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AXUAN Air Cooler – I like this air conditioner

I got air cooler yesterday and i used its great. It’s a small machine that works great, if you re near it. But personal speaking, a little noise if i turn it to 3-fan speed, i think i hate it. And it won’t cool a room but its very easy to have near you. Don’t leave the air cooler about 1m. No need batteries, convenient to connect usb cable, i like it. Overall i think its worth the money.

I have a deep impression on mini air conditioner. Firstly, it is really not cold like home air conditioner, instead a table fan. Of course i tried to add water or ice cube, its effect is good, some cooling. However if you want to cool the whole room, it is impossible, because this is personal mini air conditioner.

This mini air cooler is awesome. I got this for our room for summer because i like to sleep with a fan on and i like it cool. It has 3 different settings and easy to read instructions that were very clear. You fill it with water to the line (i used distilled water) and then turn it on. You have the option to have a light on it or not. My kids loved it and thought it was fun to make the lights filter through each color. It can fit easily on a nightstand or a small cubby hold if needed. Don’t let the small size deter you from getting this, our room is pretty big and i have run it every night since i got it and it keeps it cold.

By the time it was delivered, summer is nearly over. Works well though, not too noisy.

  • Waited ages for delivery. By the time it was
  • I like this air conditioner
  • Summer Air Cooler!

Features of Air Cooler, AXUAN Portable Mini Air Conditioner Air Purifier & Humidifier

  • ✔The plug- in compact personal heater 1000w – Simply plug it into the socket anywhere and enjoy pleasant warmth.
  • ✔ 12 hour timer and automatic shut-off function: You can set yourself if the Instant Heater switches off automatically, this mini heater is very safe.
  • ✔ An adjustable thermostat: 15 ° C – 32 ° C / 60 – 90 ℉. When the inside temperature reaches 25 degrees, the warm air is switched off by itself.
  • ✔ Ideal for small spaces, such as garage, kitchen, living room, bedroom etc. Perfect for hands and feet to warm in the car trip, camping etc.
  • ✔ AXUAN instant personal heater, 24 hours on time email reply,100% satisfying customer service, lifetime replacement guarantee.

✔The plug- in compact personal heater 1000w –

✔ 12 hour timer and automatic shut-off function: You can set yourself if the Instant Heater switches off automatically, this mini heater is very safe.

✔ An adjustable thermostat: 15 ° C – 32 ° C / 60 – 90 ℉.

✔ Ideal for small spaces, such as garage, kitchen, living room, bedroom etc.

✔ AXUAN instant personal heater, 24 hours on time email reply,100% satisfying customer service, lifetime replacement guarantee.

Babz 16″ inch Oscillating Pedestal – Good value for money

A good product, and it arrived very quickly. It was easy to assemble but a bit annoying simply because the screws and nuts are really small with my man fingers there was really no way to hold them. Dispite that i did have them assembled within 10 minutes. The fan is actually quite powerful. The fan is actually very lightweight even after assembly. Very impressed would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Arrived fast easy to build, nice room fan and not to loud slept through the sound.

Needed two people to put it together, but a godsend in this current hot spell.

This fantastic has been a total life saver for me, as i have a chronic fatigue and pain condition which causes fluctuations in my body temperature. Perfect on hot summer days with oscillating head and varying speed levels.

Just a tad sorry the little knob that turns the fan from side to side was broken so mine stays static. I found it difficult to put together, it needed two people, one to hold the thing and one to put the minute screws in place, you need a magnifying glass. However, once the worst is over and it’s all together, it’s fine.

Great fan, really nice price. But when you adjust it to is maximum height, it is rather wobbly. So would not recommend having it on near children. But overall it works really nicely.

  • White 16 inch Oscillating Pedestal (Stand) Fan
  • A good product, and it arrived very quickly
  • Good little fan 👍👍

Very powerful fan, very difficult to put together not the easy assemble they make it to be.

Perfect in the bedroom especially when things get steamy.

As others have written, a flimsy based (don’t buy if you have small children or pets, otherwise very good.

