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Aglaia Aroma Diffuser 110ML : Nice Aromatherapy Diffuser!

Excellent choice for essential oils. I had been looking everywhere for an essential oil burner when i was offered this cool-looking aroma diffuser to test and review. The first thing that struck me was the shape. So smooth and organic, like a large flower bud. As well as solid black or white, it is available in two wood finishes: the light blonde one i selected and a much darker one, which looks amazing, too. The diffuser is easy to operate, open and clean (as shown in my video). I have been using it almost daily for five weeks now and cannot fault it. I really love the mood light feature and usually leave it to cycle through all seven coloured shades but switch it off in strong daylight (another useful feature). A full reservoir will last over three hours, then the humidifier stops automatically and a red light blinks to indicate that it needs topping up. Be careful removing the top lids because there will be a lot of liquid still left but below the sensor level.

Received this item quickly, came nicely packaged. Have been using for about a week and so far very pleased. Love the lights, don’t find it too noisy and with some essential oils it smells divine.Nice email from sellers too.

Instant water vapour without boiling, uses vibrations to create the mist filling room with essential oil of your choice+ looks good+ soothing “white noise” sound, easy to fall asleep to along with a little water trickling+ low power consumption+ can chose which colour you want it to glow or turn it off completely+ lasts a good 4-6 hours on a full tank- little bit fiddly to open and clean- annoying start/stop feature – not sure of the reason for this as other brands do not do it. – led’s on front cannot be turned off – flashes every 5 minutes for 30 seconds while the motor rests – very annoying at nightime- flashes red continuously when empty – again very annoying at nightoverall am happy with it but prefer my ayan from rare gear.

Can’t think of anything i don’t like to be honest. It was easy to set up and switch on, i think the instructions for the modes are a little unnecessarily confusing i needed to read through them a few times before it clicked. I like that you can have it misting or just lit up but to be honest i don’t see why you would want it on but not misting , as i said i think the various options are unnecessary. It is quiet and unobtrusive, i have used it with my essential oils to create a relaxing calming atmosphere. I was also pleasantly surprised how long the water lasts so i’m not always watching to see if it needs topping up (unlike others i’ve had in the past). So yeah all good i love it thanks.

  • Excellent choice for essential oils
  • Aukey BE-A1 Aromatherapy Essential oil Diffuser B00LIUHND8
  • Great purchase and deceptively long lasting water tank
  • Great item , great service but
  • Great diffuser, easy to use and fill!
  • Very effective and attractive diffuser

Aglaia Aroma Diffuser 110ML with 7 Color LED Light Change Essential Oil Humidifier Light Wood Grain Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Cool Mist and Auto Timer for Bedroom , Baby Room , Spa and Office

  • Fill with your favorite fragrance that can lift your mood and relieve stress. Healthy anions is created when water is ultrasonic diffused, anions cleans the surrounding air and reduce radiation from computer and natural environment.
  • The 7-color LED lights create a soft and romantic ambience, making you feel calm and comfortable after one-day work. You can change color into your favorite one or suitable mode. You also can use it as a night light in baby room or bedroom.
  • The Water Tank holds 110ml water. Timer button will cycle through one of the five modes orderly, 1-hour, 2-hour, 3-hour, on and power off. Apparently, it works continuously and will power off in 1, 2, 3 hours respectively in auto time modes. The automatic shut-off features ensure safety and save energy making it for trouble-free use at night. It will switch off when water runs out.
  • It is portable for gym, yoga, baby room, office, spa and bedroom, letting you enjoy life anytime and anywhere.
  • What you will get: 1x Aglaia aroma diffuser, 1x power adapter, 1x user manual, 1x measuring cup, 24 months worry-free warranty and friendly customer service.

This is a very nice produced the lights are nice and soft and give the room a nice glow, it gives of a lovely aroma all day, and makes the house smell nice all day all long,but do not leave water in it when it is of as it will leak, i stand mine on a small dish,.

Great little diffuser/humidifier. Smells great if you add scented oils. I got this during the winter period, though i live in a house with myself and my partner, so we tend to use fan heaters to heat the room we are currently in to save on central heating bills, as a result, the air within the room is very dry (very common issue with fan heaters). After using the diffuser/humidifier for a couple of days, i could actually notice the difference in air quality. Inside the plain brown packaging, you’re greeted with the diffuser itself, an ac adaptor and a measuring jug. The device itself is quite small and compact. Setting up is a breeze, just fill the measuring jug up to the suggested levels, and pour into the diffuser. The diffuser lid comes off with a twist, which then reveals the water containment area. You can use the diffuser with water only, or if preferred, use some smelling oils to create scented mist (oil’s not supplied)once turned on, after a short while, you’ll notice mist coming out from the top, it looks quite mystical and cool with the ambient lights. There are 7 colours in total and can be switched between by pressing the light button.

