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500ml AirPro Mini Compact Air Dehumidifier : seems to work well!

Don’t suffer steamy windows. Bought for my shop which has single glazing and is not well ventilated. These little discreet units make life so much easier. No more wiping windows several times a day because they are streaming with condensation. Have since bought one for home. For the price they are amazing and save me so much time and stress.

We had condensation forming on the inside of the window overnight because we can’t leave the windows open to traffic noise and it’s an old victorian house. Also, over 6 months (lots of clothes so don’t see the back of the wardrobe very often) mould had formed in the back of the wardrobe. This has sorted both problems and it’s quiet enough to leave on overnight which means no condensation when we wake up in the morning- brilliant.

Pleasantly surprised at its small size. It has been working in my little porch for nearly 2 weeks now, and does a marvellous job. Ideal for keeping the windows from streaming with condensation.

From the moment i have got it could visually and in a very short time see how it started collecting water. Humidity in my flat was 60%-70% and would have to change it in 2 and half – 3 days. Have big windows from celling to the floor and quite big room.

  • seems to work well!
  • ideal little dehumidifier
  • Quietly efficient
  • ok for small spaces
  • Good for dehumidifying small spaces, cost-effective and not loud at all.
  • Brilliant dehumidifier

500ml AirPro Mini Compact Air Dehumidifier for Home, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Caravan etc

Have used several smaller non electric ones before, but found this to be perfect for our porch and conservatory areas. Very quiet when running and not unsightly.

Ok for cupboards or slightly high humidity small rooms i should have gone for a bigger model this was not up to the job even in a quite small bedroom.

Very quiet and low power useage were essential to us and this has proven an excellent choice. . Can’t fault this little gem. Reduced condensation on windows and musty scent in our new fitted wardrobes. Very quiet and low power useage were essential to us and this has proven an excellent choice.

Received in the morning , set up in the afternoon & water in the tank by night.

Please note that this is a very small dehumidifier. . Please note that this is a very small dehumidifier. I guess i should have read the specs more carefully. I bought it to dry out a wall in my son’s room that had a sizeable area of damp. It did work in that water accumulated in the collection box, and my son’s room is small, but it’s really more suited to a cupboard or wardrobe.

Great little machine for clearing damp areas and drying small rooms and cupboards.

Very fast delivery, i have this in my sons bedroom, very quiet, first time in months he woke up and there was no condensation on his widow.

Really good little de-humidifier. Ive had this product for about a week now, and have to say it works really welli use it in my uni room (which is not massive, but a decent size) and over the course of a couple of days it collects an amazing amount of watermy room, which used to smell damp and musty if left shut up for more than a few hours has now lost that mustyness completely. The unit seems very well built and and is easily emtptied. The only downside to this product is that it is a little noisy. I would liken it to a laptop or pc fan running constantly in the background (not annoying but just always there). If you’re looking for something completely silent then the passive dehumidifiers that use crystals are probably best for you. Having said this i just turn it off when i am sleeping and leave it running when i am out and about during the day.

I had a mould problem and has help so much clothes arnt damp any more, windows are clear when wake up in the morning, it may be little but works perfectly.

Very small, quiet dehumidifier that works well in small bedroom. Seems to be helping with the damp and moisture in the room.

Early days only been on for 2 days but seems to be working great quit a bit of water collected already, have confidence it will suit my requirments.

Good for dehumidifying small spaces, cost-effective and not loud at all. . This is a nifty little device. It does exactly what it says on the tin, as they say. I like the way that it is not too loud, which means that i can leave it on at night in the corridor outside my room, with the door open, and all i hear is a rushing sound, just like an air-conditioning system in a hotel room. Far from keeping me awake, this actually provides a very relaxing consistent background noise, which helps me drift off to sleep, and dehumidifies the air at the same time. I don’t like the fact that it sometimes doesn’t get rid of all the moisture, but then it isn’t designed for a space as big as the one that i operate it in, so that’s only to be expected. Considering that it does operate in a larger space than it is designed for, i think it does very well indeedi would recommend this product to people who need a small space dehumidifying. It works very well, you can see the water building up after you’ve left it on for a few hours, and you can move it around from room to room very easily.

This is a fabulous mini dehumidifier for a solitary home. I have a problem in a bedroom and this has finished the task of getting rid of all the moisture from the home. Apparel are no for a longer time feeling moist and cold, however, i could not slumber in the exact same area as it does make a vibrating/buzzing noise. Would be pleased to invest in a different 1 if needed.

I have this for a bedroom that was acquiring some mould on the partitions, not a great deal, but more than enough to detect and make me go ‘euw’it’s rather tranquil, i can get to slumber with it jogging, but now i just leave it functioning whenever i am not asleep. I have a compact bedroom, about 10x10x8 and it extracts about fifty percent a cup of drinking water a day, which is rather very good. When i go to bed and stroll into the room you can sense the air is dry on your breath, it really is surely workingat 30w it’s hardly a (common) light bulbs-worthy of of vitality to operate. I would propose one thing beefier if you required to dry out your bathroom or kitchen tho :).

Purchased this solution for our tennents who were being complaining of some damp in the back again place, not experienced any problems given that, many thanks quite significantly.

We purchased this to try out and take care of a minor dilemma with moist in our bedroom. We ended up a bit anxious initially when we observed the dimensions of the device, but obtaining operate it for a few of months, we are very amazed. The device could possibly be compact but it does the position – in minutes it had started out to gather h2o. It runs quite quietly so we barely detect it – it would make fewer sounds than your regular air conditioner – and is quick to vacant when necessary.

I am shocked at the efficiency of these two models that purchased. They are so simple to use and the skill to see the concentrations of drinking water that is taken out of the ambiance is a bonus. I am making use of 1 in my kitchen to overcome any steam and the other in a conservatory. I wished that i had come throughout these tiny fellows considerably before than when i did.

This arrived incredibly immediately ,properly packed. We experienced a person right before which eventually died. So replaced it with this model. It can take a tankful of drinking water each 3 days from my bedroom. Since applying it ,as an asthmatic,i have not had barely any coughing suits,right before i experienced a coughing session every early morning right after getting up ,i haven’t experienced one given that. This has happy me incredibly a lot without a doubt and the amount it collects has revealed me how moist the air was in my bedroom. One particular very small niggle is it is a very little little bit noisy and as alight sleeper saved me awake and the dazzling green light-weight appeared to be like a lighthouse beam. I solved this by standing it just within the wardrobe leaving the door open,this labored nicely and i carry it out again in the early morning. A little inconvenience but rather do that than have daily coughing matches.