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Signature S40004N 4-in-1 Air Cooler and Heater – lovely and cool in the summer

Helped me very cool i wish i could afford another one.

Only wish it did it quicker. Also be careful as it is guzzling water.All in all very pleased though.

Now on our second one first one lasted a few months manufacture responded to our complaint and replacement sent at once. Here are the specifications for the Signature S40004N 4-in-1 Air Cooler and Heater:

  • Air cooler, air purifier, humidifier and heater ideal for rooms up to 30 sq m
  • Three airflow settings: Normal, natural and sleep and two power heating options
  • 8 hours timer function and remote control
  • Removable water tank with water level indicator
  • Easy glide castors suitable for homes, caravans, conservatories and office environments; 2 years guarantee

In my room i can finally sleep, either cool air or ice vold air love it.

Excellent does what it says. Just think though where you put the huge pipe.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • not as good as it stated does not cool small room just
  • It is better when the back is well ventilated (facing a window
  • Air coolerSignature S40004N

I think balraj should buy this, lovely and cool in the summertoasty and warm in the winter.

No instructions included and none on the internet, so not sure how to use all the functions.

Get a turkey baster to remove unused water as the tray does not come out.

This arrived very promptly and was easy to assemble – just put the wheels on the bottom. Thy were a little difficult so attach as the tool provided is very small and fiddly to use, to i used an adjustable spanner. One quibble is that it’s difficult to see the min-max fill lines on the water reservoir, and i can’t see how you empty it if you’re not using it for a while. As for how effective it is at cooling, it worked really well as after the first night we used it, the weather changed and it’s now 15 degrees c cooler, so it seems to have cooled the whole country.

Very good product for the price, cools the room nicely, not too noisy. Does the job of £300 – worth coolers easily.

Excellent item and very good service after receiving faulty unit.

I have just come off a pool side temperature of 33 degrees and walked into a lovely cool room, i am soooo happy right now with this product. I will right further if any problems occur.

The air cooler works very well. It is better when the back is well ventilated (facing a window, etc). Was a godsend in the heatwave.

Other than a dodgy dial which slips off.

It is bigger then i thought it would be. At first when i used the cooler function – it was just really humid (ice water, the ice packs and ice, didn’t seem to work). But after that it worked well – i think they mentioned this somewhere as well that it will first feel humid on first use of cool option so give it some time. I bought large silicone ice cube trays for use with this as they seem to work best (big ice cubes take longer to dissolve so cooler for longer). The ice packs sent with the item doesn’t keep the water cold for long within half an hour the water is warm, even when cold water is used i found. So large ice cubes with cold water worked best. The heater function works well. I had one chilly night since i bought this and it heated the room well. Mind you i bought this for my bedroom.

It does what it’s meant to do, makes the air cool or heats it up. Pretty loud though, but that isn’t a problem for us and isn’t louder than a big fan.

Great for my salon, & for the price.

Perfect for cooling the bedroom without the noise of a portable ac unit and only 1/3 of the cost only.

So glad i had this, after my stain fan was no good during the hot summers i got this as i was pregnant and just cld not cope. Just wish the water unit came out fully so you could clean it.

So far so good,has powerful fan settings with swing in both ways up and down, haven’t tested the cooling feature as im still waiting for the already given 2 ice packs, they are gel i believe so they retain their coolness more than water, kinda annoying to screw the wheels on but make sure you put both stopping wheels at the back i forgot too and it was a hassle to take off.

Not as good as it stated does not cool small room just air like fan need to keep filling water tank.

OneConcept Baltic Air Cooler Fan Purifier Humidifier 65W 400 m³/h Remote Control Solid Blowing Direction Movement 4 Manoeuvrable Ground Rollers 2 Ice Packs Remote Control – Good looking product.

I have it in my gaming area. The breakdown of the pros’s and drawbacks is as followspro’s- silent- cell- great interface- appears like a star wars character (not a furthermore for everybody, primarily all those who are worried of star wars figures)con’s- isn’t going to basically interesting ‘that much’ on the ‘cool’ location while have not tried using it with the icepacks in it but. – the water box is usually slightly available which meant i had a loved ones of mosquitos that have died in it. Will return to improve this evaluate if i am taken to court by there remaining loved ones or close friends.

Solution seems terrific but not as effective as i predicted.

Quite very good , did leak from base , but stopped that.