Fantastic buy i bought this last year and never been more grateful for something than i have this fan this year fab product fab price.

It was quite easy to work out how to set up the fans despite the instruction sheet which had english words but which didn’t make any sense. And the fans do work very well, although as soon as i received them, the weather became cooler.

Features of Babz White 16″ inch Oscillating Pedestal (Stand) Fan

  • 16″ Standing Fan
  • 3 Speed Oscillating system
  • Adjustable tilt head for directing flow

From the manufacturer

16″ Standing Fan

Efficient and fairly quiet at low speeds.

I bought the pedestal version to reach my son in his cabin bed.

Brilliant value, exactly the same product that others are charging almost double for.

Disappointed as didn’t arrive in one day as it was supposed to, shame because the fan is great.

Super fast delivery, easy to assemble.

Very cheap, very fast delivery. Of course not the best quality but not that bad either.

3 Speed Oscillating system

Portable, easy and light to carry around the house. It was easy to put together. But the housing unit for the motor arrived cracked.

One week since i have it and still works.

Not as robust as it could be. The assembly instructions are very vague, the picture on the box is more instructive & the cross frame at the base is very flimsy. Assembling the fan guard is a am little tricky too, look closely at the positioning & fastenings before fitting. Once assembled correctly, it works well.

A lot better then i thought. Does exactly what it says on the box.

It’s maybe not as fancy as one that costs a lot of money, but it’s a fan. What else do you want it to do?i had to reshape a bit of the metal in the stand as it had received a knock in transit, but it was easily done. Took less than five minutes to assemble. It’s quiet enough to have on while i’m sleeping. Great price, quick delivery too.

Very good value for a very low price. Its working away in the hot evenings.

Adjustable tilt head for directing flow

The stand seamed a bit flimsy but once assembled it’s ok. The fan itself works very well for isn’t to noisy.

It’s very quiet compared to other fans i’ve had and light enough to move into different rooms if need be.

Easy enough to set up, good settings, and they really circulate the air. And the price was very good, too.

This fan is good value for money but keep in mind that for this price the quality will not be very high. However, it’s functional and does the job well. Ordered two of these at a time when they were really needed (we just had the hottest day in july in record – 38c on 1/07/15) and these worked flawlessly. The noise level is on par for a fan of this type and i personally have no problem going to sleep with this fan running.

Bit wobbly with some parts missing, but it does the job. Bit squeaky too, but i wear earplugs, so it only bothers my hubby.

Great to keep those long summer nights cooler.

Yeah does a treat with the weather we’ve been having fairly quiet, not the most powerful in my opinion but hey ho.

Took a while to work out how to set it all up, but nontheless it’s a fan that was very helpful in the heatwave recently.

Bought for my daughter – she says the top part and fan is sturdy, but the base is rather flimsy. It keeps the rooms cool and does what it is supposed to do and that is what matters.

It works well and it’s not too noisy and the breeze it gives is great even on the first setting. However, the fan part is far too heavy for the flimsy stand and so it constantly droops down. Even though i always extend the shaft up, it just drops right down again no matter how much you tighten it.

I was quite disappointed with the build quality of the fan. The stand is very cheap and the plastic that covers the ‘workings’ of the fan was cracked and loose when i took it out of the box. The assembly instructions are awful and the pictures very small on my version. That being said the fan itself works well, although it is a little too loud to have in a bedroom.

This pedestal fan is as good as any other on the market but at a better price. Does everything it should and easy to assemble.

Took a little time to assemble as the instructions in the leaflet were not very clear. (just a diagram and the parts weren’t labelled with the sequence.

It arrived on time and well packaged, is as described, (works well at the time of writing) the only problem that i can see is the feet, the cross pieces are made out of open channel aluminum and the feet themselves are plastic inserts on the ends of the cross pieces, if you accidentally stand on one of them (as i did) they twist out of shape and have to be twisted back into shape as best you can. If the cross pieces had been made of closed channel aluminum then they wold have been much stronger as it is they are very flimsy. Would think very carefully about purchasing this fan again.