The humidifier is small and nice-looking. The only problem is that it is more noisy than what i expected. Using it during the sleep is disturbing.

I’ve had the aukey diffuser for a little over a week now and i think it’s a perfect addition to my desk. I was a little skeptical at first when i received the product due to the plastic feel of it, although it doesn’t look too bad sitting on a table, but after using it for some time my skepticism has dispersed. The instructions were a bit odd but the operation is quite simple: fill the reservoir with water, add a few drops of essential oil, press the power button and boom, my room was smelling like eucalyptus in a few minutes.The only other button on the device changes the “effects” leds from a smooth color cycle to a different solid color with each press of the button. Even though the water reservoir, and the diffuser in general, is quite small, i was able to run the diffuser for 2 hours a day for about a week before it needed its first refill. I was surprised by how long it lastedif you are looking for a small, simple diffuser then this is the product for you.

The aukey electric aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is totally fantastic. I absolutely love this diffuser. I own several diffusers for my home in order to feel good and keep a scent throughout my home without the need of candles which burn and often cause smoke. I love diffusers for relaxing (lavender scent) and if you want to keep away spiders or mice from getting into your home or staying around just add a few drops of peppermint oil. To help relieve migraines there is always sweet orange oil. And there are plenty of other scents with plenty of other uses. I also love how the colors rotate or you can turn off the colored lights. The scent comes up in a stream of cool mist and is very pleasant to use. Since it is made by aukey i have confidence it will last and be well made, as i own several aukey products. I love how it has an automatic turn off when the water level is out of water so that you don’t burn out the unit.

Relax and unwind – absolute heaven. This has to be my favourite purchase of 2016, i wanted one to help me switch off at now and relax and it does exactly that. The colours aren’t too bright either, so when i use at night the light doesn’t keep me awake. I actually use the mode where the colours merge into a new one and it works really well. It isn’t noisy and at night you can only hear a faint noise of the mist coming out. I mix the water with some select oils to relax and calm me and i love the measuring cup that it comes with – makes is so easy to use.

Great purchase and deceptively long lasting water tank. I got this to use for olbas oil when my cat had a chest infection. It doesn’t really give out enough vapour for that, but i guess it’s not really designed for that. I’ve continued using it pretty much all day with essential oils to make my flat smell nice and get rid of the smell of cigarettes. It’s much smaller than i envisaged, only about 5″ high, therefore i wasn’t expecting the water to last long, as it only had a 100ml tank. But i put it on in the morning on the intermittent mode, which is 3 mins on & 1 min off and it will generally last 10-12hrs, i then refill it about 10pm and it’s still going strong at 9am. It gives very little vapour, just a very thin wisp, but even with the wisp it lets off a good amount of scent and i cen even smell it in the garden through the open window. I’ve found some oils are more effective than others, but with a decent oil you only need 4-5 drops. I’m currently using these oils http://www. Uk/dp/b014cnty4i which are lovely and i will probably stick to this brand as i find they work the best.

Great product – looks good and works effectively. Looks nice – i was a bit hesitant about fake wood but actually it looks nice and is more stylish than white plastic similar products i have ordered. Very simple to use – just add water and a few drops of your favourite oils for hours of scent. It does waft throughout the downstairs of the house but is not overpowering. Having used other kids of diffusers previously eg heated glass ‘stone’ versions it is nice to have a product that doesn’t end up all gunked up. I’ve bought more of these as presents for friends, both of whom have been delighted, as well as one for my office at work.

Good quality especially given the low price and so far so good. Working well, simple to use and set up and looks stylish not plastic like some. It does make a little noise but i find it soothing and can easily fall asleep to it. The light colours are subtle and calming. Lights can be turned off which is handy at night time. I would prefer the red and blue indicator lights to be less obvious they flash brightly and could disturb a lighter sleeper. It is easy to clean if a little fiddly to open but be gentle and you get the hang of it. It releases lovely aroma which the household all love.

Great diffuser for the money. I bought this diffuser on an amazon deal which made it very good value. It’s much safer than leaving a burning candle and there’s no smoke, just water vapour. The colour changing light gives a very nice effect too. You can easily change the scent by changing the water. When it’s full up it lasts about 3 hours and then switches off automatically. I would have given it 5 stars but it’s a bit fiddly to get the wooden top off and i’ve spilt the water a few times.