Terrific compact device – cooling manner expected a whole lot of ice blocks to hold cooling so invest in additional ice blocks if you do not currently have them.

It is just magnificent to have your possess ac in the house, without having any making problems. It is extremely light-weight and uncomplicated to function. And commences cooling the room really fast. I am so incredibly delighted i made this invest in.

I was going to say that this item was amazing till i realised that i hadn’t put it onto the cooling location when i uncovered h2o leaking from the base of the device constantly to the extent that i can only have it on blow somewhat than great. I will be getting in touch with the manufacturer if my husband are unable to deal with it. Extremely compact and fashionable and not everywhere around as noisy as folks have said. I imagine it will be fantastic if i can only end the leak.

  • I was going to say that this product was amazing until I realised that I hadn’t put it onto
  • It is just awesome to have your own AC in the house
  • Great compact unit – cooling mode required a lot of

Features of oneConcept Baltic Black Air Cooler Fan Purifier Humidifier 65W 400 m³/h Remote Control Solid Blowing Direction Movement 4 Manoeuvrable Ground Rollers 2 Ice Packs Remote Control Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Air cooler / fan with additional air humidifier and air purification function | Economical 65W power – water consumption of 1 litre per hour – efficiency-increasing honeycomb structure of the evaporator | 400m³ / h air throughput per hour – ideal for medium-sized rooms
  • Solid blowing direction or automatic pivoting movement of the slats to cover the whole area | Supplied with 2 ice packs for continuous operation
  • 🎄 EXTENDED COOLING OFF PERIOD: If you made your purchase made from us between 1.11. and 31.12, your purchase can be returned to us for your money back until the 31st of January, should our products not meet your expectations for any reason.
  • The oneConcept Baltic Black is a more efficient air cooler which improves the indoor air of medium-sized premises inexpensively and elegantly.
  • The basic function of the device is a smart combination of fan and air conditioning, which emits a cool flow of air to the room. The cooling of the blown air is achieved by the evaporation of water / ice from the 6-litre water tank. Apart from cooling the air, the oneConcept Baltic Blue also differs from conventional fans by humidifying and purifying the air, improving the indoor climate and your overall well-being.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Air cooler / fan with additional air humidifier and air purification function | Economical 65W power – water consumption of 1 litre per hour – efficiency-increasing honeycomb structure of the evaporator | 400m³ / h air throughput per hour –

Solid blowing direction or automatic pivoting movement of the slats to cover the whole area | Supplied with 2 ice packs for continuous operation

🎄 EXTENDED COOLING OFF PERIOD: If you made your purchase made from us between 1.11.

The oneConcept Baltic Black is a more efficient air cooler which improves the indoor air of medium-sized premises inexpensively and elegantly.

De’Longhi PAC N81″Pinguino Air-to-Air” Air Conditioner, Very happy with it

This is considerably quieter then the ten calendar year outdated device that it is replacing, but there are a several niggles. The provided exhaust hose is not quite prolonged fortuitously these are a conventional sizing, so i can use the 1 from the previous unit. The exhaust hose connector to the back of the unit is not pretty properly developed and effortlessly falls off. As i have to shift the device every single working day to set the hose out of the window and then deliver it again in to close the window at the end of the working day, i consider some duct tape is going to be called into service. In the box, the mains plug is saved higher than the expanded polystyrene packing. Attempting to be intelligent, i opened the box upside down so that i could then suggestion the total detail upright and raise the box off, with out possessing to elevate the unit out of it. This approximately came to grief as the mains lead is not prolonged ample to get the box thoroughly off with the plug nevertheless caught up.

Experienced an older edition of this that is however going strong after 10 a long time. This one is significantly quieter, my daughter can slumber with this a single on and it is also fifty percent the body weight of the other. Obviously just examine the output for your area dimensions.

Excellent product, produced my shop a much nicer placefantastic prompt shipping.

Key specs for De’Longhi PAC N81″Pinguino Air-to-Air” Air Conditioner:

  • Cares for the environment and ensures user comfort thanks to the innovative refrigerant gas R410A
  • Electronic Control Panel
  • The remote control allows easy setting of all the functions
  • 12 Hour digital timer and thermostat
  • Characterized by the perfect match of technology and low consumption, Pinguino PAC N81 achieves A class of Energy Efficiency

Comments from buyers

“Good air conditioner, Great Air conditioner, Very happy with it”

Very happy with this buy. . Should have done it many years ago.