First fan was damaged and seller sent antoher one. Really good product with three fan speed.

Very good had no prob making up and works well my dog love it when its very hot where we live in italy. It was delivered two days before it delvery date so well done to all.

The fan would be perfect for my needs, but there is just one annoying problem. The nut that holds the fan head in your desired position is just not strong enough. After 5 minutes the fan head drops and points to the floor no matter how tight you try and make it. Other than that i have been happy with the fan for the price.

Packaging was okay but putting together proved to be almost impossible so have only three quarters put together it works fine but would prefer an easier asemby and better instructions on how to put together.

It keeps me cool enough when it is a bit warm, yet the fan only seems to point upwards but keeps the room cool. The down side is that when you press the oscillating button down to oscillate, it makes an awful clicking sound because of the vibration of the fan keeps trying to push the button back up, even when on the low speed setting. Its also a little noisy, even at low speed. It sounds a little like an airplane, i dare not place it on the high setting as it may take off down the runway. Worth the money though i suppose thank you. The delivery was prompt too.

It’s a good fan very nice and strong power, the only thing i would say is that if you plan on following instructions i wouldn’t bother they all in spanish. You have to follow the picture and hope its right.

Easy to assemble and doesnt take too long. Brilliant price and arrived very quickly. Is rather noisy when at full speed but nothing you cant cover with music or tv noise. Stands very sturdy while oscillating and stayed standing after having a roudy child walk into it.

Great delivery and for price is a little flimsy before build. But hey once the fan is put together it is a very sturdy and ultra quiet fan with enough movement of air on position one from a distance and each push of the next button makes it into one of the best fans for this price. Well happy to recommend this product ultra quiet and stands at a good height with good air flow.

I wouldn’t say i was a fan of shopping for these kinds of things but finding this one was a breeze. When it arrived it blew me away at just how easy it was to set up. When my 8 1/2 month pregnant wife saw what i had got for her on what was the hottest week on record she was delighted as she could cool down in comfort. She advised me i needed to air my views on this product. The fan is doddle to use, quiet, has 3 speeds and is adjustable in height. It’s a bargain and i hope you are as blown away as we were.

Does the job for hot weather spells and menopausal moments .

Dyson HP02 Hot : I’m a real customer who bought this at full Amazon price due to breathing problems and I love it!

Difficult to set up at first. Connecting to router was a problem but after 30mins we got it connected. I like how the app works and the information it displays. The auto settings are great. They give multiple options for preferences of hours and days.

Okay, this isn’t a cheap hot/cold air blower, but it does its job very well. We got it to take the chill off a room this winter without having to put the whole heating system on. Setting up the dyson link app was easy, as was enabling the skill with alexa and linking the accounts. The app is a sinch to use and we have a few schedules setup for the week. Voice control with alexa also works flawlessly, for us at least. Aesthetically, the product is stylish, and doesn’t look out of place in a contemporary/modern/designer setting. It’s not as big a footprint as i originally envisaged either. What i do love, is how quiet this thing is. If you crank the fan right up then you can hear it obviously, but on a medium setting it won’t affect listening to music or watching the telly. It just stealthily does it’s thing whilst looking pretty.

Dyson HP02 Hot + Cool Link

  • Automatically removes 99.95 percent of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns from the air
  • Captures potentially toxic fumes and odours.Airflow at max Setting:28.12L/S , Temperature settings – Yes – to the degree 0-37 degrees
  • Intelligent purification. Triple functionality. Cord length: 1.8 metres
  • Care: clean your purifier, simply wipe it with a cloth
  • Only Dyson Pure Hot plus Cool Link purifiers have Jet Focus Control

I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for whether this machine is good or pricey (it’s never going to be bad). What this machine really is, is an air purifier. It removes small particles from the air. If you suffer from allergies (eg, pollen, pet, dust etc) this item would be great. Or if the room is smokey and you want to remove the haze then this would work too (although rather an expensive option to do this i think). However, if you just want to have a fan or a heater, then this item is overkill. It’s expensive to buy and expensive to use because it has a hepa filter in it and these filters need replacing. I think a new filter for this machine is over £100. It will last 4000plus hours i believe, but still quite a shock to your wallet.The machine is internet wireless enabled so you can control it from your smartphone (or the remote that comes with the unit).