Great item , great service but. Great item – arrived very very quickly. Downside is that its abit fiddly to open but don’t let that put you off purchasing . The colours are great and best thing about it is it shuts off when empty. It also looks beautiful :-).

It doesn’t take up much space and is a cute size. Looks very attractive in the living room. So easy to use and it’s not hard at all to open the top to put the water and oils in ( and i have small hands). You do hear it chugging away but it’s fairly quiet and quite soothing. The ambient light works well. It’s not too bright but if you find lights disturbing to sleep with then maybe have it located outside of the bedroom.

A pleasant addition to the living room. My spouse enjoys this merchandise, we have it plugged in on display screen in our living room and we switch it on for a couple of hours each individual night with essential oils inside of to diffuse a lovely scent through the home. The use is pretty uncomplicated with two buttons and two leds to indicate which program is currently being made use of and the prime white portion glows distinctive colours relying on your preference, this can be changed with just one of the two buttons. The other button is employed for turning the device on and off and also switching amongst manner one particular and two, every single manner has a distinct interval sample for diffusing the aroma. It also is programmed to shut off when there is no drinking water remaining inside of, which safeguards the heating ingredient. All in all i am satisfied to have this very good on the lookout product on clearly show in my household and i will keep on to use it.

But truly that is a fantastic thing. It fits nicely on my sons bedside. Scaled-down than anticipated, but in fact which is a good factor. It matches nicely on my sons bedside table and would not over energy the room. We use it with lavender oil to aid him get to rest. The colors are a bit garish but children like it, not positive i would have it downstairs with the lights on.

Greatest diffuser for the price tag. I’ve just lately began appreciating essential oils. I preferred a diffuser as i never like heating oils as they are cold compressed, they work much better cold to system temperature. Not like burners which overheat the oils. This device is compact with a modern design however packs a punch. In just a pair of minutes, the lounge was enveloped with delicious aromas. With my collection of essential oils, there are so lots of combos of fragrances but our favorite is lime (2 drops), lemongrass (2 drops) and bergamot (1 drop). It is really so clean up, citrusy and uplifting. Take note: citrus oils ideal for masking cooking and pet smells tooi’m not a large supporter of the light colours nevertheless but really don’t allow that set you off, you can disarm this characteristic.

Wonderful diffuser but lid can be awkward to clear away. This item appears to be attractive in the household simply because of its modern layout, has the possibility for tender switching colour lights and intermittent release. The motive that i did not give this item 5 stars is mainly because due to the lovely style and design it can often be awkward to take out the lid and if there is some h2o still left in the unit it could very easily spill – a several occasions the upper 50 percent on my device has come to be caught and taken a although to get off.

Extremely helpful and beautiful diffuser. What a wonderful little unit this isyou basically pour a small h2o (close to 100mls, employing the included measuring cup) into it, add a couple drops of your favourite oil (we have been utilizing a christmas a person), swap it on and it genuinely does worka suggestion so you don’t finish up performing what i did – make guaranteed that you do not add also considerably water – the directions condition ‘less than 160ml’ but in real reality i’ve discovered that any a lot more than 100ml and it will not likely work perfectly at all. I considered ours was damaged till i drained some water out. Incredibly, the reservoir will continue to keep it going all working day (i anticipated to have to change the drinking water regularly, judging by the total of mist it emits)you change it on with the prime button at the again and the mist pours out of the prime spout, just like on the images, and it emits a wonderful scent. The gadget by default will cycle by means of currently being energetic for a few minutes then shut off for a moment. If you press the button yet again, it will continue being on consistently. You can change the colours with the bottom button (this cycles as a result of auto-change, then every colour in switch and eventually no light if you choose). It truly is really successful, and 1 of the greatest xmas presents we have acquired ourselves this calendar year. Quite tranquil and relaxing, a actually excellent buy.

The aukey aromatherapy essential oil diffuser model be-a1 operates great, ideal for the lavatory or bedroom with no using up a great deal counter room. It is extremely compact and light-weight, and i appreciate the wood grain structure. The diffuser is tremendous quick to use and very peaceful when functioning. To use the diffuser just fill with approximately 160ml of drinking water, insert a pair drops of the essential oil of your option and convert it on. The energy offer is 100-240v/50-60hz as very well, making it attainable to travel with internationally and not obtaining to stress about obtaining a action down converter. The diffuser can operate for 5 to eight hours on a single fill without having concerns. When managing the diffuser does not overheat or get warm to the touch. The water vapor that will come out from the major of the diffuser just isn’t sizzling as nicely. Protection attributes are also built-in to the diffuser with the diffuser routinely shutting off when the diffuser basin is empty.