So simple to use,seems to be fantastic & audio on either lower/significant is really decent. Excellent coverage on low or higher. I seriously accomplished my homework before obtaining this one particular,. And indeed it’s a fair amount of funds but it’s effectively worth it.

Amazing ac will work great, so quickly at cooling the room and not noisy at all.

This is a perfect air conditioner. I am utilizing it to cool down my whole home which features two mattress rooms, 1 massive dwelling space, a single kitchen and a rest room. The exhaust pipe is fairly small in buy to use with my complicated window for that reason i have utilized an extension pipe to whom i lower in 50 % so that it will not vacation. I am really pleased with it.

Economical assistance, arrived two times previously than scheduled. Does what it states on the box.

Considerably noisier than anticipated but does awesome down a small area.

Excellent machine straightforward to set up reason only four stars instead of five no window seal kit.

Pretty noisy a/c quite warm exhaust.

EcoAir APOLLO Heating and Cooling Portable Air Conditioning Unit : Does what it says on the tin

Cools the loft quickly during summer.

We use this as an additional air con unit in the comms rooms. It does a very good job directing air towards specific equipment and requires very little emptying of the water tank. On average we drain about 1/2l of water every 2-3 weeks.

Had this 12 months now, cools our bedroom down from 30deg to around 22ish within about an hour, never had to empty it not exactly quiet but it’s a constant noise so easy to sleep with it on. The airduct isn’t very long so i bought a slightly longer one. Overall i’d happily buy again.

We have it in a loft about 6 x 4m – there is no way it will bring the temperature down to low levels with the sun on the roof in the heat of a sunny afternoon, but it does provide a nice cool patch of air to sit in. Then it gets the room down from high 20s to low 20s overnight very well for sleeping. It’s a bit noisy for sleeping to, but not too bad. Controller is a bit quirky, but once you work out how the remote and the on unit controller interact it’s manageable.

  • Ice cold air in no time really!
  • Does the job well
  • but it does provide a nice cool patch of air to sit in

EcoAir APOLLO Heating and Cooling Portable Air Conditioning Unit, 12000 BTU

  • With new technology, bucket less and self evaporating system for ease of use.
  • Wireless remote control, 3 fan speed, LED display, Built in 24 hours timer and Memory Function.
  • Weighing 39Kg with its space saving design and giving easy move by the castor wheels, it is very portable around the house or office without compromise to its capacity.
  • 12000 Btu (3.52kW) Cooling and Heating. 1 year Eco Air manufacturer warranty.
  • Washable mesh filter giving you fresh and clean air. Comes with 1500mm air vent hose.

There is 30 degrees outside but this air con units keeps my large room nice and cool. It makes less noise than my old unit and there is no need to empty a tray full of water every few hours.

Works fine for the size of office of 6 x 6 meters but i feel would struggle for much larger.

Used it for about three months now. Couldn’t have imagined coping the hot summer nights this june without this little gem. We use the window velcro sealant along with it. I live in a decent sized 4 bed detached, and we just shut the door to the kitchen and leave this thing on, and it dehumidifies the house, and cools it down to a bearable level. It can cool down all 4 bedrooms in the night as long we close the downstairs rooms. The best part was that it reduced the intensity of my wife’s hay fever as we could keep the windows shut, and this ac has mesh filters in it. Have drained it on 2 occasions only. Don’t expect to experience chill if you intend to use it for the whole house, but a couple of rooms yes it would.

Very fiddly to set up but once done (15 mins or so) cold air quickly blasting in straight away. It’s not small so think where you can store once not in use. We ran the pipe out of a low window as it would not reach higher ones in the house. Plug is short ish so used extension cable all ok. Flex hose to vent heat outside consatinas up when off the unit so can be stored seperately. Loads of heat coming outside from the vent so it certainly works removing it from the target room. Although on wheels this unit is very very heavy and doesn’t have handles to carry up stairs. It wheels around easy enough but i’m a strong guy and would struggle to move alone, it took 2 of us. Also, it leaked carrying up stairs.

Its pretty powerful and cools down my entire 2-bed apt in a couple hours. It is a bit noisy but it is fan/air noise and it does not sound like a fridge compressor. Remote control is handy too.

Just what i was wanting for home gym in a garage.