Well done dyson and thank-you for a unique product that goes above and beyond all the rest. Here are the positives and negatives:positives:cleans air to an unrivalled 0. You can operate the machine via your mobile phone and get stats on air quality etc. It can cool a room (they all have this side effect) but the bonus for me was being able to heat the room very quickly and maintain my desired temperature. I had a vax pure in my home office but was shivering with it on in the current cold weather. It’s quiet, unless on max, and it has auto and night functions. It’s a nice size and it looks good. Negatives that i’d like to see improved before i purchase another:there’s no handle for portability and you’re not supposed to pick it up via the air loop. It has a limited room size capability, especially compared to units that are a fraction of the price, so it is suitable for small houses with old style rooms and shutting doors between rooms but is unsuitable for open plan living or offices.

It is great, very nice looking device. Yes it’s not aircon like some would think – it’s a fan that moves the air around. Pros:- quiet but don’t expect silent operation it’s still fan- very good air filter works like a treat for dust particles (we have noticed way less dust collecting on our furniture)- decent remote control and decent app- great look of the device fits modern homes- awesome as heater, we are using it in 1 bedroom flat and we are extremely happy- power consumption (heat when it starts it goes to 2kw but goes down to 700w after few sec)negative:- somehow the heat function does not stop the device when in auto mode, it just simply slow down but does not stop the device. – no easy integration with google home (might be dyson’s idea to lock down everything like big fruit does) it would be great to see this being updated – give people choice to use what they want. All in all great device with lack of some basic features like google home integration – still i guess if you can afford it you definitely won’t regret your decision.

Dyson HP02 Hot + Cool Link : A high quality product in every aspect. Efficient modern approach to warm and cool. Used between home office and living room.

Been good in heatwave but not as cool as expected.

Was unsure if it was worth the price. I guess you get what you pay for is very pertinent in this case. The dyson is a great product because it works very well. It is a fan and a heater and an air purifier in one. If you bought all 3 separately not only would they cost more – they would use more space also. This device warms up a cold room in no time. It keeps the temperature to whatever you set it on. The air ‘throw’ is quite good too and you can easily feel the draft even across the room. If you don’t like it – run it in dispersed mode – where you won’t feel the wind at all. The air purifier works well too – it shows the pollution level on the mobile app.

It’s an expensive fan and heater but worth every penny.

This is a air purifier in the fist place. Not blowing like hell and not that quite as it is advertised. But does its job well (it comes with the 2nd gen filter). People who needs a fan should look for something else. The app works quite well as i have expected, but you are not able to see the details of captured particules or gasses as you can with the newer version dyson purifiers. If your room is not full of dust and voc roughly it purifies 15sqm area (with 3 m height) per hour. In general this is a quite well designed smart purifier which can either be used as a moderate fan and a heater.

Wide angle mode doesnt blow as indicated, it merely exits the sides of the fan – this means the central part of the fan isnt used. I feel the advertising for this is misleading information and the unit certainly doesnt operate as i was led to believe by the website.

Some of the negative reviews did concern me and, of course, it’s expensive. It’s not an air conditioning unit but it does produce a lot of cool air on the cool setting. It’s packed with features, it was easy to set up and connect to the wifi and i am very happy and impressed with it. On a low night setting you can feel a gentle, cool breeze and you can hardly hear it. If you can afford it it knocks other fans into the dust.

If you haven’t already got one, get one.

As ordered and appropriate for intended use.

The only downside to the product is that there is no way to move it from room to room without squatting down and picking it up. You can’t pick it up by the top – well you could but you would damage it. Otherwise – it works as promised.

Dyson have updated their app and this now works with alexa. There is no doubt that this is v.

