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Caframo Ecofan 810 UltrAir Stove Fan : is it worth £90+ pounds – no

A couple of niggles – on a small 5kw stove like mine, it’s almost impossible to actually site this where the (rather forbidding) manual instructs you to (to the side of the flue, at the back, pointing forwards) without the blade hitting the flue. Of course, this is not really a fault of the product itself, but something to be aware of. Also, i can’t say that the difference to the heat circulation is quite as dramatic as some reviews make out, but then we’re yet to hit a really cold spell, so perhaps time will tell. One last thing – your guarantee effectively gets invalidated if you exceed a quite modest temperature on your stove top, so i wouldn’t expect to be able to send one of these back if it failed.

A very clever and useful gadget. A friend told me about these back in the summer, and with winter upon us, i thought i’d give it a go. I’m always very dubious about anything new, but the fulsome reviews here convinced me to try it for myself. Like another reviewer, i was a bit disappointed with my new wood burner, a vermont intrepid. The sitting room, which has very low ceilings, is about 13 x 20, and although nice and warm at one end, is quite chilly at the other. Within 30 minutes of lighting the stove, the whole room is now toasty (we do not have radiators, so ‘toasty’ is not an expression i use very often)there is absolutely no draught whatsoever, so you don’t need to worry about papers flying about or christmas decorations being blown down. It is, as others have mentioned, silent, and although i think it is fairly ugly, when in use the propeller moves so quickly that it becomes invisible, and in the general gloom of our fireplace it’s quite discreet. Ten out of ten, without a doubt.

Whilst we are very pleased with it it does suffer from the problem all. We have had a multifuel stove for a couple of years now, a stovax stockton 5. Whilst we are very pleased with it it does suffer from the problem all stoves and woodburners suffer from, in that heat rises so whilst the top half of the room heats very quickly it can take quite a time for the whole room to benefit. We did a lot of research online and a stove fan seemed to be the answer although i was sceptical of many of the claimshowever i am the first to admit i was wrong.This fan does a superb job of circulating the air so the room as a whole heats much more evenly and much quicker. Because it sits on top of the stove it is easy to direct the air in the required direction for optimal circulation. Correct positioning is essential to get the best out of the fan. Caframo also claim the fan will improve fuel efficiency, something that would seem to me very difficult to prove. However whilst it is anecdotal i think i can. As our stove is a secondary heating source, for heating the living room, as we have central heating we have never bothered to try to keep the fire in overnight, there is little point in heating an empty room.

Was a little doubtful about this product, but i shouldn’t have been. From the first moment it started to rotate, the difference was amazing. In fact, the heat was a bit too much, so had to turn the stove down. One load of solid fuel, which normally lasted 8 hours, lasted 10 hours, and we opened the door to let heat into the rest of the house which also warmed up considerably – no central heating tonight. Those who complain that they can’t feel any draught from the fan have failed to grasp how it works. It moves the heat around the room without draughts. This is the first day – just hope it lasts. Also, completely silent, and invisible at back of stove.

  • Caframo Ecofan 810 Ultrair Black Blade
  • It’s good. It’s very clever
  • It works and is quiet but don’t expect it to perform miracles 🙂
  • Worth every single penny
  • Whilst we are very pleased with it it does suffer from the problem all
  • Quiet & functional

Caframo Ecofan 810 UltrAir Stove Fan – Black Blade

  • Heat Powered Stove Fan – No Electricity Required
  • Move up to 125 Cubic Feet of Air per Minute
  • Gain up to 14% Fuel Savings
  • Suitable for use with Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Stoves
  • Genuine Caframo Model Manufactured in Canada

Suggested to get one of these by friends who have a barge with a stove and as they said it clearly does support circulating warm air around the room from around the stove itself. Delivery was fast and the unit so far does all claimed.

We have a wood burning range cooker in a very small, low ceilinged kitchen – when in full flight it was so hot doing the cooking that i had to keep leaving the room for some fresh air. However, infuriatingly, the room off the kitchen never warmed up. With this little fan however, it is very noticeable that it is now a comfortable working temperature in the kitchen and the next room is almost the same temperature as the kitchen. Job therefore done, very happy. We have also used it on our sitting room log burner and left the door open in the hope of driving some warm air upstairs. That is a bit more of an “ask” as it is a bigger space. It certainly makes a noticeable difference but i suspect we need a bigger more powerful model to really crack that. Impressed with the technology.

