base, which did not fit accurately, but not as lousy to deliver it back again. It is straight forward to use and on major velocity offers a great blast of interesting air particularly when in the oscillating manner. The draw back is that the product or service is considerably noisy. Would i invest in this all over again, likely not.

Key specs for 36″ Tower Fan With Remote Control Wind Curve Oscillation, Portable Fan, Power Full 3-speed 3-Wind Mode: Normal/Sleep/Nature Fans, 7,5 Hours Timer, Strong 50 W Motor Cooper, BS Plug (White),Perfect Cooling Tower Fan for Home or Office ( BATTERY INCLUDED ):

  • 36inch Oscillating Cooling Tower fan
  • Strong 50 W Cooper Motor
  • Remote Control
  • 3-speed 3-Wind Mode NORMAL / SLEEP / NATURE
  • 7,5 Hours Timer

Comments from buyers

“Well worth the money., Great to have remote, Good fan but Loud”

Will come totally assembled aside from the base and does what a fan requirements to do it is not as silent as what they explained but general a great product.

Pleasant on the lookout fan does what it’s meant to.

Fantastic power but noisy and base doesn’t suit to base securel so it’s a tiny wobbly.

Fantastic product and fantastic value. Desire i had the alternative of spending for a more quickly supply.

This fan exceeded my anticipations. It really moves the air about promptly and competently. The digital controls on the top are a bonus and the time element that shuts off the fan immediately is fantastic.

Great item, seems fantastic and is effective actually very well, has some beneficial options and runs truly quietly.

It is a wee bit loud, but it does the task and when it’s 40 in uk then this is a serious ought to have. Also induce it’s taller it isn’t blowing air all-around your ankles and it’s incredibly thin and compact for positioning out of the way.

Generates a great neat breeze, plenty of to great you down.

Good invest in, enable to keep me cool during the scorching spell.

Speedy and quiet fan, are not able to be listened to via a doorway, amazing settings.

This is a nice effective fan, in point it could really do with 1 reduce power environment. That would be my only criticism. I will nevertheless give it 5 stars, it is not too noisy and it provides a vast distribute of cooling air. I would endorse this tower fan.

Wonderful fan and with the remote even greater. It is a small loud if your trying to get off to sleep but you cannot have it all can you.

As other individuals have stated this is not a tranquil fan. But then i have not appear throughout fans that are really silent. This fan blows out cold air and does that very well. The snooze mode blows cold air for a few seconds then stops then starts once again. I observed this to be non intrusive in my bed room, in reality no noiser than obtaining the windows open up and the noise that goes on outside. It aids to be capable to established a timer fairly than stressing about switching if off both with or with no the little remote. The remote functions ok but is much as well modest for my arthritic hands and i found it tricky to use. I dropped it down a star for two causes, one is it isn’t that silent and the other for the remote. All in all would i obtain all over again, certainly i would as it functions well for what it is, specifically a fan.

A saviour all through these warm and humid evenings. Excellent array of modes and configurations. Not the quietest but i can snooze as a result of it.

Bought this fan to neat the bedroom on these sizzling muggy nights. Be reasonable this fan was less than £40. It has a lot of settings to suit most requires, which include a rest manner. I would endorse this fan simply because it can be strong. And does just what i want it to do. Unless you might be ready to shell out £400 for a dyson.

Wonderful fan, good layout & can be oscillating or static. A little louder than i thought it would be be but i have slept all night time with it on & was okgood strong breeze from it even on least expensive location.

Arrived promptly and very well packed this is a genuinely fantastic invest in for a affordable selling price. Functions extremely successfully with an optional remote and quiet evening mode which was a worthwhile asset with the modern sizzling weather conditions. The only drawback for me was the base which is a minimal free when assembled. Otherwise i would have supplied it 5 stars. An superb merchandise and slimline.

I am contented with this products, even even though it says tranquil it can be not a tranquil fan at all.

Nice and strong but little bit noisy are unable to genuinely have at night cannot slumber.

Exceptional products fast delivery.