4 stars for this product mainly for the high cost. Putting the cost aside this product adds a touch of luxury into office in summer and winter time. I originally purchased this to help filter out pollen in the summer which i’m highly sensitive which does the trick including acting as a nice fan to give a cool breeze in the room providing its not too hot. The heater is an excellent touch in the winter which has power saving feature of turning off when the selected temperature for the room has been reached. The dyson app setup was a bit strange to set up than expected, but once the item is connected properly your phone will be another remote control. Excellent product but your wallet / purse will feel the pinch.

The build quality is what you would expect from dyson fabulous. Your provided with a remote control but, the app is far superior it tracks the air quality and it actually works very will, you able to see the improvement in air quality after you completed a quick clean of your home. This app and the sensors included in this dyson product really do help people who have breathing issueswhilst you are provided with one air filter as standard the cost of replacement ones are quite excessive, maybe dyson could correct thisthe heater is very good, my house has three bedrooms and if you leave all the doors open inside your home the dyson will warm the whole house up, quickly down stairs and gradually up stairs. I have not had to use my central heating oncethe true genius behind this product is the mobile ios app, if it is cold out side when your on your way home you can turn the heater on and walk into a warm homeyes it’s expencive but you are getting your moneys worth.

Sensors measure air quality, humidity and temperature. The latter two require it to be active. The former shows that it’s not nearly as effective at purifying the air as opening the window and putting a fan in front of it – if the air outside is relatively clean. It does improve the air quality though, and it’s not always an option to blow air in from outside. The wireless app is a nice touch. You can warm a room up before you enter it, or set it to turn on when the temperature or air quality go outside set limits. It also provides charts of the air quality. It’s also convenient to be able to use a phone or tablet to interact with it. It has a night mode, which just dims the display and limits the fan speed. The fan is like any other dc fan in terms of loudness, but it’s a bit louder when the heater is active too.

Not really as impressed with this as i’d hoped or expected i would be. Seems slower than other heaters i’ve had, definitely not worth the price.

Over priced load of nothing i’m afraid. I really wanted this fan to be more than it is. Far, and i can’t stress it enough when i say far less effective than the £30 rotating stand fan that i have just purchased to supplement my very very expensive (noisy) dyson fan. In reality it’s quicker to get up off your backside and press 1 of 4 buttons on a traditional fan than it is to open up the dyson app (or find the dyson remote control) and adjust the fan settings. Buy yourself an air purifier for £50 max. Perhaps the guys at dyson could focus on making a more lightweight vacuum cleaner rather than continuing to venture into the fan industry?.


I bought one of these in the hopes that it is as quiet as an old woolworths desktop fan i’ve had for the last 20+ years and perfect for night sleeping. On night silent mode the motor has virtually the same quiet noise output (perfect) although you can hear that the rowenta motor is doing it with zero effort. The one big difference between the two fans is that the rowenta has a higher cfm airflow. This makes it louder if you sit closer just from the wind noise, but it’s fan(sic)tastic. Love itit deserves 5*, but i dropped one star because it came with a euro plug, so i had to chop it and stick a uk plug on it. It doesn’t stop the fan from being great, but i had to wait for a couple of days to get a plug before i could use it,being picky. . The power flex is a bit on the short side too.

It’s a good fan – rather large and although it is quieter than other fans – it is not silent. If you are expecting silence you will be disappointed – easy to sleep through however – but there is an annoying white light which illuminates during night mode which lights up the whole room – kind of defeats the object of getting a decent nights sleep – i have covered the light with a square of black insulation tape however and it’s fine. Also worth noting that it comes with a european 2 prong plug which will need chopping off and replacing with a uk socket, although i’d use a shaver adaptor before you take the original plug off to see if you like the fan in case you want a refund.

Great fan and v easy to assemble.

Excellent fan but why has it got a continental 2 pin plug on it?. There was no mention of that in the spec?.

The product arrived with a two-pin plug when it was advertised as having a usb plug. When i had difficulty putting this together, i telephoned the rowena uk help desk, only to be told that they do not sell fans in the uk and therefore provided me with the german customer services help desk. Luckily as my only german consists of ich lieber dich, and rudimentary counting skills, i was able to speak to someone who spoke my language. The fan is brilliant with the silent setting, and i had to purchase an adapter plug. I would buy this again if it was sold in the uk, but this should serve as a warning to others.

