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Adey CP1-03-00022 System Cleaner : Don’t hesitate – buy it – easy to fit – even easier to clean!

This product is brilliant and is worth every penny so easy to fit and works a treat.

An excellent filter for clearing debris in the central heating system.

I was surprised how easy this was to install. I was surprised how easy this was to install, easy as chopping out a section of pipe and slotting this inline.

Very nice – make sure you get the professional 2 version though. Im no plumber but found this quite simple to fit if you have a straight bit of pipe to place it on. It seems to have pulled lots of sludge from the water in its first few days of use.

  • What an amazing piece of kit
  • Easy to fit and it works
  • Brilliant gadget
  • Easy fit and does what it says
  • Don’t hesitate – buy it – easy to fit – even easier to clean!
  • great customer service

Adey CP1-03-00022 System Cleaner

  • In-line installation – possible in just two minutes
  • Compact installation for tight spaces
  • Low profile drain valve – easier servicing and dosing
  • Improved valves – greater reliability
  • Twin reverse flow – maximising debris capture

Excellent service, nice product works well.

After draining down the system, it took just ten mins to fit.

Fantastic product first class service.

Simple and easy to install does what it says it does, seller great as well, provided great after sales support. Good instructions with product and east to maintain.

Without any problem by the plumber looks a very good product and real value for. Arrived promptly and fitted without any problem by the plumber looks a very good product and real value for money.

Yes this item is good i have a use before.

Don’t hesitate – buy it – easy to fit – even easier to clean. I’m a confident plumber and i installed this one on my brothers central heating system – tank fed system boiler at the week end. I had a lovely spot for it above the boiler for it to go on the return and literally cut the pipes to required distance (think it was about 160mm), it slides in deeper one end and then up, put your ptfe/jointing paste around the olive and crank up. Then slide the chamber over the outlets and tighten up, all in all it must have taken no more than 15mins, obviously draining down took longer – when you drain down always change the washer on the drain cock – my tipi had the system charged back up and running by 3pm saturday just gone, and i left on sunday at 10:30am – in this time we had the heating on for probably about 8hrs or so and before i left i wanted to check the filter and could not believe the junk that was attached to the centre spindle.It was crazy and asked my brother to check it again in a week, then again a week later, then should be fine for 6 monthly checks. No wonder he said this was his 3rd boiler in 15years. . No surprise with this about of literally “metal shards” floating around in his system. So – the short of it is – fit one – i’d imagine they all do the same – but this one was easy to fit and even easier to clean with the magnet just dropping out and the waste washed away. Buy it – you’ll be amazedhope this helps.

Plumber came, drained system and then flushed it out before fitting – latter took time and money so my advice would be to miss out this step. He came back a week later to show me how to extract the filter ( very easy) and clean it by rinsing under a tap. A week later and i did it again and it was 10% full so will now leave it for about 6 months before doing it again. This is a brilliant gadget and will not be surprised if most people have one within 5 years. The whole system heats up much more quickly and obviously the pump has less work to do so saving more energy. It was recommended by our son who lives in dublin and evidently all new systems there have it fitted. Well done to the plumber who invented it and he deserves to be rich.

Had to wait for a replacement nut sent out from adey as the thread in one was damaged, sent a new valve out with nuts and registered the product for me. Easy to fit, now just have to wait and see what it does, also bought adey’s cleaner and protector to use with it, time will tell on these products.

Easy to install, easy to maintain.

Great bit of kit did the job it was made for cleans all the black mud from the central heating no need to powerflush.

Fantastic bit of kit, remarkably encouraged to keep your radiators thoroughly clean and effective, never neglect to set a cleaner by the system, flush it out and then an inhibitor to retain it all running well. I might say clean up the magnet the moment a week till harly anything gets trapped to it, then once just about every few of months /6months dependent on how much arrives out when you examine it.

Simple suit and does what it claims. Easy to put in if you have fundamental plumbing package and a tiny typical sense. Equipped to new system so hope it will assist with routine maintenance. Makes including inhibitor or flush chemical compounds quite quick. Just test you have room to suit just one.

Inside 24 hrs, system was working quieter and drinking water was distinct. The filter trapped a startling amount of black crud. Fitting was moderately uncomplicated even with having to match it in a horizontal pipe.

Very well, not that clever definitely, it truly is a magnet in a housing that collects all the magnetized crap that lives in your heating pipes. That said, it truly is compact, straightforward to in good shape and service, strong and could add a pair of several years on to your boiler everyday living so funds very well used.