I highly recommend this air conditioning unit i have seen it on amazon a couple of times read all reviews and then considering buying but i prefer to buy directly from amazon as it is great customer care quality amazon had them in stock but sadly sold out of stock they got them back in stock so i immediately ordered and the next day it’s arrived i am so impressed i can say this does cool large two bedroom maisonette i have the kitchen door open with the tube going outside while my wife is cooking the dinner and she absolutely loves it it cools the kitchen down lovely and very impressive lee it managed to still cooling the rest of the maisonette i can say this is the best air conditioning unit i have ever had top quality remote control top quality built unit very easy to set up however going on the picture is now on amazon i take it they have completely sold out because they are advertising the old one.

It’s like any in-room ac – loud. There are supposedly quieter out there but this does what it’s supposed to – make it cold. On 35 degree days it cooled a large room fast. So we could wheel it out of our kids room at night and into ours.

Bit expensive but very good love it, recommend for 2.

It’s actually very goodthe pipe to allow water drainage is a bit close to the floor.

Have to say that since we bought this unit the weather became much cooler. However on the handful of occasions we did need to use it the unit worked very well and cooled the room v quickly. We have a large lounge ( approx 8x 4 metres) and after 10 minutes it was quite cold. When the weather cooled (and because we had turned the central heating off for the summer) we had a quick blast of the heating function just to keep the chill off. Both heating and cooling work well. I would recommend this product.

Wow what a difference the office is like a fridge lol.

It truly is tranquil sufficient to slumber perfectly when utilised in a bedroom and is potent. I have two of these working in a two mattress best flooring apartment which gets extremely incredibly hot in warm temperature – just one in the learn bedroom and 1 in the living room, and with all the inner doorways open and each operating consistently they interesting the whole location to a pretty relaxed level even in 30 diploma external warmth. I use window seals with these to maximise the efficiency of the units.

It does what i purchased it for, but a lot of modest items make a big variation. In terms of cooling capcity, it is challenging to say if i’m good to it — it is staying employed to awesome home with enormous west experiencing home windows. It does a excellent occupation of keeping this home on a sizzling working day exactly where the room would exceed 30’s c normally to beneath 27c at the worst hrs, but i do have to use it to neat all the time, i observed the only way this was powerful is when you start off from a relatively cold home to begin with (say 22), if you flip it on when the place is currently hot, it mainly can’t take care of. Which is fantastic, but you are likely shopping for this because your rooms are unbearably incredibly hot. You will have to pair it with a window seal, it fundamentally does almost nothing without having it (or install it correctly). It is intended to have a self evaporating style and design (the vapour goes out with the exhaust) but i never discover this to be just the situation in exercise. The rooms humidity never bought much too higher but humidistat in the ac airflow exhibits some worrying numbers (and this is in all probability partly to do with operating it 24/7) — i had to carry in the resident dehumidifier to deal with that dilemma, and it is seriously emptying numerous buckets just about every day. The exhaust attachment, is definitely weak. It should really preferably have some rubber gaskets or one thing usually to provide an airtight seal, but it will not. What this suggests is that you can come to feel some heat airflow at the level exactly where the exhaust attaches to the unit. I bascially mashed a load of foil in and around the space to minimise the warm air leakage and it produced a massive variance to the ac’s ability to run correctly. The difficulties is there were all fashion of slots where heat air was escaping from, so it was rather a tough work which shouldn’t be needed. Eventually, this could possibly be associated to lousy shipping and delivery support and prospective unit problems (even though it appears to be operating high-quality), but when i initial turned it on there was a nasty chemical scent it gave off, probably leaked refrigerant. The trouble was it acquired trapped in my bathrooms which are challenging to vent (and i did give the ac a working day off and tried using to vent the whole property but to no avail), so there is a chemical smell.

This is a nicely manufactured unit and has a most beautiful look. It seems to be and feels well produced and solidly crafted. I purchased this for a three x six m conservatory and employed a cat flap as the port hole for the exhaust hose. Obtaining previously had metal inserts put in just the roof of the conservatory carried out by polycool the temperature inside the space tends to/hover all around 35 degrees c when the solar is at total pelt. We place this ac unit on and by two minutes the ambient temperature had decreased by three levels and was slipping. I experienced thought of that some said that there was a lot sound from this unit but i can truthfully say it was by significantly 1 of the quietest i have owned now acquiring had three models in the earlier which sounded like a plane landing. It sounded no louder than a big admirer and we could converse pretty comfortably with the unit functioning. I experienced now procured an extension tube for the drinking water drainage tube from ecoair and so no need to vacant the unit even though it was in procedure. The distant manage is basic to use and sits fairly nicely in a reason developed slot on prime of the unit when not wanted. This was the most least expensive web-site to buy this unit, that said the working day soon after i experienced bought the unit value was amplified.