I have been looking for a large fan that runs at very low rpm to be very quiet, like a ceiling fan. This is basically an ordinary fan with an extra quiet setting. On silent night mode it is quiet (but nowhere near silent) and yet still pushes a significant volume of air. Mine sometimes starts rattling when in the most downward orientation, can be fixed by shifting the position.

  • It’s good – better than a £250 Dyson – but it’s not silent
  • fan I’ve had for the last 20+ years and perfect for night sleeping
  • Probably not worth the money.

Extremely good quality fan very efficient and extremely quiet.

Had a dyson for a super quiet fan, this is better on it’s silent mode. Pushes more air and quieter.

I use the fan during warmer months on the quiet setting. It blows well on the quiet setting, plenty on setting 1 and a lot on setting 2. The fan is significantly quieter than fans that have not been specifically designed with noise in mind. There is a very low level hum, only just perceivable if you actively listen to the fan. They should sell this in the uk, which would save me £30 on delivery. The only minor negative point is that there is a ‘moon’ light on the base of the fan that illuminates when operating in the quiet mode. I have covered this as i’m a grown man and do not need a night light (anymore. )in short:- good at being a fan- it is quiet.

I’ve always loved rowenta, so i needed to buy the table one and it is huge. I love it and i totally recommend it.


SUMGOTT Air Purifier : Quality product worth the money.

Looks good too seems to work very well, is very easy to set up. You simply open it and use it very easy,great product highly recommend really happy with this product.

After one button press, it was already getting to work in my extremely dusty room. Instructions are clear and simple. The indicator of the amount of pollutants i think is a nice touch aswell. Would recommend, worth it’s money in functionality. Only thing i’d say constructively is the power cable is short, so you may need an extension cable , but this is a very minor issue.

Great productthe internal fan within this product is fairly powerful, albeit a little more quite than you expect. After one week with air purifier their are a small amount of health benefits with this device. My lungs are much better as there is less pollen in the air. The build of the sumgott air purifier is amazing and very sturdy-given its smaller frame. Setup and changing the filter is easy. High quality product indeed with some health benefitspros:build qualityfans quiet but pushes lots of air. Easy setupcons:i have not found it so far.

Nice compact machine, not too noisy.

  • Very very silent.
  • air purifier home allergy
  • Good buy and I can feel my office being more “pleasant”

SUMGOTT Air Purifier with HEPA Negative Ions Air Cleaner for Allergies Smoking Pet Dander Dust Mite on Home Office Desktop

  • ❃AIR PURIFIER HEPA: Three filter stages (HEPA filter, cold catalyst filter, negative Ion). It eliminates 99.99% dust over 0.1 microns, effectively degrade formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, ammonia and other poisonous gases. True HEPA Air Purifier is safe, harmless and does not emit UV or ions which can be harmful air pollutants. Perfect gift for father, mother, office mates and friends
  • ❃AIR IONZIER PURIFIER: It produces a concentration of 6 million negative oxygen ions. Negative ion is able to neutralize and precipitate positive dust, harmful microorganism and poisonous gas, which helps effectively purify the air. Especially for the rampant PM2.5, the elimination rate achieves higher than 99%. Ideal for pet owners, babies, elderly, or anyone suffer from allergies, nasal stuffiness, cough, sneezing, asthma, etc and need to improve air quality
  • ❃QUICK & EASY USE: This air cleaner has a touch-type design, activated by pressing the top button on and off with a finger (switch between low and high performance with the touch of a finger to adjust speed). you can switch freely between ordinary purification and rapid purification, and the light flashes when you operate
  • ❃DESIGN & APPEARANCE: SUMGOTT Air Purifier has an Eco-Friendly and minimal design. It comes with an advanced solid structure. It is wear resistant and very practical. Buy SUMGOTT Air Purifier for yourself, loved ones and best friend too. 100% money back guarantee if you are not thrilled with our product (we sell replacement filters at the following link:
  • ❃PORTABLE & COMPACT: Its unique size (275 x 150 x 155mm) and dual fan design make it perfect for 30㎡-60㎡ home. Perfect solution for small areas and rooms such as studio, bedroom, office desktop, kitchen and pet room. This purifier has 2 fans, wind can enter from both sides, and out from the top. Low working noise. The air circulates faster thanks to its vertical dimensional air duct structure. The outlet design is especially created to provide a wider purification performance

