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18 x Interior Dehumidifier : This a fantastic product which really pulls in the moisture in cupboards

A product that is a must this time of the year. So easy to use, just unwrap and follow the instructions and leave the rest to nature. Used this product for about 5 years.

Very good value and work anywhere there is condensation. Cupboards, window ledges etc. Initially purchased to go in an under sink cupboard in the downstairs bathroom that went mouldy. They have fixed the problem.

I only found out about damp traps recently but they. I only found out about damp traps recently but they have really helped with the condensation problem in my house. I’ve got them tucked all over the house now.

A lot of people have said that these don’t seem to work for them, i however love them and they do the job for me. I own a big electric dehumidifier and i use it on a regular basis and the little boxes still do a great job. I use them in draws and wardrobes and i no longer have mould on clothes that i don’t wear very often.

  • Can’t give a better recommendation than buying more!
  • This a fantastic product which really pulls in the moisture in cupboards
  • Does exactly what is says on the tub
  • Easy Dehumidifier.
  • 18 x interior dehumidifier
  • this make is new to me–if they work as well as the others have done they that will be brilliant

18 x Interior Dehumidifier

  • Can be places in small areas
  • Absorbs up to 3 times its own weight in water
  • Helps stop damp, mould, mildew and condensation
  • Can be used in, wardrobes, caravans, cupboards and boats
  • Removes scent from around the house

Have bought these quite a few times and find they work very well.

Function very well in wardrobes, cupboards etc.

We had various light moulds round window linings in our flat. I put these on the window sills after i cleaned the mould and have had not problems since. They collect plenty of water and last a good few months. I bought a box of 18 to do me for the moment. Excellent product at a great price.

Good dehumidifiers at a reasonable price,i use them in my car to get rid of the moisture as the windscreen inside my car is always soaking wet with condensation during the winter and they work a treat they are highly recommended to rid your vehicle inside of nasty condensation .

But they haven’t turned up yet but the other ones worked well.

Can’t give a better recommendation than buying more. This product was exactly as described and they work well. I have now placed a second order i am so impressed. Over time the bottom of the container fills up and the crystals at the top disappear. I have used them in various places, including 3 at the same time in my 8 year old peugeot. My car has been noticeably dryer although the dehumidifiers fill up really quickly here. Airing cupboard is another place, removing moisture left in any washing put away. These do work well and at this price represent excellent value money in my view. Can’t give a better recommendation than buying more.

Brilliant, within weeks they had filled up with water and they don’t leak.

Cheap and cheerful but are very good value and work efficiently.

Brought these for my caravan for the winter they work a treat, i will be buying them again.

Takes time to collect anything, but. They are cheap and it takes the while before they collect anything, but they seems to working fine.

With living in an old cottage these dehumidifiers helped massively.

Ideal item to keep the damp out of our classic car in the winter. Have used them before and found them great for the winter monthsgood communication from seller.

I’d been on the lookout in all places for these dehumidifiers for my caravan. Now i’ve bought them there are so numerous locations i can use them. Will be buying some extra quickly.

This make is new to me–if they function as perfectly as the many others have carried out they that will be good. Have utilised interior dehumidifiers in my conservatory ahead of–they definitely do the job. This make is new to me–if they operate as well as the others have finished they that will be fantastic.

This a excellent merchandise which really pulls in the humidity in cabinets. This a superb product or service which definitely pulls in the humidity in cabinets and bedrooms. Observe of warning be quite extremely thorough when pulling off the silver foil to activate,as you can effortlessly pull off or tear the white things which if broken,stops this product from working correctly. Shipped quite instantly and wholly un- harmed from this provider.

Does exactly what is says on the tub. I purchased these as my house tends to have a good deal of condensation on the home windows in the early morning. I did not want this causing moist on the partitions. It can take time for you to see how nicely they work but its wonderful how a lot water they gather. They are not too massive which implies i can disguise them driving pictures so that website visitors are unable to see them.

Extremely excellent for value, i purchased these for our back again room exactly where we have the washing machine and dryer, uncovered that these prevent the partitions heading black mould.