The dilvery was only 3 day not also lousy. With my wattage meter it only using in about 11p an hour. Bit on the load side to rest with. Only disappointing element is that it have not got oserlating fins that would press the air about and i would appreciate it if it has climet command so it would retain it at a serton tempute in the area.

I guess i was hoping for a lot more than i obtained, as other reviewers have stated, it is a very well designed piece of kit, but i set it up in a 24 ft by twelve ft outbuilding that will get ridiculously warm all through the summer, and with the current heatwave, but it only seriously cools the region immediately in front of the unit, and i can sense tiny or no effect from about 8 toes. Experienced the unit jogging now for six hrs and probably a two or 3 degree drop in ambient temperature, perhaps i should really have purchased 2 .

Daewoo Portable 6 – Excellent solution for hot summers day

Exceptional solution for incredibly hot summers working day. Keeps the rooms very interesting and we are now utilizing them via the winter season for heater and they are just as superior.

Bish, bash, bosh, some assembly demanded for the wheels, didn’t consider extensive, just installed and loaded it with h2o. Actually really excellent 15 minutes in and my home feels significantly significantly cooler as very good as an air conditioner at a fraction of the price tag. If factors change i will be back, but so much.In this warmth a existence saverupdate day a few. Garbage are not able to return the box was thrown away. It takes up lots of drinking water and when the drinking water operates out it switches to space temp fan so you get scorching hair blowing out. Hook this up to you yard hose and you’ll be wonderful as is fantastic when you have water in itwill just toss it away after this scorching weatherreal disgrace was likely to buy an additional the good news is they were bought out.

The distant sensor is in a poor location so i cannot command it from my eye gaze remote from my wheelchair.Here are the specifications for the Daewoo Portable 6:

  • Daewoo 4-in-1 Air Cooler – BLACK (2 heat settings & 3 fan settings)
  • Powerful Air Cooling system – Portable Unit
  • Humidifier with water pump circulation
  • Air purifier purifies and sterilizes air
  • Heater with high-tech PTC heating equipment

Superb provider and loving it.

You get what you pay out for and if you consider your buying an air conditioning unit imagine yet again. It does just what it claims on the tin, it cools the air. I fill mine with ice chilly drinking water and it functions really perfectly pumping out a interesting breeze, not chilled like aircon, just a interesting breeze. Its not also noisey either and undoubtedly would not stop me sleeping. To be truthful i wouldn’t shell out amazon’s rate for it. I received mine from household bargains at £69. It is not gonna convert your residence into a fridge, but it will give you a good neat breeze.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Updated down from five stars!
  • Squeaky, not really effective for hot weather
  • Good product as described

Pretty good when the weather was hot.

Functions nicely in the smaller bed room.

Good little sizing really potent i am delighted with the product or service.

. Speedy shipping and delivery and it does the career.

Purchased it for my son’s bedroom and he thinks it is good, does what is say’s it does. Retains his bedroom cool and a comfortable temperature, with any luck , will retain awesome and warm in the winter.

A little bit noisy but does the trick.

Little, inexpensive and value the dollars.

Will work truly very well and happy i purchased it.

I anticipated a tiny much more for my income. It is really begins off great and quiet but within one hour it is loosing ‘coolness’and i end up just opening the doorways and windows once again 😢.

Very great for summer and wintertime.

Great high quality and worth for revenue.

Fantastic for our bed room and retains us wonderful and awesome.

The most annoying thing about this machine is the squeaky sound it helps make, i don’t know if everyone else has this issue. When it’s plugged in, but turned off there is nonetheless this squeaky sound. I have only tried out out the great selection – it will not amazing a room, you are going to will need to sit suitable subsequent to it. If the temperature is higher than 27 celsius even the ice pack does not aid substantially. If you definitely want to interesting oneself/your place i advise you look for portable air conditioners, not just a cooler.

Totally like this portable air conditioning unit,specially for the duration of this quite incredibly hot spell. It does go pretty chilly if essential and is peaceful as effectively.

Remaining portable is great for our household.

Will work good a tad noisy though.