It arrived today and has easy to use instructions. Works very well, really pleased with it. It also has two spare filters. I put lavender essential oil on some tissue and put in the scent box and the room smells lovely.

But you wont notice any effect on air quality. It is not a good idea to used to sucking dust. The air condition always indicate poor when ever times i unplug it.

Came in 2days, packed extremely well. Great air cleaner for my living room.

So far so great my stepson has aiiergies and since hes moved back in with us and the cats and dog his aiiergies have fiared up its why i bought these one for his room and one for iivingroom been over a week now and hes reaiiy pieased with the one in his room and when hes in the iivingroom he says the air seems cieaner.

Product arrived swiftly, easy to set up and easy to understand instruction. I have been using it for few days now can see the difference in the air quality,it works well,it keep the dust down and make the room fresh,nightlight feature is also really good,slightly bigger than i thought,it arrived vety promtly and was well packaged.

Was bought this as a present 3 months ago and what a great present it was, having asthma been able to sleep better i can feel how crisp and clean the air feels when it on, as its a large bedroom does take around half an hour to clean the air at first but using it everyday it takes less only just had to change the filter but i live near a moterway and have a smoker on the house and inherited a cat, did not think it would work so well, it does make an acceptable noise and the the lights at night where annoying but the benifits well outway any niggles.

I had this running for only half an hour and noticed the difference. My house is surrounded by fields which at this time of year is a night mare for pollen. The feeling and difference in air quality is amazing thanks to the ionisation after only half an hour.

I love these air purifiers so much. I bought three, one for every bedroom. I am so happy with my purchase. I also find i don’t find any dust on my dresser in any of my rooms. I would recommend everyone to buy these.

Really like this precise air cleaner, i have a issue with the air dust which makes my face itchy, i have been used it for weeks, i found the situation have became much better. It is very compact, but it significantly reduced the annoying smell. It’s fashion and modern which make me good mood when every time i see it, good quality, highly recommended.

Space saver doesn’t make much noise. Easy to move around and does the job.

This is a fantastic air purifier. It’s failey quiet when using it on the lowest setting it. It’s not heavy and is just the perfect size. I’m very happy with the product and would definetley recommend it. The design of it is very nice too.

The purifier looks well constructed. Its silent mode is just that silent. I had a bit of an issue with my original purchase but the seller attended to my issue quickly and very professionally.

This product is fantastic and i would highly recommend and a few of my friends and family have now purchased. My son suffers with asthma and allergies and this has really helped him, the difference in the air can be felt within the first hour. My niece has severe brittle asthma and severe allergies and this also has helped her with her breathing. It cools the air too, which most asthmatics prefer it cooler.

I have dust mite allergy, used it for 4 hours before going to bed, and i slept throughout the night. I was skeptical but it definitely works. I would recommend to anybody who has allergies.

Does the job its meant to,but flex isnt very long and a little bit noisy and too many flashing lights,so cant have it on whilst we are sleeping,so we put it on for a couple of hours before we go to bed.

We got this to help our cat with asthma and immediately we noticed a reduction in the number of attacks he was having in a day. Recommended that i use a hepa filter in the bedroom to help me sleep and it does seem to work. I have it on the corner of a dresser as it’s meant to be 15′ away from any walls or obstructions. Within minutes the air felt fresher and ‘crisper’ somehow.

Did seem to reduce my symptoms when they were quite extreme, so thank you.

 i’m really impressed with the quality of the air purifier, it work really well and my wife noticed a difference straight away. The bonus is that it’s very silent.