Such a small change but what a big difference. It has definitely made a difference to the heat distribution not only in our living room but into other areas of the house when the doors are left open. We found we were burning far less coal to keep the room warm and we didn’t have to turn the heating on upstairs once we installed this fan – i mean took it out of the box and placed it on the stove, that’s how easy it was. A simple looking but fabulous piece of kit.

Every log burner should have one. This is the second one i have bought (although different supplier to above). Fantastic bit of kit which improves the efficiency of the log burner – it slows down the rate at which the logs burn. It the blows the hot air into the room. It worksby generating a potential difference across the metal plates which then provides a current to power the fan. It doesn’t actually work by convection. Keeps the boys in our house talking for ages.

Caframo ecofan 810 ultrair black blade. Excellent product; completely inaudible but what a difference in propelling trapped hot air above our charnwood c4 woodburner into the room despite the fairly low slung fire surround. It just fitted in the space thanks to its compact size as our fireplace is quite small being just 547mm wide. Thankfully the height from the top of the c4 to the register plate allowed it to fit.

Used to circulates the hot air generated by the stove. Its totally silent and does a great job. Wasn’t so keen on the look of it at first but its grown on me.

I wasn’t convinced that the difference when using the fan would be hugely significant but it is. The room warms up faster and more evenly which is a big plus on the colder evenings.

When stove up to heat and doors open to the other rooms in bungalow do not have to have central heating on although do use a lot of logs. Front room at temp 22c nice and warm on cold nights. Only used for four afternoons/evenings.

A well built & stylish product. The guarantee is confusing though , the box stating 2 years , the paperwork stating 1 year. I rang the supplier who couldn’t care a monkeys .

This fan has transformed the heat output of my clearview 400 stove, fitted in a recess. Heat really comes out into the room, and the brickwork around the stove and the lintel above it doesn’t get anywhere as hot.

It works and is quiet but don’t expect it to perform miracles :). I bought this from a different seller after originally buying a valiant premier 4. The valiant premier 4 went back as it was very noisy but i’m pretty sure this was because it was faulty and wouldn’t normally be so loud. The ecofan is as good as silent for most of the stoves temperature range, it does sometimes make noticeable noise towards the hot end but not sure if it has stopped doing this now as not noticed it recently. It blows about the same amount of air as the valiant fan and don’t take any notice of the official cfm figures as they are clearly rubbish. The ecofan is probably being just about truthful with it’s claims as they are on the low side but the ones that claim 250+ must be exaggerating as with the valiant. It blows enough air to help warm the room without causing a draft and gets the room warm quicker but don’t expect miracles, it’s just a tiny fani’d be very surprised if the fan pays for itself over it’s life time in reduced fuel use unless it lasts 5 years+ but it does make the room warm quicker which makes the stove more useful so still worth the money in my opinion.

We have only had this fan for a few days but it appears to make a difference moving the air from our wood fire to other areas of our lounge. It also makes no noise when operating.

The is by considerably the ideal way to get max warmth out of woodburning stove. Great for significant ceiling rooms.

How to get even a lot more from your ecofan. Hi the ecofan is wonderful but if you want to make the excellent unbelievable then listed here is the solution. If your stove backs on to other rooms then simply just core drill a five inch gap as a result of the wall sleeve it with a metal pipe change your ecofan to face the hole via the wall and hey presto the ecofan has just produced your stove more than fifty% more economical i have two followers on mine 1 pointing as a result of the hole in the wall heating most of my residence and one pointing into the area with the stove i have tracked the temperature rise in the adjoining rooms and it is exceptional and my stove is the smallest accessible three.

Is it truly worth £90+ lbs . – no. It is tough to know if its carrying out just about anything handy, when its heading at its fastest it just about would make a thin piece of paper flutter when about two inches from the blade, my truthful belief is that it is not introducing anything at all to the heat in the area.

Superior but motor desires replacing just about every yr despite positioning the right way. Fantastic but motor needs changing each and every year inspite of positioning appropriately away from the stove pipe. Warmth kills magnets so i suppose it is inescapable. Functions quite well even though and absolutely will make a massive variance to the warmth distribution.

A wonderful piece of precision engineering, which seems stylish on leading of our logburner and commences performing as soon as the top plate gets appreciably warm. We truly can really feel the change as it silently distributes the heat air absent from the immediate vicinity of the hearth and all about the home. A quite worthwhile addition which is absolutely absolutely free to operate.

Well produced, operates beautifully & arrived as expected – be careful with the clearance above your stove – this smaller edition was just correct for us.